Secret Millionaire Secrets Revealed

... another stupid secret

James Malinchak has a millionaire’s smile :: literally :: if smile values were calculated based on awkward surface area … which they are not.  So I guess he doesn’t have a millionaire’s smile so much as a fucked-up-reject {f-u-r} smile :: one that looks about as genuine as Harlan Kilstein’s tan.

But I’m sure that he’s a real millionaire on the inside :: it’s just the f-u-r smile that’s fake. Cause if he’s not a real millionaire :: then he’s a real fraud … because the only thing he has to sell is the idea that he got rich telling people how he got rich “speaking” … and you can too.

Be a professional speaker :: a “big money speaker” :: James Malinchak’s frauducts can show you how {please insert all you monies}.


Now I’m not saying that James Malinchak is a scammer. James Malinchak is no scammer :: as James Malinchak makes clear with his own inane twittering …

James Malinchak delivers real content no rip off or scam coaching … {tweet}

been to a scam event or seen a rip off trainer, but not James Malinchak … {tweet}

James Malinchak, is not a scam or rip off…100’s said this! {tweet}

Each of those tweets links to a YouTube video of the same name :: but the content of the video is accidentally unrelated to the titling …

There are also hundreds of websites devoted exclusively to the exciting subject of how totally not a scammer James Malinchak isn’t :: like this one …

Why James Malinchak Isn’t a Scam

Some lame haters think this kind of spam based reputation management is unethical and/or illegal. Like :: just as a for instance :: the FTC in their complaint against Jeremy Johnson and iWorks

“Defendants’ marketing practices have caused hundreds, if not thousands, of consumers to post negative comments about Defendants on numerous websites and  blogs. Defendants have combated, and continue to combat, these unfavorable comments by hiring third parties to create and post on the Internet positive articles and other web pages.”

But some other people :: like Disney’s ABC :: are totally fucking convinced …

“How often does someone come along who is so much not a scammer?”

Says ABC’s producers while busily not doing their due diligence.

Last night James Malinchak was the featured “secret millionaire” on an episode of the ABC’s not-reality reality TV show … Secret Millionaire. The set-up of this show is ridiculously insulting to anyone with a brain {or a heart}. Some rich asshole pretends to be poor for a couple of weeks to see how the the other half lives. Then at the end of the show he/she rains some monies down on the poor folk :: à la chucking nickels at whores. Done and done … ABC sells advertising :: some poor whores get some nickels :: and everyone walks away feeling faux inspired.

Sounds like a show I’d never watch :: or talk about :: or give a fucking crap about. But by substituting scammers for millionaires :: ABC made a bad show into a fucking EVIL show :: and EVIL gets my attention.

James Malinchak is a scammer. A dark :: horrible :: lying :: scheming :: life destroying :: money stealing :: back stabbing :: asshole scammer.  He is also a deeply stupid person who seems to understand approximately nothing about nothing {and I believe I already mentioned the teeth}. My research into scamming scammer scam face James Malinchak has lasted more than a year. His star was bound to shine here one day :: and when many of you minions told me about the ABC show :: I slotted him into my schedule for the day after the program aired :: knowing for shit certain that there would be big JV affiliate frauduct launch on that day.

From an email soliciting affiliates …

“Subject: (Exclusive JV Invite ) **Last Call** $ 1,000 Commissions -National TV Exposure

This is very special and limited to only a handful of Brokers…. so consider this your lucky day for a
Big Payday this month! :)

On March 6th television network ABC debuted it’s hit show the “Secret Millionaire”.

Over 12 Million people watched it crushing it’s competing show “The Ammzing Race” by 2 Million Viewers for the 8:00 Time Slot …

Well….one of those millionaires is James Malinchak a serial entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is releasing his new course (PHYSICAL PRODUCT) “Millionaire Secret Revealed” on March 16th.

This is your chance to cash in as a JV Partner with the shear momentum of this launch… this kind of Launch does not come around often.”

A couple of DVDs with James Malinchak chattering on-and-on about the nothing he knows :: $2000. Each sale generates $1000 for the affiliate :: which won’t be mentioned in any of the promotional emails. There is long list of prizes for top affiliates :: including $50,000 cash to the top spot … another thing that won’t be mentioned in anyone’s promotional materials. If all the prizes in the launch contest are real {a very big if} :: then Malinchak will likely have dropped more bank on super affiliates than he tossed on the poor folk at the end of the Secret Millionaire episode.

Pretending to be charitable can be profitable :: as long as your a sociopath willing do whatever it takes on the backend. It also helps if you know a couple hundred other similarly situated sociopaths fully committed to going the distance in support of their own narcissism.

