Sean McAlister Gets Got

Gotcha Sean McAlister

Sean McAlister has a turd of a company that he and his drunk stupid mommy decided to call JVProductLauch. Sean and his hommies over JVPL will help you launch a massively overpriced fruaduct via dubious affiliate relationships. It doesn’t sound very exciting until you hear the background music …

Sean McAlister was JVPL’ing James Malinchak’s Millionaire Secrets Revealed frauduct :: and so had a direct financial interest in my shockingly popular post of almost the same name. Sean decided to try and save the launch by misrepresenting himself and his interests on this blog … not a particularly good idea.

Now presenting Sean McAlister as “Gotcha” :: a microcosm of the fake robot project …

Gotcha …

It’s Funny that you slander people under the pretense that your some big bad lawyer when in fact you are not licensed to practice law in Illinois.

As Per the Illinois ARDC

Full Licensed Name: Jason M. Jones

Full Former name(s): None
Date of Admission as Lawyer
by Illinois Supreme Court: August 2, 2005

Registered Business Address:
1101 S State St Apt 902
Chicago, IL 60605-3181

Registered Business Phone:
(312) 237-0275

===> Illinois Registration Status:
Not authorized to practice law as attorney is not currently registered with ARDC and has not demonstrated required MCLE compliance

Are you not as bad as the people you are on a witch hunt for?

If you really want to help people, why don’t you investigate all of the Crap Clickbank Garbage and really get douche bags who are screwing people over.

I’m not one to get into this kind of stuff…..but practice what you preach or the “Droid Exposed” will be doing it’s own investigating.

Boop Boop….You got Bopped!

what?? …


You in-depth investigation uncovered something you could’ve found on this site?? Everyone who can read already knows that he no longer chooses to practice as an attorney. He’s made it perfectly clear. You look like a complete idiot. “Droid Exposed”, my ass.

SaltyDroid …

@Gotcha ::

Way to go Sherlock.

You would have a point {and a good one} if I was offering legal services without keeping my licence in order.

But I’m not offering my legal services {or any services} :: and I very much don’t want to be a lawyer anymore. As far as I know :: there is no obligation that I keep completing useless CLE credits and paying big monies to the State Bar in order to ethically practice as a fake robot.

Real tasteful pasting in my home address. I’ve since moved … maybe you can “gotcha” me on that too.

Gotcha  …

@what??, lol…

Ok… that;s why he claim that he’s licensed to practice….

I thought he was about Exposing the bad guys, who spew bad info…when in fact he is no better, spreading his Frauduct info in an effort to advance a biased and devious agenda.

As I said….if the goal is to expose the “Bad Guys” there is a list a MILE Long that are Legitimate Scams.


So why do you FALSELY Claim that you are Licensed In the State of Illinois on your Bio?

You’re no better but….it doesn’t matter because misery loves company….

And by the way….your address is public info
when you registered with the Supreme Court……you know….right?

SaltyDroid …


I am licensed in Illinois you genius … that’s what you just pointed to … my inactive licence.

Sorry you embarrassed yourself chuckles :: at least you’re anonymous.

Gotcha …


Boy….it’s no wonder you don’t practice law…

“Not authorized to practice law as attorney is not currently registered with ARDC and has not demonstrated required MCLE compliance ”

Just because you registered…does not mean your licensed…

and sorry your embarrassing yourself.

SaltyDroid …

@Gotcha ::

Yep … you’re stupid. You have no idea what you’re talking about … yet you keep talking.

I haven’t paid :: or done my CLE’s :: for like three years … and I couldn’t practice right now. If I decided I wanted to practice … then I’d get current and pay and all would be well. That’s how it works.

But I’m not going to pay :: or do my CLE’s :: cause I no want to be a lawyer no more.


Done talking about this … for at least a month … until the next illiterate jackass brings it up.

Dave …

@Gotcha, You are a real moron, you know that? Any professional can be licensed and not practicing. For example, I am licensed in the State of NC to practice Engineering, however, my license is inactive for the same reason as SD is inactive in IL – I don’t feel like paying yearly when I don’t work there. If i ever decide to go back and practice, pay the fees, do the CEU’s, bingo-bammo, I am again in an active status.

Now if your brain was active…

Gotcha …


lol….what an idiot….unfortunately…your wrong…so sorry charlie.


Of course your done talking about it because I’m hitting too close to home and your a coward.

That’s cool, I bet the Defamation of character and slander suits are piling up…and if not, we all know they will be.

LOLlerskater …

Looks like, registered within hours of Gotcha’s original comment, already has some thought-provoking copy:

“Salty Droid Exposed
Talk about Screwing People Over…Take a Look at Jason M. Jones”


“Jason M Jones [AKA the “Salty Droid”] – The shit storm is heading his way. Bookmark this page and tell your friends. Bizity Bop,
Leave a comment or not….we don’t really care.”

I hope I hope I hope we can expect the same sort of hard-hitting investigative research that we’ve experienced to date from @Gotcha. I’d like the site to receive eleventy million visitors, because they’ll all be curious to check out the truth over here.

Gotcha …

lol…..what a bunch of fucking idiots……hide the comments, It’s funny when someone shits on your parade you all whine like a bunch of babies.

