Arresting Developments

Mo' Problems for Michael

Vitaly Borker has angrily pissed on his last pair of knockoff Dolce and Gabbana’s. Just eight days after The New York Times detailed the sketchy/insane “business practices” of Decor My Eyes :: the bunghole borscht aficionado was arrested in his Brooklyn home by agents of the United States Postal Inspection Service.

The New York Times once again …

“Vitaly Borker, 34, who operates a Web site called, was charged with one count each of mail fraud, wire fraud, making interstate threats and cyberstalking. The mail fraud and wire fraud charges each carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. The stalking and interstate threats charges carry a maximum sentence of five years.”

Borker had told The Times that he was intentionally cultivating negative reviews in order to increase his visibility with Google. If negative press is a virtue :: then a two page spread in The New York Times describing your bastardhood is like seventy-two virgins.  That must explain Broker’s Twitter excitement regarding his Paper of Record Pwning …

“Have a look at this publicity stunt! WOW we are famous

Look Mom … I’m infamous! It’s kind of almost exactly like being famous … only not.

That bit of classic non-wisdom was just Vitaly’s fourth tweet :: here’s his first from April 2009 …


Terrific! Gr8 point!

The People have been complaining about Borker and his various sham companies for years :: the New York Post reports that more than 200 complaints had been filed with the FTC ::  but The Man couldn’t have cared less. One week after The Times complains :: and …

“Now, there seems to be a competition to punish him.

He has already been charged with aggravated harassment and stalking by local authorities and is scheduled to be arraigned on those charges on Dec. 22. The state attorney general’s office is conducting its own investigation and could bring additional state charges.

But federal law enforcement seemed eager to partake as well.”

Local :: State :: and Federal charges … the you’re fucked trifecta.

The Government is finally sending a strong message to the Internet scammers :: that message = “We care about The New York Times.”  It’s almost enough to bring a tear to your eye {if you cry for really stupid reasons}.

Vitaly Borker is the second Droid featured villain to be arrested this year.  In February :: James Arthur Ray was arrested in Arizona for perpetrating the unaccidental deaths of three people in a plastic torture chamber. It wouldn’t necessarily be productive or rational to compare the two situations … but I’m fucking gonna. I won’t be bound by rules or reason :: I’ll do what I want!! This isn’t the Annals of the National Academy of Science … that’s not even a real thing. Screw you science!


The maximum sentence for aggravated manslaughter in Arizona is 12.5 years.  The maximum sentence for one count of wire fraud is 20 years. You’d think that the crime that resulted in the dead people would carry the stiffer punishment … but that’s what you’d get for thinking.  The justice system isn’t about thinking {or justice}.

Death Ray couldn’t afford to post the $500,000 bond required to get his shriveled old man ass out of the clink while he awaited trial. His overpriced :: ethically dubious :: attorneys called this $500K bond requirement “unconscionable”.  Even after bail was lowered significantly :: Ray still had a hard time posting.

Vitaly Borker :: on the other hand :: has been denied bail completely …

“Mr. Kaye argued that Mr. Borker should be released on bail because no one had ever accused him of committing any violent acts. He added that Mr. Borker was family man — he has a wife and a 2-year-old child — and was willing to surrender his passport and post a bond worth $500,000.

Judge Dolinger said that even if Mr. Borker had not physically harmed anyone, he could still be a threat to society given his habit of terrifying his customers.”


So Oprah’s guru of infinite unicorn wealth can’t post a $500K bond :: but a 34 year old sweat pants wearing Russian immigrant who threatens to pee on discounted eye-wear is ready to pony up the same amount on day one?  Apparently :: Death Ray got into the wrong line of scamming.

Recently :: the unconscionably oppressed psychopath was forced to prostitute his intellectual {as if} properties for a penny {plus $19.97 shipping}. Special thanks to Jennifer Horton :: once again :: for facilitating the transactional horror.  From the email promo …

“To celebrate the holidays and to appreciate YOU I’m doing something I’ve never done before:  for the next week, or until supplies run out, you can choose from multiple sets of some of my best life-changing learning systems FOR JUST ONE PENNY…all for being a friend!”

Holy fucking desperate Batman! Somebody is a failure … again.

