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Revenge of the Kilsteins

{vid gone}

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein {perverted asshole, dumpy fool, sick freak, and probable regular wearer of pink leotards} wasn’t a fan of my last video {link}. I’d guess that is because it made him look like a fucking idiot :: And fucking idiots hate that. Don’t worry Harlan … people were laughing at you … not with you {you thought I was going to be all conciliatory … and then WHAM! … I wasn’t … humor … evil genius … I have it all}.

Well Not-Doctor K. ain’t gonna be done like that! He’s not gonna be pwn3d by some astoundingly observant robot who seems IN EVERY WAY superior :: That would be much too … expected. He has a plan :: And he’s ready to squirm into action ::

Phase 1. File a FALSE copyright claim with YouTube the instant the dreaded video evidence appears.

Phase 2. Use secret success bringing finger gestures {or your money back!}

Phase 3. Sit back and wait for all problems to evaporate!

TRUTH Suppression/Silencing :: Great Plan {so brave and original}. My video has been **removed **by YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Harlan Kilstein” :: It’s a HUGE victory for Team Kilstein … drinks all around.

Sorry Not-Doctor __Doofstein :: I known you’re panicked and confused :: But that’s not how the Internet works. The TRUTH CANNOT be suppressed! That’s why the GoodGuys finally have a chance to win … and it’s why you are finished on the Internet!

{note to scammers} For some mysterious reason :: Attacked videos have a tendency to spread like syphilis in a Depression Era prison ::

Funny or Die




YouTube {again}

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update2016 :: all vids gone … fucking joke is on me.