Stop Stop Online Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act is like the DMCA … except worser.

I’m against it.

I think it’s dumb.

I fart in its general direction.

I think it won’t help protect Intellectual Property {a worthy end}.

I’m so against it that I’m embedding the above Vimeo video that other thought leading thought leaders are fearlessly embedding {I haven’t actually watched it but I think that’s how these things are done}.

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SaltyDroid vs. WikiLeaks

Julian Assange has RasputinEyes™ :: it’s not a fucking compliment.

Grigori Rasputin is famous for nothing. He was a mystic :: or a healer :: or a prophet :: or a monk :: blah blah bullshit … he was a creepy fucking poser that made everything :: and everyone :: around him worse. The plague of sociopathic narcissists has been percolating for centuries. It’s always in the eyes.

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My Father is Li Gang

I recently had a meeting with Iain McDonald about my new line of highly fashionable post-transgender pants.

Iain is the founder Amnesia Razorfish :: a digital advertising agency based in Sydney :: and a part of Razorfish … which wasn’t then was and now isn’t {say it fast} a part of Microsoft. Iain’s agency helps companies take their brands online or whatever blah blah blah.

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Shuttering David Schirmer

David Schirmer :: blowhard conman :: has been in my blackbook of chubby scummy girlfriends since way back when. The first paragraph of my first post about Schirmer pretty much tells the whole story …

“He steals money.  He runs investment scams.  He runs self improvement scams.  He rapes handicapped koala bears.”

Smart.  Somebody around here is fucking smart {hint: not you!

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The DMCA and the Damned

i dominate

As you probably didn’t notice :: The Droid’s old home on was recently taken down completely by a series of Not-Doctor Kilstein attacks. Ye Ol’ Home {as I’m going to call it never again} :: ranks 1st or 2nd for a Google search of Harlan Kilstein :: Harlan is desperate to do something about it. And by “something” :: of course I mean ineffectively dig himself deeper into a hole that he’ll NEVER get out of.

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