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Estrange Us CNN

“You know Shelly, I’d really like to reach over and strangle you to death.”

… is always what I imagine James Arthur Ray is about to say during his smile orgy media appearances. He really hates Shelly {everyone does!}.

Death Ray dutifully promoted CNN’s Enlighten Us :: a movie ostensibly about him being an insane asshole suckwad … across CNN’s wide range of terrible trapped-at-the-airport programs.

Ray tweeted his thanks {like the president of america would} …

Thanks for having me on the show Don Lemon. Let’s get a couple mugs of Kombucha next time and really dig into my thoughts about quantum physics as it relates to entrepreneurhood and frosted tips.

Don Lemon :: who’s been a guest shell on The Salty Droid before … promoted Enlighten Us by doing a hard hitting five minute interview with Ray that included the question …

Why do you think this happened to you?

Why are there mean people in the world? How do turtles swim so far? Where do poopies come from? Great job Don Lemon.

Death Ray had a “point” to make though …

You know, the unfortunate truth is; my greatest critic, who said her daughter was cooked …

Let me pretend like I can stop you right there James Ray.

Don’t do it man :: this is some full on retrograde Scientology shit right here … don’t fucking do it!

… was actually estranged from her daughter, and that was one of the reasons her daughter was there.

Oh shit he did it … holy macaroni! Even if that were true :: and it certainly isn’t … it’s a despicable thing to say.

Don Lemon {doing his best impression of Billy Bush} responded …

Mmm hmm

… relevant moment @ 4:45

Keep in mind that this isn’t a pathetic attempt at journalism. This is CNN using air time on its news shows to promote its entertainment content. It’s a fucking commercial … and that’s how James Ray is using it as well.

So inside the commercial :: within the commercial :: within the news show … James Arthur Ray is allowed to speak horrible unquestioned slander against Kirby and her family.

I’m basically apoplectic about it :: but I guess all I can do is debunk … so here goes … in three easy parts.


Here’s Kirby’s always gracious sister Jean … forced to graciously disagree with James Arthur Ray’s outrageous {and useless} lies about her family.

Gosh she’s great.

Hey James :: Jean says “please stop” … if that’s not enough for you to stop … then please jump off a tall building.


Here’s The Verge’s The Death Dealer {also great} …

@ 2:30 Ginny Brown tells us that she went with Kirby to a James Arthur Ray seminar. At that seminar Ginny paid for her husband George to attend the Ray event where Kirby eventually signed up for the $10k Spiritual Warrior deathbox event.

Not only were George and Ginny part of Kirby’s life at the time of her death … they were part of the James Arthur Ray event sequence with her. Ray knows they weren’t an estranged family … but he went and said it on national television anyway.


Here’s Kirby Brown at Spiritual Warrior :: just a few hours before Laura Tucker told James Ray that Liz Neuman wasn’t breathing … and James Ray closed the flap and continued killing people.

kirby brown ... as i lay dying

In some of her last moments :: Kirby’s talking about her family … about how they’re always with her.

in the morning

Ray went on CNN’s morning show for a similarly short non-journalistic entertainment promotion experience … he shot {and self published} a creepy narcissist cam version of it as proof.

In this little ditty Death Ray says …

James Shore, Liz Neuman, and Kirby Brown were heroes. They’re not victims. They really believed in something, and to me that’s heroic…

I think it’s disrespectful for them to be portrayed as victims, because they really believed in what they were doing.

They “really believed” in the fake sweat lodge so hard that they were willing to heroically die for it … because that makes total sense to up to one person on earth.

When CNN’s Shelly and Shelly in the morning gave Ray some pancake thin pushback on the issue :: he then absurdly claimed that the victims died from poisoning … followed by a conspiratorial coverup.

So to recap …

James Arthur Ray has taken full responsibility for his crimes :: but his victims {who hated their families} were actually heroes dying for something they believed in … being poisoned.

Is that about right CNN?

>> bleep bloop