Matt Hardwad …

@Gotcha, lol u don’t get it. It’s not whining. Your comments are just deemed to be of relatively little value. Soon the post above will be hidden too, I predict. Say something of value and it might stick…

Dave …


Or should we call you James? Talk to yourself much? You are pretty cocky, for a moron. This will be interesting to watch.

Gotcha …


lol…if you think I’m James then you really are Stupid.

I actually came across this through another story and ended up here because it’s the main post at the moment.

Whilst I am totally on board with rooting out scammers and fraud products…there needs to be more exposure and it needs to be directed at the Mass Market of “Product Creators” who are creating $47, $77, $97, $197 products.

95% of which are ALL Rehashed “Private Label Rights” (PLR) or Blatently Ripped Off from someone else, repackaged and produced again.

These are the products that Sell Thousands of Units and Screw Thousands of people.

More people can afford $100 than $1000 the Scammers know this….and feed into it, along with TRUE SPAM Tactics, email buys etc.

Ultimately before you know it…the average Joe, who really wants to make it in business spends WAY more than $1000 over time, becomes jaded and then ultimately attacks everyone and everything.

And for the rest who lost their money, due to in-action, or the “Magic Bullet”, get rich overnight syndrome…well there is just no hope for them until they realize that no matter what you do in life it takes work to become successful.

Wannabe Producer …


Just thinkin…. a guy who would spend too much time (or money) tweeting and posting “I’m not a scammer” would probably spend an equal amount of time (or money) trying to convince the highest ranked scam-catcher website that he isn’t a scammer.

And also thinkin… an immature imbecile would make the “you’re not an attorney” argument over and over and OVER again even after many people have illustrated why that argument is false.

And a self-affected narcissist would set up the droid-scam wesbite, or whatever the hell you did… that’s kind of like the fat kid on the playground taking his 1/2 eaten candy bar and sitting under the tree by himself because everyone is making fun of him. Sorry – that might have been a little deep.

You’re creating a perpetual motion machine of bullshit. You might have to look up “perpetual” since there’s no “I” in your IQ.

Have a great day.

Gotcha …

lol…it seems Jason (Salty Dick) tried to give a go with Affiliate Marketing
once upon a time in his miserable life…

In the BUTT ACNE Niche…lol.

Talk about FTC violations…it’s funny the link is dead now (squidoo page), I suppose it was the fact that he could relate to peoples Butt Acne Problems…when in reality this was not the case.

I guess if the shoe fits wear it. It takes an asshole to know one.

Practice what you preach bitch….

(I can’t wait for this to get deleted, or argued that it was not the SaltyDick)

Clark …


Wikipedia lists 8 “Jason Jones” alone, so what makes you think that pimplybutt is in fact the droid?

And why do you know how his dick tastes?

Question over questions…

You Discovered America …


Way to go Christopher! Not really. You’ve discovered ancient history fucktard.

Injun Samurai …


Yawn… You’re new around here, so I’m gonna throw you bone, try to pay attention:

1. Leaving comments on a thread written about you, your employer, or one of your friends, while posting under an anonymous name is called ‘Brunsoning’ – The Saltydroid actually functions as a watchdog community, and we all recognize each others handles, a new bird like you showing up, defending a target and attacking the droid – it’s trite and transparent… And it makes you and whoever you’re defending look like dipshits…

Alternative forms of trolling such as:

Option 1: Showing yourself the victim of the target, then making up a story about how the target remedied the situation and redeemed themselves… We like that kind of shit, because it’s creative…

Option 2: Come straight forward with your name and identity, then be a dick… You’ll get ‘quacks like a duck’ points with the Droid community, because the Droid is saying you’re a dick, and then you act like a dick, so we’ll respect you for that… And oddly enough, your credibility will improve…

Optional Musts:

1. You must never never use the words “dick”“salt”, and “butt acne” in the same sentence unless they are in quotes and italicized.

2. Avoid old nonsense that was dealt with a long time ago, it makes you look stupid because you’re just here to defend yourself or your friend, and all the regular readers are like “Does this idiot even realize how transparent he is?” Note: The “butt acne”“skin care” thing was dealt with long ago…

That’s it, just follow those few simple suggestions and in no time your trolling will be something you can be proud of. Right now, your comments are just pathetic spam, you’re not even really trolling…

Gotcha …

@Injun Samurai,

You are all a bunch of morons and I suspected no less of a response.

Let me ask you…in what year does James claim he first heard of Affiliate Marketing??

Now check out the date on the articles….

If only that account could be deleted….lol

…but your right…it’s all nonsense.

And although I appreciate your time, thought and effort to psychoanalyze me but sadly you’ve missed the mark.

I’m on the same mission to keep people in check. And when someone crosses the line between Tabloid and Defamatory it’s not right.

Cosmic Connie …

@Gotcha, How many times do you have to be told? The contraction for “you are” is “you’re,” not “your.” I usually don’t put on my editor’s hat in forums like this, but you’re [and that’s the CORRECT usage] driving me to distraction.

SaltyDroid …

Sean McAlister :: aka @Gotcha :: you should have firewalled your DroidExposed site … do you know what that means?

Here you go stud ::

You should be careful about making statements that you know to be false :: I hear someone around here is a lawyer.

I’m sorry I’m interrupting your boy’s launch … oh wait … no I’m not.

