James Ray Trial Verdict

James Ray Innocent Oops

“The Law” of Attraction has failed James Arthur Ray :: he’s been convicted on three counts of negligent homicide.

It’s really not much of a surprise that The Law of Attraction has failed him :: because he’s a massive dickhead. Even fake spiritual laws hate massive dickheads.

But The Law of Attraction has also failed The Salty Droid :: whose laser focused thoughts :: feelings :: and actions :: had the jury returning with a bucket full of tar and telling Death Ray to strip.

But life’s not about what you intend :: or want :: or need :: it’s about what happens to you. Most of what happens to you will be out of your control. Like earthquakes :: and floods :: and mother-in-laws :: and asshole husbands :: and juries who can’t convict on recklessness because they weren’t allowed to hear the evidence.

Not guilty was basically out of the question … because of … well … everything. So the jury was deciding between reckless and negligent homicide.

Recklessness means he knew he was risking lives.

Negligence means that he should have known he was risking lives.

The most relevant evidence regarding this “state of mind” distinction :: as Ms. Polk and Mr. Hughes argued repeatedly :: was that Mr. Ray was intentionally ratcheting up the heat in order to push people out of their minds. Some years weren’t bad enough for him :: and he complained :: and rectified in the following years.

People :: even Megan :: pushed back. “James these people are your responsibility …” :: which testimony has Megan Fredrickson saying in the lodge :: was not the beginning of that dialogue. The Hamilton’s pushed back too :: not so back as to stop being sell-outs :: but they pushed back.

People saw other people almost dying in past lodges. James Arthur Ray saw people almost dying in past lodges. He asked Daniel P. about his near death experience with the fascination of a psychopath doing his due diligence.

Yet Judge Darrow steadfastly refused to allow this sort of evidence for fear of the prejudicial effect that such hideous past actions would have on the jurors.  The fact that ALL his past actions were :: in effect :: “bad actions” :: meant that any evidence other than that of Oct 8th was highly contested. The purity of his evil was actually a tactical legal advantage. The same is true for one of the defense’s primary arguments :: that a core temperature reading above 104 is required for a heat stroke diagnosis. Kirby and James were already dead because of Death Ray’s stalling :: and because of prior year shout downs for people with the audacity to call 911.

Liz was just laying out there :: in the mud and the desert night … half a corpse. Her “friend” and “mentor” of 10 years was just a few months away from arguing that he was innocent of killing her because her half dead body had already cooled while he was having a sandwich.

It’s pretty messed up.

It’s why justice has to be a group effort :: and a war with many fronts and battles. The robes :: hardwood :: and old-fashioned rules are never enough … once you’ve looked close enough.

In spite of the obstacles :: I thought Ms. Polk proved recklessness beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury thought otherwise. They didn’t know what Ray knew :: but they did know what he did :: and they convicted him for it.

Fair enoughs!  We’ll take it!

I know I speak for many when I say I’m a little bit disappointed that the more aggressive charges didn’t stick :: and a lot bit relieved that something stuck. Turns out :: sometimes there ARE consequences for frauding people to death.

Idiot Death Ray looked relieved as well. For a brief moment after the not-guilty on recklessness verdict was read :: he appeared to think he was Audi 5000. His normally abnormally emotionless face suddenly blurted out :: narcissist wins the lottery type situation :: here’s the money shot …

The video above is the verdict :: and then the series of micro expressions that made up Death Ray’s moment of confusion.

Next week the State will try and show that this was an “aggravated” offense :: the rules won’t be the same … but there will still be rules. Accomplices :: greed :: heinousness :: victim suffering … and other super peppy stuff like that will be discussed.

And then James Arthur Ray will go to jail.

It’s not over :: but I guess we’re done waiting to exhale …

{cue Whitney Houston}

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Trial coverage on CNN’s site was removed within the last few minutes. I had hopes, and will keep checking. I’ll post if the trial is broadcast.

    1. @Bethann,

      Evidently, keeping the camera on the empty room during the lunch break of the FDA hearing is much more important to CNN.

      1. @Bonnie,

        I just sent an email to Natalie asking why CNN chose to pull coverage at the last minute.

        I believe it was 12-15 hours before I received the last reply.

        There was a small group of us on the IS boards who sent CNN emails stating they promised us coverage and we were unhappy they stopped. Not the first time unfortunately.

        Natalie’s email address:


  2. so,…is it typical Chicken-Noodle-News,…or is it something else? Maybe Ray didn’t show up, or maybe Li is objecting to Miss Polks new shoes. Did CNN spray the room with organophosphates or did Ted do it?…GRRRRRRR!!!!!!

      1. @Bonnie,…very frustrating…we, everyone, needs to see this so there is no doubt as to how far the consequences of Rays’ actions and inactions have gone, and continue to go.

        1. @Omikse,

          Amen, Omikse! And especially so that all of his “still” brainwashed followers can see it too — not that they would believe the truth. But we can always hope — and if it saves just one lost soul…..

    1. @Linda Em,…there could be many reasons for the ‘delay’, if that is what this is…I can’t believe they are showing “Whitey” going to court and 3 black SUVs…( impressive, no?), or the empty hearing rooms,(wait, one guy in a red shirt is at the hearing now seated in the back row)…maybe something has delayed the penalty phase…????…then again, maybe CNN’s hampster wheel broke down…

      1. @Omikse, the Whitey Bulgar (sp?) hearing is to determine if he needs the public taxpayers to pay for his defense. Why can’t they just use the damn money they found in his apartment? Why should we care if we are getting screwed again by another rich criminal?

        1. @Linda Em,…I could think of much better things to spend that money on….just like the trial in Florida, the State pays to take her to court, and then pays for her defense…so, they pay twice…it’s just how the justice system works…rich get richer…etc.

