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SD the SP and PTSes

Are you KSW? Or are you one of these skank ass bitches who doesn’t care about the world having the correct technology? And NO :: I’m not talking about donating iMacs to your local school system. That’s just lame :: and it won’t do anyone any fucking good. As if kids need experience working with computers. Let them eat cake! Of course :: I’m talking about the only thing that really matters :: Keeping Scientology Working.

Apparently not enough people are KSW :: because Scientology is so so stupid :: and not working. Recent high level defectors note that Scientology’s membership has been in steady decline since the late 1980’s.

Most of the shit that golden god L. Ron Hubbard had to say was approximately as useful as eating gerbil turds. But he did have a few valuable insights …

1) The best way to get rich is to start your own “religion.”

2) The best way to maintain control of that “religion” is via authoritarianism.

3) The most important aspect of authoritarianism is mind control.

4) Mind control cannot be maintained in the presence of dissent.

5) Auditing can clear your engrams and make you an Operating Thetan!

Okay :: scratch five :: move that one to the so so stupid list.

Mega douche bag and stupid old man James Arthur Ray is a former Scientologist :: as he explains in his typically gimped English …

“The difficulty with Scientology (with which I’ve had experience) is that, in my opinion, it’s too similar to traditional psychotherapy. Now don’t get me wrong… traditional psychotherapy works (unless you’re speaking of a medicated approach), but again, in my experience, it is not the most efficient …

And, it takes an inordinate amount of time and money! I remember leaving my Scientology “auditing” sessions being totally exhausted! (As well as much lighter in my wallet with many more multiples of sessions to go).”

Many more multiples of scammers are previous Scientologists. Werner Erhard {Landmark “Education”} :: one of LGAT’s founding fathers :: was a long time member and seems to have stolen many of L. Ron’s best tricks. Big Daddy Hubbard didn’t like the competition :: and a cock fight ensued {alleged :: by me :: to have been fought with actual cocks}. Death Ray likely had little interest in becoming an Operating Thetan :: and was instead modeling Erhard’s modeling of Hubbard. Why have your own ideas when you can just steal those of others?

One of the keys to KSW :: as all good Thetan’s know :: is the “fair gaming” of “suppressive persons.” SP’s are defined by Scientology as …

a person who possesses a distinct set of characteristics and mental attitudes that cause him to suppress other people in his vicinity. This is the person whose behavior is calculated to be disastrous.

Hubbard put Hitler and other famous antisocials into this group :: and over the years the label has been misapplied to many true believers within the “church” as a tool of control. But the original formulation intended to target the biggest threat to Scientology :: not Jew killing fascists or axe murdering nut-jobs :: but active and vocal dissenters against the Church of Scientology.

Once someone is declared an SP :: any abusive tactic necessary to achieve their silence is considered “fair game.” Private Investigators :: Harassment :: Threats :: Lawsuits :: Public Revelation of Private Facts :: Personal Attacks :: Lies. Whatevs … just shut the mother fucker{s} up as soon as possible. The key danger of the SP is their ability to convert others :: who would normally be perfectly compliant sheeple :: into Potential Trouble Sources {abbreviated PTS because cults love acronyms}. PTSes make up a much larger percentage of the population than the freakishly rare genuine SP. If enough sheeple are converted into PTSes … your cult’s viability could come under threat.

Over the course of the last year :: many readers of The Salty Droid have been shocked by the lengths to which the D-bags have been willing to go to try and silence my robotic awesomeness.

“I don’t understand” :: says many of you privately to me :: “you are just a lame blogger … and not even a real robot. None of this crap is necessary.”

But it’s nothing new :: it’s just Cult Tactics 101. Cult liars can’t answer to the truth with reason :: because they KNOW that they are nothing more than shameful thieves and destroyers of lives. Dark tactics are all that is available to them. Fortunately for evil :: dark tactics are nearly 100% effective. Most potential PTSes lie dormant forever :: never to be activated by some psycho willing to shout BULLSHIT!! in a room full of blank eyed true believers.

But something is different now. And that something is The One Machine :: The Webz :: The MotherFucking Internet. The Internet is the giant megaphone that has finally allowed the few to speak to the many. The Salty Droid is a particularly raging example of the new school SP :: because his totally bad ass is draped in some pretty fancy pants. But make no mistake cult guru assholes :: I’m just one of the first of a new breed. WE are coming for you :: WE are going activate all of the PTSes :: WE ARE GOING TO WIN … and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

“I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword”
{Matthew 10:34}

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