An Asshole Decors My Eyeholes

OMG Versace 2049 Sunglasses!!

If you’re not wearing Versace 2049 Sunglasses :: then you are shit. I know it’s harsh :: but seriously :: you are one of the dirt people.  When the plague comes {and it will come} :: you will be the first to die … because the plague respects $300 fashion accessories.

If you search The Google for “Versace 2049 Sunglasses” :: the top result is a little ma-and-pa operation called Decor My Eyes.

The awesome thing about Decor My Eyes is that they might :: to summarize a recent New York Times article :: overcharge you for fake frames that they’ve pissed on and then pretend to stalk you until Citibank agrees to give them whatever they want.

Says site owner Vitaly Borker to an unhappy customer {actual quote} …

“do you think I would think twice about urinating all over your frame and then returning it? Common.”

NOOOOO! Not on my Versace 2049’s!!

“Then, she said, he threatened to find her and commit an act of sexual violence too graphic to describe in a newspaper.”

I wonder if it had anything to do with bunghole borscht? I hear crazy Russian freaks are totally into that.

When the New York Times showed up at Vitaly’s Brooklyn door to ask him why he was getting pee all over the place :: he was wearing a T-shirt and some opportunity pants™ …

“I slept in for the first time in a while,” he says.

Definitely. I totally believe that.

He then proceded to explain how he uses flaming-dickhole type actions as an SEO strategy.  See if someone asks for a refund on some sunglasses :: and you send them a Google Maps picture of their house that says “I’M WATCHING YOU!” :: then they might complain about that on some online forums and you’ll suddenly rank first for Versace 2049.


Wait … that doesn’t make sense. What if they don’t link to you? What if they link to you but don’t use good anchor text? What if they skip the online review and just call the police? What if their online complaint only mentions the stalking and harassment and not the Versace 2049’s? Why not just buy links? Why not just buy clicks?

It’s not the best plan … let’s be honest. It’s more like the piss poor excuse of an asshole with a vodka hangover.  But the Times thought they better call Google and check out the viability of this DickHole SEO approach …

“A crucial factor in Google search results, the spokesman explained, is the number of links from respected and substantial Web sites. The more links that a site has from big and well-regarded sites, the better its chances of turning up high in a search”

Funny/great story from Search Engine Land :: No You Can’t Rank Well Just By Cultivating Terrible Reviews

“Actually, the reason ranks for “Versace 2049 Sunglasses” is that they got a link to the appropriate landing page, from a reputable site. Specifically, they got linked by the New York Times.”

Oh snap! An NFL blog on their website mentioned Steelers coach Mike Tomlin peering out over his Versace 2049’s … and they anchored it to the DecorMyEyes sales page.  I guess sometimes you can get links without involving urine or sexual violence to borscht.

That’s one of the big/funny problems about SEO that makes the The Droid want to mostly ignore it.  Search is a huge flaming math problem … and Google refuses {for good reason} to show its work. It’s like I just did a complicated calculus problem … and the answer was 7 … please explain the processes that I used.  You can make some educated guesses … like it was probably done in base ten … and didn’t contain any imaginary numbers.  But basically :: you don’t fucking know.

Of course Google gives more than zero hints about its calculations  :: and there are some people with genuine expertise in the subject :: but The New York Times and Vitaly Borker are not among them.

Even though it’s hard to blame Google for the actions of a crazy piss flinging Russian in Brooklyn :: they did respond with a change …

“We developed an algorithmic solution which detects the merchant from the Times article along with hundreds of other merchants that, in our opinion, provide an extremely poor user experience.”

Awesome … I can think of a few “merchants” like that myself. But if it works then Borker will just go back to using Adwords to buy his traffic :: probably what he was doing anyway. If “extremely poor” merchants get demoted in organic :: but are still allowed to buy traffic via PPC … then I’m pretty sure no problems have been solved.

DecorMyEyes isn’t the bastard. DecorMyEyes is a fake … fictional structure. Vitaly Borker is the bastard. If you want to stop the Vitaly Borker scam :: you have to stop Vitaly Borker.

Rules only matter for the people who follow the rules.

The DecorMyEyes site is cookie-cutter and gets very little traffic. It can’t be the only thing Borker is up to or he wouldn’t have enough money to buy borscht to shove up his ass.

