Cake and/or Death

Let Them Eat Cake ... and robots

I’m back!

… sort of.

… not really.

… leave me alone!

… not really.

… sort of.

Weddings are like a whole big thing :: and I have responsibilities :: for instance … standing around next to cakes looking menacing for my size.

Convicted felon James Arthur Ray {ah … that felt good} :: is still out on bail while he awaits sentencing {which prolly won’t happen until next month because America is stupid}. This week the State will call witnesses in an effort to prove “aggravating factors” that will allow for a longer maximum sentence. But the ultimate length of the sentence is still going to be at the discretion of Judge Darrow. CNN was scheduled to cover the hearings :: but then decided not to because of their suck-a-tude.

Suck-a-tude is :: unfortunately :: incurable.

“CNN only cares about ratings … and advertisers … not about the public” :: says you alls in a huff.


It’s way worse than that!

CNN only cares about bundled subscription fees :: which you are forced to pay no matter how much CNN sucks. From media bistro

“As you can see in the chart, and as we explained earlier this week, the heart of the CNN (and cable) business is subscription fees, which account for around 50% of total revenue. Advertising and ancillary revenue streams account for the other 50%.

CNN’s pitch to investors and the press is that its business is healthy despite declining ratings in primetime.”

Their “business” is “healthy” in spite of the fact that people don’t like :: or want :: their product. If you want to watch futbol :: or football for that matter :: then you have to pay CNN for their suck via your cable provider. And who exactly owns CNN?  A cable provider!

Cause if you can’t compete :: cheat!

Speaking of cheaters :: attorneys for the recently arrested Jeremy Johnson argued last week that he’s not a flight risk :: and that he :: like Death Ray :: should be released from jail while he awaits trial.  The fact that he was caught at the airport with $26,400 in cash :: and a one-way ticket to Costa Rica :: ain’t helping his case.

Ai Weiwei was freed :: but not really :: because China still sucks … and totally has it coming. Weiwei’s been hit with a bogus $2 million “tax” bill and placed under a gag order. Maybe Jeremy Johnson can dig up that amount and send it over :: seeing as how he’s such a goddamned philanthropist and everything. Or maybe he should dig up that amount and send it to the IRS … because Johnson’s been hit with a not-bogus $2.6 million tax assessment himself.

Lots of happenings happening :: it’s gonna be a crazy summer upon my return.  But for now … legos …

>> bleep bloop


187 thoughts on “Cake and/or Death”

  1. To Mr. Salty:

    Glad to have you back.

    What on earth happened in court today? I checked Connie Joy’s site, but there were just some vague, woo-woo comments.

    I was hoping for something a little more specific.

      1. @Anne,

        Thank you so much for that.

        Reading that James Shore’s son asked Santa for his father back just broke my heart.

      2. @Anne,

        Forgot to add, I also hope that the families of the deceased go into a lot of detail about how their loved ones were unidentified, and that Ray did nothing whatsoever to help.

        I mean, it’s bad enough that he killed these people, then he just acted like nothing happened and couldn’t be bothered to even identify them?!?

        I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around that.

        1. @Hippo, Thank you for posting April’s tweets, I have been out of town and am catching up now…

  2. And by the way, does anybody know anything about the whereabouts of Megan and Josh Frederickson? I wish they’d get arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. Or something.

    I would love to see the shit-eating grins wiped off their faces.

    1. @nancy,

      Thank you for that. I am a bit unclear–does the jury determine if the aggravating factors apply, then the Judge decides what the sentence will be?

      1. @Hippo, Yes, that is exactly what will happen. In fact, the judge instructed the jury not to concern themselves with the sentence but to only concentrate on aggravating factors. Judge Darrow will do the sentencing, someone reported, mid-August. It is at his discretion depending on the jury’s findings but he is not a soft judge.

    2. @nancy

      Geez, did you see that face on James Ray as he listened to the horrible heartbreak and pain and loss that he caused?! — nothing, zilch, nada — not an emotion or feeling in his bloody heartless and cold and empty mind and body! He’d better not put on an act when they ask him if he has anything to say for himself ’cause I hope the judge and jury know that for the narcissist, there’s always tears just when you need them — as any good actor can provide. And damn it, tears are not enough.

      1. @Bonnie, You know, I did not see an image of him in the above referenced video clip. Did you see him elsewhere? Regardless, I think you might be referring to the look on his face we have all seen throughout this entire proceeding, save the prosecution’s close when he adopted a tragic sad sack expression.

        1. @nancy,

          There’s a few seconds clip of James Ray at 1:12 in that video link you posted — I’m not sure if that was from today, or whether they just inserted it from the previous trial footage — but he is void of all emotion in the midst of such gutwrenching heartache being shared. Dead man walking.

          1. @Bonnie,

            Gosh, if that were me, if I were responsible for those deaths, I would curl up in the fetal position under the table, sucking my thumb and sobbing.

            1. @Hippo,

              Hippo, if that were me, I would have taken my life by now — just like he took theirs.

          1. @Bonnie, Thanks! I viewed again and thought he was showing emotion — fear. His eyes were like saucers and he looks to be hyperventilating. He is thinking of himself, of course, not the victims or their loved ones.

            1. @nancy,

              We don’t see the same thing, Nancy, but that’s ok ;) — I just see a cold, emotionless “boy, I’ll be glad when this is all over so I can get back to my wonderful life” expression — empty, uncaring, dead — it’s no wonder he is so enamoured with all things about death and has no feelings or emotions for those around him who are dead or dying — he is so dead inside himself.

            2. Bonnie –admittedly, the fear was very fleeting and may have been right before the jury read their verdict. The rest of the time he is stone-faced.

  3. As James Ray’s days of freedom are coming to an end, here’s a twist on a good ole’ prison tune by Johnny Cash that’s kinda cute…

  4. I wonder if Jeremy Johnson’s attorney has to try really hard not to laugh when he’s giving the perfectly innocent explanations for all the cash and the one-way ticket out of the country.

    Congratulations to your sister, SD.

    1. @what?? ::

      The government is also wondering how Johnson has been paying his legal fees :: so I should think his lawyers are laughing little.

  5. Mr. Salty:

    My congratulations to your sister, also.

    I suppose that putting Little Droid on TOP of the cake would have been too much to ask of the bride and groom?

    Too bad–it would have been adorable.

