Sedona 365

Sedona 365

It’s hard to know what to say. Beautiful people are still dead.  One year later :: they’re still dead. I’ve been issued lots of words :: virtually the whole collection :: but arranging them into any sensible pattern fit to mark such a sad milestone is a big ask … even for a fake robot.

Luckily James Arthur Ray :: world thought leader {/murderer} :: prepared a little something for the occasion {twit tweet} …

“What if you could let go of how you think life should be, and appreciate what it is…”

Good question Nostradamus :: now here’s one for you …

What if I tore off your stupid fucking head and shoved a bunch of straw down your neck :: but you didn’t die because of Quantum MisRealities™ :: and then I left you in a field full of seagulls that weren’t even afraid of straw men … and they just like started shitting on you … and puking {cause that’s how seagulls roll} … and pecking at your tiny powerless straw pecker … forever and ever amen?

That’s too long for Twitter … but I still think it’s a good question.

The earth has made one full revolution around the sun :: 940 million kilometers :: and yet Death Ray still waddles the streets a free man. Megan’s still emasculating Josh :: and hiding the truth. The lawyers and pyramid groupies :: the PR whores :: and the Larry Kings … all still fighting to preserve the misery of the status quo.

There are badguys … and they want to hurt us.  They have always existed … and they will always exist.

But there are also goodguys.  There are people who care about other people. There are people who stand up. There are people who don’t think the suffering should be abused … or the weak oppressed. There are people who practice their faith instead of talking about it. There are people who fight back. There are people who stay strong. There are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

Every time the goodguys decide to unite :: and actually fight :: we win.  Because there are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

For Kirby :: and James :: and Liz … I say we keep fighting.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Courtesy of Cosmic Connie:

    Let’s hear it for the troublemakers.

    You’re doing a great job, Mr Salty.

  2. Also, let’s remember Colleen Conaway. Although, she was not in the fake sweat lodge, she was murdered by the same monster.

    People, the wheels of justice turn slowly. A year has passed and the killer is still sitting in his comfortable chair tweeting garbage as if nothing happened. It’s up to us to do something, at least keep writing, talking, tweeting, blogging about it.

    I’m amazed and very proud to see so many people come here, both those who are in agreement with this blog and those who are not. Hundreds of comments made in days. Whether you like this blog or not, you’re still contributing to the energy and momentum it has in the Internet.

    1. On behalf of colleens family I would like to say thank you, AGAIN….please pray for the four people this asshole is responsible for…..and their grieving families

  3. @SyndicateExposed, dude it’s 5 am in the morning, and you’re talking about this??? You are too mean to Mike Filsaime. He is Haitian and deserves respect and a little slack, cause well…all that stuff happened in Haiti and since he’s Haitian and all.

    As a side note, I’ve always thought Mike Filsaime looked a little black, especially his eyes.

  4. @SyndicateExposed, $5000?? Wow that’s way cheap. For a life changing product like that, $5k is peanuts! Think of all the money you could make learning just that one method.

  5. It’s completely appalling that he couldn’t even give us that one day of silence or the least bit of respect or acknowledgment . He deserves everything he’s got coming. Thank you so much Salty, it’s so refreshing to know people that actually care about my Mother and family. Please keep the Browns and Shores in your thoughts and prayers as well, thanks again!

    1. @Bryan Neuman,

      I care about everyone used and abused by these sociopathic sharks, and that’s why I applaud the efforts of people (or robots) like Salty and the many others who do the mostly thankless work of busting everyone’s bubble when it comes to these sunshine-peddlers (who actually sell spiritual snake oil).

      James Arthur Ray is absolute slime, and even though he isn’t in jail (as he should be), he’s got to be losing all kinds of money and that’s what REALLY hurts these guys. There’s no prison on Earth that can punish them the way a hit in the wallet can, because that’s the center of their Universe.

  6. Bryan- I most certainly will. I just hope that this guy gets the maximum amount of time in prison possible. I hope deeply that maybe if only briefly some of the other book writing “Spiritual Leaders” who are all dripping with their own power and arrogance might open their eyes for just a moment to the reality that they could face consequences for being so self absorbed they’ve lost track of who they destroy along the way.

    I hope it will pave the way for at the very least, the public to get a glimpse of who people like this really are. These “I am not a god, but you should obey my every word as I am the only one who knows the way, and I won’t argue if you call me god either” types need to be critically assesed and their inner workings and tactics need to be common public knowledge.

    1. @rox, “..types need to be critically assesed and their inner workings and tactics need to be common public knowledge…”

      and their real worth because that is what they are selling themselves on. Wealth, money, riches, power. I bet most of them are running on easy credit and forced subscriptions. Both of which are swiftly diminishing. It is possible that these guys could soon find themselves real targets and get much more blame than they ever thought possible. I wonder if they will revisit their intentions then?

  7. Great post, Salty. I agree with Bryan, that JAR’s inability to respect even one day of meaningful silence shows that monster for what he (it) is. And to me, fighting this crap is an obligation – one you stir-up well.
    Today’s post clearly illustrates why we gotta keep on…someone has to train all those seagulls.

  8. Thanks for publicly remembering these people Salty.

    It’s bad enough when people lose their money to these snakes but losing a loved one to them … well, words can’t adequately describe the tragedy. :-(

  9. James Ray has proved on numerous occasions that he isn’t capable of thinking about anyone other than himself and his disHarmonic Wealth. Speaking of prison, does anyone know when the trial is scheduled? Haven’t heard much about this in a while.

  10. Nice post,Salty. Yes,there are more good people than bad ones, although it can sometimes feel like the bad ones are winning. In this case,it’s not too far in the future when a jail door will be slamming behind Death Ray as he enters his new life in prison.