Perry Belcher ran a fraudulent health cures business for almost a decade. He had dozens and dozens of websites and more than 60 different fraudulent health products. But each of the sites and cures shared something in common … writing. Scammers are lazy. Perry used the same exact fraudulent claims {and numbers} across all his different scams.  Writing is harder than sitting on the couch scratching your balls … so scammers no like to do it.

The Decor My Eyes FAQ page contains this beautifully stupid sentence …

“Sometimes its hard to shop on the internet for items.”

It’s not just wrong … it’s atypically wrong. It’s grammatically incorrect … but it’s also strange … so it’s perfect. Put that bitch into quotes and run a Google search for other sites that are just as strangely dumb.


Yada yada yada.

Search for the name of your favorite gay French frames … and you’ll see a Google Ad for one of these “companies”. They all have different names and addresses :: but you can bet your kitty whiskers that the piss flinging borscht fucker is the sweat pants behind the wizard curtain in each instance.

The DecorMyEyes homepage claims that …

“We have a lab onsite that will fill virtually any prescription order from single vision to no line bifocals.”

But that’s not true.

“Every pair we sell is guaranteed authentic”

Not true.

“The number one goal, to satisfy all customers, is accomplished by providing the largest selection of products at the lowest possible prices, delivering products in a timely fashion, an automated and bar coded warehouse and an in-house customer service center.”

Not true.

It’s fraud. Fraud has to be stopped with handcuffs … and jail time. The Internet is not some new fucking la la land where criminals can be defeated with nerd equations.

I’m all for making things tougher for scammers in general … but at some point individuals need to be singled out … heads stuck on spikes. That has a much more permanent scarring effect on other bastards than does subtle changes to rulesets.  Make good rules :: sure. But use HUMAN enforcers to sort out the head bastards … and then fire all plasma cannons. Ain’t no math yet that can serve as a substitute.

For instance :: dear Google :: how about Ed Magedson? Because that totally messed up situation is pretty much ALL your fault.  De-index the RipOff Report {five years ago}.

The web doesn’t hurt people :: people hurt people.

Oh and Borker …

… Вы собираетесь в ад со Сталиным и его матери.

>> bleep bloop

80 thoughts on “An Asshole Decors My Eyeholes”

  1. Worth repeating: “dear Google :: how about Ed Magedson? Because that totally messed up situation is pretty much ALL your fault. De-index the RipOff Report {five years ago}.”

    1. @Goldie, I’m assuming that was tongue-in-cheek, because Belcher is most definitely involved with Deiss. I noticed that he recently tested a live video of himself on that hot dog cart site. I even saved it. Deiss and Belcher are like 2 “pees in a pod.”

      1. @Dick Allred,

        “retired from teaching” is also questionable, since “they” just held an event in September. :-p

        1. @Goldie,

          Perry Feltcher was at Kern’s Mass Control event where he was flogging his frauduct Social Media Mastery. During his presentation he talked about how he got 50k followers on twitter in less than a month and sold them a lot of shit. He’s one of them typical fast talking sales types, all hype, all adrenaline…say so much shit you don’t remember what he said when he starter. He’s a typical mouth breather. A fat turd with ADHD. He even at one point in his talk mentioned how his deal was better than anyone else’s…other marketers chuckled. The video is up on Kern’s site…membership area, unprotected…go find it ;)

    2. That hot dog website looks pretty useful. I especially like the bulleted list of things to check when buying a used hot dog cart:

      The actual condition of the unit;
      Any inherent structural damage; and
      Any hidden defects.

      I would have thought that checking the actual condition of the unit would cover the other two, but I guess that’s why we need an expert like Evil Jowls Belcher’s course to learn these secrets. Maybe we’ll even find out how to find those hidden defects! (My guess is x-ray specs.)

      But seriously, does anyone know how he populated the comments? They look random with a couple sprinkled in that actually talk about hot dogs. I bet Kajabi has a button for that.

      1. @B, He used wordpress direct, Marty Rozmanith’s b.s. frauduct to load the wp theme and populate the contents. Rozmanith is part of the syndicate, but so far has missed Droid’s attention you can go to his website wpdirect and see what he charges month for “premium” account. Basically you give it FTP access, chose one of the many FREE WP themes and it will upload the content then use some free software to autopopulate the comments, and even get free syndicated content for the site based on keywords. Newbies get suckered in all the time, but he keeps the real ‘smart’ content builder for his fellow scammers like Perry Feltcher and others to use so he can speak at their events and sucker in more newbs. He’s part of Ed Snails 30 day challenge.