Oh wellz :: I hear there’s a job opening in fake eye-wear.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. SD – seems to me that you should get a job at the NYTimes. Your results will drastically increase.

    1. @Deuce Monkey ::

      I don’t think I could cut it :: neutrality makes me nauseous.

      But at a certain level of popularity … which I approach but have not yet reached … this stupid fucking fake robot blog could have a similar effect on law enforcers looking to not be publicly embarrassed.

      They can only hear loud voices … sad but true.

  2. “Local :: State :: and Federal charges … the you’re fucked trifecta.”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Funniest thing I’ve heard since “Guilty of stupid.”

    A classic of classics!

    1. @WN, I want to make the estimate for you now so here is what I can find out so far:

      The fact 1: Transparency International said 1 out of 4 people say they are victims of corruption.

      The fact 2: Population Reference Bureau says there is maybe 6.9 billion people in the world:

      Some math for us:

      So 6,900,000,000 divided by the 4 from the fact 1 thing =

      1,725,000,000 who were the victims of some sort of corruption, but I don’t know if also includes fraud and if the fraud victims are also the corruption victims.

      The Fact 3: Total number of police: 5,754,103

      But what I can’t say about is how many other law enforcment there is, but some math can tell me:

      1,725,000,000 divided by 5,754,103 = 299.786083

      So what I think is it’s 1 police person for every 300 people maybe, but then I think they probably have to deal with a bunch of other types of crimes too.

      Also maybe it’s confusing to coordinate it all.

      Maybe we can set up a phone tree or something?

      1. @Jack ::

        Those are sad maths!

        That’s why each enforcement person needs to make prioritization of top-level criminals his/her first priority.

        The prioritization of prioritization … FTW

  3. If it turns out he can’t make bail after all, maybe he can turn to Kevin True-dough for assistance. At least he can pick up some good tips from Kevin on strategic martyrdom.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Kevin has some real knowledge cuz he only spent time in jail for pyramid scams and not murder…therefore his access to the Universal Twat is greater.

  4. “To celebrate the holidays and to appreciate YOU I’m doing something I’ve never done before: for the next week, or until supplies run out, you can choose from multiple sets of some of my best life-changing learning systems FOR JUST ONE PENNY…all for being a friend!”

    Can any one tell about if this life-changed deal allows the people who pay the JUST ONE PENNY the right to release themselves from their right to sue mr. Ray for any and all stuff they possibly might want to sue him for?

    1. @Jack, the same goes for his BS 6-month mentoring program. There is a reason he has never done it before—-he never had so many lawsuits pending against him before that he had to try and scam his way out of. there is no low he won’t stoop to!

  5. Someone once told me two really cool secrets of the Universe:

    1) What goes around comes around. I think they call it Karma now just to spice it up, and then the biggest secret of all, which sort of relates to the first:

    2) Don’t do to others what you don’t want dun to you.

    You know…cuz what goes around comes around…Fucken Death Ray, you gonna get bitch slapped by the Universal Hand – asshole!

  6. Don’t forget the child pornography that Vitaly Borker of allegedly had on his computer. So in addition to Versace Sunglasses, Vitaly Broker of also likes child porn. Allegedly.

    Just a little more negative SEO for Vitaly Borker,, child pornography. Dot Com.

    1. @Wannabe Producer ::

      It’s such a fierce accusation … so personally … I’m waiting for something better than …

      Assistant U.S. Prosecutor Danya Perry said investigators found hundreds of counterfeit pocket books at Borker’s home as well as images “of pre-pubescent chidlren” that she said are consistent with child erotica.

      The fraud is right there for us all to see. The accounts of cyber-threats and harassment are numerous and consistent … and also right there for us all to see.

      On the other hand :: I’m not sure what “consistent with child erotica” is supposed to mean. And I see other things in the Post article which I consider inaccurate.

      Richard Jewell wasn’t the Olympic bomber.

      1. @SD,

        Richard Jewell is a different sort of story. He was falsely proclaimed a suspect by the FBI. The FBI had no other suspects. That accusation was leaked to the media who then postulated their version of events.

        This, as you point out, is very different. Here we have an unfortunate sole (read: asshole) who, without any attempt to hide his actions, intentionally harassed his customers with the hope of benefit of “negative PR.”