  3. Well LaVaughn you got that right. Thanks CNN. Fascinating live coverage on U S India partnership briefing and FDA drug hearing. I can’t decide which one not to watch…..

    1. @machineageart, I just learned from someone in AZ that we’re delayed because the jury won’t be in until 10:30am PT. So maybe CNN doesn’t suck as completely as we thought. We’ll see in about a half an hour.

      1. @LaVaughn,

        Thank you. I’ll keep checking. What an odd way to run a business, you don’t provide an update on your site as to delays.

      2. @LaVaughn, any updates on whether this is going to happen? is there an e mail address we can all write them at asap? t hanks.

        1. @Linda Em, @Bethann Only contact info I know of is the form on the site and I do send them tweets. They are terrible about responding.

          They’re not a “business.” They’re not journalists, either. They’re a huge corporation and the don’t give a fuck about the little people. They care about numbers and ad dollars. Period.

  4. I am so disappointed. CNN left the banner up for four days on future events, cancels at 9:30am PST, today!

    And, after I made the effort to contact them, I’m good to go for a boycott.

    Connie Joy did mention on her FB page, the audio/visual equipment had been removed Friday, but CNN pulled coverage prior to Li’s two week vacation, then broadcast the closing arguments. Phooey, I had hopes.

    Thank you for posting the contact information for the Yavapai Court. I did send an email to Ms Polk yesterday regarding my experience with JAR, The Secret and Beckwith.

    I know the prosection team will continue to shine, just sorry we are all missing it.

  5. OK LaVaughn. There is still hope. We’ll just put them on ‘SUCK ALERT’ until we know for sure….

  6. I would like to see Polk have Megan Fredrickson charged with contempt of court and obstruction of justice. That bitch needs to sit her ass in jail and think about her complicit wrong doings.

    Just sayin…

  7. I just hope that whether we see it or not, that Miss Polk can convince the jury indirectly that they made a mistake and there should have been at least one manslaughter charge, if not two, so that they give him the maximum sentence they possibly can. I mean, what does, “she’s not moving, she’s not breathing, I can’t get her to respond” mean exactly? If he had stopped the ceremony then, he might have been able to save all three lives — but he didn’t — so he should have at least been charged with Kirby Brown’s murder as manslaughter since he knew her condition and didn’t act. And if not hers, then James Shore’s and Liz Neuman’s, since their lives would have surely been saved if he had stopped the ceremony, even if it was already too late for Kirby.

    I didn’t like this guy from when I first saw him on The Secret. That quick flash of a phoney smile, those cold icy piercing eyes. You would think that as he got more famous and richer, the smile would become more real, the eyes more loving and caring. But they didn’t. Right up until the end. The same quick phony meaningless smile. The same cold piercing empty eyes. Because there was nothing… inside… ever…

    1. @Bonnie,…on Connie Joy’s FB page…”Testimony delayed due to legal arguments among the lawyers. Tweets are saying that someone didn’t show up? Nancy said: “the word thru her atty is that she wont be cooperating.” Who are they referring to? Megan maybe?? “

        1. @Bonnie, @Omikse @wondering why

          That was why I asked why they intended to have Megan there for the aggravation part of the sentencing hearing. I asked if she was a “plant” meaning put there by the other side to make him sound less guilty. Even looking at what she and her husband said in the aftermath of all of this, they were walking such a thin line, like they didn’t want to say anything nasty about him. But if Megan refuses to come up, I am sure there are many other people who can verify the victim impact of this. They don’t need the Fredericksons to say nothing. I also think if his attorneys are delaying the trial, Judge Darrow should say, fine, but you will have to put him in custody now. I understand he doesn’t want to make any mistakes, especially this late in the game, but geez…stop letting the DT get away with all this. Put Belvin Perry in there for one day and this will be over and done with!!!!

          1. @Linda Em, That is what I said too!! Put that kickass Judge Perry in there and we would have seen a much different trial and verdict!

            1. @wondering why, So I heard that Darrow & Kelly have history – is that not a conflict of interest???

        2. @Bonnie, @Omikse @wondering why

          That was why I asked why they intended to have Megan there for the aggravation part of the sentencing hearing. I asked if she was a “plant” meaning put there by the other side to make him sound less guilty. Even looking at what she and her husband said in the aftermath of all of this, they were walking such a thin line, like they didn’t want to say anything nasty about him. But if Megan refuses to come up, I am sure there are many other people who can verify the victim impact of this. They don’t need the Fredericksons to say “nothing” anyway. I also think if his attorneys are delaying the trial, Judge Darrow should say, fine, but you will have to put him in custody now. I understand he doesn’t want to make any mistakes, especially this late in the game, but geez…stop letting the DT get away with all this. Put Belvin Perry in there for one day and this will be over and done with!!!!

    2. @Bonnie,

      You are absolutely right Bonnie. That SOB should have definitely been convicted on the manslaughter charge for Kirby. I think Death Bastard was well aware of that, which is why he showed so much relief when he heard “not guilty” on that first charge.

      The jury dropped the ball on that one. I guess unanimous was too much for them as a group. I think they will redeem themselves by voting for the max sentence now.

  8. ‎@DatelineApril April Santiago – tweeted:
    Not sure if @CNNLive will be streaming #jamesray anymore since they are not doing pool coverage anymore. KPNX has taken over as pool.

    I have to wonder of anyone knows what is going on…CNN, no CNN…tweets also say no “financial harm not to be argued by the State” only testimony to “emotional harm”

  9. Omikse;…tweets also say no “financial harm not to be argued by the State” only testimony to “emotional harm” Prosecution still wearing handcuffs..SOS

  10. there may be video of tonight at ..www.azfamily.com I don’t have a time, but it will be better than nothing.

    Shame on CNN for an erroneous, non-informative, untruthful email sent to Bethann over the weekend.