      2. @B, If Belcher ever really owned or worked a hot dog cart one day in his life, I’d be surprised. Actually, I’d be surprised if he worked one day in his life.

        1. @Bullshit Detector,
          Belcher may have owned some hot dog carts, but I doubt he’s ever sold any.

          The fatboy obviously eats the hot dogs long before he gets around to selling any.

  2. I can only imagine how in love google is with all of the unicorn peddling shitbags of the world paying them endless amounts if cash for advertising. Info marketers, supplements for weight loss and other B.S. scammy products.

    Google wouldn’t be too happy if all if the unicorn selling action died down.

    Enablers indeed.

    1. @Amelie Poostain ::

      I’m not so sure that’s true … I hope it isn’t.

      Long term :: clearing out the bullshit and only running ads from merchants that can be trusted will increase the number of clicks on the ads … and thus bring in more money from legit advertisers. The scam world is tiny in comparison to the real world.

      Also :: the scammers do hate Google … cause they are always mucking things up. At least half the people listed here were recently banned for life from adwords. Of course it’s still easy to end-around … but I feel like Google is trying.

      Don’t quote me though … whenever I say something nice I turn out to be horribly wrong.

  3. The fact is that law enforcement has no interest in prosecuting fraud, they just care about putting the unfortunate in jail for selling weed for $100.

    Otherwise most of the banking industry would be in jail.

    1. @Neil ::

      It’s a white collar world … but we’re still putting all our collective monies in to prosecuting blue collar crimes.

      And we should probably hang the bankers … cause jail wouldn’t be justice enough.

      1. @SD,
        For the bankers, my vote goes for the time honoured ‘heads on pikes’–pour encourager les autres.

  4. Salty, you wrote: “Make good rules :: sure. But use HUMAN enforcers to sort out the head bastards … and then fire all plasma cannons.”

    Don’t you know that violates their economy of scale? I mean, otherwise they’d have to offer customer service and stuff like that.

    1. @Slowly Waking ::

      Not having individualized enforcement is an EPIC FAIL in scam control all across the web.

      Heads on spikes is a very high ROI activity.

  5. Well stated, droid. But your regional accent confused me…Did you mean: Может изнасиловать прибывают медленно, и ничто не слишком болезненно для этой обезьяны?

  6. Human agents are the proper response. The best ones for this kind of thing carry cards that say IRS. They can mess up your life worse than you can believe, with almost no requirements for warrants, probable cause, Miranda, or any of the rest of it. Sort of an ‘enemy of my enemy’ type of karma, which is the best kind, of course.

    1. @MIchael Sasser,

      IRS! Very good! Fight fire with fire!

      Or, in this case, scammer with scammer. :)

    2. @MIchael Sasser, The Infernal Revenue Service brought down Al Capone when “law enforcement” couldn’t. Uncle Sam is the baddest loan shark/ pimp on the planet. He WILL get HIS money out of YOU one way or another.

    3. @MIchael Sasser ::

      Funny you should mention the IRS because a super big fan of the blog :: and someone’s Mom {Jason’s} :: happens to be an almost 30 years stellar employee of the IRS … having held positions all over the country … to include expert witness in criminal tax evasion cases.

      Not that that should make anyone nervous or anything … just sayin.

      Hi Mom!

  7. I’m not trying to sound arrogant, snooty &/or egotistical….

    But this guy works 10am-5am the next morning. That must be quite the internet lifestyle. hahaha

    The guy is an idiot as well. His inventory and distribution management is laughable. Very inefficient.

    He would make much much more money & work less if he learned to focus on creating a big company with a big reputation instead of a big scam operation. (Again not trying to sound like a arrogant know-it-all)

    1. @CourtneyK ::

      No way :: he’s not even in the same fucking league!

      Manipulating people is 1000% worse than ripping them off.

      Gnome and cronies sell false hope :: Borker sells false vanity.

      1. @SD, Funny you say “Manipulating people is 100% worse than ripping them off,” while you manipulate the hell outta’ everything going on here and the people involved here.

        The whole site is one giant mindfuck.

        Concrete example: you rail against fraud. You tear into the Warrior Forum for “moderating” and removing posts.