        Further, the D.A.’s statement, “images consistent with Child Pornography,” translates to, “we’ve seen child pornography and we’re deciding if we can file that charge as well.” It’s not like they went in looking for child porn. They were looking for evidence to make a solid harassment case, and low-and-behold – some “images consistent with child pornography” pop up. The investigators SAW the images, so there’s no phantom suspect (or in this case, phantom evidence) to search for.
        Why say anything to the media if child pornography – of all things – does not exist? That makes no sense.

        I realize that you’re trying to keep your trail clean – as you should. However I think it’s important to present all of the facts – at least when those facts are delivered by a credible source.

        1. @Wannabe Producer

          Yeah :: I wasn’t saying you shouldn’t say it … and it most definitely sounds very bad. Just pointing out why I waited.

  7. “The maximum sentence for aggravated manslaughter in Arizona is 12.5 years. The maximum sentence for one count of wire fraud is 20 years.”

    and a discolored crack pipe gets you how many again?

    I find this equation hard to balance. I get it – but jeez.

    Ah Borker. Just desserts not so tasty. Enjoy the metal bunk there, hero.

  8. Reactionary justice. They only do something once the NY Times writes an article. Anyone could look at the situation for a few minutes and see a pattern of customer abuse and fraud going back a long time. Regulators always fail to regulate, so they’re lagging behind and never catch up to the big fraudsters. Madoff is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

  9. SD,

    Your writing is too good to be limited to internet scammers. You could kill it as a consumer rights advocate. Not only that, you’re a good writer and quick witted so you should be holding government officials accountable for corruption and taking corrupt corporate types to task for terrorizing the American people (the bankers) Borker’s clownish actions got him what he deserved, but it’s still pretty blue-collar. And slimy IM guys usually end up burning people who want to become slimy IM guys themselves (of course, that’s not always true)

    Read this post about how the US has been hijacked by a network of “financial terrorists” and how what they’re doing is way more destructive than anything some dudes in Afghanistan can do:

    The guy has lots more articles like that. You could take this blog to a whole ‘nother level if you tackled that kind of thing.


    1. @Raza, Indeed.

      Hopefully Salty will move up into other avenues, because with his talent at doing what he’s doing right here – he could definitely get some goods on some “other bad guys” in much higher levels. Or wait – was Julian Assange going there?


      IM fraud is great to take on, and thank goodness he started on the interwebs – but in the end… what will matter more to my kids (and all the other kiddos on the planet) as they get older…

      IM frauds taking a cell next to Bubba?

      Or the Banksters?

      Personally I’d rather warn the family/friends of internet hazards, and get rid of the bankster games now. But you have to start somewhere – and the internet is as good a place as any.

      Wonder if Salty has heard of the huge foreclosure messes (chuckle) where banksters are having a field day with fake signatures and all kinds of interesting fraudulent tactics? Now that would be some fun stuff to go after! ;-)

      Course you’d always have to watch yer back – and I’m still too chicken to do it myself…

      Anyone else game?


      1. @Michelle,

        Well said. I agree. Go after the bigger threat. Again, I don’t want to generalize, but people who get burned from IM scammers either want to be scammers themselves or don’t have any business investing thousands of dollars if they can’t afford it.

        I don’t know that CopyBlogger falls in that category. They have Seth Godin, Hugh McLeod, Gary Vaynerchuck, the author of “The 48 Laws of Power”, and other big bloggers and writers as part of their “tribe”… which seems pretty legit to me. But my personal opinion of CopyBlogger is neither here nor there.

        I tell you one thing, Salty would make it interesting.


        1. @Raza – TheCoffeeMakerStore, I think maybe you’re can be right that so many of the elderly people who lose their whole life’s saving as shwon on this blog here just so much “want to be scammers themselves” – or maybe you are just completely out of your freakishing MIND, mr. TheCoffeeMakerStore.

          1. @Jack,

            You probably know better than me. I didn’t know people spend all their money on those courses.

            Didn’t mean to offend…


    2. @Raza,

      The bankers would have any thought-provoking critic immediately shut down. And criticizing the US government is not a very good idea. Look at what happened to WikiLeaks and the founder Julian Assange.

