James Arthur Ray :: Life Sentence

You know who’s in jail right fucking now?

Orenthal James Simpson

He killed Ron and Nicole … and then walked after a disastrous celebri-trial that made everyone look bad … and locked in Los Angeles’ hold on the title of most pathetic and useless American city {sorry Cleveland … you tried}.

But things didn’t really work out for that murdering motherfucker in the end …

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James Ray Trial Verdict

“The Law” of Attraction has failed James Arthur Ray :: he’s been convicted on three counts of negligent homicide.

It’s really not much of a surprise that The Law of Attraction has failed him :: because he’s a massive dickhead. Even fake spiritual laws hate massive dickheads.

But The Law of Attraction has also failed The Salty Droid :: whose laser focused thoughts :: feelings :: and actions :: had the jury returning with a bucket full of tar and telling Death Ray to strip.

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The Last Words

The trial of James Arthur Ray for the manslaughter of Kirby Brown :: James Shore :: and Liz Neuman has been completed and is with the jurors. GloryHallelujah!

All the bullshit money could buy {aka Munger Tolles & Olson} tried to stop it from happening :: but the bullshit lost.  I can think of many of reasons why :: but Ms. Polk ruling is the main one.

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Luis Li Does His Best

I said I wasn’t going to cut together the Luis Li lowlights … for the sake of my own sanity. But then I realized … it’s not about me :: so I did it anyway.

Thank you … me.

You’re welcome … me.

Me me me me … me.

And here’s some lawyer heckling tweets for you :: brought to you by :: you guessed it …

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The Secret Harmonic Death Closings

Sheila Polk is Yavapai’s first female County Attorney :: she’s currently serving her third term in that capacity. James Arthur Ray is Yavapai’s first guru of mass casualty causation :: and he might serve three terms himself.

Presented above is fourteen minutes of Ms. Polk’s terrific two-and-a-half hour closing argument.

If you’d like to see the highlights of Mr. Li’s arguments :: you can read the tweets below :: or you can go and make your own stupid videos.

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