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James Ray Trial Tweets :: March 23rd

  • Megan :: Christine :: Barb … wouldn’t let the one sister go get the other sister during the god game. #JamesRay

  • Kirby’s state of mind before going into the lodge is admissible, but her statements about being “glad to go to the bathroom” is problematic. – Mar 23 12:47:01 2011

  • Ms. Polk gives up on her “JRI policy of breakthrough” questions due to repeat objections. It’s already in anyway via participants #JamesRay – Mar 23 13:33:13 2011

  • Martin was told by Marta R. to get the look of concern “off her face” … “this was normal … let them have their own experience” #JamesRay – Mar 23 13:59:12 2011

  • Mr. Kelly quotes from the ABC interview where Melinda says EMT’s said “it looked like a mass suicide” … MM confirms that was also said. – Mar 23 17:25:05 2011

  • Kelly making the flow chart of all JRI employees so he can then point to it and say “look at all the people who should have done better” – Mar 23 17:52:35 2011