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Salty Droid

America Doh Beautiful

toast flag

The Droid wishes a happy 4th of July to all fellow ::

  • Silly Americans

  • Lovers of Individual Liberty

  • Haters of British Imperialism {say hello to the MAJORITY of Earth’s citizenry}

  • SquareRoot of 16 fetishists

America is so the BEST country :: Obviously :: The rest of the world is invited to SUCK IT. It doesn’t matter if EVERY American bank gets sucked into a self-created BlackHole :: And our manufacturing sector collapses :: And we start a couple of pointless wars per decade … we are still WAY BETTER than {insert name of your pathetic little country}.

But “Best Country” is like “Best Boy Band” {undistinguished, undeserved, undeniably destined for “has been” status}. So my fellow Americans are also invited to SUCK IT.

America the Beautiful ::

{due to a temporary suspension of ignorant nationalism}

:: America Doh Beautiful ::

Doh beautiful, in our narrow minds,
Big waves of subsidy corn,
For massive sprawl, and fat behinds,
And our “secret” love of PORN!

America! America! All ignorant in glee,
We crown ourselves … and call it good,
singing ME ME ME ME ME.

Doh beautiful, are the uninsured
Their fear, and pain, and stress
A “lesson” for the working poor
and their worthless worthlessness!

America! America! Let’s deny our ev’ry flaw;
We’ll sing dumb songs, and move along,
protecting rich men from the law!

Doh beautiful, gold credit cards,
Because I can’t quite buy this yet.
Oh what the fuck, I got some “needs”
and someday YOU will pay for it!

America! America! Sham wealth is all we need,
More fake tits, and more fake lips,
from $EA to FAKE- Shining $EA.

>> bleep bloop