Gotcha …


I posted this on the other thread.

Ok, so we all knew it was a matter of time….….and NO I’m not that stupid with the site…perhaps I wanted to be found.

The deal is, as I said, I think there are a ton of Product Creators out there who are taking advantage of people that deserve legitimate scrutiny and investigating that are doing far more damage.

Your focus seems centered around a certain group of people, when there are far more “Syndicate” types out there.

I’m just sounding the horn…( as bad as that may seem)

when the constant circulation of crap, poorly thought out and mis-managed marketing campaigns and the rest…it effect People who are otherwise trying to do a good thing it effects a boat load of people.

But this is the tip of the iceberg…and there needs to be more.

So Sue me… well I hope not, everything in fun

Because I agree.

There are plenty of people you have called out who genuinely deserve it (cough… James Ray). It’s harder and harder to figure out what’s good, ethical and legit anymore.

I battle this everyday in the industry.

I understand your position with your site and applaud the success of it, but if your really looking out for the consumer broaden your search …and there is a fine line between tabloid and defamatory.

Sean McAlister’s Unpaid Affiliate …

@Gotcha aka Sean McAlister,

Just got your e-mail. I should try that in my business when I can’t or don’t want to pay my bills. Because real businesses do this all the time . . . . . {cues Sean McAlister’s e-mail}…………………..

Subject: December, Jan & Fab Commissions -Thank your For Your Support

Dear {Gullible and Naive Affiliate}:

I wanted to let you know that I paid commissions
from December 13 – Feb 9th 2011. I know that we
were delayed with December and January payments.

This is my fault, my mother passed away on Jan
2 2011 which caused me to fall behind.

As I mentioned in my email via Paypal :-), the
good news is that things are back on track.

We’ve made several updates to theme and are working
on some new additions including a new and enhanced

GoPages application.

I also included commissions for any refunded themes
as an additional token of gratitude for your patients.

Let me know if you need anything.

More good things to come!

Highest Regards


PS… Feb 10, 2011 – March 10, 2011 commissions will be paid on April 15th.

Gotcha …

@Sean McAlister’s Unpaid Affiliate,


Affiliates got paid….unlike some other folks out there.
[cues salty…there’s another thing]

My mother died…what else can I say

Rafael Marquez …

@SD, Well then, that’s funny. Check out who your boy is promoting:

It reads like a who’s who of people featured here. Looks like he’s angry because you’re treading on his kajabi/malinchak/walker/andros turf.

@Gotcha, since you’re obviously still reading, please notice my proper use of “you’re” and “your” and see if you can follow suit in your response.

Sean McAlister …

@Rafael Marquez

You’re right…there are some things that may have considered twice looking back, but as I mentioned before sometimes people just make mistakes…I’m sure you’ve made one somewhere.

I was trying to transition more online still wrapping my head around affiliate marketing, legalities of it etc.

I even had my google adsense account banned because of mistakes that were made years ago. But that’s how we learn.

A mistake and an intentional screw are two different things.

And while I’m at it…..

***Here’s The Deal With SPAM SITE***

get’s this.

If you are registering to Promote something then promote
it through ethical manners. Going out and creating these types of sites are absurd, misleading, bait and switch, you name it…it stinks.

Legitimate stuff…sure.

But to Sign Up and then put up Spam sights to siphon traffic should be banned. This is something that is not new…

It’s so easy to screw someones life up online. And when millions of people (who are on everyone’s list) get the same emails over and over (most of which do not include the proper FTC disclaimers)…there will be a revolution.

SaltyDroid …

@SeanMcalister ::

Couple of points for you …

1. papa don’t preach

2. thank you for what you’ve done here.

I’m sure this is all going to work out just fine for you. It’s all in fun and everything. I know I’m having loads of fun. I know the people that I talk to everyday whose lives have been fucking maimed think it’s real fun.

Go away and think about what you’ve done.


And go away he did … but I think I just followed him … so I guess we’ll see how that turns out for Sean McAlister.

>> bleep bloop



86 thoughts on “Sean McAlister Gets Got”

    1. @Unicorn Army ::


      The affiliate recruitment email quoted in the post was written by none other than Sean McAlister.

      1. @SD, Hi Salty, entertaining post.

        On the topic of going after people that are
        behind these launches I’ve been wondering why
        you’ve never mentioned

        Which has been around a lot longer than
        McScammisters site and literally has all
        of the scam launches on there.

        It’s crazy, there’s like a scam launch
        listed on there everyday.

        The guy behind it, Mike Mertz is one of
        the main reasons that the scam launches
        are so big today.

        Because he facilitates the exposure of these

        All the scammers congregate on
        to list there scam products and see their
        buddies new launches.


        Mike Mertz gets paid on every launch.

        Mike Mertz is getting paid on every scam
        launch you see today!

        He is the ULTIMATE scammer.

        McScammister is nothing compared to this
        guy in my opinion.

        Any way I just thought I’d point this out.

        1. @iLikeclouds, Let’s not forget the Syndicate-member-launches he helped facilitate “behind the scenes”

          Mike Merz is a well known joint venture broker and affiliate manager, having worked with the likes of Mark Joyner, Mike Filsaime, Frank Kern, Joe Vitale, Neil Shearing, Jeff Walker, John Reese, Michael Cheney, Anik Singal, Rich Schefren, Marc Goldman, Tellman Knudsen, and dozens of other high level members of the Internet Marketing community and has been an Internet Marketing consultant since 1999.

