The Teeny Tiny Tyrant

Three days after The Droid’s first post about the Church of Scientology :: The New York Times ran their own {non-hilarious} expose.  Is this merely a coincidence :: or was the Gray Lady shamed into action by my robotic bravery?  I think we all know the answer.  There are NO coincidences :: only the will of Xenu as manifested through vestiges of men.

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SD the SP and PTSes

Are you KSW?  Or are you one of these skank ass bitches who doesn’t care about the world having the correct technology? And NO :: I’m not talking about donating iMacs to your local school system.  That’s just lame :: and it won’t do anyone any fucking good.  As if kids need experience working with computers.  Let them eat cake! Of course :: I’m talking about the only thing that really matters :: Keeping Scientology Working.

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