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recycled troll

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein has destroyed whatever slim chance he had for success on the Internet by PROVING himself to be a vile sexual TROLL. He was caught in the act back in 2005 {link} :: And then again recently {link}. As a part of his ongoing {and lame} effort at damage control :: He has deleted all of the offending “anonymous” Tweets.

First, your Not-Apology is Not-Accepted.

Second, obviously my robot ass isn’t going to allow a cover-up. There is no escaping your past on the Internet FatCakes … might as well just face up to it and start looking for a real job {I recommend leaving your unpleasant personality at home}.

{ Tweets sent by Harlan Kilstein under the pseudonym @thesaltydroid between June 8th and June 13th 2009. }

  • @SaltyDroid I don’t know why you call @karinhiebert Karin Hiebert a cheap Vancouver hooker or cheap Vancouver escort.

  • Is Karin Hiebert a bad hair day or a cheap hooker. I’m expecting to find Karin Hiebert is a cheap Vancouver escort.

  • @SaltyDroid Oh who’s going to step forward with the evidence you fucking spineless coward? You hide while @karinhiebert pays the price.

  • @billhilton Maybe you should get a life. @karinhiebert will give you a cheap thrill.

  • @SaltyDroid I’ll do you one better. [](

  • @SaltyDroid Sure, post your number your dickless coward. @VapidDroid Can’t wait to see your name in the law suit. Dickless spineless coward.

  • @KarinHiebert Uh oh. Time to look over your shoulder. The Shit is About to hit. From One of Your Droid Fans. Muwah

  • @Otilol Thanks for following me. @saltydroid told me he fantasizes about animal sex with you. Can his brother @vapiddroid watch or join in?

  • @billhilton Guess again asshole. Speaking of assholes, spread ‘em for @saltydroid. Block me Don’t Block me. Better stuff coming.

  • @SaltyDroid You won’t when u see what’s coming at your buddies.

  • @billhilton Your last name is a hotel. Is that where @saltydroid spreads his legal legs to give gay sex to his droid buddies?

  • @VapidDroid do you and @saltydroid get head from @KarinHiebert at the same time or is it one long daisy droid chain.

  • @billhilton does @KarinHiebert still charge money for a BJ or does she pay you. She gives droid head to @saltydroid and @vapiddroid

  • @billhilton Isn’t your soldering pen up @saltydroid ‘s asshole where you put it. Your gay buddy is waiting for you

  • @saltydroid For a good time call @karinhiebert She really puts out again and again. Okay so she’s a shriveled up twat but she puts out.

  • Ever since I followed @karinhiebert I’ve been followed by a porn video producer. And the connection? Isn’t it obvious @saltydroid ?

  • @KarinHiebert You are my hero. You and Linda Lovelace. Kisses to you. Now will you blow me?

  • @SaltyDroid You don’t have medicine. Your just have gay sex with @billhilton.

  • @saltydroid So you and @billhilton go at it prison style in your new video. Can’t wait to see it. When will @KarinHiebert post her video?

  • @KarinHiebert So the rumors are true. You and @saltydroid practice bestiality together? Hmmm. Animal Mineral or Droid?

  • RT @SaltyDroid @TheSaltyDroid Hi fake me. Plan 2 give me a taste of my own medicine? Good luck it’s a lot harder than it looks. (SURE)

  • @billhilton Are you and @saltydroid a couple? How gay are the two of you?

  • RT @SaltyDroid : Refund Roulette :: :: The BEST thing I’ve written since yesterday! powering down

  • @saltydroid Do @karinhiebert and @billhilton join you for threesomes?

  • @saltydroid Is @karinhiebert good in bed?

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