          Maybe we should call him “The Omnipresent Proliferator”

  1. Huh??

    Uuummmm… OK. So Sean McAllister bashes Salty for bashing other marketers. Yet, he praises SD for attacking said marketers:

    “There are plenty of people you have called out who genuinely deserve it (cough… James Ray).”

    Yet he thinks Salty should instead go after the $47-$197 ClickBank marketers.

    Sean says, “The deal is, as I said, I think there are a ton of Product Creators out there who are taking advantage of people that deserve legitimate scrutiny and investigating that are doing far more damage.”

    So instead jumping into the fray and pursuing said bad marketers (according to him), he instead starts a Droid Exposed blog. (rolling eyes)

    It is clear a great deal of effort is required to get the FTC’s attention in these matters. The Syndicate / Trade Union / possible RICO Violators are taking in far more money than the $47-$197 Clickbank frauduct crowd. Or at least, going after the Syndicate is like stepping on one huge cockroach instead of furiously trying to hammer hundreds of smaller, scattering ones.

    QUESTION: If it is this hard to get the FTC to go after the big bug, how much harder would it be to get them to pursue the smaller, scattering roaches??

    See the large, ominous challenge, Sean? But since you have such a passion for nailing the smaller CB scammers, I’m sure such a task isn’t beyond you (when you’re not promoting the larger scammers or taking pot shots at the Droid).

    Good luck with it. And do be sure to let us know your progress. We’ll applaud you.

    1. I have several follow-up questions.

      Because Sean casts himself as someone concerned for the purchaser’s welfare (Recalling his words, “I think there are a ton of Product Creators out there who are taking advantage of people”), how thoroughly does he and his company vet potential clients and their products before they agree to promote a launch on the client’s behalf?

      Sean, will you please share with the readers here the general process you take in vetting your clients? When did you institute them? If you were using them at the time you decided to promote James Malinchak’s Millionaire Secrets Revealed, why did they fail? What, if anything, is being done to improve the JVProductLaunch vetting process??

      These are honest and straightforward questions deserving honest and straightforward answers, Sean. Looking forward to your reply.

      vet (verb) – to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity, etc.: Example: An expert vetted the manuscript before publication.

    2. @MazeMan ::

      It really was so so noble of Sean McAlister to call out the scammy business model that directly competes with his own even scammier model.

      Thank god for heroes like Sean McAlister.

  2. It was disturbing me too much already when I found out SD wassn’t really a robot, so it scared me that mabye he couldn’t be an attorney and would have to shut down this site, stop exposing the bad guys, and then go do his CLE’s so he could be authorized to run a website again.

  3. It’s about time scummy Product Lanuch Managers paid their dues

    Hey salty go check out these dirt bags when you can

    The Dave and Jim show..I’ll email you lots of juicy details about who they have screwed and for how much.

    Another pathetic product launch duo

    go for it

    1. @wtf, Why stop – what about the Gateway To ClickBank Fraud:

      But please don’t send fraud products there, because the owner has a reputation to uphold as told to us here:

      Also … regardless of how good my reputation is, there is
      no guarantee working with me will result in a successful
      launch. Usually, yes … and even when it does not go well,
      it’s rarely my fault. But I’m not >Gasp!< perfect.

      1. @Jack,
        Is that gasp designed to lighten the mood and make us chuckle or has he just been fisted by the droid??

        1. @Jimmy, No – I think in my researching I’ve found people don’t want to take him on because he’s such a “good guy” doing great product launches with the other good guys here:

          Many of whom probably made ClickBank send this letter to the CB big doggs:

          “Recently we’ve received a few client questions about issues affecting our industry, such as the FTC’s recent case against Ivy Capital and other “work from home” business opportunities. Specifically, some of you wanted to know how these issues might affect ClickBank vendors, and what we’re doing to address them.

          First, please know that ClickBank appreciates the hard work and skill that our vendors put into developing quality products and effective sales messaging that appeals to customers. We want to do everything we can to support your efforts and ensure your products convert as well as possible, while also protecting you from the possibility of getting on the wrong side of the FTC.

          We wanted to share some of the most important guidelines to keep in mind when creating your Pitch Page, upsells and other sales material. To ensure that ClickBank vendors stay in good standing with the FTC, we will apply these guidelines when approving new products and working with existing vendors.

          Most importantly, please do not significantly alter your Pitch Page after approval. We recognize that some changes are necessary for testing, but if you need to make significant changes to your page (such as earnings claims or images, sales messaging or video content), please notify your Account Manager so we can ensure the new page is also in compliance.

          For Internet Marketing products: Per the new FTC information, sales material shouldn’t create the impression that customers can easily earn money without putting in much work, and should give specific ideas of how they’ll earn the money (e.g., content marketing, video marketing, social media, etc). Sales pages should also not overstate how much can realistically be made, or imply that earnings are guaranteed.

          The FTC also strongly discourages false urgency/scarcity messaging (for example, “Only 3 copies left!”) when there is no actual scarcity. Closing the doors to new customers after a specified amount of time and reopening later is fine.

