James Arthur Ray Trial Updates

In October of 2009 :: James Arthur Ray’s $10,000 per head Spiritual Warrior seminar ended in calamity and tragedy. Three people were killed :: eighteen injured {many seriously} :: and thousands of followers were shocked to learn the true dark nature of the man they’d been paying large sums to follow.

James Arthur Ray’s trial for the manslaughter of James Shore :: Kirby Brown :: and Liz Neuman began March 1st 2011.

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Censorship as Filler :: X

Robert Proxy was the fake man in charge of the fake robot on FaceBook.

The Salty Droid’s fan page on The Facebook was sparsely maintained :: because FaceBook is shit … and because The Droid already learned a hard lesson about building something valuable on someone else’s sell-out platform {*cough* twitter *cough* youtube *cough* bluehost *cough*}.

The death of four people :: and his arrest and subsequent trial for three of the four :: weren’t enough to keep James Arthur Ray from continuing to peddle his bullshit secrets to scientific successfulness on all available web platforms.  

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Arresting Developments

Vitaly Borker has angrily pissed on his last pair of knockoff Dolce and Gabbana’s. Just eight days after The New York Times detailed the sketchy/insane “business practices” of Decor My Eyes :: the bunghole borscht aficionado was arrested in his Brooklyn home by agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.

The New York Times once again …

“Vitaly Borker, 34, who operates a Web site called decormyeyes.com,

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Sedona 365

It’s hard to know what to say. Beautiful people are still dead.  One year later :: they’re still dead. I’ve been issued lots of words :: virtually the whole collection :: but arranging them into any sensible pattern fit to mark such a sad milestone is a big ask … even for a fake robot.

Luckily James Arthur Ray :: world thought leader {/murderer} :: prepared a little something for the occasion {twit tweet} …

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Jennifer Horton Goes Down

Jennifer Horton says that she has a B.A. in Linguistics from UCSD :: so I’m sure she appreciates the cruel double entendre in the post title.  Lascivious language levity :: one word wonk to another.

James Arthur Ray needs money like a corn fed cow needs antibiotics. He wanted to sell his body on Santa Monica Boulevard :: but he’s too old :: and gross :: and cross-eyed.  

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