      He was about to reveal some dirt on Bank of America.

      1. @SE, The BOA stuff is supposed to be loaded and ready for distribution. I hope so! I have a huge hard-on for those particular bastards since they charged me over $200 for a $0.09 overdraft about 4 years ago. Karma is not a kind lady.

        1. @Grateful Al,

          I hate those bastards too. Horrible customer service. Idiot tellers. Fraudulent mortgage practices. And the overdraft scam they pull has received plenty of negative publicity that they have seized it all together, I believe.

          Bank of America used to be Bank of Italy and it USED to be a good & honest bank. The daughter of the original founder – has said herself that she hates what Bank of Ameica has become today and she despises it’s practices.

      2. @SE,

        The bankers would try to silence Salty, and the government probably wouldn’t like it… all the more reason for Salty to do it!

        I say this with respect and admiration to the Droid, but if someone with skills like Salty could step up their game and take on the real criminals, that would make real waves.

        If you read the link I posted in my first comment, you’ll see how top US officials are saying that the banking crisis, and the subsequent civil strife, is a bigger concern than some failed (and sensationalized) attempts by amateurs that we read about in the news.

        If the people with skills don’t take on the bad guys, who will?


        1. @Raza – TheCoffeeMakerStore,

          Hey, what’s up, cowards?

          There are plenty of people out there taking on the subject of government scams, theft, raping, pillaging, murdering, etc. But unfortunately ALL of them are labeled paranoid conspiracy theorists, nut-jobs, wackos, and America-hating terrorists.

          Salty has positioned himself in the “Internet Fraudsters” pipeline. I don’t foresee him taking on Big Banking any time soon. If ya’ll are so concerned, why don’t you take up the task yourself? Or are you concerned that it will hurt your online image and coffeemaker businesses?

          Nut the FUCK up!

          There’s a snotty nosed kid who goes by the name of Luke Rudkowski who walks up to assholes like Zbiginew Brzinski, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Rudy Guilliani, and a bunch others, and asks them point-blank about the Bilderberg Group, 9/11, and undisclosed plans for a North American currency (the Amero). Whether you agree with his political viewpoints or not, you can’t argue with his actions. He’s exercising the rights that we’re all supposed to have under this Constitution. And he’s fucking fearless. And I swear to god he’s like 13 years old.

          You think you can’t do what Salty does? We ALL can. It just takes the courage to do so. Here’s the formula:

          1. An informed opinion.

          2. The balls to express openly your informed opinion.

          3. A comprehension of how to write satire.

          That’s how to take on any BIG BADDIE that you want. Don’t make requests on Salty to do more. He’s doing enough.

          It’s the rest of us that aren’t doing nearly enough.

          And since we’re talking about Julian Assange, hope you know that before Wikileaks, there was Cryptome which was the original document leaking website whose founder John Young has called Wikileaks a CIA front disguised as a subversive organization pretending to serve the public good. I hope no one is surprised when we find ourselves in another quagmire in Iran based on some documents released by Wikileaks. Colin Powell was the hard sell for Iraq; Assange is the soft sell for Iran. Isn’t the world HILARIOUS?

          Stop being some following ass lemmings and do your own shit!

          1. @WN,

            Brother, I appreciate your passion. And yes, we all can (and should) do something, but it probably won’t be as fabulously hilarious as the Droid. By the way, I don’t really care about the coffee maker online image. If I did care to protect it, I would have used a fake name. So let’s converse as friends. Cool? Cool.

            Yes, there is Alex Jones (PrisonPlanet, InfoWars, etc.) and others exposing the other side of things.

            About WikiLeaks, plenty of people think it’s a front. Even some Iranian minister said that the release of the WikiLeaks Iraq documents actually puts pressure on the Iraqi government and makes them look bad. The Afghanistan documents that came out before that made Pakistan look bad. So yes, I believe that WikiLeaks leaks are engineered. Here’s a link to further support my claims if you’re interested.

            No disrespect meant to Salty from my original comment…


            1. @Raza,

              We’re cool, man. I understand that we are friends because we both visit this site. I only challenge you and others, caustically and irreverently, to stand up for your own unique viewpoints because I believe that you can. You don’t have to be hilarious like Salty to make a good point.

