James Ray Trial Tweets

James Arthur Ray :: Life Sentence

You know who’s in jail right fucking now?

Orenthal James Simpson

He killed Ron and Nicole … and then walked after a disastrous celebri-trial that made everyone look bad … and locked in Los Angeles’ hold on the title of most pathetic and useless American city {sorry Cleveland … you tried}.

But things didn’t really work out for that murdering motherfucker in the end […]

James Ray Trial Verdict

“The Law” of Attraction has failed James Arthur Ray :: he’s been convicted on three counts of negligent homicide.

It’s really not much of a surprise that The Law of Attraction has failed him :: because he’s a massive dickhead. Even fake spiritual laws hate massive dickheads.

But The Law of Attraction has also failed The Salty Droid :: whose laser […]

The Last Words

The trial of James Arthur Ray for the manslaughter of Kirby Brown :: James Shore :: and Liz Neuman has been completed and is with the jurors. GloryHallelujah!

All the bullshit money could buy {aka Munger Tolles & Olson} tried to stop it from happening :: but the bullshit lost.  I can think of many of reasons why :: but […]

Luis Li Does His Best

I said I wasn’t going to cut together the Luis Li lowlights … for the sake of my own sanity. But then I realized … it’s not about me :: so I did it anyway.

Thank you … me.

You’re welcome … me.

Me me me me … me.

And here’s some lawyer heckling tweets for you :: brought to you by :: […]

The Secret Harmonic Death Closings

Sheila Polk is Yavapai’s first female County Attorney :: she’s currently serving her third term in that capacity. James Arthur Ray is Yavapai’s first guru of mass casualty causation :: and he might serve three terms himself.

Presented above is fourteen minutes of Ms. Polk’s terrific two-and-a-half hour closing argument.

If you’d like to see the highlights of Mr. Li’s arguments :: you can […]

James Arthur Ray :: Always Be Closing

Final days in the trying trial of semi-professional manipulator James Arthur Ray.

After many months of testimony :: many days of arguments :: and literally millions of Luis Li literallys :: Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk began closing arguments in the faux sweat lodge case. She started like this …

“Three people are dead who should not be dead …”

Quoting Felicia Fonseca’s posted everywhere […]

James Ray Trial :: The Defense Rests

After just two witnesses :: and excluding a few open evidentiary issues :: James Arthur Ray’s Munger Tolles & Olson defense team has notified the judge of their intent to rest their case without calling further witnesses. James Arthur Ray waived his right to testify :: as he should considering that he’s a soulless sham and a highly unimpressive […]

Acquittal {or not}

Sometimes white ladies kill their babies :: they probably don’t mean it as a favor to CNN … but it is one.

Last week the State of Arizona completed its case against James Death Ray.  CNN is no longer covering the trial because they’re super busy looking at weather maps and buying new touch screens for zooming in on Wolf Blitzer’s […]

James Arthur Ray :: Headline News

I’ve been looking for James Ray :: have you seen him? He’s like a tall guy :: concave mouth :: spray on tan :: walks around like an angry chicken is nesting at the far end of his colon?

It’s not a big deal or anything :: it’s just that I found some of his pills near my grandpa’s socks […]

Mmmm Whatcha Say … James Ray

CNN is pulling its coverage of the James Arthur Ray trial :: probably because Luis Li is so horrible to watch. It is said that the sound of his droning :: arrogant :: little voice can cause diarrhea :: foaming at the mouth :: and dilated pupils. It’s not true :: but it is said :: so let’s talk about it for a […]