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Salty Droid

Cake and/or Death

I’m back!

… sort of.

… not really.

… leave me alone!

… not really.

… sort of.

Weddings are like a whole big thing :: and I have responsibilities :: for instance … standing around next to cakes looking menacing for my size.

Convicted felon James Arthur Ray {ah … that felt good} :: is still out on bail while he awaits sentencing {which prolly won’t happen until next month because America is stupid}. This week the State will call witnesses in an effort to prove “aggravating factors” that will allow for a longer maximum sentence. But the ultimate length of the sentence is still going to be at the discretion of Judge Darrow. CNN was scheduled to cover the hearings :: but then decided not to because of their suck-a-tude.

Suck-a-tude is :: unfortunately … incurable.

“CNN only cares about ratings … and advertisers … not about the public” :: says you alls in a huff.


It’s way worse than that!

CNN only cares about bundled subscription fees :: which you are forced to pay no matter how much CNN sucks. From media bistro

“As you can see in the chart, and as we explained earlier this week, the heart of the CNN (and cable) business is subscription fees, which account for around 50% of total revenue. Advertising and ancillary revenue streams account for the other 50%.

CNN’s pitch to investors and the press is that its business is healthy despite declining ratings in primetime.”

Their “business” is “healthy” in spite of the fact that people don’t like :: or want :: their product. If you want to watch futbol :: or football for that matter :: then you have to pay CNN for their suck via your cable provider. And who exactly owns CNN? A cable provider!

Cause if you can’t compete … cheat!

Speaking of cheaters :: attorneys for the recently arrested Jeremy Johnson argued last week that he’s not a flight risk :: and that he :: like Death Ray :: should be released from jail while he awaits trial. The fact that he was caught at the airport with $26,400 in cash :: and a one-way ticket to Costa Rica :: ain’t helping his case.

Ai Weiwei was freed :: but not really :: because China still sucks … and totally has it coming. Weiwei’s been hit with a bogus $2 million “tax” bill and placed under a gag order. Maybe Jeremy Johnson can dig up that amount and send it over :: seeing as how he’s such a goddamned philanthropist and everything. Or maybe he should dig up that amount and send it to the IRS … because Johnson’s been hit with a not-bogus $2.6 million tax assessment himself.

Lots of happenings happening :: it’s gonna be a crazy summer upon my return. But for now … legos …

>> bleep bloop