  6. Tom Kelly makes statement to jury; says he is extremely disappointed by jury’s guilty verdict, that decision was made in 5 hours. A tweet from yesterday…

    You would think that Kelly would have known enough to sit down and shut up. Just how endearing does he think his self-righteous dressing down of the jury will be on their deliberation of the aggravated circumstances. Kelly embarrassed himself. I guess the jury did not live up to Kelly’s low opinion of them.

    Kelly, if you want to wag your finger at someone who let you down,…look at your client. Guilty, 3 times. Direct some of your righteous indignation to the one most in need…here is a tip as to who that may be…he’s the morally bankrupt individual who has been supplying you with an income. You had a fool for a client, who in turn, has made a fool out of you.

    1. @Omikse,

      Precisely. The entire defense was relegated to pointing fingers at everyone and accepting zero responsibility for their actions or the actions of their client.

      I received a meaningless response from CNN this morning in regard to the email I sent yesterday, inquiring as to why the trial was not live and why was the banner up for four days and pulled minutes prior to the scheduled time.


      Thank you for contacting! We understand and appreciate viewers’ interest in the James Ray trial. While Live will not be streaming the remainder of the proceedings, we will have live coverage of the verdict. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please stay tuned!

      Best Regards,

      Viewer Communications Management


      1. @Bethann,…Wow…maybe CNN went to the Tom Kelly school of communications and responsibility. It really is all about appearance. Glibly “…apologize for any inconvenience.”

        3 words…Chicken-Noodle-News…When it absolutely doesn’t matter, remember, you can always count on CNN.

      2. @Bethann, The email made me think about that maybe CNN has probably bizarrely overestimated the power of the cheery exclamation mark in the light of real human suffering.

    2. @Omikse, Yes, in one of the comments from one of the Jurors when he was interviewed after the trial he expressed shock at that statement from Tom Kelly!!

  7. Why does it take a whole month for the sentence to be implemented? If the jury gives their opinions now after listening to the families’ impact statements, why doesn’t the sentencing come about till August? Does that mean if they are filing an appeal he will not have to spend any time behind bars? Really, shouldn’t Darrow rule that now he has to turn himself in? Seriously, what the h*** is going on? Does that mean the jury is still trapped and not allowed to go back to their normal lives?

    Well, even though CNN went back on their promises, we did get word on how much this tragedy affected the three families. It reminds us that even with all the arguing and wrangling about the legal part, that this trial was ultimately about very real people and their families. I can’t even imagine how hard it was for them to sit through this trial and all the b.s. on the defense side. But they are in my prayers as is Colleen and also the people who were damaged. Even if Ray had not felt it was his fault, I can’t understand why he expresses no compassion or even says, “I’m sorry it happened.”

    1. @Linda Em,…I think that for Ray to say he was sorry, he would need to have empathy, which I don’t believe he possesses. For Ray to say he was sorry, might also have guilt attached to it, which I’m sure Kelly, Do and Li would never allow.

      I am equally sure that Ray is sorry, but only for his losses…his business, his home, his embarrassment, his short term ( so far )incarceration, his time, and his fabulous income potential. The only emotion we ever saw was when they were about to read the verdict, he was scared…but we have never seen any remorse, concern, or sympathy for what he has done…not once.

      1. @Omikse, This is so very, very sad. I am crying right now.

        How could Ray hear the family members and not break down in tears?Especially hearing and seeing their testimonies live? Especially knowing their sorrow was caused exclusively by him?

        Because James Ray is a stone-cold monster that barely resembles a human being. My apologies to stones and monsters for the comparison.

        1. @Jean D,…I believe it’s all about how Ray feels about himself, not how he feels about anyone else. It has always seemed to be that way, his one and only concern was for himself. No one else has suffered the way he has…”It was the worst day of my life.”…yes, Ray, but you got to live and make that asshole statement. Ray is tuned into channel Ray…All Ray, All The Time.

        2. @Jean D,

          I understand the tears I cried yesterday as I watched a mother, daughter and wife speak of their unspeakable loss.

          I was able to see most of the trial online, and with the exception of one point in time that Ray shed a few tears over his former friend Lou Caci, Ray remained stoic, head thrust back in a defensive demeanor.

          He reminds me of Scott Peterson.

          Ray isn’t a man motivated by good will toward his fellow human beings and a desire to contribute, but only toward his own selfish desires.

          I am so hoping Ray serves time in jail. Fear may be enough of a motivator to prevent him from another grievious crime.

          Add probation to the jail time, so he’s under the authority of the courts.

      2. @Omikse,

        James has always said never to say you are sorry. You don’t want the word *sorry* to come after I AM.

        However, he has moments of brightness and I would think that he could come up with another phrase that would convey some feeling. His lack of willingness to apologize or empathize is why his life is in the mess it is in and why he is continually plagued with lawsuits. Every step of the way he could have handled things differently and altered the outcome. But apparently he likes to create the most chaos that he can in his life. “The greatest growth is on the border of chaos and order.”

        A kind word works wonders at smoothing over hurt feelings. I wonder how many kind words he will get in the joint. I guess he has to hit rock bottom before he can learn real compassion.

        Here’s to your growth, James.

        1. @White Rabbit, There are very few contributors on The Secret who do not suffer the same issues as James Ray. After all that IS why they are there. They were specially chosen for their ability to CON people into believing something to make them rich. It was and is ALL about money, nothing else. If it was about anything else these people would be SORRY but they have no conscience in that regard so they have no ability to say sorry or empathise. Just look at all the ones who have been exposed, they are all the same type of people. Egotistical maniacs who lack the ability to be honest or ethical and who are slowly seeing their pathetic lives dwindle away along with their much craved fake wealth.

          1. @Cheeky,

            Weren’t most of them in the Transcendental Leadership Council? They dumped James like a hot potato after this came out. I wonder how their businesses have fared since this whole thing happened.

    2. @Linda Em,

      The judge needs time to deliberate on the sentencing too, once the jury’s verdict is in. He needs a cool head and some distance to be as objective as possible and do his job right.
      He will also be rationally backing up his decisions as much as possible since he is making a judgement call and can expect it to be challenged—it needs a lot of thought and it would be a very foolish judge who didn’t do his homework and give it lot of thought.

  8. How totally f*ck*d up is your case if you get up during the aggravated portion of the trial and tell the jury that you didn’t think they deliberated long enough on their client AND you told them you disagreed with their verdict? Better to say nothing than to say that. Way to Win, Kelly.

