Death Ray Trial Omegas :: April 26th

fake robot basement mirrors


— Fake robots in mirror :: {above} :: in case you were wondering. So begins another week of #JamesRay‘s guilty-guilt! #


— State wants to call Haddow :: prolly to force defense to illustrate their shenanigans. It worked … defense moves to preclude … precluded #


— Mr. Hamilton describes Chapter 11 as “bankruptcy for people who still believe in what they’re doing” {ie not paying their bills} #JamesRay #

— Hamilton and Polk tag team a “How to Kill Critters” flow chart. #JamesRay #


— Fake Q: How can you be sure the sweat lodge was built with same materials each year? Fake A: Cause I’m a cheap bastard. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Do asked Mr. Hamilton about a wood treatment that’s been banned since 2004 :: Ms. Polk smacks that down. #JamesRay #


— Have you seen my wood? #


— Mr. Hamilton identifies the untreated D-logs in the fire pits. The treated wood on the property was thin :: so easy to spot. #JamesRay #


— No one was killed by the firewood once it left “Michael’s Vision” aka Angel Valley. #JamesRay #


— Hearsay sidebar about #JamesRay wanting a lower :: hotter :: more hellacious sweat lodge to impress his fake Lakota friends. #


— The purpose of the sweat lodge is containing heat :: and being wombish. The “pourer” is in charge of the heat. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Hamilton is out. Thank the lords. Excused subject to recall. State calls his wife. Divera {Amyra} Hamilton #JamesRay #

— Ms. Hamilton is also Dutch :: she is a former High School English teacher. She came to America/Arizona in 1997. #JamesRay #


— Angel Valley is an opportunity to pay for an opportunity for something spiritual to happen … or something. #JamesRay #


— Many of the “volunteers” can’t afford Angel Valley’s “spiritual opportunities” and so trade labor instead of scarce cash. #JamesRay #


— “The pond” :: much like the owners of Angel Valley :: is fake and empty. #JamesRay #


— The ants at Angel Valley are “asked to leave” before they are killed. Same courtesy not extended to humans. #JamesRay #


— Judge has PC problems :: court reporter has choking problems :: Ms. Hamilton has Dutch ethical problems. 15 min recess. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Hughes started with the boring stuff. Moving on to the interesting stuff. #JamesRay #


— The audio on the @CNNLive #JamesRay feed sucks :: the raspberries from @WholeFoods are delicious. Some companies suck :: some don’t. #


— Only 15 people came to Spiritual Warrior 2004 :: pre @Oprah :: #JamesRay #


— 40ish participants in ’05 and ’06 :: 62 participants in ’07 { thanks @Oprah and @CNN } #JamesRay #


— 62 participants in 2008 also :: 50 participants in 2009 … oh noes! declining interest in fake god #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton confirms Mr. Hamilton’s “mostly philosophy” role. #JamesRay #


— If Ms. Hamilton offers you a cookie :: tell her you’re a meat-a-tarian #JamesRay #


— #JamesRay :: his paid staff :: and his slave staff :: all arrived days before the participants to prepare the brainwashing environments. #


— Angel Valley was over-crowded for #JamesRay events :: much like the prisions in Arizona … #JamesRay #foreshadowing #


— Lunch recess :: the defense team should head over to Angel Valley for some $10,000 watermelons. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton heard #JamesRay say “I am the alpha and omega :: I am god.” That didn’t “resonate” with her so she left the scene. #

— The long distance photos were taken while the faux sweat lodge was going down … #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton returned to the scene at 4:45 pm :: there were people “lying still” all over the ground. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton saw Fawn sitting on the log :: she sat next to her. “This is not right…” Fawn kept saying … very upset. #JamesRay #


— Fawn told Amyra something about why she was so upset :: Mr. Hughes argues that it’s an “excited utterance” so should be a hearsay exception #


— Sidebar about Fawn’s utterances. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Hughes tries to build foundation for Fawn being excited :: Ms. Hamilton not very helpful … second utterances sidebar. #JamesRay #


— No dice on the Fawn hearsay. Ms. Hamilton then took Fawn aside and told her to calm down because the people were going to need them. #


— Ms. Hamilton witnesses people crawling :: and being dragged :: out during the last intermission. #JamesRay #


— “Total chaos” after the lodge. #JamesRay #

— “It was the most horrible thing I have ever seen.” #JamesRay #BalanceIsBogus #


— People were so delirious after the lodge that they didn’t notice towels had been provided by the humanitarians at Angel Valley. #JamesRay #


