Dan Kennedy Presents Russell Brunson


Tired of cutting yourself with razor blades just to feel alive?  The mess :: the guilt :: the lies to your mother … stop the insanity!  Did you know that there was a less bloody way to make yourself suffer screaming pains?  That’s right! No reason to self mutilate when can simply listen to “talking clump of dirt” Russell Brunson speak at the outrageously priced Glazer Kennedy SuperConference

“Just 5 years ago, with $20 and a simple idea, Boise State student Russell Brunson started an online business – and by the time he graduated, he’d sold over One Million Dollars of products and services from his basement office.’ ABC, NBC and FOX NEWS have all featured his remarkable story – and the fact that he’s helped tens of thousands of people REALLY MAKE MONEY with internet marketing. His own company has mushroomed into a real business (!) with 80 employees… revenues exceeding $250,000.00 A WEEK – he has become legendary in internet marketing. As a pleasant surprise to many, he’s not much of a geek, and freely admits there are smarter techno-folks. He is at the SuperConference to show you how to MAKE MONEY WITH THE DAMNED THING – not to explain the inner workings of the Google® splechedeydocherisms. PROMISE: YOU WON’T NEED A TRANSLATOR TO LEAVE THIS ROOM AND MAKE THAT COMPUTER PRINT MONEY.”

Shaazam!! Russell is on the forefront of not understanding technology and the Internet :: and unlike so many of the posers out there :: he “freely admits” it.  In fact :: Russell is so good at sucking at the Internet that he built an old fashioned telemarketing business instead {women need not apply!}.

$250,000 per week :: $13,000,000 per year :: those are impressive figures for a “business” that’s lost more than half of its employees over the last several months.  Of course that’s because the figures are totally fraudulent :: and likely double the revenue that was reported to the IRS.  Attend the GK SuperConference and learn how Russell does it in a half day segment he calls: “Begging for Trouble” :: and you can too!

There will be dozens of other opportunities this year to hear Russell Brunson stuttering through his laced-with-fraud sales pitch :: but this will be your only chance to pay $2,495 plus $800 per month for at least six months. Holy Leave it to Beaver Batman :: that’s a shit load of money!

Having second thoughts about paying so much just to suffer?  Maybe “genius” marketer and obvious fuck wad Dan Kennedy will be able to talk you into it …

“If you are unwilling to make this modest investment in yourself, your business and your future, I suppose that tells us both a lot, doesn’t it? The unwillingness to invest in acquiring information, networking for alliances, search for people and resources to support your efforts and accelerate your progress…in association with the leaders of Glazer-Kennedy Membership worldwide…. in your own personal and professional growth — you’d better have very modest ambitions. Actions speak loudly, to your own subconscious, to those around you, to the world at large. The individual who is intellectually lazy or, bluntly cheap about self-investment sends a message.

If you are unable – really unable – to make this investment, that’s the best argument to be made for doing so, even if you must give up Starbucks, cable TV and, heck, eating altogether and put everything you own plus a few things borrowed from your neighbor up for sale on eBay.”

Huh :: interesting argument.  I guess once you make it to the top of the turd pyramid like Dickless Dan has :: you can just be out in the open about your ruthless exploitation.  That must be nice … very freeing.

Act NOW before the government starts actually enforcing the laws of these United States :: and this offer runs out FOREVER!

>> bleep bleep

P.S. Dan Kennedy :: great idea using images of Superman to sell your SuperConference.  I’ve done you the favor of contacting the DC Comics Rights and Registration department regarding your misuse of their most famous and beloved character to sell your turd-on-toast. No need to thank me :: it was easy.

Good luck with that!

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  1. The Superman misappropriation by Kennedy/Glazer is terrible.

    The sales letter has these intellectual property issues too.

    1. Misuse of McDonalds and Monopoly marks.
    2. Fake Time magazine cover
    3. Misuse of Milton Bradley’s Operation game.
    4. Name-dropping Oprah in video pitch as if she endorses what’s being sold.
    5. Misuse of the magazine covers for Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Business Week.

    How many of the company names dropped (Disney, FedEx, etc.) would want to be associated with this conference?

    1. @Glenn Glazer Glen Ross ::

      Great name!

      You’re right about the other marks. That is the most Trademark/Copyright violating sales letter I’ve ever seen.

      Help me help justice people :: email DC Comics and these other companies and complain about the “confusion” caused by these misused marks. Make sure to mention the price of the rip-off event being offered … and the fact that Kennedy-Glazer have more than enough money to pay out substantial damages. That’s what I said!

      And note :: I’ve spidered the site and all it’s content.

      1. Just to reiterate what Salty has said: if each person reading this would contact the companies whose trademarks were used (see list above) it would really make a big difference. It isn’t at all hard and it will just take a few minutes.

        Simply ask to speak to someone (or have your email forwarded to someone) in “trademarks or licensing” and inform them of the usage noted above. Give them the web site info. Let them know the amount of money involved (cost of attendance) so they can grasp the magnitude of it all.

        If this type of thing bothers you in the least, please, do your part. Don’t assume someone else will, because they won’t. Thanks for making a difference!

        1. No, the better method is to contact the companies who’s TMs are listed, and complain about THEM overcharging for such a scammy product.

          Make sure you emphasize how upset you are that THEY’VE stooped so low. Tell them you’ll never buy from THEM again.

          They’ll be on Kennedy’s ass faster than a fat kid on chocolate.

        2. @Dickhead James

          That is a great idea. Let’s stoop down and outright lie. ANYTHING to further YOUR purposes… as long as we feel justified.

    2. I have detested Brunson since his early days of online marketing. I wrote several comments on his blog regarding his products and these were never posted, nor answered – only compliments allowed obviously…
      BTW – every one can make (mis)use of magazine covers on the following site: mag.cm – which is rather cool ;)

    3. Here is a deceptive e-mail sent out by Glazer-Kennedy to list subscribers. There was no attempt to register for the SuperConference before receiving this e-mail. The e-mail is a bullsh*t attempt to get one to register. Dan Kennedy must be so proud that Bill Glazer has destroyed what little reputation Kennedy had for “No B.S.”


      Subject: Urgent: Problem with your enrollment

      Hi ********,

      My name is Anita Ridgell from Glazer-Kennedy.

      It seems that you didn’t completely finish your registration for The 2010 MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING SuperConference…

      It may have been a technical glitch on our side – please completely fill out all the information requested here:


      As soon as you do, you’ll get confirmation that your seat has been reserved and we’ll begin shipping you the Super BONUS Gift Package that comes with your registration.

      The 2010 SuperConference will be FANTASTIC. As you saw from the brief video with Bill, he and Dan built it from the response and requests from over 3,500 GKIC Members who completed the survey.

      Hurry and fill it out NOW!
      Anita Ridgell
      Account/ Member Support Rep.

      Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
      401 Jefferson Ave
      Towson, MD 21286
      United States
      (410) 825-8600

      1. That is so pathetic. I mean, the kind of people who could afford and have any interest in attending are surely not so stupid as to fall for an email like that? Personally, I would find that incredibly insulting.

    4. @Glenn Glazer Glen Ross. I’ve put your writing in BOLD to distinguish it from my writing. I can’t


      No it is not unless it was breaking any law. It is not breaking any law (Kennedy has a legal team in place).
      The super theme is used often and Kennedy is walking his talk in marketing


      No it does not [see above ]


      No misuse [see above]


      That is done deliberately and correct – they are walking the talk as marketers and teaching others things that they do , it works.



      You are out to get them . You hate them just for being successful.

      1. @Chucky, Maybe @Glenn Glazer Glen Ross is one of those closet liarphobes. Why, it’s possible Dan Kennedy can sell him just the cure for that. After all, Dan seems to have a cure for most everything. I wonder if Dan has a cure for people who are sick of his shenanigans. That would require some powerful medicine.

  2. *While running in the opposite direction*


  3. Droid,

    That seminar doesn’t cost that much. Just wait till about one week before the event and you’ll get a letter in the mail dropping it to half price or less.

    But that’s a secret..just between you and me. Please don’t tell anyone.

  4. Wow – they collect credit card info without ever telling you the actual amount and what that “automatic upgrade to Gold membership” means?

    1. OK, OK. Now I’m gonna probably step in what I generally produce saying this but it has to be said — I love your writing and your style and your targets, Salty. And I think I see what you’re up to at least a little…but I can’t agree with the characterization that all things expensive are somehow automatically “rip-offs.”

      Dan Kennedy’s organization is one example. They do charge a lot to attend their seminars, but calling them “over-priced” is a purely knee-jerk reaction to price without consideration of value received. Dan charges the prices he charges because his clients and seminar attendees do get results. He fills rooms with more than 600 people paying his prices to be there because people leave his events and work with him and go on to add huge additional revenues to their own business operations — most often NOT just reselling IM and marketing info like Dan does.

      This is night-and-day different from the schmucks you ordinarily skewer so artfully here. And there is MUCH you pointed out about Kenned that bears slamming. I’ll get to that in a moment but just remember — RESULTS demand high prices. In Dan’s case a huge number of his conference attendees are RETURNING attendees to get more…because what they’s done that he suggested WORKED. Hell — many of the examples and case studies Dan uses in his trainings come from his students who applied what he teaches.

      Compare this to a brain surgeon. Or an attorney. You want a GOOD one? You’ll probably have to pay more. That doesn’t mean there aren’t hacks and sharks over-charging and providing very little in those fields. They ALL have ’em. But — if you also want to learn to do what the brain surgeon does — again you want to learn from someone who is going to give results — value for the money. And it will cost you a considerable amount of to learn it yourself.

      Would you call universities “high-priced rip-offs?” That’s where you have to go to learn surgery or law. Right? People go through degree programs all the time and never do anything with them. Right? Do they get refunds?

      Anyway — enough about that. I AM pleased to see you bringing up Dan’s obvious mis-use of trademarks and logos. Even his Super Seminar logo is ripped off of a Trademark.

      NOT cool. It’s THEFT of someone else’s intellectual property and I would love nothing more than to see Dan set right on it. He doesn’t seem to get it that if someone else’s logo and trademark, which they built with possibly millions of dollars through the years increases YOUR credibility and sales — you owe that Trademark owner money. If you didn’t make those arrangements ahead of time they should be made FOR you in court after the fact.

      Here’s another one for ya: I attended a Kennedy event once and they handed every attendee a CD of “Money Music” to stimulate you long after you’ve left the event.

      This CD contained songs like Pink Floyd’s “Money” (which, oddly enough, is a song AGAINST the uber-wealthy), The Beatles’ “Give Me Money,” and others that I am certain there were never any arrangements made to distribute legally on CD.

      MORE theft. And I happen to know Pink Floyd and The Beatles have a few bucks and a definite interest in protecting their property.

      Wish I still had that CD. Anyone get one? Does he still hand them out at conferences? I know he still PLAYS the tunes at breaks, etc.

      Another one: I USED to be a Kennedy Gold Club member. It’s a good deal for the $39.95 per month just to get his newsletters and interviews on CD each month — but mine were piling up unread and unopened for a few months when I got a notice from Kennedy’s operation that my expiration date on my card needed to be updated. I decided not to update it and let it expire. At least until I got caught up.

      But the monthly packages kept coming and, for a while, NO new charges. THEN I got a credit card bill with THREE $39.95 monthly charges on the same day.

      They’d apparently CHANGED my credit card date until it went through again, then “caught up” for the packages they sent without payment. Without my permission. Credit card fraud.

      I called them and they tried to tell me I needed to return the packages they’d set for a credit for the charges — until I told them about credit card fraud and that my next call would be to the authorities. They refunded me and cancelled.

      THIS kind of shit IS inexcusable. Kennedy teaches REAL marketing. He’s high-priced but he does deliver solid useable information. That’s even MORE reason why he has NO excuse to steal people’s intellectual property, juggle credit card expiration dates to keep ’em running through — and pull people onstage like Russel and Kern.

      PS: I have to say that copy you highlighted of Kennedy’s about his events was pretty hard-core. Please remember — no one has to pay anyone the price they charge. As long as consideration is given the price is free to be set. This IS still a free country — you should be able to charge what you want. And we’re all free to slam slam slam and inform inform inform if what is delivered is not of value.

      But theft…fraud…NO!

      1. I cancelled my membership to Kennedy’s newsletter a couple of years ago after receiving about 3 issues.
        Yes, there’s some interesting content, but it’s mainly a vehicle to promote the “Church of Dan”, and all the stuff they’re flogging.

        Didn’t see the point of paying for that.

        Apparently they know the true value of the newsletter, as they’re still sending it to me every month. Free of charge.
        Sometimes I even open and read it!

        1. @Derwent, they keep sending you unpaid newsletter on purpose. They’ve found it is worthwhile because sometimes people will still buy the things they pitch in the newsletter. Also, interestingly Dan says that it’s worthwhile for companies to keep sending the newsletters, catalogs, etc., because it inflates the number of subscribers if they want to rent their list.

          1. @Church of Dan Member, That kind of translates to the “paid” subscribers paying for the “privilege” of receiving his advertising. If Wal-Mart ever figured that out, they could close the stores and live off their flyers.

      2. I am confused. Why did this post receive +23?

        I’m not sure that copy-infringing Dan Kennedy is worthy of defending. Really.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. According to his story, he paid a dude in eastern yurp $20 to create a software product for him. He turned around and sold that software product, I think it was called “zip brander” or something like that, for $69 a pop.

        1. If this is correct….MS-DOS was a licensed version of 86-DOS, which was released as MS-DOS. 86-DOS was purchased for $75K so there would be no issues (by issues I would think they mean any intellectual property rights issue that may arise).


          Now what is your point?

        2. I believe I just answered my own question…long ago….in the land of OZ…a story was circulating…when people were “proving” that Bill Gates was a nothing (those people were “internet marketers”)…wait for it….

          The recreated story to make their point went something like this…..paraphrasing and truncating….he took a nothing program, that he got for free, and made billions…..I forget what the point was…..

          Now and again the story rears its ugly little head to make a point for the person using it…..the facts change as the wind blows….

          Okay….my bad…I didn’t forget anything…I just pretended I did, and used that for dramatic effect. Why?…because I’m a rockstar!!

        3. Bill was a nobody. But his parents were somebodies. His father a partner in a major Seattle law firm. His mother came from an affluent connected family and she had close ties to a member of IBM’s board, i.e. the type of ties that gets a nobody in the door at IBM to discuss OS deals.
          Doesn’t detract from what Bill did with Windows. But the whole rebel college dropout spin is a bit overplayed under the circumstances. Born on second base and pretended he hit a double to get there.

  5. Hey Droid,

    Have you ever put on a human suit and actually attended one of these things? I have a few Kennedy recordings (which I can barely hear; you’d think the guy could afford decent audio recording and duplicating equipment) and there’s a lot of one-upmanship going on in these things. And I kinda-sorta get the impression that people actually leave these events and try out these one-upmanship tactics on the unsuspecting public.

    Fun stuff. You should save up your pennies and visit one some time (then again, you have enough people who are more than happy to sing for you. To each his or her own, but I think they should choose their tune carefully before they decide to step up to the mic… To be honest, while I enjoy your blog and like what you’re doing, I’m still not sure of your ultimate motive and suspect that something “unusual” is going on. After all, the guy pushing your buttons and changing your batteries IS a lawyer… Or at least finished law school — I think — but didn’t quite make it to the IL bar — at least not yet — if you know what I mean… It’s all kind of interesting. But at least the guy stands for a lot of what I think is right, so he’s not all bad…).

    Incoherent rant over… Going back to not drinking the Kool-Aid (which is probably a registered trademark of somebody, eh?)

    1. I don’t think that Dan is going to have a lot of critics come here and talk trash.

      Most of the people that go to the events come from within… meaning they are newsletter subscribers who eventually attend events for a multitude of reasons.

      Most aren’t griping about the cost… and nobody makes them attend. I agree with poop shoot… the price is not the issue, it’s value.

      I think for the most part Dan delivers great value. This should be interesting for sure, but personally I think you picked the wrong target.