    1. @mirele, I know right! He did everything but call them(jury)fools and idiots! and that coming from a first class,A#1 asshole.He reminds me of the jaded ‘unfrozen caveman lawyer’ that Phil Hartman portrayed on SNL….The jury probably has his picture their conference room so they can throw darts at him…And the other two aren’t much better..

      1. @machineageart, Takes one to know one so i guess thats why James Ray chose them. That quality comes at a hefty price and JR will be very poor for a very very long time paying for his sins in every conceivable way. Stupidity comes at a price, just ask a few of the other SECRET people who have been exposed. Skeletons in the closet ALWAYS come alive.

    2. @mirele, @machineageart probably left them all really angry…during the whole trial he treated almost every witness with condescension and disdain and then Li’s final statement was acting as if the jury was a bunch of idiots. These people did a lot of very hard work and also a probably had a great deal of trauma themselves listening to all of this. It’s true maybe if they spent more time they would have come back with a worse verdict. Instead of appreciating what they all did and that they obviously gave his client the best they thought he deserved, they are getting blamed for not spending enough time on their decision? Come on now.

      And I still think he should be behind bars now while he awaits the judge’s decision. Unless the judge is planning on giving him probation? I sure hope not. Somehow I don’t think he will walk out of that courtroom alive if he gets only probation. I’m sure there are people who would be out to get him. At the very least his reputation is shot to hell…now the rest of him needs to go there as well…I think it gets very hot and they don’t open the door at all between “rounds”. But not to worry, there’s no charge to him, he’s more than that and knows how to play full on.

      1. @Linda Em, Me thinks Kelly got his law degree from the ‘university of wallmart’….

          1. @Omikse, I think it was an overstock buyout and Kelly ended up with one.Lucky for us huh..

      2. @Linda Em, He just showed them that he not only got into the JR costume for the case but he also absorbed himself in thinking like him. Assholes will always be assholes otherwise they would choose another profession but everything else is too honest for them.

        1. @Cheeky,

          If you are referring to the legal profession, please remember that our esteemed host, Salty Droid, is a lawyer, as is the incomparable Shelia Polk. Plenty of lawyers are honest, honorable people who fight the good fight for justice and fairness.

  9. Just read on Twitter that Arizona upholds convictions 96 percent of the time.

    Good luck with the appeal DeathRay.


    1. @Ryan Healy ::

      And that doesn’t even count boiler rooms … or MLM’s … cause those are Utah’s legit “industries”.

    2. @Ryan Healy, I see on it where it says:

      “Utah, for some reason, has a high propensity for breeding fraud”

      Do you know about if the “breeding” part was probably supposed to be a play on words?

  10. The jury went home today without reaching a verdict.Or maybe they did and just want to give it some time so as not to disappoint Tom Kelly….

    1. @machineageart, I believe they wanted to carefully count the years to make sure he has the best chance at getting double digits…

  11. I just saw a post on another site, it made me stop and really see the control Ray had over others.

    The issue is ‘hair’…to shave your head or not to shave your head. The participants were urged to shave their heads as a symbolic shedding of ego and vanity. You could choose not to, but you might miss out on some implied mystical experience and perhaps be seen as vain, or you could do as you were heavily suggested, and shave it all off…..

    But wait just a minute… Rays’ room at Angel Valley they found a prescription bottle of Propecia which is a medication used to treat male pattern baldness. So for Ray, vanity and ego were okay…but followers needed to be abjectly treated. Another great moment brought to you by the folks who say “Don’t do as I do. Do as I say”…Stunning…

    I wonder what ever happened to leading by example…Hmmm…

    1. @Omikse, ROFLMAO that is unbelievable and how JEALOUS was James Ray of others who had a full head of hair, soooooooooo he made them shave it off as a symbol of intimidation and control. What a freakin wanker.

      1. @Bethann,…LOL…Just “Visualizing” Ray as a spiritual person…too funny!!

        “Today, James Ray International, INC. specializes in giving individuals the knowledge and skills necessary to build relationships, teams, and business and industry leadership. Because of his commitment to understanding and influencing human behavior, he and his associates have done extensive personal studies in organizational development, human potential, neuro-linguistics, accelerated learning techniques and various other cutting edge technologies, which enable individuals to open up their untapped potential and utilize their own entrepreneurial spirit to improve themselves and the companies for which they work.” excerpt from “The Secret Story”…..
        ( notice no mention of spirituality…”..his commitment to understanding and influencing human behavior,”..yeah, and using it against them at a later date…)

        definition of Spiritual:
        1. of soul: relating to the soul or spirit, usually in contrast to material things
        2.of religion: relating to religious or sacred things rather than worldly things

        So, Ray is NOT a ‘material guy’??…Ray is NOT interested in ‘worldly things’??…Ray is spiritual??…ya’ know…maybe Ray can find the prison library and spend his time actually learning the meaning of the words he chooses to bandy about.

        Ray is a Material Warrior.

    2. @Omikse, He should just let himself go bald so he more closely resembles the prick he really is…..

    3. @Omikse,

      Shaved heads. Just like Manson’s Followers, the Moonies, Heaven’s Gate and every other brainwashing cult. That should have been a warning sign for those who went to DeathRay’s brainwash jamborees.

  12. Does anyone know what’s going on in the jury or court room today or are they all visiting the Wild Animal Park next door?

  13. I really hope the jury votes to uphold the ‘aggravating circumstances’ charge. They will feel a lot better about it when they learn of all the toxic waste JAR spewed out that wasn’t allowed in testimony…

    1. @Facts,

      Can you explain to me, if the jury is deadlocked, is that the same as them finding that the aggravating factor does not apply in that situation?

      Or will the jury try to reach a decision on these things later?

      Not sure how it works.

  14. The sad thing is,the jury really doesn’t know how culpable he really is on ALL three counts… Thanks to his lying,rat pack defense team… They should surely vote for the emotional harm though…..

  15. The defendant is free, and the jury has been handcuffed by a bully defense.

    When I sent the email to the PT I praised their honest, sincere, dedicated attempts, as well as sharing my experience.

    Still hoping …

  16. I don’t think they will bag him for “pecuniary gain.” On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine the jury won’t ring “God” aka “Ray of Death” up with installing himself into a “unique position of trust.” You tell me…

  17. Jury finds state has PROVEN aggravating factor of emotional harm towards victims families on all 3 counts….

    1. @Omikse, Jury finds State has PROVEN aggrav factor re: unique position of trust on count 2 (Liz Neuman); deadlocked on other aggravators.