Most of the people who support most of the people being flamed on this fake robot blog will be {and have been} promoting this ultra-crap product. But :: of course :: such frauduct launches are just the tiny tip of James Malinchak’s evil ice berg.

Behind the unattractive smile :: frauduct launches :: speak-selling gigs :: and ABC not-reality shows … James Malinchak is taking vulnerable folks of massive five figure sums. We’re talking fat stacks :: like in the $50,000 a pop type range. In return for these wads :: “customers” can expect … well … nothing it seems like. The Droid has taken multiple crazy reports from sympathetic five figure victims :: nothing but shadows and dodges in return for their money.

No value :: no service :: no refunds :: no nothing.

James Malinchak wants to :: and will :: take your fucking money.  But he hasn’t thought it out much past that.

Last year ABC News ran a special about James Arthur Ray :: the death lodge :: and the idiotic insanity that is The Secret. I liked it … but who really gives a fuck? That’s not enough!

ABC :: like all the other negligent television networks :: creates giant turd bombs by making celebrities out of scammers :: windbags :: and con men. The turd bombs fester for years :: sucking people in and feeding off their life forces. When they finally explode all over society in some hideously obvious way {e.g. death lodge} :: then ABC sells commercials on a couple of prime time specials about the dramatic horror of it all … then calls it a day.

I hope I’m not the only one getting sick of it.

Anywayz :: ABC not my problem :: but James Malinchak …

Hi guy …

>> bleep bloop


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  2. I tried to rent a house from this jerk. I had no clue who he was. He wanted the full move-in 2 months before I was to move in. I am a business owner, I am an all cash business. I told him I would leave a 500.00 non-refundable, and the rest about a week to 10 days before I moved in. He told me thaats no how a lease is done. I have owned many properties, even rented many. He was so insulting and condecending. I googled him when I got home, WOW…. How does this guy pass himself off as “nice”, or a millionaire, or a business man….. He is an arrogant wannabe!!!!!

  3. This guy is a TOTAL scam. Don’t fall for this moron. I do believe his business won’t last. His clients are a bunch of old lazy people who don’t want to search the internet for marketing tips so they pay him money to tell them things. He really doesn’t do much for the money he charges but his clients think it’s great because they’re stupid. The younger generation are computer savvy and there are tons of sites out there calling James Malinchak a scammer and fraud.

    Anybody can make a book in this day in age. He tells people of several websites they can go to, to make a book so his dummy clients think this guy is genius. He literally tells people to put together a crappy book to sell to people. These dummies spend money to put together a book and think in their twisted minds that they are a author. The book has NO substance and are vague crap. He will literally tell people to use one side of the page, double space, use pictures so it takes up a page….he does this until there are enough pages to call it a “book.” None of the books sell.

    At the same time he has a pyramid scheme going on. He has a so called ghostwriter who will put crap together and James takes a cut. He has clients that host conferences under him and James takes a cut.


  4. Oh yeah….the “D” rated celebrities that he has come are paid. I’m guessing D stands for desperate. James will literally pay tons of money and show up to red carpets just to take pictures with celebrities….then he tries to make people think he is popular and knows a lot of celebrities. No celebrity cares for James….he’s a NOBODY in Hollywood and is a loser. He will tell his clients that he just has “haters” because he is so successful. HAHAHAHAHA! Now I will say ….yes when you are successful, you will get haters, BUT in the case of James Malinchak, he has haters because he is a FRAUD and a SCAMMER. His stupid clients think that people hate him just because he is successful. WHAT A JOKE!

    Also, he gets a group of people together and all they do is get testimonials from each other for their crappy so called books with no substance. They just do business with each other until they run out of money.

    The smarter clients eventually figure out James is a fraud within a year or two.

    Get a brochure from people like

    ……you will see the same celebrities (who are paid to take pictures with people) and testimonials on all the brochures.

    The celebrities don’t really endorse these people….James Malinchak just puts together a conference….charges a ridiculous amount of money….then people can show up and have pictures taken and testimonials on their brochures of D-List celebrities

    Nobody cares for these D-List celebrities and they are so desperate to feel like celebrities so they take pictures and write testimonials on books they’ve NEVER even read. They literally will not even read the book and write a testimonial on how great the book is or write a testimonial on how great someone they don’t even know is.

    It’s an ego thing. I guess once you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame, you don’t want to end up in a cubicle in some office. It is fraudulant and a scam at the end of the day.

    His regular D-List celebrities include

    Joe Theismann
    Dean Cain
    Glenn Morshower

    James Malinchak will put his name all over your book….free marketing for James Malinchak

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