              I appreciate your incredulity re wikileaks and the financial crisis. Never stop asking questions. There are many layers. Find out which one keeps you up at night and focus your energy there.

          2. @WN, Touche!

            Yeah, I wish I was a snot nose kid now days – because I never had this interweb outlet when I was.

            I would be on the front line – with both IM and the Bankstas if I could – but you know what? I have two babies that are in the mix. What I do online (or off) could seriously endanger them. You know that’s true.

            Don’t particularly like it, and my mouth loves to run – BUT – when it comes to my kids, I have to help them – in more ways than one. If I go running my mouth about whatever I want – informed or just opinionated, it could be taken the wrong (and right) way from a number of different areas. If taken the wrong way by someone that can way overpower us – that puts my children (and me) in danger – which I would be OK with if it was JUST ME.

            But it’s not.

            I can’t put my children in that position, sad to say – and I’m probably already on “whatever list” they keep – but no sense on me making it more difficult than it already is. If that makes any sense.

            Of course not – I barely ever make any sense. ha!

            So yeah, I’m a coward – but there’s a reason for it. Meanwhile, I’m getting a Berkley water filter, stocking up on food (cause I’m nuts that way) – homeschooling – and doing everything else in my power to “not comply” with things I don’t agree with.

            I’ll keep on doing it too. No matter who thinks I’m nuts – and since I’m a chick I don’t have big balls. But I have big boobs.

            Does that count? :-)


    3. @et al ::

      Actually :: the bankers have hundreds/thousands of the most educated and sophisticated critics in the world. I read some really great blogs about the disastrous condition of the financial “industry” … and some main stream journalists have been doing a great job calling out their shenanigans.

      IMO :: bankers are much easier targets than scammers. They risk MUCH if they try and have you shut down. Had I been attacking bankers … and they reacted like these d-bags have … then I would have sued them … and won already.

      Scammers having nothing to lose … and that gives them a big advantage.

    4. @Raza,

      There are only 24 hours in a day. How the he’ll is SD going to take on everyone. Sure he’s a bot and all – maybe you should step it up yourself and help him out though. Let’s just leave everything up the droid – yeah that’s a good plan.

      1. @Deuce Monkey, we all have to do our part. for example, i have been calling fictional character James Arthur Ray to account for his BS and lack of responsibility in killing 3 people, not to mention stealing hundreds of thousands from people in his fraudulent sales pitch. however, its a tedious grass roots effort that slowly builds over time. i am hoping that after his trial, he will have only the minimum number of clients left—since i am realistic in knowing these dirtbags always have someone fall for their line of crap.

        @SALTY—did you get booted from twitter?

        1. @Nancy O ::

          Yep … lots of times.

          My Death Ray parody account is still up … but I’m finished with it.

          I don’t like not being me … too confusing.

  10. I don’t know how far out on the limb the Droid would care to go, but I do know the service provided now is worthy of any of the literacy/public service awards up for grabs.
    Could you imagine the Salty One getting the Nobel?! Or would it be represented by just be an empty chair because of the huge humility – or fear of public displays of affection?
    Either way, you’re my favorite frigging hero you cute little hunk of recycled space trash!

    1. @Grateful Al, Gee, yeah. Maybe he could even Photoshop some of those awards up now. Why wait? Why worry about reality? It’s all a fraud so…go for it, Salty.

      1. @Poop Chute, You’re a genuine psycho. You consistently garner ZERO respect from your lunatic fringe comments. Tell you anything? Apparently not, because you’re too busy looking at your pathetic self in the mirror to notice that the world considers you an OCD, narcissistic idiot.

  11. Since Borker was ready to pony up half a million for bail, and Death Ray couldn’t pony up shit, it seems like Death Ray needs to take lessons from Borker on harmonic wealth. Or whatever the fuck it is that Death Ray “teaches.”

  12. SD, I greatly appreciate the AD references. Do you have it within your droid powers to goose the AD movie project along? I realize that may be far afield, but I’m desperate!

    And for your sake, I hope Fake Secretary Debbie is not a nevernude.

  13. @SE re: Wikileaks.

    First, according to Perry Belcher, SD is Julian Assange.