    1. Oh, to have been there to have seen his face!!!…then to have seen Kelly, Do and Li with the smirks wiped away!…..PRICELESS!!!!! A Kodak Moment!!!

  18. Well,that should carry some merit in the judges finale decision for sentencing.Especially the Liz Neuman count on top…I hope they take JAR strait to the poke.. Like “NOW’!

  19. Judge Darrow is privileged with far more information than the jurors. Three deaths, 19 hospitalizations, past events with multiple injuries.

    Stephen Ray, Daniel P, Sydney Spenser, with life long neurological damage, former employee’s who refuse to support Ray.

    Mitigating factor’s by the defense, no prior convictions.

    I’m trusting Judge Darrow with this one …

    1. @Bethann,

      Well, him not requesting Death Ray be taken into custody immediately after all these findings does not sound too good.

      1. @Bonnie, I agree. The jury has to carry this around on their backs until the trial is finally over; the families have to carry it their whole lives and the perp gets to go spend 4th of July with friends and family and maybe even do some more seminars to make money. I can’t imagine what Darrow is thinking? Has he been brainwashed? WWBPD (What would Belvin Perry Do?)

      2. @Bonnie,

        Ray should have been jailed as a flight risk. He’s got nothing left to lose now. It’s likely he hid his remaining assets in offshore accounts under assumed names or dummy corporations and will have access to that money if he flees the country.

        If he does flee, send Dog The Bounty Hunter after him.

        1. @Facts,

          Oh, for sure he’s still got plenty of money stashed away — he made almost half a million just on that Death Lodge event itself! Times how many events a year, times how many years? Not to mention how much he raked in with his Wealth Society, plus other memberships, plus affiliate fees for all the other fraudulent money making schemes he was associated with. When I heard that they cut his bail because he couldn’t afford it, I was flabberghasted. How could anybody believe that?!

      3. @Bonnie,

        Ray’s wearing Depends at this point. No matter how much his DT does the happy dance, he knows he’s going down.

        The idea of his counting down his days, I find somewhat appealing.

        (And truly, I don’t suffer from revenge fantasy’s, my life goes on :)

    2. @Bethann, Hey bethann,we certainly think alike on our posts..I was just going to comment on the same subject. It seems like sort of a paradox here. Because, the judge has all the information and evidence that the jury did NOT have, and yet he is asking them to vote on aggravating causation.How much weight will their verdict carry in his sentencing on MR>PRICK? The only thing I don’t agree with you on is your trust in Darrow. I just really have reservations about his aptitude as judge in this case… Now he just let a convicted felonX3 walk away…AGAIN.. I just hope we are all not deflated by a ridiculously light sentence from JD….

      1. @machineageart,

        I agree, it’s why I enjoyed your posts on IS :) Identifier :)

        When I look in a mirror, sometimes I need eternal optimism, it moves me forward, ergo Judge Darrow.

        Speaking of Judge Darrow … give ’em enough rope they hang themselves. Didn’t JD do this? And didn’t the DT comply :)

        Bonnie …

        Why put JAR in jail? He hasn’t proved a flight risk, (using propecia, laughing with defense counsel in the presence of victims is not a crime).

        Still hoping …

        1. @Bethann, I hope your intuitiveness for J.Darrow is correct. Believe me I’ve never ‘so’ wanted to be wrong in my life… PS> Stay with your ‘eternal optimism’. I’m just the opposite and it is such a burden sometimes.LOL>

  20. Per April Santiago’s tweet … sentencing on July 25, JAR remains free on bail.

    (Enjoy your little black pack Ray, it will not accompany you to tent city :)

  21. I must be tired ~ I forgot a word ~ yeppers ~ IMO ~ the feds will get HIM (JR)on something

  22. “”””Apparently they bought into Kelly’s BS that the $ went to JRI not JAR.””””

    Well they have just given every person affected by these assholes the right to do whatever they want to them and claim that it was THE COMPANY THAT BENEFITED NOT THEM. Well………..I guess everyone is getting very busy now. These guys are going to be soooo paranoid from now on.

  23. That cake robot photo is classic. I can only imagine that little guy was once on top of your very own wedding cake. And of course, seeing I’m on a month long sugar free diet right now, I’m dying for a piece of wedding cake. Ok I’ll just gnaw on a cat chew toy instead.

    What the hell is going on with this hearing? I can’t make heads or tails out of it. I need to read something comprehensive…looking forward to your analysis SD. Now off to stalk LaVaughn.

  24. This is one of the best sites I’ve read on the web. I’ve been finding out a lot about various “teachers” who were in “The Secret” as well as the “syndicate” from your site.

    I considered ordering some of their stuff in the past but luckily I didn’t. I’ve also unsubscribed myself from their email lists and going as far as to block any future emails with my spam filters.

    Whenever I didn’t respond to a past email to buy something, they would either send another email “extending” the deadline, ask “what’s wrong and why didn’t I respond to the last email” or offer another product as a consolation prize in order to start the cycle all over again.

    It was basically hard sell, pressure tactics wrapped up in a “love bombing” campaign typically used by cults.

    Now it seems like all the pressure is off and there’s not as much tension as if I cast off a whole bunch of psychic vampires and parasites.

    Thanks Droid. You freed another one.

    1. @Free At Last, Nice to hear it! I was sucked in too for a while several years ago. That’s one of the reasons why I am so passionate about this case.

      Yes this website is extremely valuable and important.

      1. @jamo, Me too. I hate these guys with a vengeance now that I have done my own research and proven beyond a shadow of doubt that none of them have the qualifications or experience to do what they are attempting to do especially guys like James Ray and David Schirmer. They are two of the biggest parasites on the secret I think.

  25. Does each aggravating factor carry a specific amount of weight, or can the judge just give Ray as much or as little of the extra jail time as he wants?

  26. Also, does anyone know anything about this latest motion for a mistrial?

    The defense is making a pretty big stink over Ms. Polk’s failure to properly enter an exhibit, and it looks like they could be right.

    I don’t know what the Judge’s options are–can someone enlighten me?

  27. Wiki says that “James’ father was an Oklahoma preacher in occasional poverty for a decade” the reality is that these guys will always experience poverty because they steal so much from other people. It is the result of their evil.

