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Salty Droid

James Ray Trial Youtubes :: April 8th

I think my fake secretary Debbie tried to poison me with organophosphates :: in fact I’m sure of it … go ahead and prove it’s not true.

Anywayz :: thanks to stupid Debbie degrading my processors with her dastardly rat poison plots :: I was unable to live blog the testimony of a real Debbie :: Debbie Mercer :: who helped her husband Ted tend the hot rock fire :: and then helped to save people while James Arthur Ray sat on his evil ass doing nothing.

Here are some of the video highlights of her testimony {or lowlights … depending on whether or not you’re the one on trial for triple homicide} …

Good job real Debbie …

Fake Debbie :: watch your back … I won’t soon forget what you did to me.

>> bleep bloop