    Bethann said:
    I sent an inquiry email to CNN yesterday on the broadcast of the trial. I received a reply from Natalie, CNN does plan live coverage beginning tomorrow morning, 9:15 PST.

    Shame on Chicken-Noodle-News…you really have nothing to crow about whatsoever!

    1. @Omikse,

      Thank you. In my email to CNN I mentioned several of us link to various sites and notify those of interest when the trial will be streaming, and we do appreciate up to date information.

        1. @LaVaughn,

          My one day of the week to be polite :) I’ll leave it to someone else to inform them the audio/visual crew said they were pulling their equipment last Friday, per Connie Joy.

          Are we at mistrial attempt number 8?

          All this money on attorney fees, and their boy will still sit in prison, not to mention the negative press.

          Good move for the public, poor decision on the part of counsel.

    1. @Omikse,

      So if they did win a mistrial motion, would the whole thing start over again from the beginning? (sorry, I know nothing about the law or trials)

      1. @Bonnie,…”if” is a very big 2 letter word, kind of like if pigs could fly we would all have cast-iron umbrellas. I think it’s Motion for Mistrial #7 or #8 by now, with 1 acquittal thrown in for good measure…when your defense was nil at the very start, you really have nowhere to go but down into the slime with your client. I don’t think anything will come of this maneuver either, just “busy work” at the defense table, after all, they don’t want to just sit there like bumps on a log. Li whines, Do sashays and Kelly believes he is The Intimidator…or as I had begun to call them, Larry, Moe and Curly( Shemp is the defendant )

        1. @Omikse, Yes, and don’t forget, cha ching. Every time they file one of these mistrials it means more $$ in the hands of the defense. I sure would like to know how much per pop? Also, it’s a great stall technique which Darrow seems to keep putting up with

            1. @Omikse, The defense team might end up with the “deed to the ranch” aka a lien on Ray’s house. Depends on how much his investors can keep contributing.

          1. @Anna, The defense team surely know JR is not avoiding time out so the best thing they can do is go for the ranch and hope no-one from the other team get anything. First in best dressed so to speak.

          1. @Bonnie,…if the mistrial motion were to go through, it would be either with or without prejudice.

            When a court case is dismissed, or a court order is issued without prejudice, it means that a new case may be brought or a new order issued on the same basis as the dismissed case or the original order.

            With prejudice, a court case so dismissed bars the possibility of bringing a new case on the same basis as the dismissed case.

            If a person is brought to trial where they are charged with a particular crime and is convicted of a lesser offense, the conviction for a lesser offense is an acquittal of any higher-level offense (for example, a conviction for second-degree murder is an acquittal of first-degree murder). If the conviction is later overturned, the maximum the defendant can be retried for is the crime to which they were convicted; any higher charge is acquitted and thus is with prejudice.

            This would be up to the judge to decide, with or without prejudice.

            1. @Omikse,

              Thanks Omikse! I’m going to have to read that a few more times before I understand what you said — if I ever do! LOL

              But thanks! :)

            2. @Bonnie…there are some really helpful “legal-ease” sites on the web…once they explain it in English, it’s not so bad…I think most of us here, once this is over, will have many hours in the hallowed halls of this, our alma mater, Salty Law School, and some of us may get a Diploma Honorary Merit, complete with an embossed robot with ribbon in the lower right-hand corner.

  11. Just rec’d this tweet:

    Tom Kelly makes statement to jury; says he is extremely disappointed by jury’s guilty verdict, that decision was made in 5 hours. Guess he thinks the jury feels sorry for him and his client –

    1. @Anna,

      I think Creepy Kelly should be damn glad they didn’t take longer! — I’m sure James Ray would have been found guilty of the higher charges if they’d taken more time to think about it!

  12. Liz Newman’s daughter testifying. Tom Kelly was “disappointed” by the jury’s guilty verdict and that they only took 5 hours to reach it.

  13. Poor Tom Kelly. One sorry SOB. I hope to God he is re-disappointed after the aggravating circumstances verdict is in!

      1. @Anna,

        Oh man, you’ve got that right! And he’s so creepy, I’m surprised he can get a woman in the first place! (if he has one)

      2. @Anna, Yes,He seemed to be misogynistic towards every female witness. The men he always tried to suck up to. Like he was one of the good old boys. He’s a capital asshole….

  14. The defense did not have a case, and it’s only strategy was to make attempts to appeal to the emotion of the juror’s. (Prosecutorial information was always prejudicial, they screamed).

    Tom Kelly was passive/agressive and whiny throughout the trial. Do pranced through the courtroom pretending she could influence through intellectualism, and Li was a drone, tire the jury, they’ll lose sight of the evidence and the goal.

    It didn’t work …

    Ray did not treat anyone who came into his presence with dignity, respect and acknowledgement. Ray has his equals in his defense team.

    I’d recommend sensitvity training but on this group it would be a complete fail.

    And to Liz Neuman’s daughter … how horrible to be searching on the net for information on your mother … how devastating not to be called, not to have someone who would offer to be with you during this time.


    1. @Bethann,…and we are suppose to believe that Ray is a “self-help” guru, who, according to some of his misguided followers, he has changed their lives for the better. Ray is a wonderful person, not guilty of what he has been accused and convicted of.

      Ray was back at home in California, eating, drinking and stating that that day in October was the worst day in his life. All the while, Liz Neuman lay unidentified, alone, in a strange hospital, quietly dying. Words can not even begin to convey that horror appropriately.

      Words fail at a time like this. I am so very sorry for the tragedy and appalled at the callousness shown by Ray and those who could have, for once, made a difference but chose not to.

      1. @Omikse,

        I agree, there is point where words fail. Alyssa Gillespie is currently on the stand speaking of her husband, best friend, good dad, James Shore. The man, the real man, who stood up, rushed forth, did not give a second thought to helping another … gone.

