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James Ray Trial :: The Defense Rests

After just two witnesses :: and excluding a few open evidentiary issues … James Arthur Ray’s Munger Tolles & Olson defense team has notified the judge of their intent to rest their case without calling further witnesses. James Arthur Ray waived his right to testify :: as he should considering that he’s a soulless sham and a highly unimpressive conman who can’t go off the “syntax” without sounding like a lump of genetically defective broccoli.

Tweets James Ray’s twitter bot minutes later …

“Simplify your communications and only speak when you are certain, centered, and sure. - Practical Spirituality pg 112”

How unusually apropos! So I guess maybe he’ll take his own advice and never open his stupid useless mouth again? {one can hope!}

The first witness called by Munger Tolles & Olson was criminalist Dawn Sy :: who was scheduled to testify for the State :: but got bumped due to the surprisingly consistent defense obstructionism.

Ms. Sy was going to tell the State that she found nothing remarkable in the samples she tested :: and that’s what she told the defense.

So the defense’s only actual witness was paid Munger Tolles & Olson “expert” Dr. Ian Paul. Dr. Paul was tasked with talking out his ass about o-phosphates. He’ll get his paycheck {from Kirby and Colleen and Stephen and Beverley and Lou and Laurie and Linda and Sidney and Liz and etc’s monies of course} … but he was otherwise useless.

The above video was assembled from just the first few minutes of Bill Hughes’ destructive cross.

It’s hard to testify against the facts :: against science :: against reason :: against respectably :: against professionalism :: but money is the god of the gods :: and Dr. Paul :: it seems :: is a man of god.

Being a practically spiritual fake robot :: I believe I’ll reserve my communincations on the matter of the ultra short and useless defense until I am more certain :: centered :: and sure …

The end approacheth …


– Truc Do :: murderer of straw men. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes vs. Dr. Paul … #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes is curious why o-phosphates weren’t mentioned in Dr. Paul’s original report given the importance he now places on them. #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul also sourced e-medicine :: Mr. Hughes allows him to explain its glory and undo Truc’s Dr. Dickson dissing. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes asks about the victims {who aren’t dead} with lasting effects that haven’t “snapped back”. Paul’s answer is bullshit. #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul says Stephen Ray’s continuing memory problems aren’t consistent with o-phosphates. What a shame for #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes asks Dr. Paul to show him in the records where it says the victims were neurologically normal. He can’t. #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul said he was waiting on S.Ray’s records before adding OPs :: but then admitted his problems not consistent with OPs. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes going over Sidney Spencer’s non-recovery. It doesn’t change Dr. Paul’s “opinion” … making his “opinion” worth a shit. #JamesRay #

– The e-medicine article provided by Dr. Paul says some patients can continue to sweat :: contradicting what he just said on direct. #JamesRay #

– Paul says that the article only refers the exertional heat stroke :: even though the article doesn’t make that distinction. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes tells Dr. Paul that NONE of the articles make the exertional distinction :: and asks him to cite a source. Recess. #JamesRay #

– Compare the Dickson cross to the Paul cross :: then compare Ms. Do’s paycheck to Mr. Hughes’ … something’s messed up. #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul used the recess to not find a citation for his non-exertional non-sweat argument. That’s a shame. #JamesRay #

– Lou Caci was burned by the incredibly hot organo phosphates. #JamesRay #

– The defense’s key witness says Lou’s skin was “peeling off” :: so much for the “everyone was exaggerating” defense. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes :: How much o-phosphate would you have to sit in to die? #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul never seen an o-phosphate patient {or corpse} himself. #JamesRay #

– Dr. Paul has different standards for determining heat stroke deaths when he’s not being paid by Munger Tolles & Olsen. #JamesRay #

– The National Association of Medical Examiners doesn’t require a finding of dehydration for a heat stroke assessment. #JamesRay #

– Mr. Hughes asks Dr. Paul why he uses a different standard. The answer is obviously not good … but it is long. #JamesRay #

– The National Association position paper indicates that circumstantial evidence the key for heat stroke finding. #JamesRay #

– Temps weren’t available until an hour after the death lodge ended. #JamesRay Dr. Paul agrees that’s an important factor. #JamesRay #

– The temp outside the sweat lodge that night was 66F with 10MPH wind. #JamesRay #

– Q: Could Liz have cooled rapidly? A: Yes. #

– Dr. Paul and his paycheck uncomfortable talking about how people can cool down when it’s not hot. #JamesRay SCIENCE!! #

– If #JamesRay had said :: “someone help Laura with Liz” :: she’d be alive. Period. Dr. Paul can suck it. #

– Recess. Only real cross of the case. Glad we got to see some of it. #JamesRay #

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