      1. If you synthesize what Dan preaches (repeatedly), it’s basically the same stuff, rephrased/repacked for the current month and year. It’s mostly fundamental stuff, really. IMO, beyond the first cycling, the ‘value’ goes down quickly. What you’re paying for is mostly a “pound it in your head over and over again” service. In that case, I’d say buy one of his books, and have someone read it over and over to you again, for FREE.

        1. @Actually, It doesn’t matter if the is the same stuff. He admits to repackaging and we all need to hear the same stuff over and over and over again to keep growing

      2. Dan Kennedy is a PIECE OF SHIT.

        He’s one of the BIGGEST reasons most IMers and DMers scam people…

        … Because Dan said it’s okay to scam people.

        Dan is one of the big fish here… boiler rooms and forced hidden continuity is blessed by the “great one.”

        Look at what piece of shit Dan Kennedy/Bill “the psychopath liar” Glazer tried to pull off:


        I have a LOT more dirt on Kennedy. Will release at the right time.

        1. Wow, after reading that thread, I think even less of Glazer/Kennedy. I didn’t think that would even be possible!

        2. The point of that thread was accurate. Wish I’d taken the time to search on it because I was positive there was no mention of a continuity program and saw nothing in the mailed package either. It took me several months and many phone calls to get it cancelled.

        3. @2b1ask1,

          That thread is comedy, how those Warrior Forum Big-Dick-Dan Dickriders are all apologists for the GKIC scam-tacular double-secret-forced continuity…

          “Don’t 3 letter agency our beloved daddy Big-Dick-Dan! Just calm yourself, keep drinking the Kool-Aid, and kiss your hundred bucks goodbye. A small price to pay for endless dick riiiiiiding!”


          That is so true… Even Dan himself says this many times. I specifically remember a quote from his “Advanced Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp” where he says something to the tune of:

          “If you’ve been on the Newsletter for more than a year, you’ve already heard everything I have to teach. The reason people stick around is my [mind numbingly effective Kool-Aid potion recipe]”

          I am kind of paraphrasing… But you get the picture.

          At least Dan Kennedy was open about how he is blatantly scamming you as his customers :: And You Can Too!

      3. Still highly doubtful that you are going to find many active critics. The guy has been in business since like 74… if he was scamming people

        1. He wouldn’t have lasted… these IM guys are one hit wonders for the most part

        2. You would have a HUGE list of complaints and consumers pissed.

        I am waiting….

        1. They don’t last?? Of course they last… they just change their names, add a “Dr.,” claim they’re the target of an unfair media/government/generic “they,” or as a last resort, they find Jesus.

          Can you say Kevin Trudeau? Joe Vitale? David Schirmer? Need I go on?

        2. @RevRon ::

          Exactly. Badguys last like bad potatoes in the cold.

          And @TrainWrecK accidentally points to one of the main reasons why :: it’s “highly doubtful that you are going to find many active critics”

        3. @SD

          The reason I said you wouldn’t find many active critics because I don’t feel that there are that many people out their that feel the need to attack Dan other than maybe for his asshole persona… which he may be in real life… but doesn’t take away that he has valuable info to share.

          Doesn’t mean everything he shares or teaches should be taken at face value… just like anything else… but we are all big kids… right?

          1. @TrainWreck ::

            I know exactly what you meant … but think it misses the point. The number of critics is weak evidence either way … and in a situation where repression of dissent is constant … it’s no evidence at all.

  6. 2b1ask1 wrote:

    “Dan is one of the big fish here… boiler rooms and forced hidden continuity is blessed by the “great one.””

    There is not doubt that Dan Kennedy was the main driver behind the massive use of IM hidden continuity.

    He’s been preaching it heavily since at least 2003.

    1. Dan Kennedy is also the douchebag who took the principle of scarcity WAY too far…

      … Do you REALLY think he’s only got 7 minutes to talk to someone on the phone?

      Paul Hartunian confirmed to me that the short phone calls were merely an act — again, the principle of scarcity. And Paul is VERY tight with Mr. Douchebag.

      And the sheeple think Kennedy is the second coming.

      1. Is Paul a buddy of yours?

        2nd…. if you don’t like that he only has 7 minutes for you, then flippin talk/deal with someone else.

        Second coming??

        He is a smart dude.

        For all of those that are price sensitive… Dan has written books, that you can book up at borders… for under $20.

        1. Well put, watching. Like I said before…as long as there is value at the other end you should be able to make as much money as you wish. Buyers don’t have to buy what you’re selling.

          Kennedy is a very sharp marketer. So is Bill. And they have a lot of sharp top-tier students who together show people how to market creatively in all businesses. Dan slams Internet marketing as being copycat and dog-eat-dog and tells his audiences to take what they teach into OTHER niches, apply it to their businesses. So it’s a bit different.

          It’s a good point that Kennedy and Glazer also go overboard in what they teach, and in their marketing. I think they’re constantly going after new stuff, more “out of the box” things and often miss the mark and they really push the envelope.

          A lot of IMers hang with him and slobber at his feet and have taken his most outlandish ideas into IM, adding even more of their own greed-driven twists to it before it lands in unlucky consumers’ laps.

          But sometimes greed kicks in and that, to me, is the undercurrent in all of this and in most of the cases Salty’s attacking here. I try not to let his sizzling commentary style cloud the real target and that’s greed on all levels. The kind of greed that leads to arrogance and leads to even more need to feed the growing greed.

          I think I got that right.

          The issue about Kennedy and Glazer just re-hashing stuff after the first year or two is absolutely the truth and again it’s their right to do their program that way just as their customers can cancel if they don’t like repetition of older material.

          But it does bring up kind of a catch 22 when I see that comment here and also comments complaining about some of their more aggressive teachings and marketing activities which, in many cases, is just them trying to find exciting new ways to make sales that work…

          NONE of this excuses what they’re doing if and when, as I said, they start to resorting to fraud or theft to make their money. It’s even more inexcusable when someone DOES have a product of real value that really helps people because they can continue making millions without the bullshit, making the bullshit pure greed.

          It’s a tougher case. More gray. Less black and white. But I’ve seen my own grey in Glazer and Kennedy and as I read more here it’s turning darker and darker.

        2. Dan Kennedy

          I’ve been very close to all of these psychopaths, and I left them 8 years ago (quietly).

          They all make me sick. Every single one of ’em.

          I remember when Jonathan Mizel called me personally and warned me (from his pool in Hawaii) to lay off calling these criminals out. Very Mafia like.

          I’ve had dinner with Yanik dozens of times before he became the rock star he is today. I’ve also eaten with all of the big guys including Ken McCarthy (twice — “Did I ever tell you that I put Netscape on the map)… Sanford Wallace (remember him)… Bill Glazer (an absolute psychopath)… Jon Spoelstra (he’s actually very cool)… Tom Kulzer (of AWeber — another standup guy)… etc.

          Yes, I regularly talked to Paul Hartunian. Haven’t done so in years.

          It’s funny how Ken McCarthy gets a free pass too (did I mention that he helped put Netscape on the map). He introduces us to all of these psychopaths, then claims to be disgusted by them soon after. Trust me, he’s not that stupid. He claims that he hasn’t promoted these guys for years, but that’s a lie — here’s a glowing testimonial for Stompernet:

          “Keep in mind, the program is only about 1/10 of the way through (it’s a year long), but based on the course materials I’ve reviewed and the three day seminar I attended (one of three that are part of the program), I’d have to say that StomperNet students have already received their money’s worth.”

          Source: http://kenmccarthy.com/blog/2006/11/16/glorious-internet-marketing-revolution/

          By the way, did I mention that Ken McCarthy was responsible to putting Netscape on the map?


          I was one of 4 people in Yanik’s mastermind group — he confirms it here:

          “When I was getting started some of my friends and I started a local group that met 1x/month and that was too much. We then moved to about every other month and that worked better. Then as we got more successful we moved to a quarterly structure and then we slowly dissolved the group.”


          These “gurus” are very smart. And they’re very clever. They’re also very cunning (a common trait of a psychopath)… they actually get angry when their customers dare to question their laziness… yep — these guys are lazy to the max (except Yanik… he works all kinds of crazy hours – don’t let that “internet lifestyle” propaganda fool you).

          It’s Dan Kennedy and the other gurus to the gurus that tell ’em to sell first, then create the product. They say, “Don’t waste your time creating a product if there’s no market for it.” That’s the REAL reason most new products suck… because it’s a test.

          The Yanik I hear about today is so different than the Yanik I knew 8 years ago. This new-age nonsense that he’s involved in is so sad and disgusting to me. Everything is about “giving back” and philanthropy… this is nothing more than publicity that ultimately scams the public under the guise of helping people. Sure, they might throw a few bucks to charities, but the VAST majority of money donated is stolen like a pirate.

          Just like Tellman Knudson — his charity isn’t registered as a charity AND all donations funnel to his personal PayPal account! A total theft. And surprise surprise… “Sir” Richard Branson is involved with Knudson. I’m sad to see Yanik hanging with a person who was knighted by the Queen (again “Sir” Richard Branson)… do you have ANY clue how nefarious that is (and the real reason people are knighted)?

          It’s too late for Yanik. He’s too involved with this. There’s no turning back. It’s so sad to me.

          Bu the common thread with all of these guys is Dan Kennedy. They literally masturbate to him…

          … Here’s a classic example — when we went to the beach (for one of many mastermind meetings we had over the years) and there was a sign on the highway for “Kennedyville” Maryland — it was like approaching Disneyworld for these guys… so they snapped up a photo and sent it to their god (which was included in Kennedy’s newsletter). I volunteered to take the pic because they all knew I had no admiration for Mr. Douchebag — I had no desire to be in that pic.

          I blame the vast majority of the problems in IM and DM on Dan Kennedy. Because he gave up-and-coming marketers the illusion that “thinking outside the box” and pushing the limits at any cost was just a part of being a better marketer… even if it rips off the victim.

          Yes, it’s his right to “say” he’s only got 7 minutes for a phone call. And it’s my right to point out this is contrived (principle of scarcity) and is a HIGHLY manipulative scheme.

          If you think it’s possible to make millions in your underwear sitting at your kitchen table, then Dan is your man. For the rest of us, he’s not.

          Remember, this post tells you the real story behind Mr. Douchebag — a thread that was buried at every chance at the Warrior Forum:


          I can go on and on about Mr. Douchebag… stay tuned.

        3. 2b1ask1,

          “I can go on and on about Mr. Douchebag…”

          Then do!


          “The Yanik I hear about today is so different than the Yanik I knew 8 years ago.”

          Could you explain the transition, from your perspective, that Yanik has taken?

        4. @2b1ask1:

          “It’s funny how Ken McCarthy gets a free pass too (did I mention that he helped put Netscape on the map). He introduces us to all of these psychopaths, then claims to be disgusted by them soon after. Trust me, he’s not that stupid. He claims that he hasn’t promoted these guys for years…”

          Funny, I pegged McCarthy for “Psychobabble” in the Stompernet ShitStorm post. He recommended the same dating book in his “Success Blueprint” from last year.

          More please? He was the first one I gave my money to (after filtering through the rest, thanks BitTorrent, perfect tech karma for a perfect set of asshole marketers) and the only one I’ve trusted as not being a total snake– went to the System seminar, joined the club. Met some English guy who told me Kern etc all got started in McC’s “Eagles Club” back in ’00, ’01, until they pissed him off and he cast them out of Eden/upstate NY/New Orleans or what the fuck ever.

          The I had breakfast at McD’s because I spent too much money going to that goddamn seminar. Quit the club when I saw 90% of the info would only work for people who already had thriving businesses. I left feeling unclean about it all, though I couldn’t quite put my finger on why.

          Maybe it’s that everyone in this whole shitty subculture– Ken McCarthy, Clay “Purpose-Driven” Collins, Kern, Eben “Cock Fun” Pagan, every single fucking one of them, knows how to play wounded, desperate people like me, like some retarded hillbilly fiddle savant.

          Fucking retarded hillbilly savants.

          1. @SlowlyWaking ::

            Whoever you are … thank you for saying “fucking retarded hillbilly savants” … because it filled me with glee!!

            1. @SD and @SlowlyWaking,

              “retarded hillbilly fiddle savant”. Now I’ve got the impression of Dueling-Banjos-“you sure have got a pretty mouth” Deliverance mixed with the Pied Piper mixed with the huckster from The Music Man.

              Yeah. That’s what a Make Money Guru is. They bring you in with the song and dance, then ass rape you once you’re vulnerable.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

      2. Let’s keep things in perspective. Perhaps the reason Kenndy/Glazer have been running so long is that these incidents we’re hearing about are fairly isolated and human error and idiocy — not intentional. When you have more than 30,000 subscribers to your newsletters and produce two major conferences and multiple products per year…things can fall through the cracks.

        Notice the number of complaints filed against your local Walgreens. Seriously! I was shocked! Some of them get dozens and dozens of complaints. Mostly ridiculous crap about this price not being honored or that price being charged wrong.

        You can never please everyone and the more you try to please the more complaints you get.

        So — small-fry with many complaints = possible problem. Large-fry with many complaints…could be management issues or possibly a sign of a problem but NOT a solid indicator.

        In MY case, someone actually CHANGED the expiration date of my cc with them that was on file without my permission and without me going online to change it. That’s ILLEGAL. And inexcusable when you operate at the level Kennedy/Glazer does.

        One other consideration before Kennedy gets crucified: I notice none of this stuff seemed to be much of an issue before Glazer joined the “team.”

        1. I’m a credit card merchant. It is against the merchant rules if not the law to update ANY cc info on a customer without their express permission, preferably written.

          Kennedy’s done a lot RIGHT over the years. That’s how he got where he is. It appears Glazer took over a hugely profitable operation and has since pulled out the stops ethically and legally to get it to grow beyond where it was without all the bullshit.

        2. @Poop Chute, New to this site, and loving it so far. A little about Kennedy/Glazer and their tight-nit group. (I have never met Kennedy or Glazer in person other than at a seminar. I have meet a few of their close business buddy’s and spent some considerable amounts of time with them.)

          I was sitting right next to one of their best buds at the man’s house in Florida with my bullshit meter way past over load when he put the cherry on the top by saying, how would you like to know my idea of the perfect seminar? Me thinking ok, why not, i mean how much worse could this meeting get?

          He then said, the perfect seminar would be tens of thousand of people lined up as far as the eye can see, traffic jams all over the city, and county, people herding into the seminar room like the cattle they are with two credit cards and their photo i.d. in hand. At the beginning of the table they give the attendant their credit cards and i.d, like cattle scuttle along to the end of the table where they sign their receipt, scuttle out the door, get back in their cars, drive back home and wait two weeks for their package to arrive. when the package arrives, read the sales copy for the up-sell, get back in their cars and do it all over again. The great thing about it all is they won’t ask for a refund because they will wait till the refund period is over, and because they are typically lazy, they will do nothing and begin realize they have no one to blame but themselves for their miserable existence. The program will collect dust on their bookshelves like the dozens of other programs they bought and did nothing with.

          I almost fell off my chair. I never, expected that, I expected some kind of shit to come out of his mouth, just not that.

          Another business tid-bit he offered. Always get two credit cards, when you can, for payment, he reasoned, because these people are lazy, broke and never pay their credit card bills on time, so if one credit card doesn’t process the back up card will. Should both cards fail to process they will then keep charging the card on normal billing cycle dates and as soon as the card holder makes a payment their charge will be the one to clear first.

          I had to get a new shit meter for the rest of the meeting because mine was over flowing by this time and it was only 1 hour or so into a day long one-on-one (so to speak, there were 5 of us at the meeting) shit fest with this marketing guru Millionaire maker.

          Another exciting thing everyone might like to know about.

          Their idea of a good product is a product, for example a book, that gives the illusion of educating, give the illusion of value, gives the illusion of teaching the reader something of value, while leading these sheep to the next product. Ultimately these sheep will pay any price they demand. If someone should complain the book or seminar course did not deliver on what it promised, then these sheep are more messed up then they think because they thought a single book or course will fix all their problems.