    Many thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of Kirby,Liz,and James Shore.

  11. There is so much hatred on this blog.

    What a waste of energy and time. If you took all that energy and went out to build sometimes that is actually GOOD and PRODUCTIVE, you’d help make the world a better place (which is I believe one of “goals” of this site).

    Sure, a lot of those gurus and “thought leaders” are scammers, but why devote so much of your time and energy bashing and badmouthing people?

    Too much hatred on this site.

    Good luck to all the haters.

    1. @Droidster, Are you kidding troll? Did you read Salty’s article? Did you read James Ray’s tweets yesterday? It’s very, very clear who cares about other people and who doesn’t.

    2. @Droidster,

      You are being very negative and judgmental.

      What a waste of energy and time. If you took all that energy and went out to build sometimes that is actually GOOD and PRODUCTIVE, you’d help make the world a better place (which is I believe one of “goals” of this site).

    3. @Droidster,

      ‘Sure, a lot of those gurus and “thought leaders” are scammers, but why devote so much of your time and energy bashing and badmouthing people?’

      Personally, I consider time and energy devoted to exposing the “guru’s and thought leaders” and keeping their collective malignancy on show for the world to see, to be time and energy very well spent.

    4. @Droidster,

      Ok Droidster, we’ll all be GOOD and PRODUCTIVE little sheeple so we can watch more of our flock lead to the slaughter.

      Will that make the world a better place for you and your self-development mentors?

      P.S. You are the minority, WE are the majority… and WE are very angry!

  12. May every newbie find this site before they ever land on a sales page of any of these make money online scam artists. And there are plenty of them. I have never seen so many outright lies and half truths as in the internet marketing arena. Never. Not even politicians.

    The sad part is when you are new you may not have seen the methods these people use. Initially when you receive the “training” and things don’t work out, you question yourself (I did). But after a while you start to see thru it. That is when you have to ask yourself whether you want to be a whore to any of these gurus. If you like being a whore that is your choice. Just remember here you don’t receive money for being a whore, you pay.

    Well done to Salty for exposing the Syndicate, for all the A-holes he is still going to expose and for all the potential A-holes he is going to deter from joining the internet marketing guru bullshit club.

    1. @Stop Being a Guru Whore,

      It is sad that newbies get sucked into these scams. The good news is that since the scammers are all copying each others’ tactics, once you see clearly through the smoke and mirrors even just one time, you can MUCH more quickly see through all the other scammers out there.

  13. @ Droidster

    Thousand times rather a hater of dishonesty and lies than being a lover of it.

  14. @SyndicateExposed ::

    There are hundreds of inappropriate posts on this site … why did you have to leave these stupid ass comments on this post?? What the hell is wrong with you? Do you wear novelty strap-ons to funerals as well?

    Don’t answer those questions … just read them as a request for fucking silence.

      1. To the contrary, psycho, your insane comment just proved he’s got your goat. Now, if you want to really cry, go check out his traffic ranking. To borrow your phrase, “bwahahahaha.”

  15. Interesting group psychology going on here :-)

    In no way do I defend James. He has done very bad things, and needs to be punished. We all agree on that.

    I think the reality is that some people commenting on this blog (who are die-hard fans of this kind of “David against Goliath” exposé of things) have some trouble looking at themselves and being geniunely proud of what they’ve accomplished in life.

    Truth is, people who like gossiping here probably have trouble making ends meet. And you’re probably happy to be free this weekend cause next Monday you’re back to that asshole boss again. Get real folks.

    As for people criticizing “training programs” and people who sell them, what do you think school and the education system has been doing for centuries?

    Correct, selling education.
    UCLA, Stanford, MIT, Harvard: selling education. 100k/ student/ year. Selling education.

    Does it mean that every person who goes to law school will become a great lawyer? Of course not. It’s the law of numbers. Some people make it, some people don’t. This is not communism anymore guys.

    The “Syndicate” members aren’t stealing from anyone at gunpoint.
    Are the products hyped up? Yes
    Do I buy their stuff? No
    Is Apple’s iPad over hyped? Yes
    Don’t YOU hype up your resume and your stories when talking to friends or colleagues? Most probably, Yes.

    Look: if newbies don’t want to buy, just close the friggin sales pages :-)

    My point is, gurus and Syndicate members are small. I think many commentors on this blog should look at the bigger picture, and grow their own business/ life instead of finding pleasure in bashing other people.

    What about BP and the gulf?
    What about international crimes?
    What about what’s going on Africa?

    THAT’S worth focusing all your energy on.
    And yes, before you ask, I am actively involved in helping. I just got back from a 7-month trip in Ouganda, built 3 schools. Oh, and also gave 50k to the local community.

    Focus on bigger things.

    1. @Droidster,

      Who are you to dictate to anybody what it is worth focusing their energy on?

      This is a blog post remembering the anniversary of the victims of the manipulative conman James Arthur Ray, not an invitation for you to parade your control-freakery and self-aggrandisment by bragging about your imagined good works.
      Get a grip.

    2. @Droidster,

      Some folks say that the truth of a statement starts with its application to itself or its author.

      You wrote,

      “Truth is, people who like gossiping here probably have trouble making ends meet. And you’re probably happy to be free this weekend cause next Monday you’re back to that asshole boss again. Get real folks.”

      If this is the “truth” we must assume you are having trouble making ends meet.

      It was hard to take you seriously because of your inconsistency, but I tried …

      You asked:

      What about BP and the gulf?
      What about international crimes?
      What about what’s going on Africa?

      Isn’t what’s going on in Africa, and the gulf and internationally what we’re talking about here? Think about it.