    1. @Kalem, They were not in poverty.Nor was he bullied. Many people who knew them say the Rays lived comfortably and Ray was the bully. This is the typical “pity me” ploy of the sociopath. James Ray’s marketing technique; “I came so far in my life, you can,too,if you do what I say”.

  28. From Connie Joy’s site, and it should come with a warning…Ray still does not get it…I am in utter disgust…

    From: On Behalf Of Dr. Tony Alessandra 858-999-2119
    Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:06 PM
    Subject: [CSPlink] Re: More on James Arthur Ray

    …I just received this email from James Ray. He needs help from all those who really know him. I’ve volunteered to testify as a character witness in Aug.or Sept. prior to sentencing. ALL your letters will help his case.

    From: James Ray
    Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8:58 PM
    To: Tony Alessandra ( )
    Subject: help James Ray

    Tony I need as many letters of support as possible talking about the good I’ve done and WHY I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOING MY WORK and get probation versus prison. Can you help me? How do they know me, what have I done for them or what have they observed me do, what do they know about my character, work ethic, contribution, WHY SHOULD I BE ALLOWED TO GET BACK AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, ETC.
    You mentioned that many speakers have made supportive comments to you, can you get them to write letters-the more the better. My lawyers want to give them to the judge to help sway his sentence. Have them send via email to . Attachment with a signature is best but if not possible can be in the body of the email.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    James Arthur Ray

    1. @Omikse, MY God! Can something be ‘unbelievable’ and not ‘surprising’ at the same time?

    2. @Omikse,

      Yeah, don’t send them directly to the Judge, send them to James Ray. So he can alter them and send them to the Judge himself. Still trying to control EVERYTHING. Please.

    3. @Omikse,

      Will the defense be performing background checks on any of these, “potential witnesses?”

      And emails presented in court as, “testimony,” to Ray’s credibility?

      Who is left to support JAR?

      A few multi-level marketer’s, groupie’s and a DT of sycophants still counting their gold, and believing they have a healthy corporate image.

      JAR is a man in desperation seeking to regain his former status, (what he believed it to be).

      The party’s over Ray, time to put your pants on and go home.

    4. @Omikse,

      Looks like Mr Tony Alessandra is the next one that maybe should be investigated by the Droid. At the very least, I know this has and will tarnish his own reputation and lose him a lot of customers and business — after all, publicity is everything. And as everyone knows, who you associate with plays very high up there too.

      1. @Bonnie, I remember when JAR promoted at Tony Alessadra at one of his events in 2002. He had seminars and on-line teaching business program called the “Platnum Rule.” Have not heard much about since then.

    5. @Omikse, This letter is striking. A sense of outrage that he (JAR) may have to go to jail. Practically demands (the word “please” does not appear in the text) that the recipient help him. Very little gratitude. Finally, a sense of very deep desparation but devoid of any dispair. No repentence or acknowledgement of responsibility. Psychopath.

      1. @Pathfinder,…I wonder how many other cons, and scammers are on Ray’s contact list for being a “character witness”? I wonder if Bob Proctor can spare some time for Ray? It is so twisted and nasty. Will there be justice? Ray is about as far from being a spiritual warrior as one can get. If you don’t have “it”, you can’t teach “it”. Ray is a material warrior. He is a “gimme warrior”, and he keeps on taking. He is not noble or dignified. And now he asks the other rats to come to his aid…and you are right, all without a “please”, and there will be no “thank-you” coming either.

        Bottom line, in Rays’ tiny, twisted, psychopathic mind….it’s ALL about him. Somebody, please set his alarm, he is so in need of a wake-up call…..

  29. That it absolutely disgusting. Do these people not have a compassionate bone in their bodies. For Gods sake James Ray is STILL manipulating people in his favour to do things that suits HIM. EVERYBODY should step aside, have their opinions outside of the courts and let the court do its job. I realize that JR is hoping to manipulate the jury and convince them by having people say nice things about him and I am sure he has done some nice things BUT this is a man who is seriously ONLY thinking about himself. He should be left to his own devices to answer for his own actions WITHOUT the help of anyone else. Whatever the cost RAY SHOULD PAY!!! He was the ONLY person who had a financial interest in charging so much money for an event that cost several peoples lives. I am so digusted in both James Ray and the people he has manipulated into believing that he can help them. For christs sake people LOOK – its the INFORMATION that has helped NOT the person. Wake up and smell reality. WHAT PRICE IS THE COST OF A LIFE (let alone several)????????????

    1. @Shitum, That is why it is very important for those of us who knew him and were former participants to send letters attesting to the harm JAR has caused as a result of his actions. I have already sent a letter stating such to the prosecution. Another is going to Judge Darrow.

    2. @Shitum,

      This is why I am hoping that the Judge can include an injunction (?–I know that’s the wrong word) or something which prohibits Ray from engaging in self-help seminars for a certain number of years after he has served his sentence.

      Look at him–angling for probation so he can go back to doing the exact destructive things he did before.

      Even if he doesn’t kill anyone else, he’s causing emotional harm, and at the very least, he is NOT giving people their money’s worth.

  30. What I don’t understand is why they separated the hearings: aggravating and mitigating. In our 2 Death Penalty cases, they had ONE hearing where both were presented then the jury weighed if mitigating outweighed aggravating then came back with their recommendation. I don’t get this separation. This whole sentencing phase seems whacked to me.

    1. @katiecoolady, Hey Cool Katie. How ya doing? This whole trial is ‘whacked’. Every time you think its finally coming to a conclusion, there is some new bullshit to deal with.Now there’s another defense allegation of undisclosed evidence. It seems like it will NEVER end… I think LI’s marathon closing was longer than the entire Casey Anthony trial… And Darrow’s denial of Sheila Polk’s request for Ray to be jailed until sentencing is disturbing, and make’s you wonder where his sentiments lie…. leniency? I surly hope NOT…

      1. @machineageart, Maybe Rays defence team know there’s more in that mansion yet and they want the lot of it not just most. James Ray is gone because if and when he does get out his life will NEVER be the same EVER AGAIN. The potential he had to make big money has long past, it will be just about survival now because there is no way someone convicted can be taken seriously in the selfish help forum by anyone who actually has money. The rest of the sheeples wont have enough for Ray. So he’s looking at time, bankruptcy and disgrace. Does he have kids? What a freakin legacy.

  31. Here’s one tiny piece of good news:

    People Magazine ran a blurb about JAR in their “Passages” section this week. It was short and factual, just about the verdicts.