        Yet, you say on your site…right there where everyone goes to post a comment, “Salty does NOT Moderate.” Then you block people, change their user IDs, and even EDITED a post of mine before then allowing it, completely changing the meaning of what I originally wrote.

        Pretty obvious fraud and manipulation on your part. Undeniably.

        And the way you have your minions trained to act in your stead. You bragged about this before. JAR would be proud.

        I was just beginning to think you might actually be out to do some good. Your last response to me was all the proof I or anyone with an iq above 8 would need to see you’re nothing more than one of “them” with different motives.

        What happens in court the moment a witness is caught in just ONE lie?

        You’ve lied many times here and it continues, making all you’re doing a lie.

        You can’t even believe someone might really really want these asswipes brought down but not agree your way is the best. You’re too manipulative to let that kind of viewpoint stand on your “unmoderated” blog.

        You could even be more dangerous than JAR ever was.

        1. @Poop Chute,

          Hello pumpkin head…..I guess we won’t be talking to your plastic FBI profiler today either…..ohh that’s right…I forgot…she’s a screen saver you met on your laptop phone during a party….your eyes met…you pushed her buttons..and you started working for her….

          You know dude…you should try and take your lithium every day…I have a plastic psychiatrist, and she trumps your plastic profiler…..BURN!!!!

        2. @Poop Chute ::

          Hey freaktard :: did you know that in the world of blogging the word “moderation” has a definition? Yep! I think you’ll find :: as you stumble through life :: that many words have definitions … and that you should look them up before making hundreds {feels like thousands} of stupid comments about them.

          Moderation in this context means that comments are published as soon as you hit submit. Many/most blogs hold comments in the moderation queue until the author approves them. Me don’t do that.

          But … I do love fucking with trolls … and I’ll continue to do whatever I want to your trollish comments. It’s fun.

          Most people wouldn’t continue to comment after having been so throughly discredited :: and condescendingly limited to one comment per post :: but you have persevered. So I guess that’s at least one benefit of having no dignity.

        3. @Poop Chute, For fucks sake! Do you even know what fraud is?

          I’ll give you a hint: If you paid Salty money to comment here without moderation, then you might have a point. As it stands, you are NOT being defrauded. Yet you continually insist that you are. YOU ARE NOT! What exactly are you being defrauded out of?

          Your superior manner wouldn’t be nearly as irritating if you actually understood the things you speak of here. How can anybody take the rest of your comment seriously when you don’t even understand the difference between untruth and fraud? It isn’t the ‘minions’ voting you down – people vote you down because you manage to be both condescending and stupid.

          My head hurts – I really shouldn’t fall for that ‘click here to see’ link..

  8. Aw Snap, Beltcher selling an ebook on how to make a hot dog stand successful. WTF is next…I might make a video on how to put on makeup successfully or something? ya ya, that’s is!…or maybe not…do you guys think I’m pretty?

  9. This sort of thing makes me wonder who is wearing the Opportunity Pants behind a company called which deals in mostly in electronics. Their MO seems to be to take orders, not actually have stock and to fish around for product. If the customer gets tired of waiting, they charge a hefty 20 or 25% restocking fee. They have a rating of “F” with the BBB and numerous poor customer reviews online for their “service” and “delivery”. Their website doesn’t list an address for them, but information online suggests they are on Avenue U in Brooklyn. Though they seem to be shipping from Poway, CA.

    Disclosure: I am currently wrangling with them over an RMA for a piece of defective merchandise. Luckily this is an at work problem rather than a personal finance problem. And so far the bank seems to be on our side.

    Keep up the awesome work Salty.

  10. Google Now Punishes Bad Businesses

    Looks like the Syndicates are going to be the next set of retards to be booted out of their system. If enough negative reviews are published, IM gnomes are going to be kicked out of Google – a major revenue loss for them.

    The internet is getting more and more regulated. It’s also getting much more easier to get caught. Why? Because it leaves technological traces and trails with better technological means to track it.

    Best that these scammers go back to mail fraud, not that I’m advocating what they do.

    1. @SE,

      “If enough negative reviews are published, IM gnomes are going to be kicked out of Google – a major revenue loss for them.”

      Not even close buddy…Shoemoney had a million dollar launch WITHOUT using Google. The wave of Facebook, email lists, affiliates, and Social Media is far more powerful than Google.

      John Chow has been deindexed before as well…didn’t do anything to his revenue.