      No. You didn’t do it. Do it. Stop for a moment and really let yourself think.

      Here’s what I thought when a I read your comments:

      Isn’t BP a giant?
      Aren’t the problems in Africa giants?
      Aren’t international problems giants? (And isn’t the USandA included in “international”?)

      If they are giants, can we say, under your definition, that you suffer from David and Goliath syndrome?

      Strip your emotions away for a moment. Examine all of these problems. At their cores they share corruption and a disregard for humanity and dignity, right?

      Now you tell me, to which of the problems of the world should we apply our indifference?

      P.S. Take your comments to a grocery store tabloid. They deserve them. This blog and its readers do not.

    3. @Droidster, plenty of people here are full of hate. A lot got ripped off and are embarrassed about it. Especially when they had to admit the painful truth to people who love them.

      And you’re condescending, so it’s evens. :-)

      You wrote: “I think the reality is that some people commenting on this blog… have some trouble looking at themselves and being geniunely [sic] proud of what they’ve accomplished in life. Truth is, people who like gossiping here probably have trouble making ends meet.”

      Well, duh.

      Plenty of people do. So what? Most people end up there more than once in life. Nobody ends up in an IM sales funnel without having gone wrong at some point. Much of life is failing, changing, doing better, maybe not, moving on.

      Not for you, though. Your main point is (paraphrased): “use the energy you spend gossiping building a business like me, who is awesome and morally superior because of my Ouganda [sic] trip and those tidy five figures I dropped on the orphans. PS I am awesome and successful and anyone reading this is not because you are a loser under sway of the group psychology here.”

      Jesus, I wish I had $50,000 grand to give to the poor. I guess I’ll make do with these two mites.

      But you imply I *could* have $50,000 if I’d just work harder instead of gossiping! Even though gossip-energy is not entrepreneur-energy. And even though Life often rewards hard work with surprises. Like it did for poor Van Gogh, who only sold one painting. Like it did for my friend the GP in an impoverished rural town he’s sworn to help, who’s having a hard time making ends meet because of insurance costs? Or the moral entrepreneurs who get dicked over by criminal competitors and get told, “oh, grow up, it’s just business.”

      You seem to be interested in development. What about Bill Gates, a man with just his money and business savvy to recommend him, who is currently spending billions and finding that fixing systemic problems in global health and education aren’t as easy as force-feeding people an operating system. (Read the LA Times: and Foreign Policy:

      Besides, money is utter crap as a measure of success. Do you love your family? Do you treat people well? Do you have a true sense of connection to the people you help? Or is going to Uganda just a way for you to puff up the chest bragging at a Palo Alto cocktail party? Because you could be a saint. Or you could be a showoff who uses ill-gotten gains earned from teeth-whitening flogs to give to charity so he can try to convince himself and others he’s not a total moral cesspit. Right now you’re using this Uganda trip and the $50K, which I’m going out on a limb and assuming is not made up, as leverage so you can lecture people you don’t know about being angry at scumbags in a marketplace that needs serious housecleaning.

      Now, I don’t give a damn about you. Or how you respond, or what you think of yourself or me or anything else. But I DO care about people reading this trying to figure out whether they’ve been sold a bunch of lies.

      Because they matter. I was there some time ago and new ones are here now. They’ll read your post and use it to try to convince themselves, “If I just work a little harder at this IM bullshit, then I can finally get just a tenth of what I was promised in the guru salesletter!” Then they’ll read mine and I might give them the nudge they need to wake up. Set it aside. Brush up the resume and go back to school… or find a new job… or just spend more time loving the kids.

      Or maybe a comment from one of the people who donate SO MUCH time here and on their blogs, pissed-off Bodhisattvas like Duff, or Cosmic Connie, will get them to wake up.

      Or maybe all it will take is the next Salty Droid video expose…

      If the gurus are (relatively) small-time, the lives they affect are not. So you can drop 50K on the orphans; have a cookie. Most people struggle to drop $2K on a guru course. At least the orphans get an education (I’m guessing, you could suck at development as much as the gurus suck at not having nematode DNA).

      You tell us to leave the gurus alone, while they continue to rip people off like they did three years ago before ANYONE publicly called them out on false promises, illegal income claims, and products that do not deliver.

      Instead, you tell us to work on the BP oil spill.

      KISMET! I have masters degrees in computational physics and Earth system science and a PhD in petroleum geophysics!

      And I STILL can’t do a damn thing about the BP oil spill. Unfortunately that’s in the hands of the BP CEO and the Federal Government. I can agitate and push, write letters and protest, but in the end I have to take what solutions they offer.

      So do not smugly suggest we all get over ourselves, stop being upset at small-time guru scammers, and fix the oil spill and those “international crimes” you so helpfully detail… BECAUSE I JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE FIFTEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE AT INTERPOL! And “what’s going on in Africa,” a continent with a billion people speaking over 2000 languages… ALL OF WHICH I AM FLUENT IN no wait…

      Hold it. You know what?

      I can help fix a small problem in my backyard that I happen to have a personal experience with. Because I feel it. I understand it. I understand what people are going through when they get sucked in by a Ken McCarthy sales letter, or waste days reading Chris Guillebeau blog about his purposeless quest to visit every country, or have a fake epiphany hearing Frank Kern talk about Core Influence. I know the small steps that get you committed to building a “business” based on bad advice, bad models, and bad estimates of the work and time involved. And I’m just a commenter here. Salty Droid’s blog gives EVERYONE permission to share their stories, and get a peek behind the scenes of these bastards’ operations.

      What would happen if everyone did? Would there be any fake gurus in six months’ time?