          Any Pitch Page references to ClickBank sales stats need to be verifiable by ClickBank, and need to have been earned by the methods being promoted. For example, selling an affiliate training product using sales snapshots from a vendor-only account is not allowed.

          For vendors using video Pitch Pages, if a Buy Now button appears during the course of the video, the price must appear as well. We also request that vendors provide transcripts of video sales letters when submitting a product for approval.

          For upsells, the initial product purchased must be valuable and usable on its own, without requiring the purchase of the upsell offers. Customers must also be able to immediately access their original purchase upon completion of their order, before being presented with upsell offers. An access link may be placed on the first upsell offer page, but the link must be very clear and conspicuous (i.e., not hidden or in a small font). We highly recommend that vendors use ClickBank’s official upsell flows to present upsell offers to customers.

          Please submit product approval requests at least several days before your launch, so that ClickBank has time to thoroughly review the offer and request changes if necessary. This is especially the case for products with video sales letters, since making changes to these can take time. We may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests.

          To prevent customer complaints, vendors should not close refund request tickets or switch tickets from Refund to Tech Support more than once, and the latter should only be used when actually trying to help the customer and save the sale.

          We hope this list helps make our guidelines clear. If you have questions about any of these items, please feel free to ask your Account Manager and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

          We also want to reinforce that our mission is to make you successful, while at the same time ensuring our industry is on a strong foundation that will last long into the future. Thank you for your valuable work, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you!”

          I can’t saay tthat I have the hard data or real proof to make this claim, but my guess I have in my mind is that approximately every single launch on that new product launches list was the target of this CB letter, but can’t really say for sure – plus ClickBank was clever enough to ONLY send the letter to their TOP vendors (which I gues must mean the ones with the “best” sales processes bringing in all kinds of transaction fees for ClcikBank).

          I want to know why they didn’t send it to ALL vendors and why won’t ClickBank post the letter on their own site – does someone know a good answer for this or at least make one up that sounds plausible?

          1. @Jack, That’s an interesting email, thanks for sharing. We could summarize by saying: “Don’t be a liar or d-bag,” but I enjoyed seeing it spelled out in explicit detail.

  4. Yeah, all of the above is true about Sean Sherlock McAlister. But he had that exciting background music and pictures of money on his video. If you can’t trust exciting background music and pictures of money, what can you trust?

    1. @what??, The droid has shown, the giggling gnome shall always lead you to safety. I think Kajabi has taught us all to trust in fine video production – it is after all, the hallmark of quality and the surest sign of something special. A fine video=insta-trust: just ask Andros, or that sweaty pancake-faced guy who can’t stop hyperventilating. I like trusting pictures of money though, it is so much easier than actually doing anything.

      1. o_O Hasn’t it been proven now that following the giggling gnome always leads to either a complete loss of your savings or an ass hammering down at the state pen depending on your relationship?

      2. @what?? & @Martypants ::

        The higher the video quality when portraying piles of money, the easier it is to “Secret” that money into your Law of Attraction … duhz …

    1. @You need an insider, Actually, I’m starting to think we have something even better here. Salty’s an “informer” if ever there was one. We’ve had our spats, mostly due to my own doubts and distrust of everything these days. But what I’ve seen Salty bringing forth is often from MANY informers who feel safe bringing the info to him. Then he shares it PUBLICLY, so it can’t be ignored or shuffled under the covers. He even goes one step more, making sure the SEO is arranged to make sure what he releases is seen by far more people than those he writes about would ordinarily like.

      And Salty doesn’t even need a “safe house.”

      VERY nice the way it’s unfolding.

  5. I gots the inside scoop on a certain hated guru that you have expressed your distaste toward from time to time.

    A scoop of epic proportions. You will walk away from our conversation thinking “Jesus SAVESSSSSSSS oh lord almighty praise god”.

    Droid, are you interested in distributing massive heaps and piles of butthurt toward a fucking lying piece of shit?

    I have a feeling you will wanna love me long time for this. I can serve this fucker up on a diamond level partnership (18 star) platter for you. Get at me you sexy fake robot. I have been sitting on this shit for way too long…and to be frank, I wanna see this punk ass get what is coming to him.

    1. @I’m Your huckleberry,

      Great suspense,.. you have my attention.

      Frank?ly I Kern´t wait… please tell I’m Your huckleberry!!

    2. @I’m Your huckleberry ::

      You get at me … that’s how it works.

      Maybe you gotz something … but if you do … it’ll be the first time someone who started with a public announcement actually delivered …

      … so I won’t be holding my fucking breath while I wait.

  6. This might be off the beaten path, but I have to share this.

    These new “bath salts”, aka fake cocaine, fake meth, etc., are NO joke.

    I tried some as a gag recently and it was anything but.

    This stuff is seriously nuts! Be careful and be aware, especially if you have kids.

    It is MUCH stronger than the real thing! NO JOKE!

    1. @CJ Money, It doesn’t surprise me that you would be snorting bath salts. You are about a dipshit and a half. If there was ever anybody that was trying to ride the guru coat tails to fame and fortune, it’s you.

      1. @Donk, I think mr. C knows he can’t pretend to be a persuasion master anymore so he just posts here to try to get traffic to whatever random product he’s trying to promote since accordintg to the FTC here he barely had any money not too so long ago.

