Tony Parinello

Catch and Release

James Arthur Ray didn’t kill everyone in his downline :: which is maybe like the shit-stained golden rule of pyramid scheming … or something.

See if you kill everyone in your downline :: Jim Jones style :: then there’s no one left to lie to your future prospects/victims about how you’re totally the greatest … and prolly the only one […]

The {turd}Bucket List

More charges need to be brought against motherfucking bastard James Arthur Ray … right this second!! What in the hell is wrong with this lame ass country? But I suppose I already made that point.

Munger Tolles & Olsen’s request for a retrial in the death lodge case has been denied … because it was stupid and they are crap […]

James Arthur Ray Trial Updates

In October of 2009 :: James Arthur Ray’s $10,000 per head Spiritual Warrior seminar ended in calamity and tragedy. Three people were killed :: eighteen injured {many seriously} :: and thousands of followers were shocked to learn the true dark nature of the man they’d been paying large sums to follow.

James Arthur Ray’s trial for the manslaughter of James Shore […]

Tony Parinello :: Living in VITO’s Flow

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“Its time for a new way of living. It’s time to live with more elegance, fulfillment, joy, and true wealth. It’s time to create your perfect plan for a more meaningful and masterful life.”

{lame 80’s music starts to get excited}

“It’s time to live in the flow!  Your host, […]