      I gladly admit that a lot of the commenting sideshow– like the pick-up artist stuff– is pretty weird, and some of the random hate I don’t get. But the hate directed at the Frank Kerns, the James Death Rays, the Andy Jenkins? They earned it.

      By venting our fury in public, we can give people in the process of getting ripped off PERMISSION to get angry. Getting angry, they get out. It’s that simple.

      So, Droidster, if you’re not compassionate for them, save the lectures, leave, and help people you are compassionate for. Go donate your time on and teach people how to build actual businesses so they can spend seven months and more helping people who matter to them.

      1. @Slowly Waking,

        Self-help is a drug…

        The problem is, these “gurus” never tell their customers to chill it for just a second…

        If the customers don’t get results… buy more stuff…

        And The “gurus” know this!

        Thats right, they know their customers, they know how to play on their emotions. They talk about subjects in an interesting way and creat dependency…

        I’m an “Expert” on happiness, a money-making guru…

        Need relationships… spirituality, lifestyle? Go to me, “im an expert.”

        They let you dream, let you feel good for a moment, let you see yourself in the future with all that cash, sport cars, a happy family yada yada.

        If you fail, it’s not that the information they present isn’t working… its because you didn’t use the techniques properly, or you missed something, you didn’t follow all the steps… So there’s a Missing key, a forgotten secret, whatever.

        You always need this and that… and it’s always mysterious and magic and has the potential to create dramatic results in anyones life fast!

        And If change happen you will give credit to mr. Guru’s information.

        “Thank you Tony you saved my life and all that stuff.”

        If no change takes place, well, it’s not Tony’s fault, it’s you, yes you… you are missing something…

        The solution: Buy more stuff.
        You just need to read/buy some more of my stuff, or check my friends product, my friend is cool, he can help you, we’ve created a new product together, buy it.

        My friend and I, will show you whats missing in your life.

        It’s a loop. It’s a feel-good ride with usually no real tangible results and little proof, but lots of make-believe.

          1. @Duff,

            You nailed it, it’s the bogus of the 20’th century.

            They tell you to “do this” or… just “change your perspective” “Let go of the past” and the all famous “try harder”

            when they are being used in the context of self-help, guru master and his student…

            They are just shitweasel phrases … They take away the responsibility of the “teacher”

            And he likes that… Cause it means he can keep pushing, keep pushing… and the student(victim) will always blame himself for not “doing good enough”

            Just keep pushiing boy… you are gonna make it someday…

            Lot’s of weird “call to action” phrases… Little substance. These pump up phrases are dangerous when used by douchebags who know what they are doing.

            Big mouth gurus: “Do better”, “you can do it”, “come on”, “just a little more”, “you just need to”… bla. bla.

            Zero Content…

            And I am beginning to see how the pieces fit together…

            Content, value, easy to follow steps, formulas…

            Beatiful and cute concepts indeed… but it’s part of the Orwellian Doublespeak Guru scam-Tactics.

            “Creating value”… No thanks Frank… You’ve created enough of trouble already

            I believe if Frank was forced to surf all day long, he would try to make money by selling douchebag-karma sand worth 129 dollars of fake value to the people on the beach.

            That’s how desperate and pathetic these people are…

            1. @Mathias,

              Ups… the 21’th century.

              But lots of bogus in the 20’th century as well.
              I didn’t get too see much of it though.

      2. I’ve been thinking about Droidster’s implication that the people who are “gossiping” on this blog are all a bunch of unsuccessful losers. It’s the same old ad hominem response: attack the critics rather than actually address the points they are trying to make.

        Although the advice to “consider the source” is useful when evaluating either criticism *or* praise, for our purposes here it doesn’t make much difference whether or not critics are broke and unsuccessful. Maybe some critics do have money challenges. As @Slowly Waking pointed out, many people have trouble making ends meet these days. But that doesn’t make the various scams that people are “gossiping” about here any less scammy. And — bringing it back to the real topic of this particular post — the economic status of any given critic doesn’t make James Arthur Ray’s atrocities any less atrocious, nor does it make the people who died as a result of his recklessness any less dead.

        I’ve recently finished reading a book by a person who by all appearances is affluent and has no trouble making ends meet — a former James Ray follower named Connie Joy. After all she has been through, she seems to have a pretty clear view of Ray. Curiously enough, that view is pretty much in sync with some of his most consistent critics.

        I realize that Droidster wasn’t defending James Ray, but it did seem obvious that he was defending some of the IM scammers. However, in attempting to trivialize criticism by focusing on whatever personal issues he imagines the critics to have, he is doing a disservice not only to those who have been scammed by IM hucksters, but also to those who seek justice for Ray’s victims.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, “…attack the critics rather than actually address the points they are trying to make…”

          Hahaha where have we seen that before? Like every time one of these guys gets exposed.

        2. @Cosmic Connie,

          The comment you reference at the beginning of your post seems to be an example of black-and-white thinking: either you’re making a great living OR you’re gossiping on a message board. Then you’ve got the wholesale demonizing of gossipers as “a bunch of losers.”

          I don’t think I need to point out the lameness of this type of reasoning.

          And you have inspired me to order the book, “Tragedy In Sedona.”

        3. @Cosmic Connie,

          They always go for the “unsuccessful losers” ploy. In their minds, since all they measure life and worth by is money, it’s a grand-slam.

          Good thing their minds aren’t necessarily ours. :)

    4. @Droidster,
      7 months, in English is Uganda, hope your participation in the building of the 3 schools is true… I guess you were part of a group, did not do it alone, and thanks for sharing the 50K, the sole mention of the contribution would have been enough ;-)

      Is what people with serious intentions in getting involved in the development of communities and forging sustainability do anyways… Have to admire your efforts though… Concentrate on what you are doing, your comments are just side tracking you… People will vent and comment as they deem necessary, you included. Respects everyone’s birth right.