        Where is the humility, the appreciation of the lives of others, a simple caring for humanity.

        It doesn’t exist with this defendent, it’s always and only about him.

  15. I just hope the jury remembers Tom Kelly’s despicable, arrogant patronizing of them for their verdict. Like their number one top priority as jurors is to ‘Not’ disappoint TomTerrificYea Also find it amazing that JAR is not testifying. Not a word. Not a syllable.NO-THING. He just sits there with that ‘stoned on horse tranquilizer’ look, like he’s thinking “I don’t give a fuck about any of this shit”. I mean it’s his own stupid ass on the line here. I guess he’s just not very adept at being human……

    1. @machineageart,

      I don’t think lack of remorse will play well with Judge Darrow. He’s cooked his own goose.

      1. @Bethann, I agree 100% There is no way his demeanor will not effect Judge Darrow’s sentencing…

        1. @machineageart, @Bethann

          I’ve often wondered what JAR and the defenseless team have been looking at on the computer during the proceedings — maybe they’re reading The Droid comments, or some other tweets? — hopefully, they’re not getting any good hints out of this — oh well, too little too late, if they are, hopefully.

          And yeah, I’d like to see that ugly motionless mug while all this very sad and heartbreaking testimony is being given — just to assure myself that I have a reason to hate that SOB as much as I do — not that I need a reason at this stage.

          1. @Bonnie, I thought about that too. The only thing they can get from here is the TRUTH. And they can’t use any of that….

            1. @machineageart,

              I meant that I hope they aren’t getting any ideas for him to show some emotion, or some sort of remorse while hearing the testimony — but like I said, if they are, hopefully, it will be too little too late. And if it did happen, hopefully both the judge and the jury would recognize that at this point, it’s all an act. Narcissists are very good at providing real tears just when they need them — just like any good actors…

          2. @Bonnie, Yea, I see what you mean Bonnie.You would think they know this shit being of the high priced variety, but who knows? Also, doesn’t the judge always ask the defendant if he has anything to say prior to sentencing? I hope we get to hear that response.

            1. @machineageart,

              Whatever that is, if we hear it, it will all be a bunch of bullshit acting — and I hope the judge and jury don’t fall for it. That guy isn’t capable of any real feelings or emotions — and I kinda think none of his family are either because they all sat there stonefaced amd emotionless while all the horrid details were revealed throughout the trial also.

  16. Hey gang, I just came across this report from today…


    Since CNN has “shit the bed” on coverage, possibly myfoxphoenix.com
    might just get it done?


    This one’s for you James… no worries it’s free cuz you’re so special. NOT!

    All day long they work so hard
    till the sun’s comin’ down
    workin on the highways and biways
    of Arizona and wearin a frown

    I hear them moanin’ their lives away
    and then you hear somebody say…

    (Oh don’t you know)
    that’s the sound of the men
    working on the chain gang
    (Oh don’t you know)
    that’s the sound of the men
    working on the chain gang

  17. Stick a fork in DeathRay, he’s done;


    “Gillespie offered the most emotional testimony of the day, her voice breaking as she began her testimony by saying Shore was her husband, partner and best friend of 13 years. While she said she doesn’t believe she’s had a chance to grieve properly, her three children have struggled with separation anxiety, bouts of and thoughts about violence, and Christmas wishes that Santa would bring their father back.

    “They all grew up overnight,” she said. “They no longer had the childhood fantasy that everything was OK. It totally crashed for them.”

    The oldest daughter, 13-year-old Inaya, exhibited the most extreme behavior, she said, asking her mother to kill her so she could join her father.”

    If they don’t give DeathRay the maximum after this, the justice system has no credibility.

    1. @Truth, James Ray and any other self important guru are the biggest bastards on this earth. They never consider the impact on other people and their children.

  18. Does anyone know how the sentencing works in this case? Does the jury make suggestions as to the number of years Death Ray should spend in the slammer, then Darrow takes their input into consideration?

    1. @Anna,

      I think that the jury just listens to the testimony and decides whether or not the aggravating factors apply.

      Then they tell the judge their decision on that issue, then the Judge picks the sentence. The sentence he picks has to fall within the legal guidelines for the crime–anywhere from probation up to about 3 years for each death, plus a little more for the aggravating factors.

      I might be a little off on the numbers, but I think that’s the general idea.

  19. June 29, 2011 at 3:32 pm
    First I would like to say, that I am not involved with the sweatlodge participants, or a follower of James Ray. I have been following this trial from the beginning and I have to say, James Ray deserves the verdict of guilty. I feel his apathetic behavior and total disregard for his “Warrior” event was self serving ($$$$$$), and a deceitful scam to gain “control”. I also have been following (but not commenting) the #jamesray twitter and reading Tragedy in Sedona “MY life with James Ray Facebook Blogs. My heart goes out to ALL of these participants and their families. You and your lawyers argue that they had a choice to exit your sweatlodge at any time. I don’t think so. YOU stole that choice from them when you continued to bake them in your oven, while you sat near the door. YOU stole their lives, while you ate dinner after this “event” YOU stole their money, while you arrogantly sat in your defense chair to pay your sleezy lawyers. James Ray, YOU ARE GUILTY.

    I posted this last night on the James Ray site, and they have “Waiting for Modification”, which I suppose means they will not publish. I cut and paste. Infuriates me how they can pick and choose which comments they desire to be read or not read. I just want to say I hope all goes well for the BRAVE families of ALL involved in this horrible crime.


  20. Email from James Ray asking for help. Evidently, he doesn’t feel he’s done anything wrong and wants to continue with his work. So, any past participants, I think it would be wise for you to send letters about problems in past seminars. You could send them to Ms. Polk.