          He went on to explain, the key to higher profit margins and higher prices is perceived value. build in the prospect’s mind (actually for once referred to the people as something other than cattle or sheep) they are ripping them (the guru) off by paying so little for this mountain of information. The greedy little bastards they are, the more they feel they are taking advantage of me, (the guru) the more they will pay for the next level in the sales process.

          The first time i heard this shit was at his house in that meeting but since then also heard him and their buds expose this shit at live events and master mind inner circle meetings.

          Make no mistake about it, these gurus know the law, they have been sued so many times they know the whole process. Like any good con man they learn from their mistakes, adjust, improve and avoid making the same mistake twice. They have one goal in mind, to get their hands on all of money they can as quickly as they can. To them the average customer makes 50k to 75K a year, their goal is to nickle and dime them at first then increase till they can get 50k to 70k out of them, their rationale is, these people will spend all of their money somewhere, so they want to keep their (the customer’s) focus on them, spending every spare dime they have or will have in the future.

          They know the length of the average sales cycle, that is why they have up-sells practically scheduled out in scientific detail. Their tactic is to have the customer feeling overwhelmed with products, reading materials, information, steps, processes, audios, videos there is no way they can realistically go through it all and apply any of it before the money back guarantee runs out. The customer will feel guilty and worthless for not having read all the materials and having done nothing in the 90 day time frame, they will be too embarrassed to call and ask for a refund and explain to the customer service rep what a looser they are for not having done a damn thing.

          He and his group have manuals that are 500 pages or more, two, three and four at a pop. They spend so much time learning to write good copy because they need those skills to fill so many pages with the illusion of learning something. These gurus believe they are word magicians, creating illusions with skillfully crafted words.

          How do they get away with it you might wonder?

          They personally take an individual, someone that can commonly be perceived as average, they work with that hand picked person and mold, shape, tutor and transform them into a millionaire and say, see if he/she can do it, you can to, and if you don’t do it you have no one to blame but yourself.

          Can you make money using their tactics? The answer is of course yes. But one can also make money without resorting to their tactics. These shit gurus push the limits of how far a person will go to make money, no not just some money, to make millions. And they manage to stay legal enough to stay out of jail.

    2. The first seminar I went to was the System in Chicago in June 2004. It was blatantly promoted as being a pitch-free content-only seminar. Lo and behold there was a pitch at the end of every presentation and I ended up going a further $8k into debt.

      Kennedy makes a big deal of how he positioned himself the opposite of Jay Abraham… calling himself the “no-BS” guy. But then he goes on to advocate the ‘thud factor’ and ‘filling the product with air so you can charge more’. And recycling content, forced continuity etc.

      Keep up the good research work.

      1. Although the System Seminar isn’t pitch-free, for all of his faults, Ken McCarthy does insist that the presentations deliver good content and the speaker gets a couple of minutes at the end to make a pitch. In fact, I’ve seen speakers at McCarthy events deliver presentations and make no pitch — pure content delivery.

        This contrasts with the typical IM seminar where each presentation is an oral sales letter for the pitch at the end without delivering much value. The only person I know of who violated McCarthy’s rules on this was Gary Ambrose a few years ago. Ambrose claimed he didn’t know but still took hell for it.

        As for Glazer-Kennedy events, after Bill Glazer took over, these events have become pitch fests and the speakers are subpar when it comes to actually being able to teach you what you need to know for growing your business online.

        What are you going to learn from Russell Brunson? How to lose your merchant account and wear magical underwear? Joan Rivers going to teach you the secrets to excessive plastic surgery? What about Harry Dent? Maybe he can explain why the Dow didn’t hit that 35,000 mark he was talking about in his “Roaring 2000s” book.

        You will learn far more in one Dan Kennedy paperback than you will at one of the Glazer-Kennedy conferences.

  7. How many expert marketeers from the secret are Dan Kennedy schooled grab the cash and run marketing forced hidden continuity wishbones now or following another person of a similar ilk? I think that method of grabbing cash is losing its appeal as people cut down on the excess crap which most of these people sell.


    That guy is one who you just get the feeling is seriously obsessed and cant help a suck up to anyone he can use. One day they’ll turn around and have shit in their faces for having any association at all. You can’t tell me that these guys dont deliberately go out of their way to learn how to get money from people even without their real approval. By the way, thats one guy who really has a confirmed obsession with money and hes claiming to be a faith walking christian. Belly laugh LMAO.

    1. Started off apparently on topic, but the sudden Schirmer link was a bit too abrupt. Work on those topic change transitions.

        1. Schirmer is marketing to his facebook group of so called “friends”. I’m not sure how he thinks he will make his millions USING people he has added as friends on facebook when 99.9% of people are sick of the secret shit and we all know his contact is only ever when he wants to sell you something. You only have to look at the few regulars who comment on his stupid repetitive quotes he USING to know the guys finished. The guy seems to have serious relationships and money issues everywhere he goes. And if that guy thinks he’s a success then I’ve found Jesus on earth and am living a dream because his life couldn’t be any more crap it was scripted deliberately.

    2. In defense of Kennedy regarding The Secret, I got one of his newsletters where he talked about The Secret. He basically agreed with the critics of The Secret and said it was BS.

      1. Whoohoo the guy has a few brain cells working. Not only do I think the Secret is BS but the likes of that Aussie guy Schirmer and his wife are full of BS too. They NEED to come and sell their shit to the US of A because they owe so much money in Australia. At what point do we say no and send them on their way?????

        1. Schirmer is a retard, he is claiming to be a wealth creation and abundance expert but the only thing he abundantly manifests are debts. he is now taking a trip of the US of A attempting to make money from our countrymen to pay his own debts in OZ or maybe its to get out of paying them and to set up shop in our backyard. If thats the case he can fucking go and wank himself some other place. The guy and his wife are retards.

      2. Yup — Kennedy was one of the first to vocalize his displeasure with the concept that you just think and what you want happens, bringing up the MISSING factor — you gotta’ DO something to MAKE it happen.

      3. I’ve seen several sites that say the Secret book and film are BS, or that Byrne,et al, don’t “understand” it HOWEVER, they claim they REALLY know something about the real Secret,or how to manifest results; THEIR plan will work and this is how much it costs….It becomes a convoluted mess with people saying the original idea(scam) is worthless so try my idea(also a scam) idea. It’s like the state fair where the carnies hawk their rigged games, “Hey there,folks, you don’t want to play that game! Come over here. You can win at this one! Let me show you how to knock down those milk bottles! It’s so easy to win that hot pink stuffed gorilla.”

        1. @Jean D

          Exactly! You can see Ray’s “go three-for-three” schtick as that very thing. Thoughts :: feelings :: ACTIONS. In other words: “I understand that the core underlying principle of The Secret fails to pass the ridiculousness test {like the robes and rings} :: and won’t get me on Larry King.” James Arthur Ray is SOOO different from The Secret … he makes his tongue say the word “actions.”

          And @Carlon :: should we give Kilstein the Medal of Freedom for saving us from the scams?

          http://saltydroid.info/super-schlub/ ::

          oh and oops … here he is saving us from The Secret with his own shamtastic remedy.


          If I like what you’re DOING :: then maybe :: I’ll listen to what you’re SAYING.

    3. Schirmer is a fake and so is his wife and they are coming to the US to sell us their shit. I’m annoyed. Able and Enable.

      1. Praying that the hate against you will stop when you have done wrong towards others is like putting your finger in an electrical socket and hoping like hell you dont get electrocuted.

        That is what these people are doing. It is pathetic to watch the circus and the end is inevitable but stupid does what stupid will always do and continue to poke that bloody socket.

      2. @SaltyDroid
        “should we give Kilstein the Medal of Freedom for saving us from the scams?”

        If you;d like to bestow that honor upon Kilstein be my guest:)

        Not so sure what your point is. I merely pointed out that Kennedy was not a fan of The Secret.

        Also, he was not using it as a tactic to get people to buy his products ala Kilstein. It was a short part of his newsletter where he gave his opinion on The Secret because people asked him about it.

        I don’t always agree with Dan Kennedy, but he was on the money with his views about The Secret, which frankly surprised me. I thought he’d jump on the bandwagon like everyone else.

        And I hate to point this out but sometimes people you may not like can have opinions you agree with.

  8. That’s more like it, Salty super-lib!! I know you don’t give a flying fuck what I have to say, but that was a grade A post. Fantastic touch emailing DC comics about that asshole Kennedy ripping off their flagship trade mark to hawk his worthless shit. Of all the asshole’s stuff I’ve ripped and looked at, this fuck stain is by far–without a doubt–the most over rated stain in the marketing guru cess pool.

    Seriously, this retard–along with Glazer–fancies himself to be the God of copywriting, but look at this idiotic incoherent, impossible to follow sales letter. First, they go for the classic Bencivenga magalog rip-off look, but that doesn’t translate to the internet. And the writing is just exceptionally poor.

    I’ve found this to be the case with almost all this loser’s sales letters. And yet, morons like Kern, Pagan, and all the rest of the bum buddy good old boy parrot the idiotic line that Kennedy is one of the best in the business…the guy to follow.

    This guy’s shit is so worthless, that even though it hits the site for ripping within days of it’s release, I don’t even think of blowing the ratio on it. Even free is too much a price for this worthless shit.

    Anyway, good job, Salty super-lib.

    Hey, if you want to put together a list of email addresses for the companies this loser has encroached on with his trade mark theft, I’d be more than happy to email them.

    How can a so called marketing expert be so brain dead shit for brains stupid as to not realize he can’t freely use trade marks in his advertising? Yeah, Dan…you’re quite the expert. Fucking retard.

        1. Perfectly valid question regarding VOR saying:

          “I don’t even think of blowing the ratio on it.”

          He doesn’t blow ratio on Dan Kennedy. What does he prefer to blow ratio on.

          Using ratio maybe? I’m just using his words.

        2. There you go talking that smut talk again! Don’t you realize there are probably children reading this blog? They don’t need to be reading that kind of shit.

  9. awesome work Mr. Droid – I’ve been following your posts for a while actually, and would like to make the addition of one they call Jamie Lewis to your growing collection of slimeballs that rob noobs with fake promises.

    When I confronted this stuff on the (in)famous warriorforum, not only did this slime PM me with a lot of HAte (lol), the mods also deleted my posts exposing his PMs to me.
    Check this – http://digibizpro.com/ the guy is an idiot, and a liar!

    Meanwhile, I seem to have found one (just one so far, yes) NON-SLIME marketer…check out this video he did on Andy Jenkin’s video thing:

    I’m sure he got some hate mail from them for that one!

    1. That guy at copynprofit3 that you linked to actually wrote a very astute essay. You can often learn more from these guys’ sales processes than you can their actual “products.” Smart guy.

      1. PHIL! CONGRATS! You GET it!

        This is why what someone charges isn’t the issue and shouldn’t be. Neither is someone’s wealth or lack of wealth. It’s about whether or not they provide value on the either side.

        The value of what’s offered is subjective — but it’s pretty obvious when the value is 0. This becomes fraud.

        You stated that you can learn as much from studying these guys’ methods as you can buying their stuff and you hit it DIRECTLY on the head. You can also find almost everything you need by way of information and tools to build an online business free online.

        If you have a bit of money you can buy a book. Books are great. SOME people want more.

        Because there are so many choices — from free to $25 a pop to $200 or more…what someone charges isn’t the issue at all and I honestly wish we’d get off that rich against the poor crap.

        How rich is too rich? Who decides? How can it change? Should it change? Who do YOU trust to decide?

        It all looks different depending on which side of the current definition of “rich” you’re on, believe me.

        How rich is too rich is strictly subjective. It’s a non-starter. You get nowhere with it by way of credibility because it’s too subjective to pin down.

        Fraud and theft are most definitely NOT subjective. Pointing these out is key to shutting down the behaviors if not the operations of the worst offenders while putting the REST of the world on notice that the bullshit stops now.

        Watch WHAT they do and take notes. Keep your morals close at hand so you know what to toss based on the “gut” feeling it gives you and you can often learn more than any of these folks could possibly teach you for money

        If that doesn’t do it, a $25 book most certainly will — if it’s the right book.

        1. “Watch WHAT they do and take notes. Keep your morals close at hand so you know what to toss based on the “gut” feeling it gives you and you can often learn more than any of these folks could possibly teach you for money”

          My GUT tells me the guys that Salty considers pretty retards and slimeballs (ie. those frequently mentioned on this blog) is spot on. I know one of them and from my personal experience, I know for a fact he’s right on the money.

        2. “Watch WHAT they do and take notes. Keep your morals close at hand so you know what to toss based on the “gut” feeling it gives you and you can often learn more than any of these folks could possibly teach you for money”

          My GUT tells me the guys that Salty considers pretty retards and slimeballs (ie. those frequently mentioned on this blog) is spot on. I know one of them and from my personal experience, I know for a fact he’s right on the money.

          The guy I’m talking about has no MORALS but as a result of his actions suffers severe paranoia which is as a result of years and years of screwing over the nicest most decent people around.

          I consider THE SECRET an absolute sham and those in it not only of highly questionable character but FAKES.

        3. “If you have a bit of money you can buy a book. Books are great. SOME people want more.”

          Some people want more. How do you think that happens? Randomly?

          Have you ever heard of a marketer go: “No, you don’t need to buy my thing because you’re okay the way you are. You’re fine.”

          No…the thrust of the message is: “You know you lack self esteem, and I’m about to reinforce all the ways you lack self esteem, via mentioning how there are “secrets”, “greener pastures”, “problems with YOU”, and how your life could be better, and I’m going to keep prodding your wounds…and the solution to heal you…IS MY PRODUCT”

          That’s the formula. Don’t get it twisted. That IS the formula. So value, in a lot MANIPULATORS cases, is connected with having people FRUSTRATED and IN PAIN. That’s the window to a sale.

          They agitate that pain…then offer up the solution.

          They’re not going to make any money from people who say to themselves: “OH, I GET IT, I’M THE PROBLEM AND I NEED TO JUST BE SELF-SUFFICIENT”.

          Self-sufficient people don’t hand gurus money. People who are frustrated hand gurus money (and follow cults, and look for leaders, etc) The part that is distasteful is the exploitation of this ‘frustration’ without empathy.

          They describe a SPECIFIC problem someone is having so as to gain ‘understanding’…so the other person feels ‘understood’…and then the person who feels understood is more prone to trust the seller.

          They know how to agitate pain and relate to another persons pain astutely. They don’t empathize. But they understand the mechanics.

          As such, the customer feels like whatever is offered can solve their problem … and they buy.

          Pure manipulation.

          Trying to justify manipulation is denial. Fine. Whatever. You be in denial. It’s still manipulation.

          What someone charges ISN’T the issue. The issue is a ‘frustrated’/’in pain’ person who really doesn’t feel self-sufficient is playing into a charlatans manipulative setup.


          Hell no. It’s a feeling of DEPENDENCE that drives the industry.

          And it becomes kind of “interesting” when the initial dependence and lack of self-sufficiency turns into trusting a gurus solution…AND HERE’S THE KEY: THE SOLUTION PROMOTES MORE DEPENDENCY. (Think this, act this way, feel this way, do what I say, do this, do that, etc)

          Creating an ongoing dependence on people, and thus a requirement to continue to shell out money…does this seem healthy and valuable to you?

          Somehow I doubt it.

        4. The world is in the throws of a serious Global Financial Crisis which is not yet over and it has all be brought on by unbridled EXCESS!!!!!!!

          The people behind THE SECRET have been the biggest promoters of EXCESS so far this decade and look at the devastation that crazy half arse production has caused.

          If they have not got the message so far that THE SECRET is absolute BULLSHIT then they will soon because we are a long way from a rosey outcome financially in any country. The fact that these people are deliberately marketing to take from people through deception and deceit will not go unpunished. The likes of Schirmer from Australia will experience far worse because he is the biggest current self absorbed promoter of this shit at the moment. Go away and get a real life and stop being a parasite in our society you pathetic scum.