    5. @Droidster,

      I, for one, am genuinely proud of everything that people here (and elsewhere online) have accomplished. 13 months ago the internet didn’t know James Ray was a sociopath with a tendency to maim and kill people. Now a significant portion of the population knows. Everyone who has stepped up to help spread the word should take pride in that. C’mon guys, GROUP HUG!

      1. @Cassandra Yorgey,

        And Cassandra, YOU have been an amazing and dedicated source of information and case coverage about JAR and the whole Sedona fiasco over at the Examiner for a long time – just wanted to let you know I think you are an agile and compelling writer with a big heart, and I admire you!

    6. @Droidster,

      [Don’t YOU hype up your resume and your stories when talking to friends or colleagues? Most probably, Yes.]

      This says more about you than it does anyone here.

      And what it says–I’ll spell it out for you because you don’t appear to be very bright–is that YOU hype up your resume and your stories.

      When you point your finger, three point back at you.

      And that’s how I know that your $50,000 donation is nothing but bullshit.

  16. Thank you Salty for exposing all these wannabe internet gangsters.

    Will the other real internet fraudsters, please stand up…

  17. Is ross jeffries gonna post here too? Maybe mooch some more karma from droid???

    Ross jeffries swears he’s never murdered anyone…that makes him less a creep…

    1. @PUApuke, What’s with the shoving of your lunatic fringe, personal war *on* RJ into everyone ELSE’S faces? We are not interested. Totally inappropriate post to do so under, to boot. I’m not an RJ fan, but he is not here anonymously, you are, and you are trying to make us your hammer. Not gonna happen. Piss off.

  18. Salty… you should compare some of the gurus techniques with those used by cults. They are basicaly the same

  19. Oh would that I twittered so that I might retweet JAR’s latest bit of psuedo pyscho-babble.

    “We can’t heal the world, or even a person, that doesn’t want to be healed or who is dead. All we can do is let our own light shine.”

    1. @spoonfaceboy,

      I think what Jay-Ray really mean is:

      I can’t change the world. I’m not really capable of making a difference and i don’t know how to help people.

      I can only make money, sell shit, dress in Armani and tweet-babble.

  20. You guys are right!
    Some (hmmm, “most”) of your comments are laughable, thanks for the laugh :-D

    Me, condescending? Of course I am! Big ego, of course! Ashamed of myself? Not a second.

    Anyway, this is my last post to this greatly positive community :-P

    Keep up the good work! (I’m sure you can sense a sarcastic tone, hint hint.)

    1. @Droidster, You’re pretty self-deluded. In the face of all that blowback, you still kid yourself into thinking that you are the only one with the correct answers. One day that will bite you in the backside, hard. Ta ta.

    2. @Droidster,

      Enjoy your fake internet life of fame, fortune and success.

      And please be sure to come back and report more undocumented stories of personal altruism. I’m very impressed by them.

  21. I’m actually quite taken aback by some of the comments on this post and I feel a little ashamed that the likes of Bryan Neuman are having to rake through some of this irrelevant crap when this post is clearly aimed at remembering the victims of JAR and their family and friends.

    It’s also a time to reflect that although a year has passed, we still stand united in our beliefs that scum like JAR won’t have another opportunity to pray on innocent people and their insecurities.

    You said it best here SD:

    “But there are also goodguys. There are people who care about other people. There are people who stand up. There are people who don’t think the suffering should be abused … or the weak oppressed. There are people who practice their faith instead of talking about it. There are people who fight back. There are people who stay strong. There are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

    Every time the goodguys decide to unite :: and actually fight :: we win. Because there are WAY more goodguys than badguys.”

    Thank you for this post Salty and for all the victims that we know about and the many that we probably don’t – we remember you and we’ll keep going until justice is done!

    1. @Wiggin-Out,

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      If anyone wants to leave childish comments then go do it on another post, remember what this post is about, people died, their relatives may well frequent this blog, they need your thoughts and support….they certainly have mine.

    2. @Wiggin-Out, I would like to see at the very least, the personal development industry become regulated (require strict qualification and a yearly license)in some way. It appears an industry where anybody can claim anything and not be held accountable for it and as a result people have been dying. What price do you put on a persons life? Forget about their mind (thats bad enough), what about their life?

  22. @SyndicateExposed, I knew you were a douchebag, but not to this point. I just hope it’s someone that posted under your name in order to ruin your reputation, cause if it’s really you, you’re not the person I’d like to meet.
    There is intelligence, and there is social intelligence. You lack the second, a LOT.
    Have a good life anyway, and hope something like this doesn’t happen to you. Then you may feel what people who got friends or family killed into the death lodge feel.

    1. @SyndicateExposed, while your last few comments on the Sedona posts perplexed me, I have found myself agreeing with you on some things. But I just had to laugh when you wrote “Ego? I’m pointing out simply how perceive things. My ego is the smallest. (I meditate.)”

  23. The art of non-conformity.

    Im Chris, im a non-conformist, just like emo’s.

    Im challengiing conventional ideas. Everyday life… thats just so yesterday… its boring, yaawn.

    Im an adventurer,

    Think you’re cool, think you’re a rebel?…

    Well I visit countries, thats right. I take the flight to Africa, Asia, you name it baby.

    I see kids living in hunger…

    I cant help them… but i try to pretend that i care deeply.
    Im good, goodnes himself, that will be me… and i like to smile about it…

    Read my books cause Im gonna spend the money from sales on travelling.