— #JamesRay didn’t need towels or CPR … so he went and sat in a chair. #


— Debbie was calling out that 911 needed to be called. She came running out from behind the lodge. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton called Mr. Hamilton and told him that she was calling 911 before she called 911. Interesting choice. #JamesRay #


— Debbie’s 911 call came before Amyra’s even though Debbie had further to travel. #JamesRay #


— State has the weather reports from the Sedona airport on Oct 8th :: high 60’s for the day. #JamesRay #


— The scene of the homicide is now the “transformation” area :: complete with rocks shaped into a heart … healing!! #JamesRay #


— Mr. Hughes gives Ms. Hamilton over to Mr. Li … #JamesRay #


— Li assumes that Ms. Hamilton should have moral respect for the hearsay rules :: stupid :: rules of evidence not carved in stone. #JamesRay #

— Mr. Li shows Amyra the wood :: OMG there’s a nail in it!!! {Amyra had suggested that they tried not to burn nails at Angel Valley} Hamilton is a liar! Mr. Li is the greatest!! #JamesRay is innocent. #


— Ms. Hamilton didn’t help build the lodges :: Mr. Li knows this for sures. #JamesRay #

— Mr. Li :: flow chart redux … the pictionary defense. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton had a “metaphysics” shop in Holland. #JamesRay #


— Hamiltons paid $3 million for Angel Valley :: then called “Deer Ranch” {or “Dear Ranch” … more original} #JamesRay #

— Mr. Li goes over all the strange stuffs Hamiltons are in to :: maybe then he’ll go nowhere with it like Ms. Do #JamesRay #


— Q: You help people talk to god? A: Yes … for $100 per hour. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Li is thinking about having his crystal skulls read :: he can afford it … #JamesRay #


— “Inner Child Cards” can be helpful. #JamesRay #


— The Terms and Conditions from the other day also lists Amrya’s prices for magiks :: Mr. Li tries to enter it into evidence that way. #


— Mr. Hughes voir dires Hamilton :: twice :: to show it’s not relevant to #JamesRay Objection sustained. #


— Mr. Li would like to continue not establishing foundation :: but it’s time for a recess. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton is pretty sure the pit was centered. #JamesRay #


— #JamesRay {international?} didn’t build the sweat lodge. #


— The other wood pile. You know it’s dangerous … think about it. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton “would bet her life” that it wasn’t treated wood. #JamesRay #


— Q: What do you remember about what Ted said to Diskin about using different wood? A: What? #JamesRay #


— Mr. Li asks about Ms. Hamilton’s reactions to the words Mr. Li just put in the media’s mouth. #JamesRay #


— Q: Do you know what talking points are? Did you plan talking points? Did you have talking points help from the government? A. No. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton took a seminar in Sedona about managing PR in a crisis situation in Aug 2010. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton did some interviews :: Mr. Li plays 100 questions about it. #JamesRay #


— When AH decided they needed to say something she first talked to @FonsecaAP :: Mr. Li implies going to AP first showed media savvy #JamesRay #


— Going over the NBC & ABC specials about #JamesRay {the ones after the deaths not his pre-lodge promotional appearances} #


— Dan Harris :: The New York Times :: CBS :: KPHO … Mr. Li likes name dropping I guess. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton finds @NPR quite forgettable. #JamesRay #


— Hamiltons are writing a book about the #JamesRay situation :: … for selling. #JamesRay #


— After the medics left people went to Crystal Hall where the police were doing interviews and they were to wait for more info. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Li reads from unknown transcript where someone {who Li implies was a medic} says something about o-phosphates. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Li wants to play audio & move into evidence {I think the audio he played in his open} :: objection sustained. No foundation :: Hearsay #

— Mr. Li went to Home Depot {for the first time} and bought some o-phosphate having ant poison. #JamesRay #


— Q: You can’t know that this wasn’t used on your property? A: It wasn’t. Sidebar. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton “absolutely knows” that her staff didn’t spray poison at Angel Valley. Mr. Li can’t believe that. #JamesRay #


— Q: It’s really important to you that #JamesRay is found to be at fault not you … correct? A: Not really. {they are bankrupt either way} #


— The insurance company lawyer represents the insurance company :: Mr. Li tries to pretend he doesn’t understand that …. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton didn’t give the State all of her photos :: but she will if Mr. Li insists on it for no reason. #JamesRay #


