Herbalife Vision Values Propaganda


ou know how Chairman Mao had everyone carry around a little red book :: to help remind them that their thoughts were not their own? Yeah :: it’s just exactly like that … except Herbalife.

vision mission values

… bullshit.

“Our Work:

 We make decisions based on facts, not hearsay.”

A totally sensible propaganda slogan for a scam company :: selling people on a widely panned lie …

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Cake and/or Death

I’m back!

… sort of.

… not really.

… leave me alone!

… not really.

… sort of.

Weddings are like a whole big thing :: and I have responsibilities :: for instance … standing around next to cakes looking menacing for my size.

Convicted felon James Arthur Ray {ah … that felt good} :: is still out on bail while he awaits sentencing {which prolly won’t happen until next month because America is stupid}.

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Facial Indictment

Cuban artist Geandy Pavon had to leave Cuba because he fucking hated the beach.  Everywhere you look :: a fucking beach.  I mean really :: it’s just slutty.

Or maybe it was the soul-sucking totalitarianism?

Who knows?

Some people like beaches … some people don’t. Some people like having basic human dignity … some people don’t.

Geandy has a project awesomely called “

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Free Ai

My father is Li Gang bitches … at least that’s what I told Twitter.

In China being the devil-seed of Li Gang earns you the right to drunk-kill poor ice skating farm girls {fun!} :: but I guess it doesn’t work so well with people in California … cause I can’t even get 140 characters with it.

You’re dead to me Li Gang.

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My Father is Li Gang

I recently had a meeting with Iain McDonald about my new line of highly fashionable post-transgender pants.

Iain is the founder Amnesia Razorfish :: a digital advertising agency based in Sydney :: and a part of Razorfish … which wasn’t then was and now isn’t {say it fast} a part of Microsoft. Iain’s agency helps companies take their brands online or whatever blah blah blah.

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