          Funny how they were all FOR IT when it first came out and banging on about how to visualise, how to dream so freakin big your eyeballs would never believe, how to be rich rich rich and NOW they claim that that was all crap why????? Because they did not get the financial deal out of the producer that they wanted and they want more more more. It is total crap and they know it. Their intentions in floating around the world on a money making get rich quick all expenses paid by us tour have only one purpose and that is to line their own freakin pockets just like Ray has done.

          THE SECRET is pure evil and serves no purpose in our NEW EMPIRE. It should be banned.

        5. None of the marketers believe what they’re marketing (in the example you gave above, it’s a product called “The Secret”). They’re selling it, not buying it. They may have needed to convince themselves consciously or subconsciously of a story and the material in the Secret so they could sell it (like anyone who is a top salesman), but they didn’t ACTUALLY buy it.

          To say this simply using an analogy: PETER POPOFF KNOWS HE HAS AN EAR PIECE ON FEEDING HIM INFORMATION. He’s not a healer.


          “…his source of inspiration is a hidden receiver in his ear which his wife transmits names and ailments of audience members…”

          And the Gurus of “THE SECRET” (and everyone other ‘guru’ who is worth their salt) knows they are not special in any way (you know, unless a bunch of other non-special people say they are special — and they all become a ‘special group’ under their own touch of the tongues).

          They may start to believe their own bullshit, but they don’t go in believing it. They know the game.

          Just watch the Popoff video above and make the parallel.

          The unsuspecting buy secrets. But marketers know secrets don’t exist.

          Just because a person lacks a piece of a information that could be useful to them in some area of their life doesn’t make it a ‘holy grail OMG secret’. It’s just a useful piece of information. (MAYBE EVEN LIFE SAVING). But to deliberately go into a situation with the intention of getting people’s money with a PREMEDITATED SCAM VIA COMMISSIONS OR OMISSIONS…That’s “Popoff” territory.

        6. OK, Shiesterhater. So now you propose we toss Freedom of Press to “preserve this great nation.”

          The moment you propose banning any published work based on your definition of what is right is the day you lose my support for any argument you have.

          This is getting ridiculous now, folks. Here’s what I am hearing from all of you — Salty included — and it just degraded some excellent arguments to total bullshit:

          1. If you make too much money but also teach what you do you must be a scammer.

          2. If you don’t make enough money but teach what you do you ARE a scammer.

          3. If you use persuasion of any kind in your marketing, as defined by a anonymous poster’s own feelings at the moment, you must be a scammer.

          4. If you have people complaining loudly about you all over the place you must be a scammer.

          And now the new one — fresh from Salty’s circuits:

          5. If you have few detractors speaking out against you, you must be evil and somehow holding your ultimate evil power over anyone who might speak out.

          Come on. Sanity just left this board and so has Poop Chute.

          Read through my previous posts. I am NOT a detractor here. I support what I thought was Salty’s plan.

          Now I see there is no plan. And I hate to say it but it’s all degraded where no one outside of this little group will believe crap being said.


          1. @PoopChute ::

            Okay drama queen :: enjoy your dramatic exit :: don’t trip on your prom dress while your storming up the stairs.

        7. Salty —

          Sorry — caught my prom dress in the door on the way out.

          No drama intended. I just have better things to do with my time than to join a cause (even one as valuable and potentially powerful as I felt you were building here). I now believe it’s destined to fail.

          You see, Salty — I have a few functioning brain cells. I always think things through — and at first I questioned your tactics. Then, when I saw what your intended goal was (or thought I did), I was all for seeing how this grand experiment plays out.

          I can now see that your logic circuits are a bit scrambled, sad to say. And I thrive on logic, so I was hoping I could help you map out a possible slight repair so you operate more effectively.

          But I don’t have forever to try. There is much more important work to be done. Work I was doing before I stumbled on you and, I’m sad to say, work I must now continue on my own.

          I don’t think you’re intentionally wrong, Salty. Just oblivious to the fact. You’re so filled with rage and anger (almost always justifiable — I’m on YOUR side here) it’s starting to corrode your logic circuits a bit and I don’t think you can see how it will hurt your cause in the end.

          If I was a “bad guy” I’d hope like hell you never see it and keep going the direction you’re headed. I most certainly wouldn’t point it out to you.

          It’s as simple as this: you can’t do what you’re saying you’re against and ever hold an audience of rational, thinking people.

          True — this is the minority in the world at the moment.

          I was hoping your aim was to educate. To pull up the rocks and expose the wrong-doing of ass-wads like Belcher and Bacak et. al.

          Your style took some minor adjustments in my own circuits to accept — and I now see it as a delightfully risky but effective ploy to pull in eyeballs.

          When you uncover real verifiable illegal acts — and we Droidites chime in with backup evidence and evidence of further wrongdoing — it’s pure gold. It shows the uneducated who they’re dealing with in no uncertain terms. And it educates them about what to look for in ALL promotions from ALL niches and ALL manner of marketers.

          It gives them the power to stop being victims and fight back with the most powerful weapon on earth against all these jackasses — elimination of the market for their useless shit.

          But you can’t start advocating book-banning and restrictions of freedom of the press (which you count upon for the ability to have this blog in the first place), and maintain your credibility with most people.

          A commenter here (I believe it was Scheisterhater) suggested that The Secret was so bad it should be banned. You, Salty, had a perfect opportunity to put the brakes on that kind of idiocy with a quick comment but chose to ignore it. Given the nature of this blog, that would imply your acceptance of that point of view, which I must argue is far more dangerous than anything any of these assholes, with the exception of ol’ James Ray, has done.

          Sorry. The same Freedom of Press that affords Salty the right to publish this blog also affords assholes to publish their shit.

          It’s not just the law — it’s the Constitution…the foundation of law.

          Let this kind of dark-ages thinking fester here and all the viewpoints and “gotcha’s” that could really do some good out there in the thinking world that are exposed here become questionable.

          What took the cake was when it became clear to me your position is that all forms of persuasion — that anyone who engages in persuasion — is inherently bad. Maybe I read you wrong, but I’ve seen evidence of this attitude — along with the general view that all marketing and basically all marketers are somehow tainted and evil, all over the blog.

          The problem becomes apparent when you understand you’re using persuasion and marketing yourself to accomplish whatever goals it is you’ve set for all of this.

          You’re clearly using outrageous behavior as a magnet to attract a following — your list. This is marketing 101. The entire concept is focused on the “us against them” persuasion tactic. This is a slightly more advanced control technique that makes a segment of your following stick to you like glue. It also makes it easier to simply dismiss anyone who dares voice any opinion you don’t like as the ramblings of “the enemy” or of a “drama queen” and still say you have an “open” blog with “no moderation.”

          The latter form of name-calling is another persuasion technique Rush Limbaugh uses to great effect, too.

          The Photoshop work you do (fun stuff — you just keep getting better and better) is persuasion on a subliminal level.

          You use story telling — one of the longest-standing proven techniques of persuasion.

          I can’t count how many time’s you’ve said “but don’t believe Salty — don’t take anyone’s word and check it out for yourself.”

          This is classic persuasion nudging into Marketing 102.

          And there’s NLP going on all over the place.

          And I have to tell you, Salty — whoever really programmed you got some genuine 1’s and 0’s goin’ on ’cause you are using these techniques masterfully…and you might not even know it. But I suspect you do.

          Which makes all of this even more of a contradiction in logic. This contradiction will literally hand the very people you are trying to bring down the ammunition THEY need to tell their followers who dare to ask the serious questions — “oh — yeah — those guys are all just losers whining away on each other’s shoulders…you’re free to join them if you want or you can work with me” and they will continue.

          You might dent ’em — but you won’t bring ’em down.

          And I want to bring ’em down.

          So — no offense intended. You’re just veering off into an unproductive lane and I’m already behind schedule REALLY bringing these people down.

          Before I discovered your blog, Salty, I was actively copying and printing out emails and Websites and direct mail pieces I receive that are obvious rip-offs and violations of law…or from marketers who I know operate that way…and sending them to the Attorney General in my state and in theirs, and to the FTC, and to the U.S. Postal Inspector.

          It’s a frustrating task because so many people would rather sit on their butts bitching about the bad guys than do the real work that can actually close their doors. It’s even more frustrating knowing that these agencies each have the power to literally bring a scam artist to his or her knees in a heartbeat, freezing their business and personal assets, stopping the mail from going in or out and literally bringing the entire operation to a halt until they prove they are not guilty. But the task is so overwhelming, because there are so many scammers and always an eager market for their bullshit waiting for them they have to work on the basis of numbers…whoever is the biggest fish getting the most complaints gets brought down.

          And they DO have the power to bring them down, with your evidence, almost immediately.

          But a lot of people have to have been burned bad enough often enough for them to turn their attention to the matter and shut it off.

          So — I at first hoped you, Salty, were going to work it from the other side…educating people so they know the difference between persuasion and manipulation and how to turn it around and never be scammed again. By anyone.

          I’m not telling you what to do — I’m just saying I no longer see where this is going as an effective means to the end after all. And I’m disappointed but I’ll live…the fight goes on.

          But before you dismiss me again and the Droidites start downgrading this comment — here’s some great advice…

          Remember — the Attorney General (in your state and in the scammer’s state), the FTC and the U.S. Postal Inspector have more power in their little toes than Droid could ever store in his his whole casing. Rattle their cages loudly enough…flood their mail box and fax and email with enough complaints…and they DO act and DO bring them down when they do.

          So — more power to ya, Salty. Keep up the fight. I know you mean well. I just have to go where logic tells me a solution to this cancer on an entire industry lies. The logic here has started to dissipate.

          1. @PoopChute ::

            Go where you want :: do what you want :: say what you want. I don’t care.

            But your over-generalizations are ridiculous.

            First, I didn’t notice the thing about banning The Secret. And even if I had … I get 100’s of comments :: and emails :: and phone calls :: etc. I don’t have time to respond to everything. Do you think I support banning books and movies because I don’t agree with them {or for any other reason}? Give me a fucking break. I shouldn’t need to respond to such a thing.

            Second, don’t call this marketing :: NLP :: persuasion/manipulation :: yada yada. I’m getting sick of hearing that. It’s my best effort at the truth … plus jokes … plus an open forum for others with more first hand knowledge. Sometimes things actually are uncomplicated. The truth :: presented genuinely and consistently :: is in fact very persuasive. But that’s not “persuasion” in the way that word gets used by the freaks inside this world.

            Good look with mailing shit to The Man. Sometimes that works … but usually it doesn’t. Personally … I’m disenchanted with The Man’s lack of action when it comes to protecting the little guy. Maybe there are things we can do to make the world a better place other than complaining about how the government should be making the world a better place.

        8. Poop Chute said: “A commenter here (I believe it was Scheisterhater) suggested that The Secret was so bad it should be banned. You, Salty, had a perfect opportunity to put the brakes on that kind of idiocy with a quick comment but chose to ignore it. Given the nature of this blog, that would imply your acceptance of that point of view…”

          What a ridiculous thing to say. Agreement based on non-reply? That’s just outlandish. Could it be…allowing free speech? Or perhaps he’s busy…or? All around ridiculous.

          I noticed Salty didn’t contradict or edit you. He let you blow your steam. It’s a shame you don’t value that when it’s applied to others. It seems hypocritical that you’d expect automatic criticism or censorship of a commenter that you think is advocating censorship. How circular.

          Are you just having a bad week? Maybe you just need a time out.

        9. Ken —

          I find it interesting that, out of all the points I just made, you latched onto that one.

          What you say implies Salty isn’t in control, doesn’t read the blog (he certainly answered my good-bye post which, if you guys keep yanking on my prom dress this way I might get the wrong idea!)…

          I don’t believe for a minute Salty isn’t in complete control. And it should be that way. It’s his show.

          You also say my comment wasn’t criticized. What part of “drama” and “prom dress” didn’t you get?

          I’ve just decided this is not going to prove to be a productive avenue so I’m turning my energy elsewhere and I would hope people with any sense who really want to bring these assholes down put a bit of effort into making it happen in a BIG way.

          Watch out for that persuasion thing, Ken — it can grab you at all kinds of unexpected moments. And sometimes make you act in ways you wouldn’t otherwise.

          Really now, boys and girls, my subjects await the prom queen. I gotta run.

        10. You’re really stretching it, Poop.

          1. I NEVER said or even implied Salty wasn’t in control. Go back and re-read. I said he may have been allowing free speech or maybe he was BUSY. That implies HIS choice (as in he is in control). I have no idea why you’ve manufactured this tangent.

          2. I NEVER said your comment wasn’t criticized. Go back and re-read. I said he didn’t contradict or edit you. That means he did not address the content/substance of your comment nor did he censor you. He did, however, point out that it was wrapped in rage. A reasonable observation.

          Clearly, you’re wound up in a ball and you’ve blocked out any perspective but your own. I still maintain you’re having a bad week and not thinking clearly at the moment. That’s not intended to be an insult, just an observation.

        11. Ken —

          No. No rage. Just disappointed. No offense taken. None meant to be given.

          If you notice — I don’t condemn Salty for anything he’s doing and I would fight a bloody war to defend his right to do it his way. And I don’t blame Salty…it’s clear he’s not aware of where it’s heading.

          Salty —

          I said you wouldn’t see it, didn’t I? I see you jumped directly on the freedom of the press issue, too — just like Ken. I understand. It was admittedly the weakest of my reasons and I’m happy to hear you didn’t choose to overlook it.

          But — you’re either in control here or it’s out of control, right? Ken just defended the “out of control” position. What say ye?

          I’m truly disappointed in your position regarding persuasion. Another brush of the hand. If it fits the needs and definition of what Salty believes should be it’s not persuasion. Otherwise it is.

          That’s the kind of loop-de-loop nonesense that will knock the credibility of all the IMPORTANT information on this blog right outta’ the credibility park. I expected better of you.

          Human beings persuade from the first cry at birth. We persuade our parents to let us do things and buy us things. Our parents persuade us to behave and try to be responsible for ourselves (if we’re lucky). We persuade someone to marry us. Or try to. We persuade our spouses to let us do or buy things…kind of like the parent thing. We persuade our bosses to give us a raise.

          There are all kinds of persuasion. But it’s ingrained from birth — right along with our response to persuasion because, on a damned cellular level, it’s built into us to learn from others around us who might know something we don’t and need to know for our own good.

          I’m persuading you right now. Ooooh. I just got a chill. It’s such wicked fun being so evil.

          Certain professions require or revolve completely around persuasion. Editorial page columnists. ATTORNEYS. Politicians. Marketers.

          I’m not critisizing. Just pointing out what this will look like from the outside — and considering what I know about these schmucks you want to take out. They will turn this kind of convoluted logic around on people in a heartbeat and undo exactly what you’re trying to do here.

          If they do it right, they might even see an INCREASE in sales as a result of the curiosity factor…if this blog comes off sounding like a bunch of lame crackpots who really don’t care of they connect the dots.

          It’s your choice. I would have preferred going along with this route. I now don’t see that will be productive in the limited time I have so I’ll go back to the other.

          This we obviously agree on. Working with government agencies doesn’t work very well — without VOLUMES of complaints.

          Take the following you have — direct them at ONE target at a time with evidence to present…BOOM! Could be a bomb that works.

          And now there is a NEW weapon, in addition to the FTC’s new “rules,” a weapon FAR more powerful to the crusted wealth fucks you hate the most — the new MasterCard/VISA rules (notice no quotes around the MC/VISA rules…they have TEETH and can bite IMMEDIATELY)…

          Now you could highlight practices that violate these new rules, again direct the Droidites at ONE target and hit them where it REALLY hurts — with their credit card merchant account.

          It’s very easy to make them uneasy enough to shut down an account. They have dozens already.

          Take this route and I’ll gleefully pick up the shovel and start digging trenches with you.

          Otherwise — I have trenches to dig and only so many arms to devote to it…I’ll be moving my efforts elsewhere.

          1. @PoopChute ::

            Both this comment … and your previous … take credit for knowing more than you know. How the hell do you what would or wouldn’t cause me “lose credibility?” You only speak for you. If you want to conflate your views to that of the masses … then you should try to get a job as a cable news pundit.