    Second, I’m eager to hear SD’s commentary on WikiLeaks. There definitely seems to be a shared spirit for transparency and truth, and against the corrupt and powerful.

  14. Some of these scrawny scammers, I can just picture them in a prison cell with a pen and paper writing a long sales letter to the bigger guys.

    Oh, and the red crayon for the bold headlines. Can’t forget that.

  15. My gut tells me that James Ray’s reduction in bail was nothing more than a publicity stunt…he had civil suits pending and he wanted to give the impression that he had no money. A huge part of a big legal defense with $M attorneys like his is a lot of PR….and they put on a big show for the media, which will also carry into the courtroom.

    If you remember correctly, when the forensic audit was done on James Ray, the Accountant stated in court, under Oath, that James Ray was worth $2.4M and there was evidence that money had been noved around right after the Sedona Tragedy, but to where those funds went, he was unable to trace.

    BTW….he has already settled two civil suits…and I don’t think that $$$ fell off a money tree.

    1. @Moxie ::

      For sure :: but if he wants to call himself a pauper while selling “model my success” programs … then I’ll play along. His lawyer said he’s “not a wealthy man” … fine by me. I guess his products are a wanton fraud then.

      The “science” of what success?

      1. @SD, His lawyer also said that James held IV bags for the people outside the Sweatlodge to help the paramedics…another lie. I guess that must’ve been before he went to have dinner in his underwear in his cabin.

        I throw this in for your entertainment…Regarding his products, especially the “Science of Success”….that was his first one (I think), and he, in his own voice, tells how he promised a customer a huge amount of that product but it wasn’t produced yet….so the customer places the order, and James makes a label of his own and pastes it on someone else’s product and sells that to the customer, because he sold before he actually *had* a product to sell. So he admits he stole it on that very CD.

        If I recall correctly, the “real” Science of Success program was written by another asshole–Bob Proctor….who is a big James advocate. All these guys in that line of work lie, cheat & steal the same way….notice not any of them are speaking out about James whatsoever–if they do, they’d be cutting their own throats in regards to their own arenas.

        There’s a lot to play along with in this story of JAR….and it just gets more ridiculous everyday. But the man is FAR from broke…that’s why they are fighting so hard to keep his financial records out of the upcoming Trial.

  16. As much as I abhor this ignorant asshole’s business practices, I happen to abhor the totally crooked and backwards system we call Justice in this country.

    I openly agree that he should be punished for his crimes, but even a confessed killer wouldn’t face such stiff penalties. A 20 year maximum for mail and wire fraud? Let’s get real. They are not violent crimes.

    I could go out and commit felony assault on a granny at the supermarket and only face a 5 year maximum! What sense does that make?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending the actions of this asswipe, but the punishment should also fit the crime. Defrauding a few stupid fucks of their money doesn’t warrant a 20-year sentence per charge no matter which way you spin it.

      1. To those who are voting thumps down – Keep in mind that Jordan Belfort ran a ponzi scheme scam totaling HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars & got ONLY 2 years in prison.

        He has ONLY paid $900,000 back. And now he’s scamming through coaching call centers. Just keep that in mind…

        Borker sure as hell needs to go to jail BUT his sentence needs to be reduced. I would say 10 years in prison maximum would be fair plus his business & personal assets need to seized and distributed among any victims who have complaints against being defrauded along with credit card companies & merchant account providers who have lost money because of chargeback & processing fees plus the brand name designers who are also rightfully entitled to damages.

        Why 10 years? Because he’s been running the scam for approximately 10 years. Exaggerating another person’s sin is a sin in itself. Case closed!

        PS. started in 2000.

          1. @Maria Androgynous,

            I agree. He also possessed illegal firearms plus gave threats. So I guess you can add in 5 years extra.

            Anyway, I’m not defending any of these guys. I’m simply defending the best & fair justice possible.

    1. “Defrauding a few stupid fucks of their money”

      What the HELL are you thinking, man?

      Those are PEOPLE. Human beings. It could be someone you know.

      THIS is the kind of thinking that PERPETUATES and enables the douchebags that get exposed here.

      Minimizing the crime by denouncing the VICTIM.

      Epic fail.

