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Salty Droid

Sex, Lies, and Google Video

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein :: In his virtuoso performance as @the{FAKE}saltydroid

He would have preferred to stay anonymous … because he’s a modest fellow … but unfortunately {for him} he’s also a stupid fellow.

Not-Doctor Doofstein is telling people the screen captures in my previous post were faked :: And that he’s NOT @thesaltydroid :: Well here’s the video you stupid mother fucker … how you like me now??

In case you were wondering {or thinking about making pointless threats} :: Under Federal Law recording a conversation only requires the consent of ONE of the parties involved :: The same is true under the laws of all but 12 states {link}. This conversation was recorded in one of the 38 “one-party consent” states. Had it been recorded in a State where it was a violation :: The Droid would NEVER have mentioned it. Because I ALWAYS protect my sources {hint hint :: come and tell me your gossip}.

The song was a promo for Mercanaries 2 :: And I think it’s hilariously apropos :: However, let me just be explicit for those of you who are TURD STUPID :: No threats of violence are implied {here … or ever!}. I ruin the “Names” and “Careers” of ConMen :: But they may do as they please with their CHUBBY meat-space bodies.

Oh and Harlan …


>> bleep bloop

UPDATE {June 30th, 2009} :: Not-Doctor Kilstein filed a bogus copyright claim with YouTube and had this video removed {link}. No probs! Here it is again {WITHOUT the Docter/Doctor typo from the first version … which secretly made me want to kill myself}