    From: On Behalf Of Dr. Tony Alessandra 858-999-2119
    Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:06 PM
    Subject: [CSPlink] Re: More on James Arthur Ray

    I just received this email from James Ray. He needs help from all those who really know him. I’ve volunteered to testify as a character witness in Aug.or Sept. prior to sentencing. ALL your letters will help his case.

    From: James Ray
    Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 8:58 PM
    To: Tony Alessandra (TA@Alessandra.com )
    Subject: help James Ray

    Tony I need as many letters of support as possible talking about the good I’ve done and WHY I SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE DOING MY WORK and get probation versus prison. Can you help me? How do they know me, what have I done for them or what have they observed me do, what do they know about my character, work ethic, contribution, WHY SHOULD I BE ALLOWED TO GET BACK AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, ETC.
    You mentioned that many speakers have made supportive comments to you, can you get them to write letters-the more the better. My lawyers want to give them to the judge to help sway his sentence. Have them send via email to nk@jamesray.com . Attachment with a signature is best but if not possible can be in the body of the email.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    James Arthur Ray


    Is it just me, or did anyone else think it’s disgusting and odd that Judge Darrow allowed James Ray to just walk out free today, until the mitigation hearing on (the anniversary of Colleen’s death) July 25th??

    @SD: Do you feel the judge has favored the defense?

    1. @kalista7, Hmm, does Darrow know about what happened to Colleen, funny the defense keeps saying JAR has to prior record – guess they mean “no documented record” of past wrong doing – everyone who has been hurt by Death Ray in the past, please send letters to Ms. Polk

    2. @kalista7,

      Looks like Mr Tony Alessandra is the next one that maybe should be investigated by the Droid. At the very least, I know this has and will tarnish his own reputation and lose him a lot of customers and business — after all, publicity is everything. And as everyone knows, who you associate with plays very high up there too.

      1. As per Nancy on FB>> “The message in question that was sent to professional speakers only received one response for all of them to see, and it was from a speaker in Australia who has no knowledge of the Sedona tragedy. So…silence speaks volumes.”

  21. from Connie Joy’s FB page:

    1) Sheila Polk did not make an error with the recording. It was admitted as evidence and the mistrial motion is most likely going to go the way all the others have: nowhere.
    2) James is free on bail because probation is an option and this is pret…ty standard. Defendants who are free on bail and become Convicted felons get to stay free if they have conformed to the conditions of their bail and if prison time is not mandatory.
    3) Judge Darrow, while we may not like it, is not doing anything any different than he has done in any other case. He is extra cautious because he doesn’t want appeal or mistrial. He historically does show bias to the defense, not just to James.
    4) Judge Darrow cannot read any letters or Connie’s book until the trial is OVER. So, sending him anything that can be entered into evidence is counterproductive; send all letters to Sheila and or Diskin.
    5) they have received about 30 letters to date and would like more. We have time. If you haven’t done so yet, and feel strongly that James has harmed you—please write it in a letter and let your voice be heard.

  22. My prediction? And yes, I am an intuitive. James Ray will not go to prison. Will he end his life, skip bail? Not sure ….but I am
    totally certain that James Ray will not go to jail…it is not
    something he (his ego) could allow …

    1. @cmg,

      The decision as to whether or not James Ray will go to prison is well out of James Ray’s hands–thank god.

    2. @cmg, Hahahahahah, hey cmg intuitive what am I thinking now?!?! Or better yet, what is Death Ray thinking now?!? Did you pay someone to become an “intuitive” I’m so impressed, was that a 2 year or a 4 year? – Geeez I thought we were ALL “intuitive” You must be something special, keep posting, you amuse me.

      1. @cmg…

        “… I am an intuitive. James Ray will not go to prison. Will he end his life, skip bail? Not sure…”

        Okay, intuitive, but not intuitive….covering all bases I guess, but then I don’t claim to be “an intuitive”.

        A quote from Ray:
        “Simplify your communications and only speak when you are certain, centered, and sure.”

        Hey, Ray…move this from theory to practice. Never profess to understand and expound upon that which you have no knowledge of.

    3. @cmg ::

      I like how you said :: “And yes, I am an intuitive …” :: as though that’s what we were all thinking and you were just confirming it for us.

      @cmg is a fucking intuitive :: I KNEW IT!!!

  23. I am also an intuitive & totally certain that JAR will go to jail for 7-9 yrs. It has nothing to do with what his ego will allow. It has to do with Karma and what he continues to create.

    1. @Psy Pauline,

      Does the fact that he is responsible for at least four deaths have anything to do with your amazing ability to predict the future—-at all?

      Or are we totally in woo country here?

    2. @Psy Pauline, & cmg

      Your sense of entitlement is quite stunning really. You’re probably both quite nice people, but your scam is a truly horrid one. I bet everyone who reads this site has their own thoughts about what JAR will get, but out of respect for those impacted by it, and out of common sense, no one blabs. Except you two. And that’s because your special powers entitle you to everyones attention, right?

      Ok, you’ve got my attention. And what you are together predicting is:

      * JAR will, and will not go to prison *

      Thanks guys, it was really worth it. That’s so much better than just waiting for the decision to come down, isn’t it. You are both very special and truly have access to information that no one else has. No wonder you are so impressed with what your subconscious spits up at you. I’m mightily impressed too.

      Of course, at least one of you will go out of business when the verdict comes down. Maybe both. I’ll come back and see on the 25th.

  24. It’s true many other people in the industry may not touch JR with a ten foot pole BUT check out what Kevin Trudeau has to say. Actually, in the old days Trudeau used to make some sense, but then at some point in time, he went way off the rails (maybe too many diet pills?) and now he goes on about how Ray is getting unfair treatment from the government and the world (boo hoo): http://www.ktradionetwork.com/tag/james-ray/. Later in the broadcast he goes on a racist rant based on information he really knows nothing about. Listen or read it if you can stand it.

