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The Ray Delay

James Arthur Ray’s trial for the reckless and horrible manslaughter of three innocent people has been postponed until further notice. That’s great news for Jennifer Horton and Tony Parinello :: who are busy helping Death Ray exploit yet more innocents :: but it’s depressing news for those of us who don’t happen to love evil.

Can’t we just cancel the trial and drown this fuck in the ocean like a wicked witch? Good question :: but no :: we can’t.

Can we at least tase him in the neck and/or balls :: for fun? Another good question :: but again :: no.

We are just going to have to wait.

Initial trial dates never hold because lawyers are assholes and are always trying to slow things down so they can rack up enough fees to pay hush money to their mistresses. Case in point :: the blowhards at Munger Tolles & Olsen just submitted 500 pages worth of BS to the court in their effort to get a change of venue. Changing venue would move the trail to some other location in Arizona :: which is pointless. It’s still going to be Arizonans sitting on the jury :: and they are still going to be unimpressed with the despicable lying cult leader from 11964 Crest Place :: Beverly Hills.

This particular delay is due to Judge Darrow being asked to take over another murder trial that was already in progress. The Verde Independent reports that the judge in that case :: Thomas Lindberg :: collapsed on June 17th with what would later be diagnosed as a brain tumor. Holy yikes! I wonder why he would have wanted to attract that into his life? Seems like a bad idea. Unless maybe … just maybe … the Law of Attraction is stupid and brain tumors are instead caused by the Law of Biology. Get well soon Judge Lindberg.

So while Death Ray continues to peddle his various frauds :: Judge Darrow is overseeing the trial of one Stephen Democker :: who is alleged to have bludgeoned his ex-wife Carol Kennedy to death 35 days after the end of their 25 year marriage. Once again :: holy yikes! Yavapai county seems to be a very dangerous place. If you visit for a vacation :: make sure to pack a shotgun and a rocket launcher.

Carol Kennedy was murdered July 2nd 2008. Democker was the primary suspect from the beginning :: and he wasn’t sitting on a million dollars worth of ill gotten loot which he could use to hire some LA shiteaters to endlessly delay proceedings. It’s probably also a safe assumption that the Democker case is simpler than the Death Ray case … as it doesn’t involve a long term pattern of abuse :: brainwashing :: hundreds of witnesses :: and a bunch of useless fucking minions who can’t stop lying. My point :: we’re in for a long wait.

Wouldn’t this just be the perfect opportunity for the fine city of San Diego to take action for one of the many crimes committed by Death Ray in its jurisdiction? Don’t be fooled by the question mark into thinking that was question. Because it wasn’t. DO IT SAN DIEGO :: JUST DO IT!!

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