            If you think the badguys are going to use me to “INCREASE” their sales … then you don’t understand anything about what’s happening here and shouldn’t be offering any advice. In 13 months :: not a single one of these mother fuckers has dared even mention me publicly. Perry Belcher {who still has the most posts until he’s passed by JAR} had his sales … and web presence … go down to zero. But I don’t know … maybe that was because of all your letters to the PostMaster.

            This is my last response on this … but I’ll go out with a quote from K’naan … my current favorite rapper …

            “I do it my own my own my I do it my own way I do…If you do what you do your own way you could be famous too.”

        12. Poop Chute,
          This is intended as a reply to your continuing correspondence with Mr Salty, but there are no reply buttons down there, however:

          I don’t see that this is an either/or situation. You propose a different method of bringing some attention to these scammers; there’s no reason for you not to set such a plan into action and then to enlist the support of the posters here to also bombard the relevant authorities with info.

          A two-pronged attack has to be better than arguing over the minutiae of who has the better plan. Why not do both? There is some passionate support here, if your strategy has the same aims to derail these scammers, that passionate support will support your strategy also.
          Show us your plan.

        13. Poop Chute said, “I have trenches to dig and only so many arms to devote to it…I’ll be moving my efforts elsewhere.”

          For someone who has better things to do, you certainly expend a lot of energy saying goodbye! We get that you think there’s a better way to solve a problem. We really do. What I don’t get is why you’re so obsessed with convincing others that your way is the only correct way. Well, to be honest, I think I do get it, and other readers do, as well.

          Perhaps you think that condescension is an effective technique for convincing others. In truth, such a tactic is more tiresome than effective, and the “benevolent mentor” schtick is more transparent than you might think.

          As Vitale often says when dismissing someone,


  10. Dan sold his business to Bill Glazer a long time ago. Dan is basically the figurehead… Bill does the marketing. That’s why it’s called Glazer-Kennedy.

    Years ago I attended one day of a G-K event. By the end of that one day my little brain was overflowing… I took home stacks of marketing samples and ideas… so many that I’ll never use half of them.
    Did I get my money’s worth? Absolutely.
    Would I ever attend a multiple-day event? Not a chance. Too much to take in. Read Dan’s books instead.

    FWIW your buddy Harlan Kilstein claims to have been kicked out of the Glazer-Kennedy club for calling them on some BS about the price of an event.

    1. Yeah, he talked about it on a conference call. He caught Glazer is a big fat lie and had proof. So he gets on the phone with Glazer and faxes him the proof. Glazer looks at it and kicks Fatso out of the group. The liar calling the other liar a liar. Too funny.

  11. Here is Russell Brunson explaining (or trying to, anyway) his “Secret Magic Box.” Anyone care to add up the number of times he says, “‘Kay”?


  12. Good comments so far.

    “How can you do this Droid? How can you say that there is anything wrong Dan? He’s the main man … every one of his words are golden like the poop of Angles.” Says my inbox throughout the day.

    Okay really? Then how about instead of expounding on the grand theme of Dan’s greatness … you address yourself to just the substance of this post.

    1. The cost. Not in an isolated way … but in whole. It’s very expensive and the prices are listed in an overly complex way that involves the fine print unnecessarily. The billing will not be straight forward … and it will be hard to cancel.

    2. The product. Russell Brunson selling yet more stuff is a primary component. Like ya’ll are saying … G&K have been in the Biz 20 years. They’re vets. So you think they don’t know full well that Russell is shit? You think they don’t know that $250k per week is BS {I think that’s a bigger number than Russell himself gives}? You think they don’t know that Brunson isn’t making his money from marketing products on the Internet?

    Here’s Brunson’s big product :: http://microcontinuity.com :: don’t bother clicking though because IT IS GONE. Just like your product would be :: along with your merchant account :: if you had followed his “strategies.” Hopefully you were building an old-school boiler room as a back up as well … but that tip wasn’t on the “free” plus shipping iPod … or on the $2000 Frauduct Launch Formula version.

    Of course G&K know ALL of that.

    3. The pitch. It’s sloppy. It’s lame. And it exposes the company to massive losses if any of the many trademark holders decided to pursue it. Which could have happened even without my agitation. Even though we all know that the stupid sales letter is not even close to the main driver of sales. So all the risk is for nothing. That’s the marketing “expertise” your modeling?

    And then there is that paragraph that I quoted … which all by itself encapsulates THE WHOLE PROBLEM. It makes a wound :: and then it pokes at the wound to sell. It is horrible … and if you can’t see the horrible … you need to find a way to reframe your field of reference … because you’ve been fucked with.

    It’s not okay.

    1. Heres my response droid:

      “1. The cost. Not in an isolated way … but in whole. It’s very expensive and the prices are listed in an overly complex way that involves the fine print unnecessarily. The billing will not be straight forward … and it will be hard to cancel.

      Expensive… sure. Worth going to… not really. They are nothing more than pitch fests for the most part. Do people go purely for the content? NO.

      First of all people don’t go to one of these things cold. Someone doesn’t stumble upon that sales letter and end up at the superconference. Just doesn’t happen. Most of the people there have been to several and have been memebers for years and are not bitching about the price.

      I think your picking the wrong product to complain about.

      Are they using emotional copy, scratching wounds? Hell yeah.

      Just like every other product and service in the economy that helps you satisfy a want or attempt to take you away from some pain.

      My dentist… multiple thousands of dollars because I am in pain or don’t like the way my mouth looks. Same with the cosmetic industry… or people dying with cancer… same shit.

      Or lawyers… who else prays on peoples pain more? Can’t beleive you actually went through the process to become one of those douche bags (seriously in all due respect.)

      What world are we living in. Last time I checked we were in an IS world not a SHOULD BE world.

      1. Doctors treating cancer, dentists treating patients, cosmetic surgeons treating patients…The practitioners in these areas have a code of professional conduct and ethical principles that comes along with the designation they receive.

        You’re making an apples-to-oranges comparison…and it would be best saved for the value-build section of your sales letter…right before the guarantee.

        1. @no

          I am not in IM. I have a bricks and mortar local gig.

          No sales letter necessary.

          But… your sadly mistaken. My brother almost died in the hospital last week from a dumb medical mistake from one of those annointed types with a code of professional conduct.

          Needed a drug that cost an ungodly amount of money… they knew it would help… but insurance company said no go… think we paid for it? Of course.

          Those bastards… predatory pricing in a time of extreme need…. all sarcasm aside… same thing fundamentally.

          You don’t think everyone understands the psychology all the way down to the level of the doc saying your going to die.. even though your here because of my mistake… unless you buy this CRAZY expensive drug.

          Again… very emotional… but the way the world IS.

        2. @TrainWreck ::

          Part of the reason the world is the way it “IS” :: is because people go around making “other people do it too” arguments like you just did. All bullshit should be rooted out. Bullshit in one area does not excuse it in another.

          Wall Street screwed us all over :: so I’m going to get into the sex slave business … fair is fair.

      2. @Train Wreck:
        “First of all people don’t go to one of these things cold. Someone doesn’t stumble upon that sales letter and end up at the superconference. Just doesn’t happen. Most of the people there have been to several and have been memebers for years and are not bitching about the price.”

        See :: that’s one of the smart things you say. I’m on at least one Kennedy/Glazer mailing list, and I never got an offer for this thing. But :: I’ve never bought anything from them.

        Anyone going to this thing is already well into the funnel :: with an ample supply of Kool-Aid™.

        1. @unicorn

          I am no longer one of their subscribers also. I got the value I felt I needed and moved on. Was easy actually… just called and cancelled… no big deal.

          So I am in the same boat… no marketing the superconference to non-members. I do get a monthly mailing pitching me to rejoin the newsletter though.

          I think people have to separate some of the content from the actual personality. Everyone is going to mesh with different personalities. You can take 5 people, have them teach the exact same thing and one of them I am going to feel like I got more out of because the delivery is going to be different.

          You have to drink some kool-aid sometimes. No one shoved it down my throat. Dan taught direct marketing in a way that made sense for me… and my business… and business did well as a result.

          Every business needs to market… and direct marketing worked best for my kind of business.

          Now personally I don’t think I would want to just hang out or be buddies with Dan or many of the people I have learned from a distance. I have an advanced degree and from high school all the way through my most advanced university training I gleaned a lot from many instructors, professors etc… but not a single personal connection.

          Not my persnonality, but I got something from them. In fact they could have all been douche bags in personal life but when they showed up to the University and delivered the content and knowledge they had I got something out of it.

  13. Someone needs to take that graphic about “What Your Doctor Says”, ‘shop it, and turn it around and expose what these a*holes unleash on the unsuspecting with their sneaky mind-control double-speak sales letters.

  14. “The Yanik I hear about today is so different than the Yanik I knew 8 years ago.” Could you explain the transition, from your perspective, that Yanik has taken?

    Sure, you bet.

    Thinking back more than 10 years ago, the one thing I always remembered about Yanik was his tiny apartment with an awful, 70s-like wall-to-wall shag rug in his “office” (his living room). It was the classic make-money-in-my-underwear-in-my-tiny-apartment story. Just him and his wife Missy. And ultimately he got his dream car at the time (a grey sports car from Honda — forget the name).

    Yanik had a brilliant mind (probably still does). He had a new idea almost every time we met. And we connected because we were both born Jews but became agnostic. And we both LOVED to talk about business.

    One thing we disagreed about was fame. Yanik was always on my case about taking my picture. I’ve been famous twice in my life and wouldn’t wish fame on my worst enemy. But every other dinner Yanik would suggest I take my picture and let the world know what I looked like. Other than that, we agreed on everything. We completed each others sentences.

    As time went on, we always knew to expect Yanik to walk into the restaurant with great news…

    … Bill Harrison, Rob Olic and I (the rest of the mastermind group) would always joke that Yanik would show up at dinner and announce that his affiliates just made him $50,000 in the time that Yanik drove from his apartment to dinner. And sure enough he did (or at least that’s what he told us).

    Yanik jumped on the affiliate bandwagon early on. He got a lot of his affiliates from being mentioned in Allan Gardyne’s newsletter. The dirty little secret is that Yanik made most of his money selling directly to affiliates (not from affiliates selling to customers). So in other words, Yanik discounted his products at least 35% (sometime more) on almost every product sold because the affiliates would buy under their own link.

    Yanik worked all kinds of crazy hours (before having children). The Internet Lifestyle image sounded great on paper, but was hardly true early on. “Fake it ’til you make it, right?”

    Yanik was also famous for his lists… lists of things to accomplish (he now posts this on his blog). Very admirable.

    One thing he talked about was to create 5 new businesses a year. I don’t think that ever happened in the time that I knew him, but he was definitely persistent.

    And Yanik always ordered wine — something about that wine that juiced him up (I hated it at the time because I didn’t drink and my share of the bill was higher as a result). And back then I was broker than broke — listen to all of the wrong people and made every mistake you can make in business. So yes, I was definitely envious of Yanik’s rapid success path. Everyone in the group was. Yanik was like a rock star to us.

    Our dinners were quickly becoming an endless parade of soon-to-be (or current) internet rock stars. As I mentioned before, “Spamford Wallace”, Tom Kulzer of AWeber, Ken McCarthy twice (I swear he mentioned Netscape dozens and dozens of times at each dinner), Jon Spoelstra (cool guy… he actually flew in from Las Vegas to meet up with us), and many others (whose names escape me now). But the douchebag that really stood out to me was none other than Bill Glazer.

    When Glazer announced to us that he was partnering with Dan Kennedy, I knew my dinner would be one giant borefest. I caught on to the fraud known as Dan Kennedy a long, long time ago. Paul Hartunian filled me in about the real Dan Kennedy. And I knew bringing up Dan Kennedy’s name would cause immediate ejaculations. I actually hung out at the bar to watch a hockey game during this lovefest.

    I’ll never forget Bill Glazer bragging about flat out lying about a promo he did for his retail store (he sold suits at the time)… about how his 7-year old used crayon to do some direct mail promo (but in reality is wasn’t his son at all). I know, I know — no big deal to most, but to me it was. I can’t stand any stretching of the truth — no need for it. Well, we met with Glazer for dinner twice and it was total agony for me – this guy just loves himself and he never shuts up… so much so that I quietly quit the group from that point on (I actually moved to the country and never contacted Yanik again).

    Actually, Yanik emailed me years later… tried to hook up and play hockey, but it didn’t work out. He was too busy.

    One thing that always got me scratching my head over the last several years was how Yanik did so well selling one single cheap product (Instant Sales Letters). He launched other products that he admitted bombed (Get Fit While You Sit and PowerPause). This was well before his Underground events. I never asked him about it, because I didn’t want to put him on the spot. In retrospect, I wish I did. Plus, more than a few of my ezine subscribers emailed me asking why I endorsed Yanik’s stuff – saying it was crap. I disagreed, but I wasn’t a buyer. I still think Yanik’s stuff is good (not great)… but certainly much better than the crap peddled these days. His Instant Internet product back then (I forget the exact name) was great (although very outdated today).

    Fast forward to today.

    I occasionally follow Yanik’s life on his blog here:

    Yes, Yanik tells great stories. Still. Always did.

    But look at the douchebags who he considers a friend (or buddy)… this one single paragraph from his blog is quite telling:

    “I’ve been on a bit of a whirlwind West Coast tour. First stop was Vegas for my buddy Andy Jenkins’ bachelor party. It was great to see some of my Internet pals like Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, John Reese and Mike Filsaime for a quick 24 hours. The funny thing is that this wasn’t a wild party like the movie “Hangover”. It was somewhat tame – just hanging in Jenkins’ suite with good friends and telling stories. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone!)”

    HOLY CRAP. He mentioned the top 5 internet marketing scammers as his “pal” or “buddy” in just 83 words. Unreal. It’s so sad to me.

    In fact if you collect all of the emails that Yanik has sent over the years and pull out the “guru” names, I bet they all eventually show up here as douchebags.

    How can somebody so smart like Yanik get fooled so many times?

    But the one that irks me the most is “Sir” Richard Branson.

    Anyone knighted is literally moved into a new class of people.

    When you’re convicted of a crime and have a jury of your peers, you’ll never see a “knight” there. That’s why the people at the top get away (literally) with murder… because their jury of peers are all knighted. See how that works? Do you see why so many people do almost anything to get to the top?

    I found that anyone at the top is promoted to the top. And they’re all cunning psychopaths.

    And they all steal from us under the guise of philanthropy and charity.

    Just look into charities — the vast majority of donations never get passed through, but rather pay salaries for those at the top.

    This nonsense about “giving back” is just one huge theft — and Branson is smack dab in the middle of it.

    The $64,000 question for me is this. Is Yanik just duped by all of this, or is it more nefarious than this?

    Some might say I’m jealous or it’s sour grapes. Remember, I quietly left the group. I could have been a part of this circus.

      1. Hard to imagine that the “real” Dan Kennedy could be any more of a total bastard than the public version… who is a total bastard.

    1. @Rafael

      Since I am in the mood… how come nobody has pointed out the obvious fact that your posts all link to or used to link to a site selling SEO services…

      Aren’t you essentially in the same Dbag business as some of these other guys getting attacked here.

      Just sayin.

      1. You’ve said some dumb things from time to time – but smart things most of the time. This is one of the dumb things.

        How does providing SEO services come even close to the kind of deceptive shit that “these other guys” do?

  15. one of the dan kennedy secrets they don’t share with you is send a sales letter and do not have the price on it anywhere. Let the people send you their credit card. Not even Mikey had the balls to copy that secret.

    1. @mikefilsaimeinsider

      Where is that “secret” shared? I have never heard of that one referenced.

      Or maybe it is so secret that NOBODY has ever heard of it.

      If it is true I would like to see the reference on tape/cd/written

      1. It isn’t shared that is just what they do and do not tell anyone that is why it is a real secret and not fake secret. They send people sales letter and do put a price of their product on it so the people guess and give them the credit card anyway and magic happens.

        1. @mikefilsaimeinder, that secret started as a test, and is now being employed all over the web. Some sites the only way to see the price is to click on the buy now button. there are a few sites I’ve seen don’t disclose the price till after the cc info page, click to buy, next page price disclosure and click to confirm purchase.