        Also, he is bad with names, because he likes to call me Sherlock even though my comment area clearly says my name is “Jack”.

        1. @Jack, I don’t follow. Are you saying that CJ was involved in the mortgage scam you referred to in the FTC link?

          1. @Donk, Sorry – you’re right – I got that one wrong – that was Chris Tomasulo – not the Chris that posted here – who I think in another post also went by Jenny – those guys all definitely confuse me.


            Chris T.

            Probably I get them confused because both of their faces make me want to smack them at approximately the same force and velocity.

            1. @Jack, Yeah this CJ Mollo punk is just some low level scamster that has been trying to peddle anything and everything he can to make a commission in the IM Biz Opp crowd.

              This kid doesn’t give a shit what it is, if he can hustle a commish from it he will mail you about it, often two or three times a day.

              Many times these idiots that are trying to become gurus are more pathetic than the gurus themselves.

    2. @CJ Money,

      Still scrounging for backlinks with your boring, irrelevant spam I see.

      Didn’t you learn your lesson with the dead end TurdLicker on your previous posts?

      A for effort though on the new spamlink in the post body that’s already buried. You must be killing it in IM circles.

    3. @TurdLicker, buddy I really feel sorry for you. Anybody who tries to defend or support these scamsters has a taint on their soul.

      1. @Gilligan, I think you are just a plain “taint” to begin with! I’d love to have your wife suck the juicy dingleberries out of my asshole Gaffigan.

  7. I was gonna comment, but I got tha BOOT…”Posting too fast” …Gee-Whiz

    Now, Is that fair?
    I don’t think so.

    Heck, I’m trying to watch a movie on the Misery Channel aka Lifetime Movies and jumped on here to see if I was still here.

    I am still here ~ amazing.

  8. I wonder if the douchebags that are featured on this blog fully realize that one day, this entire blog could become the FTC’s “to do” list? If you’ve been featured here…or mentioned…or if you associate with anyone who has…don’t be surprised if you hear a loud knock at your door late one night and there are a couple of white government panel vans in your driveway. When they immediately seize your assets, you won’t even have any means to hire a decent lawyer. Don’t for a minute think this won’t happen to you, douchebags. There IS going to be a roundup, you can be sure of that.

    1. @Bullshit Detector,

      Well, BD, I would crawl back down in the rabbit hole, ‘cept it’s too infected/infested.

      No doubt that the Watchers are coming / here…but, I can’t / won’t live my life in fear of them. Heck, they’ve already tried to kill me once & I survived. AND, I’m a nobody. Bring it on, Watchers.

      BTW ~ “they” usually come 1st thing in the AM, not “late one night”

      1. @2Tired2 ::

        I’m confused about who you are and what you’re talking about. Did you just come over from the In Session forums? Do you know what we’re talking about here?

        Explain yourself.

        1. @SD,

          1) I was responding to BullShit Detector’s last comment…so, a little off topic

          2) The topic is “Sean McAlister” & his pyramid company

          3) Of course you’re confused about who I am ~ it’s the internet

          4) You KNOW what I am talking about

          5) Yes, I got your site from some folks at In Session, yet, I go on a couple of other forums

          6) What else would you like to know?

          7) Sent you my e-mail address yesterday

      2. @2Tired2, Talking all cryptic and shit… Fuck that.

        Pull up to the robot docking station and unload son.

        1. @Donk,

          Oh, Donk ~ I wasn’t talking to you.

          Tsk, tsk, tsk.

          Well, dang ~ I wouldn’t expect everybody in the universe to get it ~ so why should you?

          Just pulling up to the station right now.

          Ummm…feels good to be home. :-)

          1. @ whomever ^^

            2Tired2 Reply:
            April 17th, 2011 at 5:29 pm

            Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

            LOSER!! :: Thumb up Thumb down -5

            Ahhh ~ censorship at its finest.
            Eh ~ ya just nevah know.

    2. @Bullshit Detector, Yeah right! Suck my balls, bitch. I don’t do anything wrong, so fuck you! The FTC has no reason to visit me because I’m a law abiding citizen and I follow the rules. So what if you don’t like me and think I’m an asshole. I couyld care less as long as my pockets are fat bitch.

      1. @CJ Money, I for one don’t necessarily think you are an asshole, CJ, although there is every indication to support that argument. I actually think you are a stark raving lunatic, and if there’s anything in your pockets, it’s probably the medication you clearly aren’t taking.

    1. @Donk, Well I fucked that up… The guy in the vid above would call Mertz the “Facilitator”.

          1. @Donk,

            No I hadn’t seen that yet. But the longer it went on…I figured it out. I usually catch on eventually.

  9. My lil feelings are so hurt.

    I got a -2.

    And, I don’t even know what that means.

    I don’t watch many of those videos, mainly ‘cuz they might give my computer the cooties.

    More importantly, they are boring.
    I hates ta be bored.

    1. @2Tired2, Since you like to be so very much cryptic, I’ve decided to provide you with a semi-cryptic answer to the “what does the -2” means…

  10. Another douchebag outfit you should look into / expose:

    The OHN network scam (Online hosting network)

    Here’s how it works:

    Charging people who are obviously not net savvy thousands of dollars for their own ‘internet business’ (website with hosting) – but all they actually get is a butt ugly cookie cutter piece of crap website plastered with a few affiliate links. Which is obviously not going to earn them a bean.