    1. @Linda Em, LOL. When did True-dough ever really make sense? Was that before his prison term in the early 1990s, or after? At any rate, it’s not surprising that he would make such a bold defense of Death Ray because, as I’ve noted before, even though he’s a part of the selfish-help industry he is also above it. He can say and do just about anything and people will still throw money at him.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, LOL…you’re right about Truedough…he never made sense, and his ethics or lack thereof go back to day one. He’s like a Perry Belcher, amplified.

      2. @Cosmic Connie, I don’t know…I think he used to do these paid ads for vitamins or some kind of kitchen appliances (like Ronco?)…can’t remember…but it was a long time ago and he was double the size he is now and I remember being shocked when I saw that he wrote a book and he looked like he had gotten sick from all the weight loss. A much younger friend of mine bought his book and thought he was amazing (but that was a long time ago and now she doesn’t remember him). It was before he got all political and pissed off at anyone who might question his authenticity. He gets really racist about some stuff at the end of this video and is truly an idiot where it comes to history. I just couldn’t believe he is followed by anyone. And he is convinced that the only reason Death Ray is up on charges is because someone is running for office in Yavapai, not because anyone died or got injured or ripped off.

        1. @Linda Em,

          I think, in Trudeau’s career trajectory, we can see what might happen if James Ray gets off too lightly on this.

          A few years in the wilderness, or prison, writing a new book about how persecuted he has been but how that persecution has somehow mysteriously sanctified and confirmed his mission to carry on ‘his work’ and ‘his contributions’ to society.
          (the cynics amongst us will read that as ‘line his own pockets by telling the gullible what they want to hear.’)

          Then its business as usual, with the paranoia ramped up, for your friendly neighborhood sociopath.

          1. @Stoic, My sentiments exactly. There’s still no assurance that JAR will serve prison time at all, but even if he does, that may not stop him from dreaming up new scams. After all, True-dough served prison time and met a new scam partner while they were both locked up. When they got out, they went on to bilk many folks before they were stopped.

            And @LindaEm, I didn’t mean to be dismissive of your points. I will concede that even in recent times KT has occasionally made valid statements about issues such as the undue influence of big pharmacological companies, or the misdeeds of the US government. But he does it all in the service of pushing his own frauducts and flopportunities, or those of his buddies — and, of course, he never misses a chance to paint himself as the misunderstood hero/martyr.

            In his long career, True-dough has pushed everything from memory enhancement techniques to nutritional supplements to devices for protection against electromagnetic fields, but for much of that time, most of his bread and butter seems to have been in the area of “forbidden” information.

            He did indeed lose a great deal of weight, presumably from the controversial hCG diet based on a protocol by a 1950s-era medical doctor, though he added his own proprietary touches (supplements and daily enemas) to the diet. But even his books about topics such as weight loss are basically teasers whose main purpose seems to be upselling rather than sharing usable information.

            Regarding the hCG diet, I think we can assign the lion’s share of credit (or blame) to True-dough for the fact that it’s one of the most popular fad diets these days. Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale and his bud Pat O’Bryan (who consider themselves friends of True-dough) embraced it in a big way, no pun intended, and supposedly were involved in the development and marketing of a revolutionary new delivery system for hCG. I don’t know whatever became of that because I haven’t really kept up with it, but it does seem to me that they are having challenges keeping the weight off, so the hCG protocol apparently isn’t a quick fix or “permanent” solution.

            Regarding True-dough, I think @Stoic summed it up quite nicely: “business as usual, with the paranoia ramped up.”

            1. Oops… in the last sentence in the comment above I neglected to add “and Death Ray” to “Regarding True-dough…” There’s certainly a possibility that JAR’s career could have a similar trajectory.

  25. My prediction? JR will not go to jail…either probation or he
    will end his life ….his ego will not allow jail…and I
    am still questioning the judge in this case …did someone
    buy him off? Any other “normal” defendent would be in
    custody …why not JR? Something is very wrong here …

    1. @cmg said:

      “Something is very wrong here …”

      Yes, and its in your inability to read and research the full story and take note of the answers already provided here by other posters before you contribute your own brand of fear and stupidity to the confusion.

      You want some answers to your questions? Start reading and engage brain.
      It just plain works better than inane guessing and making ignorant predictions.

  26. Just spent the last 2 hours going through all the past blog entries about JAR. Wow. Thank you Salty for being ON this from the beginning and for allowing us to share this bumpy ride with you and the rest of the regulars on this most awesome blog! If there are any other newbies on here, pull up a chair and read from the beginning… there are far worse ways to spend a Saturday night.

  27. i get a sense that JAR appeals to people who are the same types as him. in compassionate, narcissistic, greedy, egotistical, money hungry, very very lost people.

    1. @TM, Assuming that you’re not just trying to stir up some s–t I’ll respond, even though I gave your comment a thumbs-down. It occurred to me that you might actually be expressing a genuine opinion, and since I’ve seen the same opinion expressed elsewhere I feel that it needs to be countered in a respectful and (relatively) rational way. If I’m just wasting my time, I suppose there are worse ways to waste it.

      Having communicated with a few former JAR followers, I’d say you’re WAY off base. No doubt some of the people who attended JAR’s events and bought his products were driven by greed and materialism, as is probably the case with many consumers of other New-Wage gurus’ products and services. Of course JAR and his colleagues have always encouraged this; appealing to some people’s greed and self-centeredness is a nearly foolproof way to get them to fork over. (Hence the raging popularity of The Secret, not to mention the hundreds of get-me-rich-quick schemes perpetrated by the IM scoundrels Salty writes about.)

