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Who’s Afraid of Virginia Brown?

James Ray thinks of himself :: and speaks of himself :: as a …

:: god
:: samurai
:: warrior
:: savior
:: leader

… but in real life :: he’s a mortal / coward / failure.

… a complete fricking ambush!

John Ferriter the twitter troll :: and agent to James Ray and other CNN talent like Larry King and Piers Morgan … was also disappointed.

TEGNA don’t condone no ambushing :: stay on the James Arthur Ray high road … where only four dead bodies have been recently splattered.

ambusha surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position

Can I please have it in a sentence?

ambushSeven members of the patrol were killed in an ambush.

Are there any alternate definitions?

ambushwhen the mother of someone you killed wants to make a media appearance inside the media appearance you’re trying to make

James Arthur Ray’s Path of the Spiritual Warrior …

But when his public relations people found out the interview would not be unedited and would include Ginny Brown, they called it off and claimed the story would be biased before we’d even asked a single question.

What a bold :: responsible … public relations intermediated warrior move.

James Arthur Ray is afraid of Virginia Brown.

James Arthur Ray has only ever done fawning :: promotional :: uncritical … media appearances. You’d think now that he’s been convicted of a triple homicide … the culpable media would stop allowing him that luxury.

But as CNN showed us last week :: no lesson … is the only lesson they’ve learned from the dead bodies strewn about beneath their logo.

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