      1. @Kann,

        That’s if they adapt. They are plenty of gurus who rely a lot on Google. You’ve already seen that borker solely relies on organic traffic.

        And then finally, facebook & youtube will likely follow suit once more complains come in & more pressure comes in to suspend the scam operation

        You can keep making money from a scam but NOT if your willing to jump around like a monkey trying cut through hoops because your merchant account is suspended, google banned you, facebook kicked you out & maybe even your hosting provider suspended you.

        I’ve already explained that in a scam you have to work harder & constantly jump around like a monkey in a cage. Borker works 10am-5am the next morning – what kind of healthy work routine is that?

        And besides affiliates & email marketing – facebook is no better than relying on google or search engines. Your logic is that you don’t need to google since you have facebook/twitter/youtube but essentially they are the same thing since you are relying on a platform besides your own to make business revenue.

        And most of the these gurus also rely on third-party email management providers, if they get ENOUGH complaints & pressure about their business practices, what do you think will happen? BAN… And their list? GONE…

        They now have to rely on their own management system.

        Affiliates, eh? Most of them are treated like crap. And once the scam business is in trouble so are the affiliates.

        I’m not saying they don’t make money. What I’m really saying is that they are idiots who are workaholics & inefficient. Essentially the so-called dream that they sell of working 1 hour a day is sold by working long hours in their OFFICES & CALL-CENTERS not from their bed while watching TV.

        If you want to succeed online in business you have to work the same corporate work ethic & you also have to run a legitimate business.

        Internet is getting more and more regulated my friend. And they internet is just a medium. If a TV channel is only surviving because of the merits of another TV channel – that’s a horrible business foundation regardless of whether it’s relying on twitter, facebook, or youtube.

        You want to build a website that could care less about another website placing restrictions on it. Advocating that you can find a new master for your slave business is a horrible mindset. But yes… You are right that you can jump around like a monkey your whole life in business. Will you make money? Yes
        Will you build a business? NO

      2. @Kann, lol, and I guess you’ve seen Shomoney’s million-dollar ‘cheque’ from that launch, right? Or is it ‘check’? I really must double check next time I photoshop my Adsense revenues…

      3. @Kann, you would think that with your big and fat business with millions of dollars you’ve claimed to make that you certainly wouldn’t be on this blog commenting so much. I would have thought a big, successful internet millionaire like you would definitely be spending his time shopping, especially since it’s Christmas and all. Don’t you have any family or friends you can go shopping for this Christmas? If this blog is so hateful and such a waste of time, why are you involving yourself so much here? The life of a “successful millionaire internet business owner”…. I’m green with envy here.


  11. Does anybody do due diligence on the internet?

    A.) If your “actual testimonials” are clearly read into the camera from a poorly written script – you might be a scammer.

    B.) If your “actual testimonials” are all shot in the same tract house back yard, each with a different angle, but clearly on the same day at the same time with the same tract-house fence and pool behind each “actual person” – you might be a scammer.

    C.) If your main page says you have a “lab on site,” but your FAQ page shows your “on site” to be a crappy house in Brooklyn – you might be a scammer.

    D.) When your about page claims your site was “founded in 1999” but your whois infoshows your site was created in 2006, you might be a scammer.

    E.) If your same 1999 claiming about page also says “now, SEVEN years later), you might be a scammer – or really, REALLY bad at math.

    I dunno -that site smells of shitballs with or without the knowledge of Vitreous Balsacky (whatever..) and his piss-off-the-customer-for-rankings theory.

    1. @Wannabe Producer, I noticed the same things you noticed in the testimonials.

      Regarding your question about whether anyone does due diligence on the internet, I guess probably not enough. I think when you find a product you want, the first thought isn’t to vet the retailer, though we probably should if it isn’t someone with a widely known reputation for customer service like (risking endorsements here) Zappos or Amazon or a real vendor with a brick and mortar presence somewhere.

      As you point out there is a lot of information out there, but too often hindsight is 20/20 which is the situation in which my grad student and I have found ourselves in with Brandnamez. All that information is out there and we didn’t consider that the slightly lower than normal price was too good to be true or at least to come without a hassle.

      1. @Anna,

        There are hustlers, there are scammers, and then there are just plain ol’ idiots.

        The syndicate funky bunch are all hustlers. They present themselves as authorities – and I can see how those with little or no knowledge of the internet could fall for their crap-wagon.