— Why didn’t Det. Diskin seize Ms. Hamilton’s “hard drives” :: think about it. #JamesRay #


— Mr. Li wants to ask 20 questions about Fawn Foster needing to talk with Det. Diskin {Ms. Do did the same with Mr. Hamilton} #JamesRay #


— The “healing” for “waivers” one year ceremony is discussed again. #JamesRay #


— Ms. Hamilton can’t feign shock that she and Mr. Hamilton were allowed to be in the same room while they told Diskin they didn’t use poisons #


— Mr. Li goes over {in obsessive detail} all the opportunities Ms. Hamilton had to tell police about Mr. Li’s rat poison theories. #JamesRay #


— Spray on tan and his lawyers dismissed. Recess. #JamesRay #


>> bleep bloop

45 thoughts on “Death Ray Trial Omegas :: April 26th”

  1. The judge is gagging the prosecution from presenting key testimony and allowing the defense to spend days on taxes, ants and wood.

    I agree with Salty that juries aren’t stupid and they can see the tactics. There should be more than enough evidence for them to convict this bastard.

  2. When you think about it James Ray and every other person included in that self help phenomenimum called The Secret were really ordinary people who raised their own profiles a thousand fold (to match their newly found egos) for the purposes of making THEMSELVES really rich. It is not at all hard to believe that that same greed caused James Ray to also raise the heat in order to justify his own perceived position and the price he charged people for the privilege of being in his presence. Rat poison, my ass. If that were the case why didnt other sweat lodged held in the same area suffer the same issues? I also believe there should be more than enough evidence to convict bastard boy James Ray.

  3. Mr. Li shows Amyra the wood :: OMG there’s a nail in it!!! {Amyra had suggested that they tried not to burn nails at Angel Valley} Hamilton is a liar! Mr. Li is the greatest!! #JamesRay is innocent.

    I wondered what was up with that. I started watching in the middle of Amayra’s cross by Li, and within about 10-20 minutes he put on one glove [[very Michael Jaksonish]] and pulled out his wood and referred to it being nailed [[I’m like, what the hell did I just miss?]].

    Okay, now it makes sense [[not really..but it’s clear anyways]], Li was trying to establish that anything could happen [[even if it was against EH’s personal practice]].

    I’m sorry but that was epic stoopid…way to insult the Jury’s intelligence…

    Personally I would have answered….The wood in your hand is not burned; Is it? And there is no indication that it would be burned before that nail was pulled out [[that should have garnered quite the response from Li]].

    I’m sorry….but seriously….trying to “tarnish” credibility by pulling out his wood, and speaking about it getting nailed…and the probability of what could happen is ludicrous [[on SOOO many levels]]…

    [[note to Li: go find that smoking nail…and make a motion for a mistrial…in the mean time…stop watching South Park trials to make your case]]

    My head just started hurting again.

    1. @_cartman_, Did Li establish from where they got that wood? Did they buy it or borrow it? If so, it looks like good firewood and blows a hole in the construction wood theory. Also by his touching the wood, Li revealed he’s not afraid of Hamiltons’ wood. Either he forgot the glove or he’s afraid to touch nails. Either way,you are CORRECT, he’s insulting the jurors repeatedly.

      I think Li should ask: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? A wood chuck could chuck lots of wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

      1. @Jean D,

        Hahaaa! I LOVE THAT!!! lol I would not put that past him next. I’m stunned the asshole has nothing else, but rats, ants, wood and don’t forget the camera. “Would it surprise her how much it cost?” DUH! I wish someone would shut him up. This is absolutely the most rediculous cross examining I’ve ever seen. He’s right, everything he ask, he says himself isn’t important, no biggy. I’m sure that the jury wonders why in the hell he’s talking about it forever and ever since it is important or no big deal.

    2. @_cartman_,

      Apparently the whole theme of the defense is “much ado about nothing”. I had the same reaction when Li held up the piece of wood with the nail in it trying to create doubt about Amyra’s testimony because there was one nail in it. It wasn’t burned, now, was it?

      When you have wood (by the way Jean, this was from the two tractor trailer loads of cedar logs that Michal had ordered but most was not suitable for building so they cut it up for firewood) and you have nails in it, like this did from holding down the tarp, you try to get the nails out. Sometimes you miss one. Burning a nail isn’t toxic. It is just a good practice to have because they wreak havoc on your chainsaw. Any man on that jury, if he lives in the country, will know that this is such a pitifully lame ploy. Li doesn’t even know enough to feel embarrassed elaborating on it for hours.