      Other followers of JAR, however, apparently just wanted to make their good lives even better, and I daresay that some wanted to help improve other folks’ lives as well. Following JAR is not the way I would choose and presumably not the way you would choose. But I say this with the perspective of someone who at one time *might* have been a follower, had JAR emerged in the years before I began seriously questioning the validity of New-Wage constructs and started getting a closer look at the “men (and women) behind the curtain(s).” I guess you could say I was lucky enough to become a hard-nosed cynic long before The Secret came out. :-) From the moment he first emerged onto my radar I pegged JAR as a charlatan, but that was largely a default judgment.

      It’s easy for those of us who never were followers of JAR to dismiss his followers as a homogeneous group of self-centered mercenaries, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It certainly does NOT seem to be the case with the people who died at Sedona and San Diego, nor with numerous other ex-followers whose writings I have read (including those who have contributed to this forum).

      However, I will go so far as to speculate that those who continue to look up to JAR in spite of everything that has come to light about him *are* either “very, very lost,” willfully ignorant, or just as profoundly self-centered as their hero.

    2. @TM,

      Speaking as another one lucky enough to finally be a hard-nosed cynic, I think one has to question how us hard-nosed cynics got to be that way.

      In my case it was because I started out utterly naive and gullible, believed everything any plausible authoritarian said–because I didn’t know any better and assumed that the plausible authoritarians did know better.
      It was only after being hoodwinked, just as JAR’s followers were hoodwinked, many, many, many painful times by said plausible authoritarians that I began the slow and frustrating process of doing my own thinking, right or wrong.

      And I was concerned with survival, not riches, when I was looking for answers.

      What you have not taken into account is that JAR invested most heavily in the techniques of control of others. He has done nothing else all his life and he is good at what he does–he is plausible to those who haven’t come across this before.

      Knowing how these people operate, and there are plenty more like JAR, is essential if you don’t also want to get caught the way JAR snares his victims.

      So go on, tell me you are immune or just too damn clever to get caught this way. I’ll show you a fool.

  28. One of the jurors in JAR’s trial spoke to a reporter:


    “A juror who helped convict a self-help author of negligent homicide says the jury gave little credence to the defense theory that toxins could have killed three people in an Arizona sweat lodge ceremony.

    “But Phillip Lepacek says prosecutors didn’t have a slam-dunk case either.
    “Lepacek says four jurors were in favor of a conviction on manslaughter charges, but he and seven others did not think the state had proven that Ray was aware of and disregarded the risk that his conduct could lead to death.”

    1. @, Anonymous Clarify this for me? I think in all this CNN will they/won’t they mess I missed something…was the jury released from its responsibilities and now allowed to talk about their reasoning and thinking on the case, or are they supposed to be quiet until the mitigation and sentence phases are complete?

      1. @Linda Em, Yes, the Jury is released. The Judge asked them all to stay and talk to reporters, but evidently only one did.

    2. “Lepacek says four jurors were in favor of a conviction on manslaughter charges, but he and seven others did not think the state had proven that Ray was aware of and disregarded the risk that his conduct could lead to death.”

      In other words, James Ray was saved from manslaughter charges by his obvious cluelessness.

  29. An open letter to the awesome Jurors (I hope they read this page):

    “Dear Jurors: THANK YOU! This trial probably seemed like it would never end!! I know it must have been a challenge for you to sit through the DT’s condescending ramblings, insults and attempted guilt trip on your decision. Don’t ever feel bad about this because your decision (hopefully) will help stop James Ray from his destructive patterns – and that is a blessing. We all appreciate your TIME, patience and detailed thought on a very difficult job. Take care and have a great 4th of July!”

  30. As time went on James Ray in order to “grow” deviated to Modern Magick, Laws of Magic. He recommended Carlos Castaneda to his followers. Castaneda was a sorcerer or warlock. The Bible, in the Old Testament clearly depicts the path of “Witchcraft” as a dangerous, ungodly path. James Ray, will hopefully “let go” of the limiting tag of being a “sorcerer apprentice” which to anyone that is truly aware, know that this white/black arts or power are smoke and mirrors that deviate one from a life with God. I challenge anyone reading this to google, witchcraft on the Bible.

    1. @Jose, sounds like a Schirmer comment, he thinks he is the Lord of the Bible verses and can set anyone on the straight and narrow without doing it himself. weird people.

    2. @Jose ::

      I did google “witchcraft on the Bible” :: because that’s a stupid thing to say … and a stupid way to say it.

      And lo and behold … this same comment on a J-Ho LifeResults Posterous page


      Doesn’t Jesus want you to leave orignal comments? Or is Jesus a spammer?

  31. Interesting that Ray recommended Castenada to his followers. I thought Casteneda’s writings were considered to be largely fiction, although recognized as the result of a brilliant, imaginative mind. But following him is sort of like following the people in Frank Herbert’s Dune or other someone from Star Wars.

    1. @Linda Em, Castaneda claimed they were nonfiction. The first book was actually his doctoral dissertation. The problem is that Castaneda was a complete fraud. I wrote a bit about this here. I think Ray was a Castaneda wannabe. And that’s a horrifying thought. Castaneda had a whole cult of followers — primarily female — who believed everything he wrote. They lived in a mutually reinforced delusion. He has been thoroughly debunked but for a long time his books were accepted as nonfiction; even by UCLA.

      1. @LaVaughn, And it is believed that his closest female followers all committed suiside after his death..

  32. Not sure where to post this news…..Judge Darrow denied a new trial for Ray a few hours ago…it is on to sentencing now….big sigh of relief here….

    1. @omikse,

      Great news….but with Darrow denying the motion to vacate…it was pretty much a given that he was going to deny the motion for a new trial…

      If he granted the order to vacate…then that would have been reason to worry…

    2. @omikse,

      So does this mean that the mitigation hearings scheduled for all of next week will not take place and it will be right on to trial, or no?