    I love to travel, I love globalization… Yippy yo!

  24. @SD, Thanks for remembering and reminding us of that awful day. I didn’t know any of the victims nor their families, but through your hard work I think I know what kind of folks they are, and I know they must appreciate what you do. I hope your unrelenting pursuit of asshole Death Ray (and other bad guys) results in some hard time for them.

    I do have one bit of dissent – the good guys do not, unfortunately, always win. I’m reminded of that every time I hear an IED go off over here, but that’s a different topic all together.

    I do find it interesting that certain trolls and ass-clowns chose this post, of all posts, to start spewing garbage. It certainly lets you know they have no idea what the phrase “do right, because it’s the right thing to do” means.

    From all us losers and haters – please keep up the fight.

  25. “But there are also goodguys. There are people who care about other people. There are people who stand up. There are people who don’t think the suffering should be abused … or the weak oppressed. There are people who practice their faith instead of talking about it. There are people who fight back. There are people who stay strong. There are WAY more goodguys than badguys.

    Every time the goodguys decide to unite :: and actually fight :: we win. Because there are WAY more goodguys than badguys.”


  26. @SyndicateExposed ::

    I just deleted all your comments on this post … because I can. I’ll delete any other you leave as well … because I want to. Being in charge is fun!

    Go away … come back some other day and we’ll chat. Unfortunately :: I’m all booked up until late 2013 … contact Debbie about scheduling something.

  27. I find it hard to believe that this guy is still free as a bird. He must be brought to account for his actions otherwise he is free to do it again and escape justice again. I used to think this guy was ok because he was in the Secret but since that tragedy I revised my view of him (and the Secret). I think there is something wrong with his personality and he seems like a fanatic unwilling to know when to stop and take a step back. He is showing he isn’t really adhering to the whole self-help and development ethos that he shamelessly lauds and has exploited throughout his career.

    1. @Tyler Simpson,

      Looks like he’s not only free, but he’s still living a pretty comfortable life looking at his home surroundings in his videos.

      How about that. James Ray is sitting in a nice expensive house, while he looks for other peoples spiritual phrases to post to his twitter.

      Now that’s an honorable member of society!

  28. This is a terrible tragedy and the comments on this post have revealed something quite disturbing to me.

    Here’s something for everyone on the side of the “Syndicate/Secret” camp to think about:

    Do you really want to associate with people who are so deluded by their own scams that they come to this blog post, of all days, to disparage the victims of a tragic crime?

    James Arthur Ray caused the death of good people. Not only does he not appear to be sorry, he had the audacity to run “spin control” on the issue by claiming to talk to the victims in the afterlife.

    I’m not making this up. Check it out. He said they were so happy they chose not to come back. I’m a reasonable man, but thinking about that makes me a little bit choked up and more than a little angry.

    I can’t imagine how unspeakably horrific that must have been for the families of the victims. In that moment it must have been instantly clear to them, if it wasn’t before, that they lost their loved ones to a vicious but charismatic psychopath.

    Despite this, apologists of the Syndicate/Secret (they are different expressions of the same pathology) came out here today, on this post, insulting those outraged by this senseless crime.

    If you are someone caught up in this, I hope this gives you pause.

    Are these the people you want to work for? Are these the people you want as your “guru?” (The “vicious but charismatic psychopath” archetype is one expressed by most of the men featured on this blog. It’s crystal clear to anyone who has been following this. It’s plain to see if you just listen to their conversations.)

    Imagine someone dies of an auto accident. The car was not properly manufactured and this defect was not only negligent but willful. Do you walk up to the relatives of the victims at their funeral and scream at them because they are angry at the car company for this negligence? They mob on the loved ones of the deceased. Some of them are the negligent manufacturers themselves in disguise. Some are misguided followers of the manufacturers. They swarm on the victims family spewing hatred and making them feel like it’s their own fault.

    Can you imagine such a horror?

    Who could do such a thing? Someone who would do that would have to be under some kind of crazy spell, wouldn’t they?


    For the love of god, snap out of it. It’s not too late. I promise you.

  29. I just read online it’s Michelle Goulet’s birthday during these past few days and she’s celebrating. Guess you can do that when you don’t have a soul.

    1. @Jean D ::

      Happy Birthday Michelle! How happy you must be. I got you something … but I wanted it to be a surprise.

      Oh I just can’t resist telling you … it’s herpes!

      You’re welcome.

    2. @Jean D, I’m sure it has something to do with the proverbial “birds of a feather”. She is probably just about as sociopathic as her guru – which we saw a glimpse of in her behavior after they killed Colleen. Besides, she is living the JAR tweets. Disgusting.

        1. Ugh, that was my comment above–just got my computer back after a lengthy repair.

          Sorry for my absence; I’m trying to get caught up here.

          I didn’t realize it had been an entire year.

      1. @Dave and @SD, Thank you. The book was rough going in places but I think it’s a valuable addition to the conversation if for no other reason than that it shows how atrociously JRI treated even the people who were most loyal to him (and who gave him the most money).

  30. How weird and wrong are these James Ray tweets?

    “Isn’t it true that we all thing our stuff is the most difficult, most important challenge?”

    Uhm no? Like for instance … you just manslaughtered a bunch of nice people … maybe that created some difficulties for their families that are in many ways superior in importance to your own beautiful difficulties?

    “Each one of us is about one breath from total destruction, as much as we try to ignore it. We are fragile.”

    And some of us have already been totally destroyed … funny story … you’re the one who did it.

    “We are all pixels in space. That’s like being preoccupied with what an amoeba is doing.”