    In some ways this scam is worse than those make money with Google biz op rebill scams and worse than all those crappy clickbank ebooks and the like.
    At least with those you only get taken for a once off $60 or whatever (more with the rebill crap obviously) but with OHN people have lost thousands – ouch!

  11. A breakdown of what happened here:

    a) A proxied idiot tried to bash everything in this website.
    b) An Unprofessional rat trainer tried to make himself seem legit by stating:

    “I’m not one to get into this kind of stuff” | “There are plenty of scammers in the $47-97 price-tag biz on clickbank. I don’t buy their stuff nor preach it contains any value whatsoever and those people should to be imprisoned”.

    c) Retarded internet-marketer-wannabe got caught promoting all the scams he said he wants nothing to do with.

    d) Internet-product-launcher-scammer-monkey promotes all the SCAMS and ASSHOLES which are sucking innocent people of their money on a monthly product launch basis, including all the major clickbank rats:

    – Adam Horwitz AKA “Fake-stats-JavaScript-expert-the-next-frank-kern product launch teenager”.
    – Andy Jenkins AKA “I’ll take all your poor parents monies using my rediculous-wordpress-wannabe-product”.
    – Maria Andros AKA “I wanted to become a porn-star but I’m only pretty enough to scam in the internet-riches industry”.
    – Jeff Walker AKA “I personally showed Eben Pagan how to properly use jelqing to enlarge his penis size”.
    – James Malinchak AKA “I wanted to become Tony Robbins and I thought similar teeth are enough”.

    Way to go winner. Promoting the rats and creating the next generation ones (Adam Horwitz should be reviewed on this website. This guy has no boundaries and I wonder how he didn’t get his own category yet).

    Have a nice holiday,


  12. Sean,

    You mentioned several times you are struggling to wrap your head around what is right and wrong in affiliate marketing.

    You’re struggling because your Mom raised you right.

    That struggle you feel is because you know what your ‘partners’ do is not moral or ethical

    What you do is not moral or ethical

    Read salties last comment to you again: Go away and think about what you’ve done.

    …and wen you have that heart to heart talk with yourself ask yourself this question

    Would my Mom be proud of what I do if she knew every detail?

    Read this line you wrote again as well:

    The deal is, as I said, I think there are a ton of Product Creators out there who are taking advantage of people that deserve legitimate scrutiny and investigating that are doing far more damage.

    far more damage? You’re dealing in degrees of fucking people over now?

    So you only fuck people over a little bit

    or you don’t fuck people over as bad as other scammers!

    Go away and take this situation as a wake up call

    redeem yourself before it’s too late

  13. I’m really bored now. How many times do we have to keep going over the fact that Saltydroid aka Jason M. Jones, is not a practicing lawyer? This like the 100th idiot to “expose” this revelation after Salty has already put it out on his own blog. So boring and uncreative, at least Salty is witty and keeps things interesting. Would love to see someone actually go beyond flapping their choppers and take up a legal challenge with Salty in court. I’ve got the popcorn ready.

    1. @422, Speaking of which – the only genuine & authentic & real point, really – is if he does get to draw a lawsuit does he know how to utilize it to his greatest & best advantage to wreak major frucking havoc across the IM Landscape?

      Answer: Yes.


      Of course, suing me will grant me access to the vast majority of your accounting records, emails, files, letters, etc. If you want the damning info I find in that discovery process to remain private, you’ll have to ask for a protective order and show good cause. You won’t be able to do that … and I’ll fill the world up with uncomfortable truths about you.

      Additionally, I recommend that “they” read this helpful little article on Wikipedia {link}.

      If I sue you … maybe we do this thing one at a time. Maybe some people are given a chance to change or go away before their lives are fully ruined. You sue me … and I use joinder to pull ALL of your sorry asses into the case … and I get discovery on ALL of your files. If you thought you were going to share the costs of the attorney suing me then you were mistaken. I’ll force you each to hire your own guy {and it had better be someone good or I’ll wipe the floor up with you}. I know all of your names … and I know what you did last summer.”

      From: “Jason and the Droid::Part 2”

  14. Dudes,

    I don’t know why you are hating on this guy.

    I mean, shit, they are using “Social Media”. I heard about
    that social media stuff and the fact that they are using
    it is some black belt high level shit. “If you knew anything
    about Polarity and Gravativity, you know that shit could happen.”
    (credit:Hollywood Shuffle)

    I am literally “Stopped in my tracks” right now.

    Anyway, that video was really funny, thanks for the humor.

    1. @MinViking, Are you his cousin? Nobody without any skin in the game would be defending this guy. He showed up here and commented under another post to anonymously shill for someone for his own benefit, was nasty as hell, and then when “outed” he tried to act above reproach for damage control. Epic FAIL. His true colors have been clearly shown. He was lucky; so far, he’s gotten LESS than what he deserved. He can probably expect another installment.

      1. @Techno Viking,

        You didn’t get the sarcasm in my response.

        read it again. I am making fun of the dude in
        a subtle way.

        Or, let me break it down for you.

        #1 He puts
        social media in his video like it’s a big deal.

