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James Ray Trial Tweets :: March 22nd

  • Mr. Li continues his cross of Laura Gennari. #JamesRay

  • Li asking about the veggie diet :: and the bad Angel Valley casserole. “How come you didn’t mention to the police it affected your mind>” – Mar 22 12:07:18 2011

  • If #JamesRay is convicted :: lawyer fees should be paid by Mr. Ray {her interest} Laurie :: “this is not my world I don’t know how it works” – Mar 22 15:34:22 2011

  • Mr. Li makes some more comparisons between Laurie’s testimony and her police interview :: plays a tape from the interview – Mar 22 15:49:15 2011

  • Mr. Li continues his “impeachment” of LaurieG by playing a tape of her still not realizing that she’d blacked out at the end of the lodge. – Mar 22 16:00:33 2011

  • Polk :: “What do you remember about the time your eyes were closed?” {after the lodge} LaurieG :: “Nothing.” – Mar 22 16:38:22 2011

  • Mr. Li is really against having LaurieG read from her police transcript that he opened :: Ms. Polk really wants to do it. Seems moot to me. – Mar 22 17:22:10 2011

  • This is the dangerous line of questions that Mr. Li opened by asking too many questions about the slight changes in her story over time. – Mar 22 17:32:18 2011

  • Sidebar. So stupid for Li to use the suit since it didn’t do anything to show LG as “biased”. There are 50 other witnesses to the same event – Mar 22 17:48:14 2011

  • MM wasn’t the event coordinator at Spiritual Warrior 2009 because Megan Fredrickson handled it. MM was the Angel Valley – JRI liaison. – Mar 22 18:24:51 2011

  • Mr. Kelly objects to Ms. Polk calling it “head shaving” instead of “hair cuts”. Sustained. Melinda says the same thing … that’s fine. – Mar 22 18:43:44 2011

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