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JETs and Sharks

When you’re a JET,
You’re a JET all the way.
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin’ day.

{jazz hands}

JET in JRI speak = Journey Expansion Team

That “journey” was “expanding” toward a better world in which aging parasite James Arthur Ray had more money :: and other peeps had less money. One can hope!

The JETs were an important part of James Ray International’s coercive persuasion sales funnel. Small groups were organized over the Internet based on geography. They had meetings and chat-ups and reinforced one another’s Harmonic Mindedness. When Death Ray would ride into town on a dying donkey :: the JETs would help get out the vote :: rounding up new sheep for the “free” lead-in to the slaughter.

The JETs :: like the Dream Team :: were exploited unpaid labor.

Sheryl Stern :: pictured above dry tubbing it with LittleMiss Josh Fredrickson {shout out to BallSack and Evil Jowls!} at the last Messengers of the Light event :: was the JRI team member responsible for the administration of the JET program. Sheryl :: like Mania Megan :: had been a disciple of James since the early days. People with mouths tell me that Sheryl built a strong and responsive JET group in the Milwaukee area. Her enthusiasm was moving mucho units :: and because of that she was brought onto the staff. She would become an essential and well liked part of Club Crap … and then suddenly …

She’s gone. Forever. An ever present :: to a never present. Six days after the death of Colleen Conaway :: J-Fred sends this email to the JET leaders about Sheryl’s “not saying goodbye” goodbye ….

Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2009 2:25 AM
To: Support JRI Community
Subject: Important announcement regarding your JET
Importance: High

Hello JET Leader,

James and I want to thank you for your dedication and support toward transforming the planet. Without you, we would not be able to even scratch the surface of what we’re accomplishing in the world right now.

As you know, James Ray International is all about growth… Not only in our friends and family, but also within our organization. In fact, growth is one of the rules we play by as a team (and we experience it daily!).

This week presented a special opportunity for us and for one of our team members. After nearly two years of service, Sheryl Stern has left the JRI family to pursue other opportunities. Sheryl first came to JRI as a client back in the early 2000’s, and during her time as an official team member, she has been an amazing asset to the company and our clients, as you may have personally experienced. For that, we are truly and forever grateful.

What does this mean to you?

Journey Expansion Teams are, and will continue to be, an important and strategic part of JRI, and you’ll start to see this blossom in upcoming months.

During this time of transition, your point of contact for all things JET will be Greg Hartle. You may already know Greg from being on the Transformation Team at our event experiences this year, or you may know him from our Facilitator Program. Greg is a big-time visionary, and ready for action. Feel free to bring your questions and ideas to him as they arise, because he’s an open book and excited to start serving you and your local community.

Please continue to use our Help Desk ( for the best support regarding your JET. Greg and our support team are ready to assist.

Thank you for all that you do… It is truly appreciated.

Joshua Fredrickson Director of Business Development Phone: 760-476-9077

Interesting speech J-Fred :: I wonder who would still be alive if you had written it like this …

Hello JET Leader,

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you long time friend Sheryl Stern is leaving James Ray International for good. As most of you don’t know, six days ago a wonderful person lost her life at one of our events. Fearing that it would interrupt our revenue stream if we did the right thing … we decided to cover up the death. Sheryl has come to the conclusion that she can’t possibly live with herself if she continues to participate in this charade … which now involves death along with the long apparent hypocrisy.

Taking Sheryl’s place as head of the Indoctrination Reinforcement Division is Greg Hartle, who watched Colleen die and doesn’t give a shit. Greg, unlike Sheryl, doesn’t have a conscience … which will be a great help in achieving the goals that Megan and James have for all of our lives.

Thank you in advance for not asking me any unharmonic follow-up questions,

Joshua Andrew Fredrickson

In my dreams :: my good dreams :: my happy dreams :: my dreams with ice cream and butterflies … Sheryl knows what happened to Colleen. In those dreams it’s Sheryl that helps me convince the San Diego police that something must be done. EVERY wrongful death matters :: so much :: and in my dreams Sheryl knows that too.

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