        My kid who isn’t 10 yet can do facebook aka
        social media. Am I the only one that though social
        media as a big selling point was funny?

        #2 Hollywood shuffle reference. You would have to see that movie to appreciate the humor. Truly one of the best line’s from a movie, ever.

        #3 “Stopped in my tracks”, again, making fun of the video.

        I will try to be more obvious next time I rip on something.


        1. @MinViking, Ok, me got. For a minute, I was worried another Viking had defected. After all, my first language is MUSIC! Now, let’s dance! (Click on my name.)

  15. Salty Droid is nothing but a failed internet marketer and a lowlife ballsack licker. Anybody that disagrees with me can suck my fat ass rich cock.

    1. @CJ Money,

      Seriously? If you need something to do to fill your lonely sad life, maybe you could write a book. It could be about how you’re gonna make enough money to FINALLY move out of your mama’s house and become a rich, successful idiot with internet marketing…on Fiverr.

      Here’s some free advice…people who are actually rich and successful don’t sell stuff for $5. If you want anyone to believe a moron with the intelligence and maturity of a 14-year-old has enough money to even pay his rent, you might not want to leave evidence to the contrary all over the internet.

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  17. @}, I hope soon you will be able to get to rank for the keyword “}”, but probably with penguin update now you need to vary anchor text more to include “]”, “)” and also probably “click here”.

    1. @Jack, I laughed so hard at this. Seriously though, you’re going to need a lot of contextual “}” links to rank for a term like that. Best if you get them from relevant blogs. So the bracketosphere of blogs would probably be the best place to promote. And it wouldn’t hurt to go after the long tail i.e. {}{}{[[[};;;}}}}}. It doesn’t get as many searches but it’s much lower competition.

      1. @Peter,

        No, Google is only processing single punctuation characters like “}”, which already returns 5,070,000 results. “{}{}{[[[};;;}}}}}” and even common emoticons like “:)” and “:/” return zero results. The good news for @}/John/Fiona is there’s zero Competition for “}” according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, so @}/John/Fiona could afford PPC ads to stand out from the 5,070,000. The bad news is there’s also zero Global Monthly Searches for “}”. That, combined with 33.6% of searches being done on search engines that don’t even recognize “}” make “}” a very funny search to try to rank for.

        Also, I thought this was a blog post about how Phil McCracken is a scammer along with James Malinchak, but @}/John/Fiona says this is a YouTube football paragraph video tutorial about .NET. And who is Jackson? So confusing!

        1. @Lanna, yeah well when I start seeing Adword Ads for “}” I’m going to click them like crazy and never buy shit so he goes out of business.

    2. @Jack, Hi Jack. This could be real good news for my blog, called “}”. I was wondering when Google would finally recognize it after 9 years of me making posts about “}” every day. Maybe now I will start getting some comment. I said comment because there will need to be a first one before there can be more.

      I guess I will have to worry about all the new competition for }, but maybe Google will make my blog an authority blog about }. Also, I wonder if I should be using the plural of }. Also-also, I wonder what the plural of } is.

      1. @Luther, I had wanted to tell you to make sure you go to grab the typo-domains for }, but now I can see from Lanna’s post that probably there can’t be much type-in traffic for any of them anyhow.

      1. Jack (2012 – 2015 Marketer Of The Year) ::

        Wednesday is a great day for thoughts :: or for emailing @Lesley Shadrick for some thoughts at

        I guess 37274Mank@gmail was already taken.

  18. @Melodi Piekarski, Oh, don’t mention it. That’s what we’re here for.

    Glad to hear about the “perfect encounter your wife’s girl experienced reading through the site.” Would “your wife’s girl” be your daughter, or just some store-bought child? Next time, try Amazon, which tends to have lower prices on offspring, although there is that higher shipping cost.

    If you should ever need any more “rendering of fun guidance,” do come back, and happy times joyful you be having aplenty.

  19. Salty is nothing but a failed marketer who was so frustrated trying to make money online but just couldn’t so he put up this blog in hopes he get get some attention. As it turns out he’s getting attention from all the other LOSERS who couldn’t make money online to save their life.

    Hey guys, it’s not that hard… But I guess you have to have a brain first!

    Now Salty is making money off all you sheep who failed… LOL

    1. @Steve Jobs,

      Hi, Steve Jobs. It’s really good to hear from you. I was going to ask you if you get Salty Droid and Facebook in heaven, but then I remembered you’re a Buddhist. So I guess you’re hanging out somewhere waiting to be reincarnated, and that place probably has WiFi like the airport.

      Do I need to make money online to save my life? Is that a warning from beyond the grave? Am I in danger? Will money made offline suffice? How much do I need?

      Is it because when sheep don’t have brains our hearts stop pumping? I’m not sure how money will fix not having a brain. Sure, there’s the black market for organs, but I don’t think brain transplants are possible yet – even for us sheep.

      Can you tell me how Salty is making money off me? Is it those big GuS commissions?

    2. @Steve Jobs, I know I will make money on line. I was a successful IT consultant before this new career quest so I don’t have any reason to doubt myself. And I am always willing to learn. And I don’t give up. I would be grateful for a link to any material you have that will help me in my quest. Also – if you give me some real world examples of ways you have made money on line – then I can learn from you / copy you, and become rich. Many thanks.

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