    1. Actually, it IS Joan Rivers. That’s the same image that Glazer/Kennedy used (not photoshopped by the Droid). I believe she was scheduled (paid) to appear at their little conference.

  16. I could go on and on about the change in DK since Glazer.

    The turning point for a lot of old “insiders” was DK’s reunion seminar that he paired with his wealth attraction.

    Absolute crap. 2 days of people giving mediocre ideas and DK smirked thru the whole thing, rubbing it in their faces that “You can do a whole 2 day seminar and not do any teaching” the next day at the wealth attraction. He actually tried to get out of telling part of his life story by getting more people sharing their “ideas”.

    Many, many Kennedy old guard who were BIG fans ceased to plug him after that fiasco.

    DK’s old seminars were pretty good. Cheap, (About 1.5K) and some of the people there really WERE the best. Some pitching of course, but it was more than tolerable, especially since the quality of the information was hard-won, experience laden stuff.

    Now, would I hire him to write a sales letter? No. Never. Would I buy an hour of time to consult? If I needed it, in a heartbeat.

    It’s a sad commentary that he gets six times the people to these “circus” type seminars, than he used to. His books have, similarly, degraded, IMHO.

    There are more people dying to come out of the woodwork complaining some practices, and I wouldn’t be suprised if this thread attracts more complainers.

    More some other time. And there’s lots more to tell.

    This is all my opinion, of course.

  17. Any other day of the week, I would’ve thought Joan Rivers would have the ugliest tits in the world.

    I would’ve thought even Brunsons fat tits would probably be more pleasing to look at than Joan Rivers.

    But not today.

    Damn. Joan Rivers tits look nice in that pic.

    More of that please. Less Dbags.

    1. It’s photoshopped… they’re presenting a “doctorish” theme.

      go to images.google.com and type in Joan Rivers if you want to see what she actually looks like.

  18. Y’know, when I first read the sales page passage Droid quoted — the second passage, that is — I honestly thought it was a fake quotation, i.e., that SD was engaging in one of his brilliant parodies. I had to see for myself, so I followed the link to that clusterf–k of a sales page, and there it was in black and white (surrounded by all sorts of other colors and gaudy graphics).

    Here is that passage again, just as a reminder:

    “If you are unwilling to make this modest investment in yourself, your business and your future, I suppose that tells us both a lot, doesn’t it? The unwillingness to invest in acquiring information, networking for alliances, search for people and resources to support your efforts and accelerate your progress…in association with the leaders of Glazer-Kennedy Membership worldwide…. in your own personal and professional growth — you’d better have very modest ambitions. Actions speak loudly, to your own subconscious, to those around you, to the world at large. The individual who is intellectually lazy or, bluntly cheap about self-investment sends a message.

    “If you are unable – really unable – to make this investment, that’s the best argument to be made for doing so, even if you must give up Starbucks, cable TV and, heck, eating altogether and put everything you own plus a few things borrowed from your neighbor up for sale on eBay.”

    For a moment I thought that was merely humorous exaggeration for effect, but that does not appear to be the case. The copy is, in its own way, horrible. Not kill-you-in-a-sweat-lodge horrible, of course, but still reprehensible.

    Sure, it’s S.O.P. for marketers to use emotional appeal and to target people’s insecurities, as “Watching The Train Wreck” noted in a comment above. But there’s something about this particular type of emotional appeal, in this particular context, that is really smarmy — smarmier, in my opinion, than the marketing of more concrete products such as cars, beer, or consumer electronics, to name but a few examples. And certainly smarmier than dentists, doctors, and (good) lawyers, who, as other commenters have noted, do provide professional services that not just anyone can do while sitting at home in their underwear.

    The pitch to attend the event at all costs reminds me very much of a blog post at Mr. Fire’s Pyre:

    As for the price: Like Droid, I found it annoying that the actual price of whatever the f–k G&K are selling on that page is so hidden. I have no idea if it’s “worth” that price — I imagine that’s a subjective judgment — but it seems to me the whole thing should be more straightforward.

    Actually I’ve always respected Dan Kennedy’s work for the most part, and several people I like and respect are Kennedy admirers, some ardently so. (I haven’t asked them what they think about some of this latest stuff, though.) I get that DK commands and receives top dollar because he provides value for many, and then there’s that perceived-value factor as well… but something about this thing stinks (duh).

    Maybe Glazer is really to blame for the most blatant and shameless crap, as “Flaky McMarketer” indicated. (At the very least, I really can’t believe DK wrote that lame copy.) Or maybe, as 2b1ask1 said, they’re all d-bags. Or maybe Watching The Train Wreck is right and Droid is simply picking the wrong “product” to complain about in this case. Who knows? I’m just glad Droid is bringing all of this out into the open.

    I think the conversation here is useful, because it appears that we’re hearing views from IM “insiders” (and former “insiders”) as well as long-time observers/former insiders of New-Wage guru-dum. Contrary to what Dan Levis indicated on a blog post the other day, what’s going on here — whatever it is — is far more than a pity party of sad losers and sour-grapes sufferers.

    PS ~ As for Glazer, frankly, I don’t know much about him and had scarcely heard of him till I started writing about David Schirmer a few years ago, and saw that Schirmer had won a marketing trophy from Glazer & Kennedy. (Here’s a pic of Schirmer proudly holding his Glazer-Kennedy trophy (scroll down): http://tinyurl.com/bpmc2a )

      1. Carl, yes, I have been following the discussion on Levis’ post. It’s pretty amusing. Even Hoshun got in on it. :-)

        As for the big event that is the subject of *this* post, a friend of mine read that gawd-awful sales page and decided, on a lark, to sign up for more information about the event. He gave them his name and email address, and in the next week or so he received numerous emails. Most were from the “Processing Department” but some were from Bill Glazer and finally there was one from Dan Kennedy himself.

        Here’s one of several from the Processing Dept.:


        From: Processing Dept
        Subject: [Name], I’m curious!
        To: [Name]

        Hi [Name]
        I’m curious why you wouldn’t finish filling out the 2nd step
        to register for the 2010 MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING
        SuperConference and take advantage of the STIMULUS “Discount”
        Package before the expiration date and also start receiving
        the Most Amazing BONUS “Gift” Package that we’ve set aside
        for you.

        I walked into Bill’s office and asked him why he thought YOU
        didn’t complete the online registration form. He told me he
        could only think of three reasons. Here is what Bill said:

        REASON #1: You are content with your business, income,
        conversion of income to wealth, the way you make your money,
        and the outlook for your future.

        If that’s honestly the case, congratulations, and there’s no
        NEED for you to trouble yourself over enrolling for the

        Of course, it’s usually the most successful and optimistic
        Entrepreneurs who register quickest – because they know
        that complacency is the enemy of both security and progress.
        But if you are flyin’ high and feel like you have better
        things to do, we really are happy for you.

        REASON #2: The money. That’ll be a stopper for some. Even
        though – as you heard about on the brief video… the
        STIMULUS PACKAGE, we’re offering, consisting of THE LOWEST

        If you are unable – really unable – to make this
        investment, that’s the best argument to be made for doing
        so, even if you must give up Starbucks, cable TV and, heck,
        eating altogether.

        You NEED to be at the SuperConferce. To meet with successful
        Glazer-Kennedy Members face to face, in person. To be at The
        MOST AMAZING BONUS Day and see their work. If you let
        “I can’t afford it” stop you, you will always let it stop you.
        And if the light bulb hasn’t yet gone on and burned so bright
        it’s attracted PROSPERITY from reading, listening, viewing at
        a distance, you NEED to be HERE.

        REASON #3: Time and timing. When will the timing ever be
        “right” to take the action that lifts you up to higher
        income? The cliché is truth: time waits for no one. There
        are always ample reasons to wait – and the overwhelming
        majority do! They literally spend their lives in “the
        waiting room”!!! Well, this is a time of epic, rapid change,
        difficult challenge and evolving, ENORMOUS opportunity, all
        best confronted creatively – not by waiting.

        WELL, HERE IS THE UNDENIABLE FACT: there are all sorts of
        decisions you can make about this that have NO upside
        potential whatsoever, all sorts of excuses you can make for
        those decisions – and the harsh truth is, they speak to
        your true intentions. There is only one decision offering
        enormous upside potential. Don’t equivocate, don’t
        procrastinate. Don’t be that kind of person.

        Seriously, click on the link below and fill out Step 2 NOW.


        Anita Ridgell
        Account/ Member Support Rep.


        My friend wisely did not click through, and after about a week I think they gave up.

    1. It’s most likely written by Kennedy and the quoted part by SD is something D. Kennedy would say and has said many times in many different ways – in countless sales letters and on the platform.

    2. Dan used to have some story about some guy (forgot the name) who maxed out his credit card to make it to one of his seminars. And guess what? That guy now has a lot of money.

      If he hadn’t maxed out his credit card to make it to the seminar, he’d still be broke…so implies Dan.

      Any Dan people here remember that guy’s name? It’s bothering me.

      1. Carlon, the most often told story about maxing out the credit cards to attend a Dan Kennedy event is about Jeff Paul, who attended with his wife and they had to eat peanut butter crackers in their room because they were broke and spent every last penny on the credit cards to come the event.

        Shortly thereafter Jeff wrote How to Make $4,000 a Day In Your Underwear and the rest is history. He got involved some in the golf industry and financial planning industries.

        Jeff Paul was a fixture at Kennedy events for years, as was Ron LeGrand the real-estate info-marketer…

        Last year he was the target of a major FTC operation in Cali… not sure how that turned out.

      2. Here is Jeff Paul’s story in his own words from…

        Well, let me back up for just a minute. It cost an incredible $3,495.00 to go to this guy’s Seminar. Plus airplane tickets. And hotel. I had a little room left on my last good credit card, we borrowed some money from friends, and we went. At the hotel, we didn’t join the others in the restaurant. We ate peanut butter and crackers for dinner. At his Seminar, this remarkable guy sat down with us, told us we were 90% of the way there with our product and idea, he made a few suggestions, and sent us home. The month before, September, we had taken in only $1,090.00. Following his advice, our income exploded like a fireworks display. Here are the numbers, absolutely verifiable by my bank deposits: in October, we took in $13,400.00. In November: $26,200.00. December: $49,800. The next year, I took in over ONE MILLION DOLLARS, and I kept about HALF AS PURE PROFIT, after all my expenses. We run the business from a little 400-square foot office on top of the garage. I have no fixed overhead and no employees to worry about. No joke, some mornings I’ve made over $1,000.00 while still sitting around in my underwear, reading the paper, maybe talking on the phone with a customer – if I’m in the mood. I’m home for my kids. I bought a boat to go fishing on with my buddies. And it gets even better – wait until I tell you about “Auto-Pilot.” But, first:


        1. I said I could go on and on about Mr. Douchebag (Dan Kennedy), but it looks like KennedyOldtimer stole my thunder.:>

          There is so much dirt on Kennedy… all you have to do is open your eyes.

          Just look who he hangs out with at these big stadium gigs — that will clue you in.

          Connect dots.

  19. 2b1ask1, very interesting stuff.

    I always wondered about Yanik. He seems like a smart guy,
    but somehow I get an uneasy feeling, but still don`t know why.

    Do you know if his instantsalesletter product is really that
    successful how he claims?
    And if so, how he got it to be that successful (how long it
    really took as I think it wasn`t that overnight success like he
    often claims).

    1. Back in the day (5 to 10 years ago), I trusted everyone. So I “assumed” Yanik did well at the time with it. Although it always struck me as odd that he wouldn’t pickup the entire tab for dinner when he’d brag about banking $40,000.00+ in the time that it took to drive to dinner. Our dinners were always between $75 and $120 (unless we had guests).

      I do know Yanik claimed many of his buyers took the cross sell which added an extra $15 (gross) to the $39.97 price — remember, most people who buy are affiliates so deduct at least 35% for commission payout. I say “at least” because some of Yanik’s bigger affiliates got a higher commission percentage.

      Today, I don’t trust ANYONE’s results. Not a single person. Including Yanik. I’ve been lied to so many times it’s very sad to me.

      For example, Mike Geary (Truth About Abs)… another “buddy/pal” of Yanik… makes it sound like his conversion rates are off the charts… that he’s always split testing (which may be true). But Mike slipped up and was bragging about the success he stumbled upon by adding a security badge to his site to boost response… and in that video he accidentally revealed his real ClickBank numbers — overall just .2% conversion rate! That means he needs 500 visitors (from his affiliates) to make a single sale. Do you see why affiliates HATE promoting through ClickBank?

      I say this because a lot of the gurus who claim to be doing well publicly are subscribers of mine and privately tell me they’re a launch away from being homeless. I can’t believe they admit this stuff to me, but they do. Perhaps the guilt is too hard to hide. You wouldn’t believe some of the names that put on the big smiley face publicly (as to their success), but are really deep in debt.

      Yes, it’s hard to believe that Yanik did well selling Instant Sales Letters especially after reading some of these angry comments:

      That’s the takeaway here — we LOVE to be lied to. And the gurus are just giving you what you REALLY want — a dream. And it’s Dan Kennedy who is brainwashing his underlings (er students) to give people what they want… even if it’s going to bankrupt them.

      There’s a reason they call it “The American Dream.” Because for most, it never comes true (unless you’re chosen from the top to get to the top).

      Dan Kennedy is famous for telling his students to “Tell ’em what to do, not how to do it.” And Dan’s most famous student is Jeff Paul. Jeff Paul thanks Dan Kennedy for going from saving him from going bankrupt. Jeff Paul sold his “How I earn $4.000 a day sitting at my kitchen table in my underwear” “system” for $29.97. And I’ve seen the “system” (found a PDF of it somewhere)… it’s just Jeff Paul telling one whopper of a lie as a story and doesn’t include a single how-to-do-it tip. This $29.97 “system” is nothing more than a HUGE salesletter hyping you to ultimately buy a more expensive product. I kid you not. Not a single tip in the entire brochure (I mean “system).

      One more thing I forgot to mention in my long post above… my jaw hit the floor when Yanik emailed his list and announced one of this guest speakers at his next Underground event — that total fraud Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker. Holy crap Yanik has been so duped.

      Schoemaker made his money (so he claims) in the ringtone business… the slime of a ripoff that gets teens to download seemingly free ringtones… only to have their parents (paying for the phone) get hit with hidden, forced continuity for up to $19.99 a month. What a total piece of shit “Shoemoney” is.

      And take a look at Schoemaker’s famous AdSense check. It’s a really bad Photoshop job:


      And if you still think it’s a real “cheque”, look how the word “cheque” is spelled… ooops. It’s spelled “check” here in the States. And yes, I “checked” my AdSense “check” to see how it’s spelled… it’s “check”, not “cheque”. Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish also faked his almost one-million dollar AdSense check, too.

      “Fake it ’til you make it.”

      It never ends with these psychopaths.

      1. And if you run out of true things to reveal, you can always just make some more stuff up.

        1. Markus is notorious for making leaps of “logic” – what he calls “connecting the dots.”

          He’s at his best when he shares personal stories with real knowledge… At his worst when he concludes based on random unrelated shreds of hints that Ken McCarthy is a tool of the military-industrial-complex controlled by the Jesuits.

          As with anything here in this space – the facts should be enough, and when they’re not enough, it doesn’t do anyone any good to leap to assumption-land.

      2. @2b1ask1,

        So wait… Google put ShoeMoney on the speaking tour, used him in advertisements as a success case and just last fall went on his radio show.

        And the check is fake???????

        Wow learn something new everyday.

  20. Hilarious. Google “Dan Kennedy” “Russell Brunson” # 1 on the search results is the Droid’s headline.

    That’s gotta get some IMers steamed.

    1. That probably won’t be noticed by anyone, but Salty’s Russell Brunson category page has crept up onto the 2nd page of results for Russell Brunson’s name.