    As fun as it is to stay really stupid shit … we aren’t pixels in space. And amoebas are awesome … and alive … and many people study them for life. “Studying” is like what smart people were doing while James Arthur Ray was learning to pressure sell and use words like “shaman” and “peru” in long windy sentences.

    “Jesus said “the kingdom of heaven is within”.”

    You better hope that’s where it is fuckwad … otherwise me suspects you may be denied entrance.

    1. @SD,

      I always wondered why you put that bonehead’s tweets on the side of your blog.

      It’s like he’s trying to be Bret Stiles on the Mentalist, but he sounds like fortune cookie lines run through a spinner.

    2. @SD, It is not entirely inappropriate for James Ray to incorporate the amoeba into his tweets. After all, the amoeba is a single-celled organism. And if the prosecutors do their jobs, JAR will most likely end up in a single cell. It’s the Universe, whispering to us through James’ Twitter account.

      But you’re right, SD: amoebas *are* awesome, and “awesome” is a word I do not use lightly (or ever, actually). The late poet Arthur Guiterman knew of their awesomeness too. Like the blogger I link to, I have loved this poem since high school:

    3. Check out these jems on his facebook fan page. He stopped posting on twitter that day after a bunch of us called him out on his B.S.

      The Official Fan Page of James Arthur Ray:

      We can’t heal the world, or even a person, that doesn’t want to be healed. All we can do is let our own light shine.

      What if you could let go of how “they” should treat you and just love…

      What if you could let go of all the ways people have hurt and disappointed you…

      What if you could let go of who you think you are or have to be…

      Remember, if you think your life problems are out there, that very thought is the problem because you are giving your power away.

      All you ever need to feel peace is to reach into your heart and trust that everything is in Divine Order.

      “What you spend years building, someone can destroy overnight. Build anyways…In the final analysis, it was never between you and them anyways. It was between you and God.” – Mother Theresea

      It is our challenges that define us as people, and allows us to grow, develop and become stronger.

    1. @Pilenup,

      No, it totally read right because you referenced that suck-ass movie, “What The Bleep Do We Know?” which is another pile of garbage. I don’t think that James Ray is in that movie, but he’d fit right in.

  31. There are almost 1000 copies of the secret on amazon for about $1.50 THAT is how hard it is to sell that book now. The fact that a fair amount of the people in the book have turned out to be crooks and dumbledorfs is no surprise really. The entire thing was just one big marketing exercise and no matter what spin people put on it it wont make miracles occur on their own. Its sad that some low lifes saw an opportunity to make some fast money and then played on that notion to the detriment of other peoples lives. They will and they are paying for their poor intentions right now. Just ask James Ray, Joe Vitale, David Schirmer to name a few. I bet every one of them is having a shit time right now all because they put out shit intentions in the first place. Own it boys, its your shit.

    1. @Joe,

      Someone should make a new video called the “ugly naked truth”…

      Featuring all the self help gurus and the story of how they really made their money and why they are really just a bunch of wannabe billionaires
      with no capacity to come up with one unique business idea

      They tell you that you can havé do or be anything you want…

      Well Ophrah, then why don’t you make yourself look 20 years younger, and


      I’ve gotten tired of your big mouth and endless talk about beliefs and personal power?
      Because honestly, you are just salesmen. Not that selling is bad, but if you keep selling, keep pushing fake-hope and dreams, eventually the bottle of make-believe bullshit gets empty

      New age Gurus don’t like the word ‘skill’ because they haven’t got any.

      Beliefs, emotions, motivation…

      That’s All packaged for your consumption.

      But where is the skill, the real aha-moment and not the fake epiphanys like Franks “Core Influence.”

      A Jedi-Master and his jedi-student.

      Not a selfish narcisists and his sheep followers.

      1. @Mathias,

        I could see someone like Morgan Spurlock doing this. I’d love to see as much energy go into an expose as what went into “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

  32. My thoughts are with all the families of those affected by JAR and his chillingly evil ways. As I said before on one of SD’s posts relating to the Sedona tragedy, may those that have left us rest in peace, and may those of us still here continue to fight the good fight.

      1. @Harold, Of course! He’s got to appear… er, be broke for all those civil suits he’s facing!

      2. @Harold, And he always finishes replies with “with love”, so you know he’s sincere……..

  33. I read Cosmic Connie’s blog about Connie Joy’s book on James Ray (Good Blog Connie!) There was one part about James Ray not allowing a dream team member to talk to him. That seems to be a theme for him. Melinda Martin also said that James Ray would not allow lower level staffers to talk to him directly. His arrogance and belief that he was so much better than others and was (in his mind at least) a demi-god is appalling and very telling in light of what has happend.

    1. @wondering why, Thanks for the compliment. It does seem weird that JAR would play these elitist games, but apparently people were intimidated enough by him that they played right along.

      If Ray had been running a huge organization with thousands of employees, I could see why he would impose a chain of command so he wouldn’t have to be bothered with matters that could adequately be handled by another staffer. But there *weren’t* thousands of employees. And there is no rational reason that the volunteer who rode along in the car with him from the airport should not have been allowed to speak to him.

      I could have understood it if this incident had merely been some sort of structured lesson for this volunteer — with the lesson being that she should break through those imposed barriers and realize that she was Ray’s equal and had every right to talk to him. In fact it could have been a great learning experience — the most valuable one of all, which is that the guru is no “better” than the student. But this was apparently not the sort of lesson Ray tended to teach. And it was apparently his common practice to keep himself removed from direct contact with “the little people.”

      There may come a day when he will miss the opportunity to mingle with those insignificant souls.

        1. @Bryan Neuman, I’m sure that more books will be written about JAR; it’s really too soon for a definitive work right now, though I think Connie Joy’s book does a good job of providing a series of snapshots of recent years.

