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Salty Droid

Fake Robotic Declarations

Andy and Frank wanted me to write about Jeremy and Mark :: so I didn’t.

But then later :: I totally did.

Maybe you :: good little reader and/or bad little scammer :: read my article about Jeremy Johnson’s stupid bullshit.

Also reading that article was America’s very own Federal Trade Commission.

Let that sink in for a minute.

They asked me to sign a declaration so that the above graphic {sans robot} could be used as evidence in a hearing to attain a preliminary injunction maintaining the trustee’s control over all of Johnson’s ill gotten assets.

So I did it :: natch!

Good times.

The FTC got their injunction.

Then they called me back :: and asked lots of questions :: about lots of stuffs.

As you don’t need to imagine :: I had lots of answers.

Sleep tight syndicates :: sleep tight.

>> bleep bloop