        Scammers sell bogus crap (yes, hustlers are scammers…) but might not be as polished. They’re just in it for the quick sell. The internet equivalent of the fake Rolex watch salesman on the corner. Probably too good to be true, but for $10, what the hell.

        Then there’s this dude… he’s just an idiot. My rules of online-shopping with a store I’ve never heard of are these:

        1.) Find the address, then look it up on Google. Not just Google maps, but type the address into Google and see if you can find something else that cross-references the business names. Google Streets is awesome as it might show you the building in which the business says they’re located. In this case, a quick google map search of the address (in the FAQ page, not in the contact us page – first red flag) shows a crappy red brick house on some residential street. Not quite where I imagine the sunglasses warehouse super-shipping center to be.

        2.) Off-site reviews. This is easy. Type in the full domain ( or whatever. All of the reviews of the site from every off-site source will come up relatively quickly. In this case the first few search results revolve around the NY Times story, but taking those out – the first off-site result would be this:

        3.) Overall presentation. Read the first paragraphs on this idiot’s site. It looks like it was written by an illiterate 4th grader. Reputable websites realize that the web is shady territory. They go out of their way to SCREAM reputation. If you fuck it up on page one – well, then, you’re an idiot.

        4.) Common Sense. Seriously – if something smells like shit – it’s shit. For example – check out the about page. The photo that Salty posted of the “call center.” We know it’s fake – I mean, who has a huge call center like that in their shitty red brick house in Brooklyn – but even if you didn’t know about the shitty red brick house in Brooklyn – would a REPUTABLE company post a photo of its call center, claiming that it’s “in-house” – and the photo shows all of the desks EMPTY? Sort of like saying, yah we have this call center – but nobody fuckin’ works here, so fuck you… Really??

        That’s what I mean about due diligence. Thankfully, websites like saltydroid – with high rankings – have the potential to alert unsuspecting and unknowing internet shoppers from idiots like Vladimir Borshensky (whatever…) – but whether you’re surfing into an online shop or walking into a shady store in the weird part of town – your personal filter should always be on. That’s really my point.

        1. @Wannabe Producer, and:

          5.) Email them with a fake Hotmail account, esp. to their customer service to see how they respond.

        2. @Wannabe Producer ::

          Or … you can just follow my rules … they’re much easier.

          1. Become an Amazon Prime member.

          2. Only buy things from Amazon.

          3. If you must buy something from not-Amazon … use PayPal or nothing.

          Or … if your pee brain can only handle one rule … go with this one …

          1. NEVER buy anything from anyone who can’t afford to be sued.

          1. @SD,

            This is the most sophisticated post I’ve read about this guy Borker, and I’ve read Danny Sullivan’s and the one on SEOBook (both great in their own right)… especially since you used a crappy quote to uncover his network of scam sites. I sell stuff online and understand you wanting to avoid buying from anyone other than Amazon.

            @Wannabe Producer

            Your checklist makes good sense. Most small e-commerce store owners do it on the side and don’t have the resources to invest in stellar design, high quality copywriting, etc. But still, that’s the cost of doing business…

            “That’s one of the big/funny problems about SEO that makes the The Droid want to mostly ignore it. Search is a huge flaming math problem”

            As far as SEO, any fool can trick a search engine into ranking a website. But a REAL store will engage customers via social media, participate in related forums/blogs, try to get some real mentions in the media; basically create relationships with other human beings that can endorse the site.

            Successful online businesses do all of this right.

  12. “@Neil ::

    It’s a white collar world … but we’re still putting all our collective monies in to prosecuting blue collar crimes.

    And we should probably hang the bankers … cause jail wouldn’t be justice enough.”

    @Salty – being that you’re a lawyer (or claim to be one), you should hang yourself too.

    1. @HangSaltyFakeLawyerAssToo ::


      I would if I could think of any ways in which I recently destroyed the world … but I can’t.

      Maybe later.

  13. Typical Brooklyn Scammer story. Good work on finding those other sites. Many have contact addresses that are a mile from his home. After living there this story does not surprise me in the very least, like saying toilet paper is for wiping your ass and not cleaning the toilet.

    I can’t believe Google didn’t delist his site. It is still in the SERPS. Why didn’t the FBI raid his home for making terrorist threats? That is absolutely criminal.
    Also, why isn’t this guy behind bars now after the extortion and threats? Shows how fucked up this society is.