          I think Ray had many good people fooled for a long time. He put on a good show, that’s for sure. Ms. Joy didn’t know him till early 2007 (just as The Secret was really taking off, and Oprah was embracing it), but from what I understood by reading her book, he rapidly got worse even in that time period. I’m sure that The Secret and Oprah fast-tracked it, and those steroids and other supplements probably did some damage too, but I am willing to bet that the seeds were planted long before that. Perhaps he was just able to conceal his sociopathic tendencies better in the older days.

        2. @Bryan Neuman ::

          I’m not sure I totally agree with that. Consider how Josh and Megan met him …

          … and his other early experiences.

          IMO :: the heart of darkness was always at the core of what he was doing. The “slow path” was just that heart being laid increasingly naked by money :: an aggressively positive echo chamber :: and a lack of accountability. In the last decade and a half … not a single word out of his pig mouth has been genuine.

          1. @SD, Knowing what I know now, all 3 of those people took complete advantage of my Mother and will severely pay for it in the trial IMO.

            1. @Bryan Neuman, Both Josh and Megan Fredrickson have hidden their facebook profiles since I’ve contacted them if that tells you anything…

            2. @Bryan Neuman, Do you think that Megan and Josh will stand trial also then? Have they been indicted yet?

            3. @Bryan Neuman,
              Thanks Bryan,
              Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, along with the families of James Shore,Kirby Brown and Colleen’s family..Let justice be done!

            1. @Wondering Why, they haven’t been indicted, but we’ll certainly be watching their testimony very, very closely and that’s all I can say for now.

    1. @Bryan Neuman, Lots of deluded people still out there. Plus, Facebook also has lots and lots of unquestionably “dark” fan pages (something for every nut out there). Sometimes “social media” deserves to be called “anti-social media.” ‘Tis a shame.

      1. @Kenneth, Agreed, but that doesn’t mean we can’t oppose him. Please, please, please, let me know if you need any ammo against him… I have LOADS and LOADS.

        1. Obviously this will all have to take place after the trial. I’m doing everything I can to respect the judicial system.

    1. @disgusted, It’s clear Ray was a sick sociopath and a good actor. From the many stories out there, he seems to have been sexually obsessed and exhibited “erotic asphyxiation” behavior. I hope someone puts together the accounts about just how perverted he/they really are. Am I the only one who sees eery similiarities between Ray and Frank Booth, Dennis Hopper’s “Blue Velvet” character?

      @Bryan Neuman It’s extra creepy to see the “flirty pics” of the females on his Facebook Fan Page. Maybe they’re just fabricated characters, though. I can’t imagine who the hell would want the attention of that monster at this point in time.

      1. @Jean D,

        When I read your message, I didn’t think of Dennis Hopper first, I thought of David Carradine.

        I suppose it’s wrong of me to hope that he’ll have some sort of auto-erotic-asphyxiation mishap.

        I understand that the victims need their day in court.

        1. @Hippo, The strange perversions of these fake gurus and IM scammers sure do lump them together; in more ways than one. As for your secret wish, unfortunately, according to participants, Ray was too narcissistic to allow himself to be injured or killed; he preferred making others suffer and die.

    1. @wondering why,
      I’m really impressed with the case the prosecutors have put together and the way they’re going about this. Of course anything can happen in a trial, but I doubt Ray or his legal team will be happy about this.

      I also hope that Ray’s accomplices finish up along side him in the dock. Maybe that’s too much to hope for, but I assume the offer of immunity implies an immunity from something specific. And given they were caught red-handed both destroying and ordering the destruction of evidence, they might be getting a bit fidgety.

      1. @Yakaru,
        I’m impressed that Mr Ross is going to give the jury the benefit of his expertise regarding group dynamics. It does add to the understanding of this case and James Ray’s responsibility in it if the jury is educated (should they need it) on the manipulative practices routinely used in motivational training and LGAT’s and their resulting effects on both the group and individual behaviour.

        Yavapai County is on the case!

        1. @Stoic,
          I hope he is called, as the cornerstone of Ray’s defense will be “no one was prevented from leaving”. Witness statements will clearly corroborate that Ray misled people about the degree of danger they were in, but the reasons why people assumed he was telling the truth and trusted his authority will be more difficult for the jury to grasp.

          Reading RR forum, especially Anticult’s (and your!) comments, has been a real eye-opener for me, and I have probably a lot more experience with this kind of thing than the average juror. I always knew guys like Ray were manipulative scammers, but I never realised what a highly sophisticated and coldly calculated system they are using.

          I expect that if they get to hear Ross talk, they will suddenly see Ray’s words and actions in a different light.

    2. @wondering why ::

      Wow that’s interesting. The other witness is interesting too … textbook standards for adventure activities. There are safe ways to do all the dumb parlor tricks Ray does {board breaking etc} … and the difference between educational and dangerous is all in the little details.

      Yavapai County FTW!

      1. @Stoic,
        Thanks Stoic, yes that was the post I remember and that was you and Yakaru that found all that info out..Don’t see any felonies there so I guess we will see..I sure wish the trial was televised or that someone from here goes and to it and fills us all in.

  34. I just wanted to remind people that today (October 17) is the one-year anniversary of the passing of Liz Neuman, the third person to die as a result of James Arthur Ray’s 2009 sweat lodge. My thoughts are with @Bryan Neuman and his family.

    1. Dear Bryan:

      I didn’t realize that it was the 17th and didn’t see it until today.

      I’m lighting a candle for your mom now.

  35. This is very touching…you managed to hit the poignancy of the matter…while still making me laugh. 67 more days. keep up the good work salty!

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