    However, the photo they ran was one of the “Stupd Face” pictures from when Ray came to court unshaven back in February.

    Mr. Salty likes the term “Stupid Face,” so I used it, although I probably would have called it a “Crazy Eye” picture.

  32. As a lover of mysteries and a mystery writer, I ponder this:

    Is it possible the judge is being paid off?
    Will James Ray really go to prison or will he, like a true
    sociopath, jump bail and become a teacher/master in another

    Something is wrong here … why is the the judge not
    remanding him and revoking his bail?

    My question now is this: is the judge sullied too?

    Food for thought

    1. @cmg,

      I too have been wondering if the judge was/is being paid off. Wouldn’t surprise me. I guess we shall soon see by his final judgement, after all he knows and has seen and heard — and that’s A LOT!

      1. @Bonnie, I was wondering if it was the Good Ole Boy thing since Darrow and Tom Kelley are buds..

        1. @wondering why,

          Judge Darrow and Creepy Kelly are buddies??? I wonder if Sheila Polk knew/knows that??!!!

          1. @Anne, They were attorneys on the same trial way back when..They know each other for sure..

            1. @wondering why,

              I knew that they were co-counsel on a case for a few weeks, 17 years ago, but that doesn’t mean they are buddies. I’m not pals with everyone I’ve ever worked with.

    2. @cmg, To shove it back at these people who fake authority and who have given themselves the authority to Lord it over others:

      “For nothing is hid, that shall not be made manifest; nor anything’secret, that shall not be known and come to light.” Luke8:17

      Maybe judge is just being cautious given the noise the defense is making. But I’m sure he knows this trial is SERIOUS because these people might have been James Ray’s victims but there are THOUSANDS of others around the world who are potential victims and that means many more potential civil cases pending. These self help gurus (and self appointed by the way) should direct all of the money they get from selling their rubbish to a defense fund because they will need it. People who Lord it over others and write and talk as if they have authority on a subject that there is no authority on except the bible and even that is disputed or even a book that some guy wrote 100 years ago, should be totally ashamed of themselves. They are the ones who need to watch their backs for the rest of their natural lives now.

    3. @cmg, Judge Darrow sure seemed biased (pro defense) during many of his rulings but I think if he were “paid-off” he would have given a mistrial during the “Brady violation” or at some other point. However it has always been my contention that manslaughter would have been easy to prove if Ray were ever retried due to Dr Clark’s testimony which would have proven “prior knowledge”. So it probably would have been bad luck on the part of Ray to have gotten a retrial. If Judge Darrow had ruled it a “mistrial with prejudice” meaning Ray was completely off the hook, then I would think, like you that Darrow was paid-off.

      1. @jamo,
        I read somewhere that apparently a trial this big and complicated has been a severe financial strain on Yavapai’s budget what with across the board cuts etc.

        I think that they were all mindful of the cost of staging this one and the extended costs of staging another one if a mistrial was called. So that might account for Darrow’s extreme caution in his rulings.

        In the real world everybody has to keep an eye on the budget, except for the likes of James Arthur Ray who has only ever spent OPM–other peoples money.

  33. This ain’t Judge Darrow’s first rodeo. He’s been on the bench for seven years. This case has garnered national attention, and I believe he’ll take a moderate/fair approach … five and five.

    If I’m wrong, I’ll become one of the active stumpers for changes in the law, (I might anyway :)

    I believe it’s so important he spend time in prison. It validates the victims, it places this crazy industry in a position of caution, and it is an impetus for legal change.

    1. @Bethann,

      I would not call “five and five” for this case and all the circumstances surrounding it and JAR “fair” — maybe if nobody had of died.

      1. @Bonnie,

        Given the jury’s decision, I consider it fair. Given the industry and JAR … life in prison would have been the best option.

        I’m not condoning Bonnie, only looking at the best option available. Ten years out of service for JAR is a viable option. He will have little means available.

        His attorney’s will drop him like a hot rock, once he’s imprisoned. They cannot afford the hit. Any prison time will appear a liability, to Munger, Tolles and Olson.

        1. @Bethann,

          I read somewhere, either here on the Droid or on someone else’s blog that the jury only has to agree on ONE aggravating factor in order for the judge to be allowed to give the maximum sentence — which they did, plus part of another — which is why I don’t think that “five and five” is “fair”. I think “fair” for what he has done and has given plenty of evidence that he “continues” to want to do, is the maximum allowed. He’s just damn lucky they didn’t have all the facts and thus, convicted him on the lesser charge only. I’m sure they’ll all be kicking themselves as they learn more about what happened and who and what James Ray actually is and does. Also, if Judge Darrow is lenient with him and James hurts or kills someone else, which he will, Judge Darrow will have a lot to answer for, as well as “why?”

          1. @Bonnie,

            I admit to being a little lost here, law is not my strength. I see three counts against Ray on emotional harm and one against Ray, Liz Neuman, on violation of trust.

            Help us out here Salty … our AZ droid :)

            Are we looking at 3.7 per each count?

            (Bonnie, again, I look at stifling and suppressing Ray as an advantage. Notice, no one in the industry, the big names, are rescuing this imitiation of a man)

          2. @Bonnie,

            Is this true? The Judge can give the maximum extra penalty for the aggravating factors even though the jury did not agree on all of them?

            I hope you’re right.

          3. @Bonnie,

            From what I’ve read, full sentences are rarely given. Mitigating factor’s for Ray include no priors and good behavior while on bond.

            My comment regarding time was not a personal preference, 5/5 but what I determined as a moderate approach I thought Judge Darrow would take.

            Personally, I prefer he be given the maximum sentence.

            1. @Bethann,
              Personally, I’d like him strung up by the heels from the nearest tree, so perhaps its just as well that we have a judge with (hopefully) no axe to grind either way to make the final decision.

  34. from Connie Joy’s FB page:

    1) Sheila Polk did not make an error with the recording. It was admitted as evidence and the mistrial motion is most likely going to go the way all the others have: nowhere.
    2) James is free on bail because probation is an option and this is pret…ty standard. Defendants who are free on bail and become Convicted felons get to stay free if they have conformed to the conditions of their bail and if prison time is not mandatory.
    3) Judge Darrow, while we may not like it, is not doing anything any different than he has done in any other case. He is extra cautious because he doesn’t want appeal or mistrial. He historically does show bias to the defense, not just to James.
    4) Judge Darrow cannot read any letters or Connie’s book until the trial is OVER. So, sending him anything that can be entered into evidence is counterproductive; send all letters to Sheila and or Diskin.
    5) they have received about 30 letters to date and would like more. We have time. If you haven’t done so yet, and feel strongly that James has harmed you—please write it in a letter and let your voice be heard.