  17. Salty, i wish James Ray would get the “You’re F****d” trifecta too. I am not sure what it takes to get the attention of the attorney general or any federal agency when this guy has created an entirely fictional character (named James ARTHUR Ray) with fake credentials included to bilk his clients of tens of thousands of dollars. Dollars that never would have been spent if we knew he was a fiction. After all, he told us during the Harmonic Wealth Weekend that he was a Shaman in the Incan tradition of the Qu’ero Indians—but after all was said and done, it turns out that his famed teacher, Don Jose Luis, with whom he spent many years studying under—was nothing more than a well know travel agent and tour guide. So it seems our Heroic Teacher is the spiritual equivalent of Gilligan…he got his “training” on a 3-hour tour. While I am happy he is being tried for manslaughter, it seems that he should be charged with fraud and grand larceny to boot. Now THAT is a suitable trifecta!

    1. @Nancy O, And we know that there is at least one other dude who appeared in the secret who has been exposed as a fraduct too in an oh so embadrassing way. Lordy I just realised my wishes are coming true. Maybe there is some value in telling the genie my deepest darkest dreams after all.

        1. @Nancy O, and anyone else who might be interested in deconstructing the Rogue’s Gallery: Ray and Schirmer are just two examples of DB behavior by Secret “stars.” Let’s not forget Rhonda Byrne herself, and how her greed apparently got the better of her, leading her to throw her original director (Drew Heriot) and original Internet marketing strategist (Dan Hollings) under the bus. Also, look up “Marie Diamond lawsuit.” The misdeeds of other “Secret” stars haven’t officially come to light yet, but I imagine they will. Meanwhile, abundant evidence of the everyday greed and narcissism of many of Rhonda B’s other chosen talking heads can be found on a few sites, such as this one.

          I think there’s a reason that Rhonda chose, for her follow-up book to The Secret, to focus on the wisdom of famous dead people instead of living con artists. Either she had a moral awakening (which, judging from what I’ve read of The Power, doesn’t seem likely), or she just couldn’t face any more of the harsh criticism that she earned, fair and square, from her first effort.

          1. @Cosmic Connie, well here is something that will make you want to puke:

            a friend of mine was leafing through Rhonda Byrne’s book, ‘the Power’ at the bookstore. In the ‘Acknowledgement’ section, she writes “… my deepest thanks to Brad Brian and Luis Li at Munger Tolles, for their guidance and expertise, for being a living example of integrity and truth, and for bringing positivity into my life.”

            Sound Familiar? Now you know where James found his attorney. GAG

            1. @Nancy O,

              That is truly bizarre. Those lawyers seem to be doing quite well out of The Secret. I wonder who else from that movie they have helped with their “wisdom”.

              And it’s ironic that they are basing Ray’s defense on the idea that the LoA doesn’t exist. -It doesn’t of course, but they go even further and claim that no other form of responsibility for ones actions exists either. Basically they will argue in court that the victims should not have believed Ray’s assurances that they were safe, nor expected to receive the services and expertise they’d paid for.

            2. @Nancy O ::

              I had to go and verify that with my own eyeholes … crazy!

              They are criminal lawyers so I don’t even really get it. She relies on criminal lawyers to bring positivity into her life?

              I’m guessing that’s not a good plan.

          2. @Cosmic Connie, Thanks Cosmic Connie (lets hope she’s not a cosmic con because that would be just too ironic). The talking heads on The Secret movie were indeed a lackluster bunch of narcissists who probably had a string of love rivals hidden behind their facades that they had to keep the lies up to to get their daily dose of happy pills. What sad lives some live and what a damn expensive one at that. It beggars belief (or does it) that almost all of the hush hush movie contributors have been exposed as nothing but frauds. As if the people who really knew them and what they got up to didnt alreayd know I suppose.

            What the movie did was finally give the aggrieved a platform from which to tell THE TRUTH AND BE HEARD and not have to suffer the hurt, humiliation and soul destroying hardship that these idiots would prefer. Imagine the amount of money and hurt that every single person would have saved if they had not fallen victim to cons like this? But (applaud please) thanks to the Secret Movie, everything was revealed that was meant to be revealed and the cons were exposed on cue.