      I know his angle is to try to create doubt in someone’s mind, however, the only doubt that is in my mind is that I doubt I would ever hire him as a lawyer because he is too dumb to have common sense.

      Then he wraps it up by telling Amyra that staged evidence is completely useless to this jury. ROFLMAO Really? Can we revisit the FameFrame? How about days of testimony about rat poison and ants? Wasn’t the problem with the ants in 2010? So they can spend days going over ant killer which was used a year AFTER the sweat lodge but by all means, do not bring in any relevant evidence regarding any injuries in prior sweat lodges.

      Hmmmmm… White man speak with forked tongue.

      1. @White Rabbit,

        The whole theme of the defense is “$300/hr from a craven fool for mindless chatter.”

        They’ve been hella good at working that angle for months now.

        It’s kind of fun to watch Ray getting screwed over by these clowns – and all the while he thinks he has the A Team on his side.

        1. @Jean D,

          I was trying to squeak by without making an overt reference to his ethnicity and getting into that whole can of worms. Maybe I should have referred to him as Japanese…he could spend half an hour chuckling about that one.

          Since we are talking about a sweat lodge I used the words of Tonto.

          1. @White Rabbit, lol And then that opens the whole Lone Ranger racism can of worms: Tonto means “stupid” in Spanish, which has led to speculation that it was used intentionally while “Kemosabe” may have meant “Quien que Sabe” “He who Knows”. Little tv history lesson.

            Anyway I’m not into so much into the racist political correctness myself because it gets too “walking on eggshells”. Just as long as there’s not an actual slur against a group in a mean way that hurts deeply. Thought your your comment was appropriate because Li and the other Ray defenders constantly talk in circles and they want their cake and eat it too. And Li is a Chinese name.

            1. @Jean D,

              I know Li is Chinese. :-)

              Interesting background on the Lone Ranger.

              I am surprised the defense team doesn’t walk like a drunken sailor after all of their spin doctoring and circular arguments. Haven’they all been prosecutors? Li and Do at least. Have they all sold their souls and are forgetting that people died here? They act as though that is irrelevant.

              Ah, not to worry, there is a special place in hell for folks (Li so much wants to be folks) like them.

  4. Ohhh … he looks so different in the video, relaxed and self-assured, than in the courtroom, cowering, hiding, avoiding.

    “Entrepreneur and spiritual advisor”

    (translation … con man)

    “Walkaway lesson”

    (translation … trust me and you may lose both your life and money)

    “I’m a teacher”

    (translation … I’m a fraud, pretending to be something I’m not)

    “Less than two seats left”

    (translation … you may be one of the winners in the sweat lodge)

  5. trial at morning break.

    If I were the jury I would be thinking how incredibly weak any defense of Ray is for his lawyer to spend this much time on nothing. What ever “points” Li is making are lost to any human watching. Even lee kuan who has apparently stopped talking about poison in his rants.

    1. @jamo,

      I agree, especially when Li keeps saying, “It’s not a big deal”, then proceeds to badger the witness for the next hour about the non-existent point which is no big deal.

      1. @Anne,

        Esp when the witness he’s badgering is an older soft spoken woman and there are MANY “retirees” on the jury. Not smart.

          1. @Aly,

            Way more men. I think I counted 6 women to 11 men or something close to that (with alternates)

  6. Salty Dude…I forgot to mention…I love the stunning view from your “mom’s basement”!

    1. @_cartman_,

      Great point! I didn’t even think of that. If you had to pick any mom’s basement to live in, that would be the one.

    1. @katiecoolady,

      I miss you Katie on IS. I know Salty detests that board but for those of us who don’t tweet it’s a good real time exchange. We need to know what the jury is doing. Are you still there are the trial? I hope so. The Darrow told the jury to not react to the evidence. I’m wondering about that.

      I didn’t realize that poker faces were required as a juror.

      1. @Rubies,

        Oh I’m so sorry. I only went that one time, was just in Sedona for 3 days with my family and couldn’t figure out how to get over there (although drove right past it…frustrating!). But am thinking of going for a day next wk.

        I’ve been consumed with family visits for a week or so so just doing the twitter thing to follow the trial Will check back w/ IS boards…sorry i kinda disappeared!