  21. Dan Kennedy :: never met a fraud felon that he didn’t LOVE ….


    PERRY BELCHER – The $50-Million Man. Tweet, tweet, tweeting all the way to the bank. While most are merely twittering away their time with Twitter, Perry’s shown me: he’s minting money. He has amassed a huge “Split-Test Diary” from the sale of more than $50-Million online, in large part by building ‘social media audience’ – so he knows what really works based on ACTUAL SPLIT-TEST RESULTS, not theory. At present, Perry has over 60,000 followers on Twitter and is driving his businesses with its power.

    Funny story :: the $50 millon number was trumped up … and had NOTHING to do with social media. But I’m sure Dan was just confused … cause you know … he’s such a good guy.

    or … m-m-maybe he’s a fuck wad!

      1. And the guy claims on his LinkedIn profile to have read every single one of Mark “Joiner”‘s books, yet can’t even spell the guy’s name correctly.

    1. From 2009 :: back before Dan was comfortable quoting a revenue figure for Russell that exceeds the revenue of James Ray International {as if} …


      Russell Brunson: Traffic Attraction Breakthroughs: How To Get A Virtually Unlimited Amount Of Traffic Directed To ANY Website – with zero manual labor. Russell has CRACKED THE CODE TO TRAFFIC – and it’s NOT pay per click, SEO, social media or probably anything else you’re familiar with! This is real insider info, and if you have a web site, you just can’t afford to miss out

      Another funny story :: Brunson doesn’t make money by driving free traffic to websites.

  22. How about somebody “CRACK THE CODE…” to common sense. Obviously there must be some secret to it since it appears so rarely and so few seem to possess it.

    Maybe this is The REAL Secret to health wealth and happiness? hmmmm

  23. two shiesterhaters on this blog, bit silly dont you think but really both have a great point. You’ll never stop the scammers because they do what they do because they cant get their thrills the honest way or at least they cant get them quick enough for their egos. what usually happens is that they dont end up getting their thrills at all but do get one big headache. Bit like the whirly things that kids hop on in the playground to get a few kicks and the ones who stay on longer just to prove a point end up vomiting. you get my drift…not real bright.

  24. Salty:

    I just received an email with links to two full length (over an hour each) videos of Dan Kennedy doing QnA workshops “Business Success in the NEW Economy” and “Sales Success in the NEW Economy” (with order links to his books below the videos).

    If you’d like to watch, I will post the link here. (Just don’t want it to appear like I am promoting the guy. I am not).

  25. Personally, as a long time customer of Dan Kennedy, I think that the wheels started to come off that organization when Bill Glazer took over.

    He has grown the business tremendously but seminars which used to be 90% Dan teaching are now maybe 10% Dan, and the rest is a pitchfest. The people that are able to make platform sales are the people that are best at selling not the best at teaching.

    Dan actually used to delve deep into a topic, over multiple days. Now these seminars are a succession of 90 minute “pitches” with very minimal actual content.

    And it started when Bill Glazer took over the organization.

  26. The vast majority of things I’ve done smart in my business I learned from Dan Kennedy, simply at the basic newsletter. I’ve been to a couple of events over the years and Dan’s presentations are outstanding. He’s a very talented and gifted storyteller. I still take his InfoMarketing newsletter and think it is excellent.

    Sadly, things really have gone south since Glazer took over. Glazer’s not nearly the teacher that DK is and the business just seems to be getting sleazier and sleazier.

    That being said, though Kennedy always taught against telemarketing (I remember listening to a good argument between he and Ron Legrand on the subject), he’s always been “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” when it comes to the tactics of sleazeballs like Legrand.

    Before he sold out to Glazer, Kennedy never telemarketed and his seminars were extremely high content. Both of those trends have turned around considerably and I doubt it bothers Dan in the least.

    Dan’s books are excellent and if there’s ever a “lotsa Dan” seminar on a subject that I’m interested in I’d consider it. But I wouldn’t attend any other form of Glazer-Kennedy event or buy a product unles sit was almost all-Dan. And I doubt there have been too many occassions that Kennedy has called Glazer on the carpet for his tactics. Too bad.

  27. “outrageously priced Glazer Kennedy SuperConference …”

    Just curious – why do you care what other people charge for their products?

      1. But why do you care, that I care about, whether or not you care about what he says you care about??

        nonsense aside….

        contextually we don’t live in a vacuum. You have become a character here. We are now FASCINATED with the droid.

        What really drives you?

        What is the end goal?

        Is there a financial win for you in this somewhere down the line?

        You have in essence achieved here what the IM dudes like Kern try to engender in their followers, whether or not it was your intention.

        You say shit that others would be terrified to say or do… even if they wanted to say it.

        Just read your comments. The same people keep coming back to agree with you, support your position. You can no longer take YOU out of picture. Because no matter what BS reason you may want to give about how YOU, YOUR LIFE, YOUR INTENTIONS, don’t matter… THEY ABSOLUTELY MATTER.

        You can’t separate the person from the position.

        1. Course you can take the Droid out of the picture, you just haven’t been practising hard enough at your photo-shop.

      2. @SD ::

        Re: Just curious why you care about what I care about?

        1. Because you mercilessly slaughter Internet marketers. And I’m trying to figure out who you’re after… people who make a lot of money, or just those who are dishonest?

        I get that Perry Belcher was dishonest… but Dan Kennedy – because he charges a lot for a seminar? I don’t get it.

        The way I see it, you charge what the hell you want to charge and if people want to pay, great! But it’s not like he – or anyone else for that matter – is forcing anyone to take action.

        2. From another point of view, I’m interested in becoming a marketer in the future and I’m curious as to how to avoid the “Wrath of the Droid” (or maybe no one is spared from his wrath…)

        Sure you need to have a thick skin and obviously not everyone’s gonna like you. But man, being attacked by you is probably worst than having a pack of wolves slowly eat you alive!

        What’s the underlying reason for all this hatred?

        Is it just “free for all” hate for all IM gurus?

        Are there actually any successful IMers you actually like, that we can aspire to?

        I guess I’m just taken aback because even the marketers I thought had great reputations (e.g. Ken McCarty.) get dumped on.

        3. A lot of your comments seems to have to do with the general way people go about making sales… like this thread about Kilstein e.g. http://saltydroid.info/kilsteins-the-secret-secret/

        What is it you don’t like…

        Let’s say it wasn’t Kilstein but someone else making the same pitch for a similar product – would you approve?

        If the product was different, but the approach was the same, is that good?

        Or is it simply the “secretive” angle that you dislike (not regarding “The Secret” but just selling “secrets” in general?)

        Selling secrets is nothing new. I mean, there’s almost nothing “new” or “secretive” nowadays anyway, yet people keep buying the same information again and again.

        Who should be blamed for that?

        If you truly believe in your product and think it can make a difference, doesn’t it make sense to make your product as appealing as possible (because some people may actually USE your product and it will actually make a difference for them…)?

        That’s why I care.


  28. SD doesn’t “mercilessly slaughter” internet marketers. He “mercilessly slaughters” IMers that he thinks are CROOKS. He’s specifically mentioned maybe a couple of dozen, max. There are thousands of internet marketers. You’re exaggerating to the max.

    Get off your price high horse. He has plenty of reasons for who he talks about. Price is one consideration, particularly as it relates to impossible promises. The price fixation some have has been brought up before, ad infinitum. Read more of this blog and you’ll find this question answered, multiple times in the comments.

    You bring up Kilstein defensively, without having read all the posts about Kilstein. Sheesh, man. SD isn’t the only blogger who has issues with Kilstein. Again, read ALL of the stuff here about Kilstein and look around. There should be no point in even questioning his opinions about Kilstein. Lots of reading about that guy on this blog and elswhere.

    Dan Kennedy? Again, you aren’t reading enough here, or you’re wearing blinders. It’s all spelled out. Read the posts, and read the comments. If that’s not good enough for you, then no further commentary will change your mind anyway. SD isn’t going to debate closed minds.

    SD also isn’t going to explain to you how to run an honest business. That should come naturally; running a crooked business takes work. Again, this has been brought up before, ad infinitum. Read the blog, read the comments.

    Who does SD respect/recommend in business? SD doesn’t do testimonials. As a previous commenter so aptly put it, “You don’t ask the exterminator what makes a good pet. That’s not his job.”

    1. @What20Dollars ::

      Little birdies also tell me that there never was a “potato gun” product either. I wonder if he ever tells the truth? Maybe he’s allergic …

      1. Here it is 2010, and according to this site, Brunson is STILL SOLICITING contributions for a DVD on how to make a potato gun.

        The site has been in existence since 2005, and on it he says,
        “I’m putting the finishing touches on a new DVD course called “How To Make A Potato Gun,” and want to make sure that I don’t leave anything out.”

        Those “finishing touches” seem to be taking…forever.


        1. If Russell Brunson had to earn HIS living using the methods he tells OTHERS to use (for a price), you have to wonder, would he have made any real money?

          How much did he really earn with his potato gun empire? Hmmm.

          1. @Bob, You have to admire the chutzpah though, he announces the coming DVD course on how to make the potato gun and on the same page solicits designs for a potato gun from his readers. Clearly he was relying on the responders to supply the content for his new course.

            1. Russell Brunson claims in this interview that he makes “a lot of money every month” from that rather mystical potato gun DVD:


          2. Watching Phils vid, I changed my assessment. Maybe Russell didn’t expect contributions for the course content from his respondents.
            Maybe it really is a mystical DVD, (and there was never going to be any content) created only as a teaser to sell his seminar in the TV spot some fool gave him.

        2. @Phil,

          Brunson is a “little” behind the times…I was in South Africa giving out VOSS water to wanna be celebrities. Those who have no talent, no desire, and want the “celebrity” title the old fashioned way…by osmosis (damn…I was waiting for the day I could use osmosis in a non-sCientific post…angels sing)..

          ….anways….I saw two RUF soldiers with guns, but they were just throwing stones…when I got back to Cambodia, I wrote the RUF Marketing King, and asked why his soldiers are throwing stones…he informed me they couldn’t afford the bullets…it got me thinking…

          Later that evening I channeled the collective unconscious of “internet marketers”, and posed the universal with a question….what product could I create that would meat a need….and the Universal answered….

          You have a potato gun….why not have an RPO (rocket propelled Orange)….I make more then 10 digits a months selling my book; “Why not make 10 digits a month by entering the highly lucrative niche market of fruit and vegetable weaponry while making greens weaponry” (kind of catchy)…and monthly membership to my fruityweaponrygonewild.com

          for $250/month..you get unlimited access to the top organic weaponry experts in their field…and you get to mastermind top notch thinkers (shout out to Tiga…your big brain would fit right in…I will give you free access for your wisdumb).

          While it is true that some people are hurt by my weapons…it’s a very small percent…why…because 90% don’t do anything with my fruity weaponry information…fucking rainbow chasers…

          Those that do use and implement my plans…well those victims hit by weaponry are getting 3-4 “servings” of fruits/vegetables a day….and technically… there are no scientific studies done that proves eating an orange is any different then being hit with one at high speed (think about this…if that FACT was true…someone would have done a study…comparing being hit by produce with eating produce…the fact that there is no study speaks for itself)….

          With an upgrade to the premium members area ($500/month extra) include access to our other weaponry…from raisin grenades…celery bombs…to a whole line of exotic fruits that will rival the best fruit weapons on the market today….

          As a bonus, you will get a report on splitting a banana atom….imagine the power of an atomic banana…it’s quite apeeling as weapon….and the holy grail of all weapons…the fig newton bomb….

          Join soon….or you may miss your chance forever!!!

          50% of all proceeds goes to the magical unicorn foundation a not for profit organization bringing joy and happiness to young men and women who like pictures of me enjoying expensive stuff……all donations are *tax deductible

          *- _cartman_ enterprises and the magical unicorn foundation makes no warranty that anything implied or stated regarding legality, is actually correct…as always, it is incumbent upon each individual to consult his or her own certified celebrity numerologist/celebrity coach/reikki master to assess the legality of any tax and business legalities.

          1. @_cartman_,

            How is it possible that I overlooked this amazing opportunity? Is it safe to shoot children with their fruit and vegetable servings also?

            1. @jacqui,

              POP (Propelled Organic Produce) is completely bogus! I can’t believe intelligent people still buy into this superstitious bullshit! Dimwits like _cartman_ who’ve already spent as much as $15,000 on certification in “POP Gunnery” and “POP Rocketry” (aka “POP Rockers” or “POP Rocketeers”) at places like the Carmen Miranda Institute for Produce Studies just can’t admit to themselves that they were scammed, so they convince themselves that POP is real and continue to charge others exorbitant prices for their unproven, unregulated nutrition “guns.”

              You’ll notice that _cartman_ said there are “no scientific studies.” I guess he means no large-scale, double-blinded studies. The fact is that the safety and efficacy of the potato gun – the basis for all other POP rocketry – was disproven by two 14-year-old boys in 1998. There’s really no need to read any further. I know some of the lesser-quality journals have recently published fawning articles about crushed high impact pineapple salsa (CHIPS) (Perry Belcher markets it under the trade name “bromelain.”), but it’s still the same old hippy-dippy, woo-woo, good-vibes bullcrap.

              If you know what’s good for you, stay away from POP and CHIPS.

        3. Rookies… look, here’s how to look stuff up.

          Lesson #1: The Wayback Machine

          http://archive.org will show you the history on any URL they’ve crawled. So, you can see that there’s never been anything on the home page of that site, offering anything:

          May 2005 – nothing but fake box cover art:

          June 2005 – the current page goes live:

          Lesson #2: Google Site Search
          Go to Google and type site:www.howtomakeapotatogun.com

          That’ll only show one result:

          Amazingly enough, that page has been live since last June, and there are still exactly 27 copies left.

          Sadly – like everything Russell has ever sold, you can’t buy it, because all of his buy buttons redirect to this offer:


          Which, if you put in your email, does not instantly give you what they promised to instantly give you, but instead dumps you to a video where Tony Robbins (what a guy) is introducing Russell to speak at an event in Fiji:


          For extra credit, find anything Russell is offering that doesn’t have 27 copies left.

          Not sure how he could make a “lot” of money on anything, with only 100 copies to start with… and only ever selling 73 copies before the well dries up.

          Unless that’s just bullshit.

          Perish the thought.

      2. @SD,

        The “How To Make A Potato Gun” DVD does exist, I have a copy. I didn’t buy it, it was given to me. Up until now I haven’t bothered to view it. So I just popped it into the computer to take a look. Looks like it is fairly complete and they put some effort into producing it.

        Now, as to why he didn’t bother to sell it: My guess is that there is no money in it compared to selling biz ops…

        1. @Dark, Exactly. There is more money in selling bullshit about making money selling bullshit, than just selling bullshit.

  29. Attention brave citizens who forestalled eating to pay up to $4000 to attend this shit fest ….

    …. funny story. They can’t sell all the spots … so they are just giving them away behind the scenes. When you’re there “networking” away … think about how a huge percentage of attendees paid nothing at all.

    Here’s an email from d-bag Mike Koenigs ::

    “I just got off the phone with Bill Glazer.

    He just gave me 16 seats to give away…and I want you to have one.

    I’ll be speaking at one of the most prestigious marketing events in the world in a few weeks

    and if you’re the serious marketer I think you are, you’ll want to attend too.

    But it gets better!

    I want you to attend the event FREE of charge and I’ve got 16 seats to give away…

    To find out what this is all about, watch this quick video I made for you:

    Tell Me About these 16 Priceless Seats

    Super Conference 2010



    PS – Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy are two of my most influential mentors I’ve had in my life.”

  30. Potato guns? This is what the marketing giants and geniuses come up with for products? Oh wow this is almost as classic as Christian blow jobs… utter horse crap for products that the village idiot wouldn’t even buy. Brunson is very serious in his website, is this supposed to be a gag gift or is it supposed to be a replacement survival tool for the paranoid ?

