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Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Schirmer Financial Management claiming that this material is infringing:

Squirmy Schirmer:

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It seems DevilDave Schirmer and I don’t share similar taste in movies. I guess I’ll have to defriend him on Netflix.

The offending video was an accompaniment to my Schirmer’s Seppuku post. It contains footage from A Current Affair’s excellent multipart expose of Schirmer. They set his punk ass up to think he is doing a vanity interview {DevilDave’s Fave} :: And then SLAM him with videos of his victims. DevilDave recoils in horror :: He is painfully speechless :: He almost swallows his fucking tongue. It pretty much says it ALL.

How does DevilDave think he has a copyright in Chanel 9’s “Gotcha!” footage? Answer :: He doesn’t think. He doesn’t give a shit about OUR rules. He makes up his own rules as he slides along on his trail of slime and excrement. Dave’s rules conveniently allow Dave to do whatever the fuck Dave wants. But he doesn’t have a problem using the ethics of an ordered society {ethics which he rejects} against that same society. He’ll use our rules against us, our kindness, our laws, our politeness, our tendency to trust. ** Fuck Us! **

The Droid could contest Schirmer’s bogus copyright claims :: But YouTube’s policy would force me to reveal my identity to The Devil himself {here}. I’m not quite ready for that … but it matters none. As usual, Schirmer doesn’t understand the Internet :: And he doesn’t understand The Droid.

Knock Knock :: Who’s there? :: Vimeo {or any of a thousand other video upload sites}

The video is also Str8 back on YouTube. New user SchirmerIsConfused {wink wink} uploaded it this afternoon with an improved title :: Oops I Did It Again … Schirmer Remix

I hope you enjoy filling out those complicated copyright complaints Dave {here} … because I’ll make you do it until ALL of your fucking fingers fall off … and the video will NEVER come down anyway.

Ain’t the Internet just a bitch?

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