        2. @Nancy O, Schirmer is only one of a bunch of people who for some incredibly deluded reason think that they deserve more than everyone else. They have no respect for any other human being including their own partners and children because if they did they would not do what they do, have the level of greed that they demonstrate and have the amount of people who hate them that they do.

          Really, when people throw shit in the faces of the people who have tried to help them they can only expect a truck load of shit back at them. And surprise surprise thats what they got.

          I actually like that Rhonda Byrnes chose the famou0s dead rather than the living cons because it hurts a lot less people. The world can do with a lot less fakes like the Schirmer guy who has been exposed as basically a money hungry egocentric narcissistic help yer self lunatic.

      1. @Genieinabottle, Except maybe that James Ray could have crashed and burned before he had the blood of four deaths on his hands. No wishes will bring those people back to their loved ones.

        1. @Anna, I hear you, incredibly from my discoveries most of the people who appeared in the movie The Secret are in my opinion narcissistic screwballs who must have had shitty childhoods or had to compete with too many same sex siblings because everything they do and say is all about ME and FUCK YOU!

          1. @Genieinabottle, I just looked up the guy David Schirmer and he says on a website that “I think I know more about making money on the ‘Stock Market’ than anybody else in Australia.” What a fucktard, the authorities have just got him for being deceitful about his shit


            According to the museum of good stuff, his results speak louder than anything that comes out his oversized mouth so going by his pathetic businesses I would have a guess that he is pretty much screwed. His comments on facebook indicate that he’s screwed anyway because all he can talk about is seeing the bright lights and putting one foot forward toward YO VISION.

  18. Threatening rape and assault is a little out there for customer service. So don’t think I’m condoning that when I say I found the whole incident funny as hell.

    Anyone who has dealt with the public knows that some customers can be totally rude, obnoxious, and just plain wrong. Customer service people often double as punching bags.

    There might be just a little poetic justice in being able to profit from being rude to customers. Good old Goggle comes through again.

  19. This just takes the cake. He’s no ordinary garden variety scammer, but a pedophile to top it. I’m in agreement with the other poster. The only fitting punishment for pedophiles and molesters is death penalty. Hopefully justice will be served.

  20. Vitaly Borker pleads GUILTY:

    Two counts of sending threatening communications, one count of mail fraud and one count of wire fraud.

    Judge: “These threats are chilling, Mr. Borker.”

    Currently free on bond, confined to his home with severe restrictions on use of phone and computer. Has to have a security guard at his home 24×7 which he must pay for himself ($1,000 day).

    Sentencing scheduled for Sept. 16

    He could get 5 to 6-1/2 years in prison

    Borker’s attorney said he “expected a fraction of that sentence — a year to 18 months.”

  21. Vitaly Borker has been sentenced for his threats against DecorMyEyes customers. According to The New York Times, he was sentenced to:

    – 4 years in federal prison
    – “Nearly $100,000 in restitution and fines”
    – 3 years probation with no computer use
    – “Psychiatric and substance-abuse counseling”

    The NYT has this great quote from U.S. attorney Preet Bharara, which could apply to so many of the people @SD writes about:

    “Vitaly Borker was an Internet shopper’s worst nightmare,” Mr. Bharara said in a statement released Thursday afternoon. “Borker operated behind the veil of the Internet and aliases to first defraud his victims and then, if they complained, terrorize them with threats, intimidation and harassment.”

    1. @Lanna ::

      Good god :: that took forever … he plead guilty and it took that long.

      I’m temped to say something smart ass about how he got twice as stiff a punishment as James Arthur Ray … who actually killed some of the nice people he defrauded. What kind of message does that send America? 4 fuk sake! Kill ladies :: fine … but don’t you fucking dare dilute the marks of Dolce and Gabbana.

      But I’m not gonna :: because the difference between state and federal judges is like the difference between graduates of North Idaho College … and those of Harvard Law. Don’t get yourself on the wrong side of Federal Judge {*cough*Crystal Cox*cough*} … too bad JAR didn’t. Thanks for nothing Feds.

      Taking away his bail :: restricting his web use :: calling him out for his instinctual head nodding denials … all awesome.

      And great job The New York Times … even though the premise of that first article was allegedly preposterous.

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