  31. I buy some IM products and have a couple of people that I read their email offers. I am going to start using my knowledge to get into the dog training niche. Also, I will start a local SEO service blog as I know an expert who will give me a discount on the SEO and I can do the customers PPC and autoresponder and any social media. What do you think of Content Buzz program? It seems that everyone dislike these guys especially Glazer. I don’t know I did try Frank Kerns’ List Control and it was OK. My favorite is John Hostler who is available for help when you get stuck.Recently I also found this guy Gauher Chaudry’s blog and it had some really interesting articles. I am currently interested in marketing to local businesses and working up to 5 or 6 customers that I could get leads for and be paid monthly. I am a member of Robert Stanleys Internet Street Fighter program and several other programs but none from the people you mention although a few of the people have my email/. I just rarely open them. except JH Hos is really cool. After making money in either local seo sem ppc etc or dog training I want to combine CPA with CPV and list building with PREPops to CPA to pay for list. However I would only send good offers to my list and avoid adswaps.


  32. I have never run across a bigger bunch of losers in my entire life. You lazy scumsuckers have never had an original thought in your lives. You don’t believe in investing in yourselves because your self-esteem in so slow that you can’t imagine that your life could be any better than the shit storm that you’re living now. I’m glad you’re not buying my shit. I only want to have successful clients, not the kind of turdballs who troll this worthless site.

    1. @Suck My Droid,

      Hey Russell, welcome back! I thought you had retired.

      Can you share with us some tips on how to speed up our self-esteem?

      I am worried mine might be a little slow.

    2. @Suck My Droid, They say one’s vocabulary is indicative of their intelligence. If that’s the case, you are going to have to surrender your driver’s license. That shouldn’t be a problem, because you can always climb up the basement stairs and ask your mama for a ride to the liquor store.

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s good for people to occasionally see the genuine ugliness of the kind of douchebags described here.

  33. Some of his products are OK but his support sucks. If you put in a ticket at his support website, even marking it urgent I’ve gotten no response. Called his phone they say they will get back in 24hours, 2 weeks later and 3 phone calls, no response.

    Here is what you’ll get in your thank you email after your purchase:

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our offices by



    or feel free to call our offices at:


    Sounds good, only if Russell would stand by what he says.

    I’m really disappointed, looking forward to seeing him at another marketing seminar so I can ask in front of everyone why he doesn’t live up to his word

  34. I am so glad someone is talking about what a scam Kennedy and Glazer run. Without going into detail, I can assure you that the Better Business Bureau is no stranger to the so-called DK Incorporated enterprise, which I can somewhat discreetly say is not, in fact, incorporated at all in any state, it turns out. I can also tell you that the office I had to visit to start proceedings was not – how do I put this somewhat kindly – not exactly an office that reeks of the kind of financial success these men are claiming to have. Truly sorry for anyone who has had a weak moment (as I did, this not me judging) and decided it was their/their family’s last shot to give this scam artist cash in exchange for the “secret” to making millions of dollars. I urge you to spend a fraction of that money on some really basic investigation of the so-called enterprise.

  35. I must admit, I had heard of websites like this, but never really believed that they existed. I have read about 25 posts on this thread. Not one idea, not one attempt to share something helpful. Only bile coming from people that hate anyone who is far more successful than they are. I know this post will get voted down, but I stand amazed that “pissing and moaning” are so addictive to some people.

    I need to take a shower now.

    1. @Claude Whitacre, This is NOT a business advice site. This is not a university, or a training forum. This is a forum for people who have been ripped off to share their experiences, and for charlatans to be outed so others are not ripped off.

      If you have an affinity for charlatans and thus feel wounded by the justified rage here, then you deserve it. You probably do need that shower, and perhaps many showers, for reasons your irrational mind could never fathom.

    2. Meet Claude Whitacre: vacuum cleaner hustler, fanboy of Dan Kennedy, and devoted defender and assister of convicted felon Perry Belcher. Oh, and gosh golly, another Kennedy-ish style seminar hawker…


      Shilling for felon Perry Belcher in the Amazon comments:


      (Says Belcher didn’t go to jail and just “paid a fine,” and it was all just an “advertising disagreement…”)

      Attacking a commenter for warning people about his hero Belcher’s felony conviction:


      Listen to him yammer if you’ve got the stomach…


      1. @Not Claude Whitacre,

        I clicked on that link for info-marketing.org.

        It told me I could “Join for free!” and get a video featuring 5 successful info marketers.

        I clicked the link and was taken to this site:


        Yes, you read that right. This dude actually has the balls to flat out call it an info marketing pyramid.

        Wow. I just… wow. I can’t even make a joke out of that one.

        Somebody else want to try?

        1. @zipnar,

          Er, when you put “pyramid” in the name of your pyramid scheme, it becomes a hexahedron scheme?

        2. @zipnar, That’s strange. If you click on the same link from the google results, you go to an article page.

          Just hop on over to google and search for this exact text:

          claude whitacre site:info-marketing.org

          Then click on this result:

          “Years of Door-to-Door Sales Create a Sales Expert People Listen to”

          You’ll get the above link, but with the full article.

          Bonus link:


        3. @zipnar, Robert Skob with the 2,124,885 Alexa-rank-site tells us about his big celebrity at:
          Frank Kern And I Are Big Celebrities where he might seem to go recounting tales from the SD site:

          “Toward the end of a consulting day with reclusive and very rich, very smart online marketer Frank Kern, he and I discussed the “oddness” of our celebrity. That this business is as much or more about that than it ever is about the delivery of education and information.”

          If only people knew they can stop searching and get mr. Kob’s Official Get Rich Guide To Information Marketing On The Web published by Entrepreneur Press with the forward by D-Kennedy.

          Seems that some of Frank-and-Friends maybe could have attended his 2009 Easy FTC Seminar starring Peter Hoppenfield and Attorney Mike Young – President of the Internet Ethics Council which shows the web-creation date of November 2nd and now has claimed 24 members.

            1. @Jack,

              That article started off nice enough.

              It even seemed a bit informative, sown with the illusory seeds of humility.

              Then he got into the whole “I’m a cult leader” thing.

              I can’t believe that people just brazenly broadcast crap like that.

              Is it supposed to be “edgy” and provide link-bait?

              Sure seems to be more like intellectual masturbation to me.

  36. Kennedy/Glazer is really more of a cult. Their basic belief is: suspend your sense of ethics and decency in order to make as much money as possible.

    They get tons of people to pay tons of money for shitty content using the classic “greater fool theory”. As in, it doesn’t matter that they are screwing me out of all this money because they are teaching me how to screw some GREATER FOOL than me out of even MORE money, so I can get RICH!

    My favorite quote from Bill Glazer in his seminar about building an information product business: (paraphrased)

    “Bulk up the packaging so the customer gets lots of “stuff” (manuals, binders, tapes, etc.). In fact the bigger the package, the more you can charge, and the less likely anyone is to look at it. Also, use as cheap materials as you can for packaging so it falls apart easily. This minimizes the chance it will be returned for a refund.”

    Yeah, that’s how I want to make money.

    The scary thing is that these people have been drinking the same Kool-aid for so long that they have no idea that they are scammers.

    1. @Charles, My God.. He actually said this? That is the most ABSURD quote I ever heard. Its amazing that he actually said this. I was seriously disappointed beyond belief at most of the course material from the GKIC a few years ago. I had the priveledge to see it up close first hand without paying for any of it. A lot of it was watered down rehashed material from previous courses.

      The most disappointing bulk of the content came from his students of which I cared nothing about. I wanted to get the real source from Dan himself. Needless to say the web material sucked big time and at best…. was condescending and nonsensical. I was glad I did not have to shell out one sheckl for this drivel.

      The original material that Dan dished out is actually quite useful. But it is hard to come by. Once in a while you can get some of it off of Ebay.

      1. @Ted, you can get the material thru torrents like thevault.bz

        I agree. Dan has about 50 products, but using 2-3 is enough to grasp his entire approach to marketing.

  37. Its amazing that this is the guy the ended up going with. My god, this guy has a ton of scam and rip off reports — its ridiculous. I was supposed to offer my online marketing wisdom to the gkic – Kennedy group three years ago but I backed out of it. They wanted some outrageous fee to be part of their conference and take about 80% of my profits!

    The REAL reason why I didnt want to go through with it that whole thing was because that group seems to attract a lot of yokels. I mean, really goofy – clueless guys with a few bucks in their pocket in search of the meaning of life. These arent business people. They are the fountain of the middle aged — I got physically sick with the whole thing. I am glad I am out of that whole circus.

    As for Brunson — I seriously never heard of this freakin guy

  38. It’s REALLY depressing to see frauds like Glazer and now Brunson making so much money. As I see it, there are basically two approaches to making money:

    1. Provide products that offer real value to customers. Build a brand and establish a reputation for integrity, quality and value. Over time more people will trust you, buy from you, refer you to others. Your profits will grow as word spreads.

    2. Use the direct response approach to pump out offers that maximize return by combining the latest technology with psychological tricks (e.g. false scarcity, forced continuity, faked social proof, etc.). The internet provides tremendous leverage for these types of sellers, who in another time would have been snake-oil salesmen. As Glazer’s students have proven, it’s possible to make millions selling little more than hope and hot air.

    The brilliant stroke of the K-G fraud was to come up with a third approach:
    Teach other people how to get rich quickly by using approach #2. This puts them one step above the mass market con. Now they are “teaching the conners”. To do this effectively, they’ve created a mindset cult, where if you don’t drink the Koolaid and buy the latest high priced product or seminar, you’re a loser and a failure, and not fit to hang with the cool, rich, successful people who have the lifestyle you want.

    It’s the ultimate confidence game– showing you how you can con someone else, when actually you are the one being conned.

    1. @Charles ::

      Direct response is just a specific approach to marketing where your ad elicits a specific, measurable response.

      It is neither malignant nor benign on its own … but becomes either by the way it is used (similar to the Force, Luke).

      The MOST unfortunate by-product of good direct response advertising is the fact that it makes it so easy to sell the idea of good direct response advertising!

      Thus, so many Dan Kennedy proteges have this exact thought process:

      “Well, I could use these marketing techniques to sell real, valuable goods & services … or I could just SELL people my [hearsay-based] advice on how to use these marketing techniques (that I learned from Big Dick Dan) so they can go out and do the hard work selling their own goods & services”

      Which is easier? Running a real business? Or just marketing your marketing frauduct? Which has higher margins (by a dozen fold or more)? Which requires no other skill BUT marketing? Which, while rampant with FTC violations, still draws little to no enforcement attention?

      Here we find the fundamental crux of the problem in terms of the actual information contained therein … (this is not to mention the bigger problem of ubiquitous unlawful, deceitful, hurtful, willfully negligent, and downright disgusting tactics used by a lot of these mofos in the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle of Hell)

      It is like an infinite regressive loop of scammers teaching scammers to be scammers, till even the scammers themselves can barely run the scam (much less an actual real business)!

      The Scammifcation of the Economy…

      1. @Doctor Mario, It may be an very elegant form of chain marketing.

        By the way… Dan Kennedy got his stuff from Jerry Buchanan, Robert Ringer, Gary Halbert, Napoleon Hill, James Tolleson, John Caples, Robert Tralins, Fred Herman, Frank Bettger, J. Douglas Edwards, Victor Schwab, Melvin Powers, Lyman P. Wood, Charles Mears, Donald Trump, PT Barnum, Edward Kramer…

  39. hey go to Google Maps and check out the address in Russell Brunson’s email signature: 10280 W. Ustick Rd, Boise, ID 83704
    —maybe this is the site of his meth lab.

  40. I am commenting as I would like to know the background to Bill Glazier leavng GKIC – was it really all down to FK’s comment that he was “not-Dan” (sad but true)?

    on GKIC generally the ideas are solid gold and IMHO very useful in business, I/You have no need to buy into stuff we don’t approve off

    But ultimately Dan’s books say pretty much all you need and Dan freely admits there is nothing new under the sun – so buy new stuff at your own risk

    1. @jp,

      Danny Boy Kennedy’s “Center of the Universe” model had him receiving multiple streams of income from people who bought his businesses or joint ventured with him as he freed up his time due to divorce/remarriage.

      If all had gone well, Kennedy should have been out of the picture by 2009/2010 at GKIC, simply collecting checks without attending events.

      Many of the GKIC chapters imploded, i.e. Glazer didn’t deliver. Even the couple “successful” examples touted (including the Philly chapter) are no longer run by the same “independent business advisers” (IBAs). And there were plenty of IBAs who simply walked away from their chapters.

      Some IBAs considered buying these chapters as the price of admission to Kennedy’s inner circle. What they got was Glazer. Others were dumb enough to think the chapters would actually be profit centers.

      A few things to note. To the extent that GKIC survives, the renaming is occurring. If still around in two years, it will only be Kennedy Inner Circle with the word “Glazer” shunned like leprosy.

      Gone are the days when GKIC promoted the number of chapters online where you could easily see how many and where they are at. You get a small state-by-state picture of what’s there. If the old map were available, there would be some huge holes where all the chapters used to exist but no longer do.

      For regulatory purposes, GKIC was set up in a way to circumvent MLM and franchise laws by using licensing. Unfortunately for Danny Boy, the FTC has a new business opportunity rule. And GKIC can’t make the disclosures required under the new rule without scaring away potential IBAs (suckers). Will Danny Boy break the law to sell biz opps by disobeying the FTC. Putting IBA “certification” lipstick on the biz opp pig doesn’t change the nature of the farm animal.

  41. This is a great thread. I’ve followed Kennedy and his groupies over the years. Mostly for educational reasons as it relates to my career.

    I’ve always been interested in selling information. As a child, I found those mail order ads interesting. For a couple of decades, I’ve been working in a corporate marketing capacity and I’m thinking about going out on my own, selling my consulting services and info products.

    After reading about some of the ethics of these guys, is it possible to make money selling information? Can it be done without resorting to unethical business practices? Who are the honest guys out there?

    I admit, at times I’ve been seduced by “get rich” schemes. Can an honest living be made following of the gurus advice?

  42. One of my best friends has (or had) a reasonably successful photography business. Got a lot of his work by recommendation and the rest from his website. Eventually my friend gets to hear about Dan Kennedy and no matter what you say about Dan he has an uncanny ability to sell himself. So my friend against advice and caution buy’s a load of Dan Kennedy business products. No need to worry about the expense because Dan promises he’ll make back his investment and then some. The main bit of advice my friend takes is the importance of sales copy, the longer the better because if the prospect reads to the end they’re more likely to convert” (or words to that effect). You see if you’re a photographer apparently fuck showcasing your work on the front page of your website, no what you need is a load of manipulative copy and false time sensitive offers.

    Also you shouldn’t be afraid to charge more for your services, charge way more than your competitors because even in a recession “people will pay more for quality”………Fast forward some two years later and my friends business has been practically decimated by the advice but greater than any financial investment has been the emotional investment, he’s convinced that Dan’s advice is fine he’s just been doing something wrong and just needs to work at it more. I know that they say a fool and his money, but It’s painful to see somebody you like twisting himself in knots and trying to get out of a hole by carrying on digging down and the guy is displaying a cultish devotion to Dan Kennedy and his advice……Sorry felt like I needed to vent! Anyway, sleep well Dan.

    1. @Marc,

      Sorry to hear the story. People think that *at least* the marketing tactics are sound for real businesses – but in fact it’s the opposite.

      Point your friend to SD – it might help.

      Kennedy is a criminal con artist – and still doing more damage – managing to rope more people in:


      The irony is how crappy his own copy is, including typo’s such as Dave Dee’s “UNUSUAL MONEYMAKING SECREST” at the bottom.

      Roger Love voice coach needs to find a voice coach to improve his exceptionally annoying and grating delivery style, along with unpleasant manner.


      …Pity Tony Robbins did not learn more from him – his business would have tanked by now!

      Plus the ridiculous claims of money earning opportunities from a number of the speakers. FTC – please – where are you?

      I still can’t get over Dan Kennedy’s Nobs direct marketing…


      Does Nob mean the same in US as UK?

      Dan Kennedy has a good line of Nobs as speakers – following his own advice.

  43. When someone teaches you to be deceptive by employing tricks to make money, run! I should’ve stayed away the moment I saw Mike Filsaime in Stompernet. He’s a scum. His sites back then sucks and my gut tells me to get away from him.

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