    1. @Omikse,

      Good to know about that mistrial motion. Thanks.

      I was afraid the defense motion had legs.

  35. Interesting…I posted a question about whether the judge was sullied
    and/or paid off.. and it has been removed?
    Who is running this forum?

    1. @cmg,

      Perhaps you are too entangled in your mysteries if you can make a conspiracy theory out of your own failure to look at a printed page properly.

      1. The above footage was shot in Moscow in 1989, shortly after glasnost. If you look closely at the crowd you can see the many, many flat caps of the extraordinarily brutal Moscow police, keeping an eye on things.
        The crowd is unperturbed by their presence.
        That tickled me.

  36. Thank you for the link Anne.

    Stoic … I agree with you, and believe JAR fell just short of murder. My past comments are an attempt to treat this situation with the unfortunate reality of what is.

    I watched an interview with Ray, and don’t recall which station, but a psychotherapist was interviewed at the same time, and denounced The Secret and JAR’s promotion. Quick camera cut to Ray, his jaw was clenched, his lips taut and pulled back. It was frightening, as if I was looking at a rabid dog about to strike.

    I’ve emailed the PT with both my thanks and my experience, and if Ray does not receive a jail sentence from Darrow, I will send him a letter of disapproval.

    Darrow is well aware of Ray’s past behavior, the PT attempted many times to have his prior behavior admitted. Darrow also received letters from the developers of holotropic breathing and spiritual warrior. Ray was using material without certification and without permission.

    And typical of a narcissist like Ray, he isn’t apologizing for behavior and asking for leniency. No lesson learned. He simply wants support from his fellow scammers.

    1. @Bethann, What about all the music they play without licenses, the material they reprint without licenses, the figures they fudge to avoid paying commissions etc. They are all freakin frauds and are getting the LOA right back at them. JR is no saint, he should stand up and be a man and take his medicine fair and square.

    2. @Bethann, The only reason JR fell short of murder is because he did well …… NOTHING ….. and certainly nothing to help the people in distress. His help came in the form of mind manipulation, then denial, then blame. Simply charming JR, worth it?

      1. @Shadowone, The only reason JR fell short of murder is because he did well …… NOTHING ….. and certainly nothing to help the people in distress.

        I might agree with that if he did not keep people from leaving in between rounds and then discourage people from leaving then. As it stands he not only made a deadly environment, he actively kept people in it.

    1. @Mario, Thanks for that link. It explained why CNN did what they did as far as covering the trial although it doesn’t explain why they didn’t send someone with more experience. Also, the reason why they had problems with the audio on several occasions. Had we known some of the human story from the people in charge of bringing us this trial perhaps we would not have been so harsh on them. But then again, maybe they didn’t want to make their family situation public, which is perfectly understandable.

  37. Anyone who has met the D’bag comments on his eyes not looking normal. She thought they looked like the eyes of a shark. I’ve said for years looking into Death Ray’s eyes they remind of a rat. Almost black without pupils. They really don’t look human. Admittedly I’ve never liked the bastard, but I actually suspect he’s some form of species that lacks human feeling.

    I’m just sayin’…this dude is just not normal. Besides he’s a prick.

    1. @Mario,
      Something I’ve noticed in sociopaths I’ve known is that if you catch their eye there is a distinct lack of response there, as if they are dead behind the eyes.
      It comes as a shock to the system when you are used to the many and varied eye interactions from normal people.
      Chilling to encounter–it unforunately reminds me of my father, now long dead for real.

      1. @Stoic, There’s a book called The Sociopath Next Door. The cover is all eyes and it’s a point the author makes early on. There’s something in the eyes. It’s unsettling and it triggers an instinctual response. In my experience they range from a shark-like deadness to a kind of empty glassiness to pure evil. I’ve encountered all three in varying circumstances and have learned the hard way that when my intuition is screaming RUN, I really should, you know, run. The eyes are the windows of the soul. I really believe that.

        That book is very accessible, btw, and I found reading it to be very helpful. One of the scariest I ever met was actually someone I had had a close working relationship with. I read that book and one of the case studies in that book WAS her for all intents and purposes.

        1. @LaVaughn, I just wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated your blogs..Very clear and concise..Thank you so much for your valuable input!!

    2. @Mario, Ditto David Schirmer. He has the creepiest eyes, evil looking, turns out they are.

    3. @Mario, Yes, I have met another sociopath like that..The eyes are so black that there is no pupil or the pupil takes up the entire eye..It is creepy..

    4. @Mario,

      Point taken about Ray’s eyes. I like the shark analogy, but must protest the comment about rats.

      Domestic, pet rats are the sweetest little creatures ever. I am disabled and not strong enough to handle a dog or a cat, so I have three hairless rats. Two of them have red eyes, and one has black eyes.

      The black-eyed one, I am happy to say, is no James Ray. All three are very loving and affectionate.

  38. Several of us who posted on the IS boards knew the Casey Anthony trial would take precedence over the JAR trial and CNN would be monitoring the live hits. We hoped the Conrad Murray trial wouldn’t throw us out completely, and it didn’t, it was postponed. Greatful for what we were able to view live … primarily, the prosecution team.

    Thinking this evening if JAR is given parole …

    Where does he go from here? What events could he schedule? Spiritual Warrior is gone, holotropic breathing, Hawaiian Huna, gone. Where will his beautiful offices be? Who will work for him? What hotels will welcome his promotions? And what Churches of Religious Science will welcome his return?

    He’s left with a twitter account which pays on the number of followers, and a few worthless books.

    The good news is, James Arthur Ray has passed his expiration date.

