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Caren Wendt :: Heartfelt Testimoanial

Caren Wendt thinks that James Arthur Ray is peaches-n-cream. Yummy!

Yeah … there was the whole reckless homicide thing. Whatevs!

Caren Wendt attended the sweat lodge back in 2008 :: and it was all totally cool. She testified Tuesday that …

{video code broken}

“she had a great experience and didn’t see any problems.”

No problems … totally.

“Caren Wendt compared Ray to a coach Tuesday and says he wasn’t abusive in challenging participants to improve themselves.”

He’s just like a coach :: with no training :: no qualifications :: and no conscience. A withered old man telemarketer convinced of his own godhood.

No problems.

Here’s some of Caren Wendt’s testimony :: caught on camera by people holding cameras …

What kind of scummy scum bag would testify in the defense of such a scummy scum bag?

Let me take a wild guess before I do any research :: ready?

… wait for it …

… a motherfucking pyramid schemer?

Just a little hunch based on everything in the world.

Caren Wendt on LinkedIn. Tell us about yourself Caren :: and please start with why your name is spelled wrong.

“Ms. Wendt graduated from the University of Texas with a BBA in Business Management and a BA in Psychology. She has six years of experience in direct sales, has managed a sales organization with over thirty representatives, and has an extensive background in customer and public relations.”

Managing a sales organization sounds fun. My what curious language you use Caren Wendt. Sounds almost crafted to say things it doesn’t mean.

Currently Caren Wendt is gaining extensive experience managing a sales organization that supplies lucrative water ionizing opportunities to seekers of lucrative opportunities to provide opportunities.

But seriously … it’s not an MLM as Caren Wendt sensibly explains …

“It is not MLM and it does not require a monthly purchase. It is quite simply a Customer Referral Program. Enagic Kangen Water machines can only be purchased through an existing customer. It is necessary for the customer to be designated as a “Distributor”, but this distinction does not cost anything - it is simply a formality of applying to be a Distributor at the time of purchase. From that point forward, referral commissions are awarded eight levels deep for life. Although it is not necessary to apply to be a Distributor at the time of purchase, we encourage everyone to become one because it is likely that you will tell your friends about your fabulous tasting water and they will want to have the same for their family.”


But just because it isn’t an MLM … that doesn’t mean that it can’t change your life with lucrative unicorn wealths …

“Don’t let the “Customer Referral” approach make you think this is not lucrative. For those interested in a home based business opportunity, this really blows everything else away. Truly!”


Exactly the same amount of “truly” as the 2008 sweatlodge being free from problems. But I digress … please continue Caren Wendt from Austin …

“Bonuses are paid eight levels deep from day one
Leadership bonuses include significant corporate profit sharing
The Percentage shared with distributors is magnificent
A couple made more than $300,000 in their first several months
Although this is new to the U.S., top distributors expect to make over $1,000,000 in 2008”

Oh shit! Sign me up!

Wait … no … that sounds stupid.

But no seller of opportunities is ever content with just one “truly” great opportunity. So maybe we should let Caren Wendt from Austin pitch us on her other non-MLM MLM opportunity.

According to her LinkedIn profile she’s been with GreenSwitch from February of 2007 to Present.

“As a GreenSwitch dealer, regardless of whether your primary merchandise is planet-friendly or not, you’ll further your standing in the market by adding an innovative, new “green” aspect to your business.”

Honesty is the best policy … but it’s not the only policy.

And as long as your reading about this non-green green opportunity … click on the drop down menu on the right …

“How did you hear about us?”

A couple of dumb choices :: like “My Power Company” {as if!} … and then …

“James Ray International”

Curiouser and curiouser.

Kathy Gossett is one of the few others I can find promoting the GreenSwitch opportunity. Here’s something interesting that Kathy had to say last August …

“If you are looking for a way to achieve Harmony in your life while increasing your capacity to earn more income, PLEASE click on the link above and listen to what James Ray has to say.”

So Caren Wendt is/was a downline of one of James Arthur Ray’s MLM-style promotional opportunities? Well then … for the sake of Caren’s “business” … I hope Ray escapes punishment.

I wonder if Caren disclosed her JRI financial connections to defense lawyers and prosecutors before her testimony? Who cares … cause I just did.

Oh and Caren … I feel obliged to read {/write} you your Droid rights …

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can :: and WILL :: be used against you … FOREVER … right at the top of the search results for your stupid misspelled name.

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