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Sedona 365

It’s hard to know what to say. Beautiful people are still dead. One year later :: they’re still dead. I’ve been issued lots of words :: virtually the whole collection :: but arranging them into any sensible pattern fit to mark such a sad milestone is a big ask … even for a fake robot.

Luckily James Arthur Ray :: world thought leader {/murderer} :: prepared a little something for the occasion {twit tweet} …

Good question Nostradamus :: now here’s one for you …

What if I tore off your stupid fucking head and shoved a bunch of straw down your neck :: but you didn’t die because of Quantum MisRealities™ :: and then I left you in a field full of seagulls that weren’t even afraid of straw men … and they just like started shitting on you … and puking {cause that’s how seagulls roll} … and pecking at your tiny powerless straw pecker … forever and ever amen?

That’s too long for Twitter … but I still think it’s a good question.

The earth has made one full revolution around the sun :: 940 million kilometers :: and yet Death Ray still waddles the streets a free man. Megan’s still emasculating Josh :: and hiding the truth. The lawyers and pyramid groupies :: the PR whores :: and the Larry Kings … all still fighting to preserve the misery of the status quo.

There are badguys … and they want to hurt us. They have always existed … and they will always exist.

But there are also goodguys. There are people who care about other people. There are people who stand up. There are people who don’t think the suffering should be abused … or the weak oppressed. There are people who practice their faith instead of talking about it. There are people who fight back. There are people who stay strong. There are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

Every time the goodguys decide to unite :: and actually fight :: we win. Because there are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

For Kirby :: and James :: and Liz … I say we keep fighting.

>> bleep bloop