    1. @Bethann, If JAR is given parole; I bet he finds a nice little upscale church somewhere with help from his ‘bling’ wearing preacher father. He’ll fall to his knees in front of the congregation and declare how he has been ‘saveda’ and I have ‘seenna the errors of my ways’a’, and he’ll cry and weep and the congregation will cry and weep,and he’ll beg for their forgiveness,and they will forgive him because they LOVE to forgive,(hell they HAVE to forgive,It’s GODS law). Then He’ll beg them for help to start his new ‘ministry’ and he’ll pass the basket and they will stuff it full of cabbage and so on and so forth. Granted it doesn’t provide the mega bucks like the world wealth scam,but hey,it’s a living……

      1. @machineageart, LOL. That scenario is plausible, but I suspect that JAR would have a hard time sticking to born-again Christianity, even on the surface. He’s too much into the bastardization of those “heathen” indigenous cultures and traditions. Even if he can’t run phony sweat lodges any more he can still find some way to pretend to share ancient (albeit JAR-proprietary) wisdom from other cultures and spiritual paths.

        OTOH, the prosperity-Christianity market *is* booming, so if he could maintain the reformed-sinner masquerade for a couple of years he could probably make a bunch of money. He might very well decide to go the David Schirmer route and hide out among the Christians.

        One way or the other, we can probably count on him to always be cooking up new scams (or finding new ways to “contribute to society” as his plaintive email put it) — whether he labels what he’s doing a ministry, a mission, an opportunity, or some other euphemism.

        In other words, although it would be nice to imagine that JAR has truly passed his expiration date, as @Bethann suggested, I don’t think we can take anything for granted. Remember, there are still a LOT of folks out there who frame the entire Death Lodge incident as the victims not taking “personal responsibility” for their own well-being. If JAR talks a good game to these people, or to those who have no knowledge of or interest in this incident, there is no telling who might be willing to support him.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,…probation could still include some things that might prove difficult even for Ray.

          Probation literally means testing of behaviour or abilities. In a legal sense, an offender on probation is ordered to follow certain conditions set forth by the court, often under the supervision of a probation officer. Offenders are ordinarily required to refrain from subsequent possession of firearms, and may be ordered to remain employed, abide to a curfew, live at a directed place, obey the orders of the probation officer, or not leave the jurisdiction. The probationer may be ordered as well to refrain from contact with the victims (such as a former partner in a domestic violence case), with potential victims of similar crimes (such as minors, if the instant offense involves child sexual abuse), or with known criminals, particularly co-defendants. Additional restrictions can include: a ban on possession or use of alcoholic beverages, even if alcohol was not involved in the original criminal charges. Offenders on probation might be fitted with an electronic tag (or monitor), which signals their whereabouts to officials. Also, offenders have been ordered to submit to repeated alcohol/drug testing or to participate in alcohol/drug or psychological treatment, or to perform community service work.

          Ray might have to change his address from California to an Arizona address…anything is possible. I don’t think that he would have many people in an Arizona church, no matter how up-scale it might be.

          1. @Omikse, @Cosmic Connie, Probation may not be a deterrent for Ray. Our criminal system has a bad track record of conducting probation on even some of the worst criminals. Sure, they say they have to check in, but let’s not forget Stacy Dugard. Phillip Garrido was a complete psycho and very dangerous and not only did he get an early release, but his probation officers did not check anything that was going on right under their noses for YEARS! It’s just too bad we don’t have Hammurabi’s Code of Law…that way he would have to suffer what he inflicted upon the other people.

            1. @Linda Em, The reality is that these guys will suffer what they inflicted upon others when they get ‘released’ and they have to live with it.

            2. @coco,

              ‘that these guys will suffer what they inflicted upon others’

              Ah, if only that were true. DeathRay earned his name by inflicting unnecessary, painful and premature death on at least four of his customers, in the guise of ‘spiritual growth’

              Being somewhat of a moral throwback, I would be more than happy to see DeathRay suffering the same unnecessary and painful premature death that he inflicted on his customers. Sadly, it is unlikely to happen.

              But then, I don’t really believe that my personal hunger for quid pro quo retribution is an adequate basis for any generally applicable system. Generally applicable systems are full of holes which is why I am such a moral throwback in my personal tastes.

      2. @machineageart,

        Unfortunately, I see this as a possibility :) JAR is a former telemarketer, and member of Scientology, skills he learned to develop his own shell game.

  39. I must say, after the Casey Anthony trial outcome, I am re-evaluating the Ray verdict as a stunning victory.

    1. @Hippo, Bet on it. Casey Anthony was a no-brainer… unless you really have no brain. Ray’s case was more complicated. I know people will disagree with me on this but I think a lot of the credit goes to Judge Darrow who explained the applicable law very well to the jury. Somehow the Anthony jury didn’t get the memo that circumstantial evidence is still evidence… and there was a lot of it.

      1. @LaVaughn, On the Casey Anthony jury,you have to wonder were they watching the same trial we were? Or were they just too anxious to go home??

        Also I read your last blog about Ray’s e-mail asking for support..I have never read one of Ray’s books but you have to wonder….Were they Ghost written??? They must have been!!

          1. @SD,
            Thanks for that info Salty..I must have read that last year but I din’t connect the dots..

        1. @wondering why, I think the fact that the jury was sequestered for such a long trial may have had an impact on their rush to no judgment. Ray’s trial ran much longer but at least those jurors got to go home and be with their families and take breaks. Anthony’s jury probably went a little starkers after six weeks without a break. That doesn’t excuse their complete idiocy. One juror and one alternate have both spoken publicly and both of them have claimed, among other stupid things, that the prosecutors didn’t explain motive at all. Even given the very small amount of that trial I watched, I walked away fully understanding her motive. The prosecutors practically diagrammed it. I don’t know what that jury was thinking. I really don’t.

          On your ghostwriting question, I just have to add that if you don’t know it, a LOT of published authors aren’t actually authors. Sometimes the real writers are credited. Sometimes they’re invisible. When I was working in publishing, one of my colleagues was in a conversation with the editor of a demi-celebrity’s book. The editor was giving him a list of talking points to go over with the “author” before an important interview. My colleague was a little confused as to why he wouldn’t know this information since it was in his own book. He said, “Didn’t he write the book?” The editor replied, “I don’t even know if he’s read it.”

    2. @Hippo,

      Yes. And insofar as the state initially opened a homicide investigation, it’s not so bad.

      That they charged him with manslaughter was an excellent (and of course totally correct) move. Although it didn’t stick, it made it clear that the state was serious about stopping this crook in his tracks. Who knows what might have been had they stuck with homicide.

      Personally I think the defense’s “toxins” story backfired. It made it clear that they felt there was a need to explain Ray’s behavior, and when Dr Dickson shot their theory to bits, they were left looking worse off than they would have, had they just repeatedly said “they were free to leave” and “he didn’t know”.

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