      And PLEASE don’t let us and all the family and friends and countless other victims down in the grand finale, Mr Darrow!

      1. @Bonnie,
        I meant right on to sentencing, of course — sheesh! — still got that blasted moronic retrial request on my mind! lol

            1. @SD, (or directed to any legal mind out there)

              When an appeal is filed, and if it is granted, can a new judge make up his/her own rules and allow new evidence from previous sweat lodge ceremonies (i.e. evidence that the present jurors did not get to hear)? If an appeal is granted, can the new judge increase the sentence of the first judge?

              What do you thing is the likelihood of JAR serving at least some jail time?

              It would seem odd to me, after having been allowed to walk fancy free for 2 months, that JAR would be locked up again for an extended period of time by the same judge. Maybe that’s the usual process though.

  33. ARGH!!…….I am not anonymous…I am somebody!!!!!!( Truc Do has sash shayed her way into my computer…I need an exorcist!!!)

  34. ………..Defense attorneys now will focus on presenting mitigating factors during a hearing next week that could tip Ray’s sentence toward the lower end. Those include character witnesses and the fact that Ray had no prior convictions. Ray faces anything from probation to nine years in prison. Sentencing is set for Sept. 26.

      1. @,

        And I am not anonymous, either! lol — I was sure it said my name before I hit send, but maybe I’m mistaken. And in my opinion, nine years isn’t NEARLY enough for not just the four deaths (three that he’s on trial for), but for ALL the people he has harmed and scammed and ruined their lives over the years. Just my very humble opinion :)

    1. @nancy ::

      Count me among the people not talking smack about Mark Duncan … without him we’d know WAY less … that’s a fact.

      Although people are also welcome to talk smack about him … he can take it … he’s often quite a dick to me.

      1. @SD, “Count me among the people not talking smack about Mark Duncan … without him we’d know WAY less … that’s a fact.”

        My sentiments exactly!!

  35. If JAR had been convicted of reckless manslaughter instead of negligent homicide, how would the sentencing have been changed? I mean to what extent is the one considered to be a more severe crime than the other?

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  36. All tyrants get their day of justice eventually.

    The world is celebrating Gaddfis demise and so they will celebrate the demise of all people who Lord it over others for personal gain. James Ray and his co-conspirators in the secret who Lorded it over so many for a few short pathetic years of temporary personal gain must surely be wondering whether it was all worth it now.

  37. Gaddafi was found in a sewer pipe, which is where all of these people end up. Cornered, captured in a less than dignified way, constantly putting out fires all around them, humiliated by having their noses rubbed in their own crap, made to eat it, blaming everyone and everything with lies and more lies only to discover they were the idiots in the end.

    Their stupidity is boundless.

  38. “He called us rats, but look where we found him,” said Ahmed Al Sahati, a 27-year-old government fighter, standing next to two stinking drainage pipes under a six-lane highway near Sirte.

    These so called “experts in personal development” are no better. They have ruled like tyrants and plundered their way to wealth with greed and make believe. They have manipulated and lied and looked down on those who they egotistically consider “stupider human beings than them” and so like everyone who does that they will be found cowering in the gutter, whinging about everyone picking on them and begging for the entire populace to feel sorry for them, when it is impossible to.

    Poor choices have consequences ESPECIALLY when it involves another human life.

  39. I’m so sick of rich people looking for spiritual enlightenment through frauds, I could scream! This man smelled like Jim Jones so badly you could see it. The Secret! I hope he spends his time imagining no bars, good luck with that, and keeps imagining he won’t die there. As far as these morons that decided to spend money on themselves instead of the people that needed it, Oh, Well, who is the real dickheads. For all you self-absorbed rich morons,do something right. Help those in need, not yourselves. Only then will the real secret be found. Love others as you love yourself. This man was a disease that infects the stupid, always! Anyone that spends 10,000.00 dollars to roast, deserves it! What a bunch of idiots. He got what he deserved,and should have got more. But, they got what they deserved too, for being soooo Stupid! Here is a thought. Next time, you have money and you are bored. Help someone. That’s, The Secret!

    1. @marla jade,

      Why don’t you STFU, moron? This is the wrong place to be blaming innocent victims of a psychopath.

    2. @marla jade ::

      Speaking of stupid … welcome TV watcher.

      I wonder if “loving others as you love yourself” includes saying shit like “they got what they deserved too, for being soooo stupid!” about people who were victimized by a professional abuser … and in a forum where many of those people and their motherfucking families are present?

      Me. Thinks. Not.

    3. @marla jade,

      So you’re sick of rich people who waste their money on themselves. … ‘k

      Me? I’m sick of people who jump to emotional, dramatic conclusions without ever actually stopping to see if they know wtf they’re talking about.

      ‘course in the interest of full disclosure I can admit I’ve done it myself now and again. Basically, I got temporarily suckered by a con artist–she had me convinced that she was the victim of death threats.

      Now you, @marla jade, you could say you got suckered by Big Media. Maybe that’s it, but mostly I think you are just looking for a place to vent. Ok. But once you really look at a situation, it always turns out not to be as simple as the TV made it out to be.

      The victims were real people like you and me. That they got conned does not mean that they were stupid. It means that they were normal and unlucky.

      If you believe that you are immune to being conned because you are too smart to fall for it, then you are stupid. By so believing, you only make yourself more vulnerable to being conned at some point in the future.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, Fury, you are quite right. My anger was more about the senselessness of it. I was insensitive where the victims were concerned and anyone can be conned at some point. I do feel for these families and my anger over it got the best of me. They are not to blame for trying something to better themselves. No one should die like that. I stand corrected, and am sorry for speaking without thinking first. It was a cold-hearted thing to say.

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