  14. According to

    “Your IP Address is : 69.123.XXX.XX.
    We will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for fraud.”


  15. “Vitaly Borker, an alleged cyber-bully and fraudster, cheated his customers, and when they complained, tried to intimidate them with obscenity and threats of serious violence,” said Manhattan US Attorney Pheet Bharara in a press release. “Especially during this holiday shopping season, today’s arrest should send a message that we will protect online consumers and that victims of people like Borker are not alone.”

    You’re not alone … as long as the New York Times decides to write about the bastard that’s screwing you over. Otherwise :: you’re pretty much alone.

  16. Fraudster: Check
    Stalker: Check
    Asshole: Check
    PEDOPHILE!!??: Yup, Check.

    [quote]Assistant U.S. Prosecutor Danya Perry said investigators found hundreds of counterfeit pocket books at Borker’s home as well as images “of pre-pubescent chidlren” that she said are consistent with child erotica.[/quote]

    Mega-asshole-douchebag: Check.

    Good luck with that one in prison. Don’t bend over for the broom handle.

      1. @SD,

        Interestingly – I worked with someone named Gerry Grant a long time ago with a very similar over-the-top personality. About a year after he left he did this:

    1. @Wannabe Producer, Salty, these dbags are psycho and outright dangerous. Please taKE care and be careful.

  17. Just read an article that said Borker even called the credit card companies of some victims and impersonated them trying to get their complaints dropped.

    If that’s true, it would make for a great new frauduct … Complaint Control.

    1. @Hal (the original Hal) ::

      Yeah … way to go US Banks. You guys are so awesome … and so worthy of your disproportionate share of our economic pie.

      Hey New York Times ….

      John Paul Raygoza is also accused {by dozens of victims in court filings} of calling credit card companies and getting them to reverse chargebacks etc.

      … many of those charges were in the $20K – $50K type range … totally ruining people’s lives.

      It’s a fucking epidemic … don’t let the banks off easy.

    1. @Anonymous ::

      How do you know?

      He was redistributing things he got off ebay {etc} … right? I doubt he’d be able to differentiate between real and fake fancy frames himself. I think I’m gonna take little miss Manhattan’s word for it over the now incarcerated Borker.

      The times article also mentioned that he’d been sued by several designers over the fakes. That didn’t happen either?

      1. Nice article by the way. It’s funny but really harsh. I will agree with a lot of people, that Vitaly is totally crazy. He had over $5 mil business and he killed it all. His original system was connecting buyers and sellers and being a middleman to collect commissions. Great idea! But very poor execution. In order to deal with customers you have to have some type of experience. He didn’t have it. He started by selling products on his sites and then filling orders via EBAY, but then he found authentic suppliers, that were filling his orders. So, the claim, that he was selling fake most likely baseless. There is a very small chance to none, that any of his suppliers “stabbed him from behind” by sending fake product. The rest of the charges will be hard to fight the reality. Great beginning with such a bad end.

    2. @ Anonymous,

      I agree completely. In fact, I was having tea with Jesus the other day, and he told me that Borker, Mighy Mouse and Justin Beiber were selling real Versace’s at a booth outside of Irwin Kern’s newest seminar, “Shove It Up Your Ass And Buy My Shit”

      It was sold out, BTW.

      God Bless!

  18. Ok so why is this guy hiding his face?
    We all know what it is anyway?
    He’s a marketer but doesn’t believe in the old say that there is no such thing as bad publicity?;o

    1. @wondering why, “all publicity is good publicity” according to the online marketers. While Borker received higher rankings for a while, I venture to say, he did not count on all that publicity back firing. Or maybe he’s going after the prison market now and this was his genius way to get arrested so that he could work that market sector better.

    1. @Marc, Yeah, and they were all filmed in the SAME back yard, including the woman with the accent who says she was “on the other side of the world.” Totally ludicrous.

  19. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create
    this website yourself or did you hire someone
    to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. kudos

    1. @Nabhendu Kothari, Just curious. Which “colors” do you find “very nice?” Is it the color black, or the occasional use of the color red? They certainly are “very nice,” aren’t they? I can see where you might be mesmerized by the intertwined usage of those two colors. The first time I looked at this theme, I felt almost hypnotized by those two colors, and was immediately overcome by a compulsion to sit inside my refrigerator and converse with the orange juice for hours on end.

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