        I’m wondering about the jury reaction too…I’ll bet they were really affected by those “drag mark” photos (I sure was…how stark and chilling). I bet there were some gasps in the courtroom. I’ll ask some of the reporters I met up there when I go back if it doesn’t get reported for us tomorrow. Def. will let you know what I find out.


    2. @katiecoolady,

      Katie you are absolutely CORRECT!!

      I guarantee the jury by now is crystal clear that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant cooked three people to death, and ignored every warning along the way. I further guarantee that they are pissed off that important information from prior sweat lodges is being withheld from them.

      Instead, they are no doubt bored to tears listening to the lamest, most pathetic defense ever imagined.

      1. @Mario,

        I saw this jury in person. They are mostly retirees. Some look to be in their late 70’s/early 80’s. For Li to be so demeaning and aggressive to this soft spoken Amarya Hamilton with her just being steady and non defensive will not play with them imo.

        Her descriptions of the crime scene were so impactful. Those images can’t be unrung and I found her quite credible.

  7. I cannot believe this. Yesterday I posted 2 comments on In Session and neither comment was accepted. The first one described Lee Kuan and how nearly every post on there is from him and I provided a brief history of him and his trolling.

    My second post described facts about James Ray. This was rejected, also! I did not call names or anything,just stated facts that can be easily found with any search engine.

    This makes me really wonder who is moderating these posts. Why do they have an endless trail of LK posts, one that refers to James Ray as “Native American” now,but did not accept mine? Has anyone else tried to post there?

    1. @Jean D,
      What In Session board is that? Do you have a link? I post there all the time under the current trials and James Ray April 8th thread. If it’s the same board they do have serious moderators there who watch the posts very closely and eliminate whole accounts with prejudice.

      I don’t remember any posts referring to JAR as a Native American on the thread that I post on. I certainly would have disputed that for sure. It has to be a different thread. Do you remember the thread title?

  8. Under “Sweat Lodge Trial On Hold Until Next Week” The poster (probably Lee Kuan,lol) is common insight. I just noticed my post about Ray not being Native American was accepted.
    My posts about Ray were descriptive based on facts provided by Ray about himself,specifically steroid and hallucinogen injecting and the drugs found at Sedona. Also, about his childhood and I compared him to other cult leader killers.Hmmm maybe they didn’t like that part. I’ll post again without the cult leader killer part and see if it’s accepted.

    But why delete the post about Lee Kuan Major? People need to know he’s 99% of all the posters who support Ray.

    1. @Jean D,

      I couldn’t find it. Perhaps you could give the address so I can C & P to my browser. I would love to come and support your posts however I can.

  9. Ms. Polk was talking about Botox, not lobster and hotdogs.
    DAMN idiots. I think the judge is stoned.

    1. @Aly, Does the judge seem to be on the DT’s side lately? Or is he trying to be fair and overcompensating??

  10. This defense makes me sick. I saw James Ray smugly smiling for the first time yesterday. And it was after Mr Li was cruelly harassing Mrs Hamilton with his rediculous line of questions. JAR seemed to enjoy the abusive nature of it, just as I am sure he enjoyed watching the sweatlodge participants suffer…but whoops..they died you asshole

    1. @kate,

      Why is this trial taped from behind?
      I think all of the trials I’ve seen before were taped in front of the defense and prosecutors, not the back or side of their heads.

    2. @kate,

      I think they read this stuff daily. We had been discussing how they looked like they knew their case was in the toilet and then they started acting like they were laughing. I think James was doing his best to look confident and on top of things but frankly, he reminded me of my old hound dog who would suddenly have a big grin with these Howdy Doody cheeks right before he would puke.

      Don’t be fooled by their shenannigans. They are all actors on a stage. Everything is for effect.

  11. If I was cynical in nature and a real booze hound, I would suggest a drinking game made from every time there is a sidebar, take a drink and if it’s brought on by the DDT then two drinks. By the end of the day one could get quite drunk and the trial in its course might be easier to stomach.

    But I’m not that cynical. Really.

    1. @kate,
      And why does he always take whatever the defense says at face value and then give Ms Polk whatfor..She is always having to jutify everything they do..Talk about an uphill battle trying to defend the States position just because the defense are such LIARS!!

      1. @wondering why,

        I wonder if , knowing the evidence, he’s predicting a conviction and is doing everything he can to preserve the record.

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