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Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Schirmer Financial Management claiming that this material is infringing:

Squirmy Schirmer:

>> bloop

It seems DevilDave Schirmer and I don’t share similar taste in movies.  I guess I’ll have to defriend him on Netflix.

The offending video was an accompaniment to my Schirmer’s Seppuku post.  It contains footage from A Current Affair’s excellent multipart expose of Schirmer.  They set his punk ass up to think he is doing a vanity interview {DevilDave’s Fave} :: And then SLAM him with videos of his victims.  DevilDave recoils in horror :: He is painfully speechless :: He almost swallows his fucking tongue.  It pretty much says it ALL.

How does DevilDave think he has a copyright in Chanel 9’s “Gotcha!” footage?  Answer :: He doesn’t think.  He doesn’t give a shit about OUR rules.  He makes up his own rules as he slides along on his trail of slime and excrement.  Dave’s rules conveniently allow Dave to do whatever the fuck Dave wants. But he doesn’t have a problem using the ethics of an ordered society {ethics which he rejects} against that same society. He’ll use our rules against us, our kindness, our laws, our politeness, our tendency to trust.  Fuck Us!

The Droid could contest Schirmer’s bogus copyright claims :: But YouTube’s policy would force me to reveal my identity to The Devil himself {here}.  I’m not quite ready for that … but it matters none.  As usual, Schirmer doesn’t understand the Internet :: And he doesn’t understand The Droid.

Knock Knock :: Who’s there? :: Vimeo {or any of a thousand other video upload sites}

The video is also Str8 back on YouTube.  New user SchirmerIsConfused {wink wink} uploaded it this afternoon with an improved title :: Oops I Did It Again … Schirmer Remix

I hope you enjoy filling out those complicated copyright complaints Dave {here} … because I’ll make you do it until ALL of your fucking fingers fall off … and the video will NEVER come down anyway.

Ain’t the Internet just a bitch?

>> bleep

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  1. Hilarious. Schirmer is just guaranteeing that video will replicate like electronic rabbits across the net. His censorship efforts are about as futile as trying to recall a radio signal. He would do better to join the Witless (sic) Relocation Program.

  2. That is so funny. That guy gives me the shits and its mostly about the way he denies any wrong doing. Yeah right you dickhead and I’m Jesus. The simple facts are he took those peoples money, he made some promises and he failed to deliver. He is the one claiming to be the FAITH WALKING CHRISTIAN so he is the one who MUST abide by the laws of Holy Father let alone the laws of the universe and oh yeah those legal eagle laws too. I have never listened to or read a bigger load of crock than what that guys says. People paid massive amounts of money to find out that he was trading an account and lost 85% of it and yes I am willing to see the actually trades as proof that he lost the money. My gut tells me that there is MUCH MORE TO DICKHEAD DAVE than what we are being told and I bet there are many more victims out there that feel too scared to speak out because they have been threatened in the usual con way. This guy offers people a program on how to hide assets in Trusts and stuff and I reckon he’d be a well practiced master at claiming to owe no man anything and hiding the rest in those trusts. What a wanker and I reckon the Aussie Government would have spotlights on that guy too or at least they should. Thanks for the add now I’ll go check out those videos.

  3. This guy had those videos removed just prior to his whirlwind trip around the US which he claims he did on “faith”. How a person who claims to be a faith walking christian can do such devious things is beyond me but hey, I’m just a layman right. He claimed that they were removed by the Australian A Current Affair show when he removed them himself and youtube put a note on them to say that he claimed copyright. I believe it was done deliberately right before his trip to the US so if people did a search on him they wouldn’t see them. To learn that he or someone he knew also editted the wiki site just confirms how deceitful this guy is. I bet his offsider Benjamin Bressington even paid his accommodation around the US. Faith to David Schirmer is crying poor and using everyone he can to get what he wants for himself. A good strategy if you don’t want any business associates or friends. If he went around the US on faith them how the hell could he afford a trip to Disneyland for his entire family just weeks later? It does not make any sense and it does not ring as honest. Everything he is doing is making him look even more of an idiot than what he has already done. Meanwhile everyone else is struggling to survive while losing their jobs and their homes he is splashing out on a trip for his entire family to Disneyland. The only other way he could have done it if he was living on faith (which I do not believe for a minute) was that it was all probably done on frequent flyer points which he has accrued while feeding his fat ego and using everyone elses money up on ego trips around trips around the globe. How arrogant and unchristian is that? Quite unbelievable and someone mentioned that they thought he was deluded, I’m actually certain he is deldued and sadly he’s pulling his family along in the delusion also. I don’t believe this guy has any idea what he is doing or the impact of his actions on others.

  4. An alignment with a faith is just another way to screw a new group of people. I don’t buy any of it and seriously who do they think they are?

  5. On this guys twitter it looks like he is now trying to suck up to one of Bob Proctors Consultants in Holland. No doubt there is a motive in it to get something for himself maybe like get into a book and use that persons spread of the book to get his ugly face and fat arse around at no cost to him of course. Looks like another sucker coming up. I would think that Proctor will be onto that immediately its certainly out there.

  6. I see that David Schirmer is now running workshops for a church preaching to the faithful and telling them they have no bloody excuse for not being rich. Such The idiot tells them “It Is Time To Open The Safe … And Let The Abundance Of Prosperity Poor Down, More Than You Can Contain!” For Christs sake is that telling the world that he wants their money or what? Sure as hell the other sources of income would have everything to do with making money for Schirmer any bloody idiot can see that a mile away. What a greedy self absorbed bastard and what a bloody legacy to leave behind. He can claim all the copyright he wants but it does not change who he is or who he will be known as in the end. Does he seriously think his problems are going to disappear when he has done everything that a christian is taught not to do and everything oppposite to what constitutes good business. The guy is a wanker and I believe he is using those people in the church, not that I care.

  7. Quoting other peoples stuff makes these people feel important and full of wisdom, thats how they suck people in. What pisses me off big time is when people like this put on a face of sweetness when everyone knows that behind it all they will take whatever they can get off whoever will give it to feed their ego and to get what they want in life. These people are the epitome of hypocrisy.

  8. LOL that is so true. You can even tell that they make stuff up just to try to win people over. Very very shallow people.

  9. This guy is sucking and blowing! The deeper in the shit these people get the harder they suck and the more religious they get. Pathetic yes and I am like everyone else I want to see his trading too because I just don’t trust the guy. He claims to have several thousand students but that is probably crap too because if noone is coming out and saying that they have seen his trading records surely people aren’t that gullible to buy anything from him. And anyone who was brave enough to do that better have the statements in front of them. If he wants to launch his shit here he better make sure hes got plenty of examples of his own experience going back to when he first started claiming to be the best in the world on the archives. We do not need any more idiots stealing our money just to feed their egos and fund their numerous offshoots and liaisons between home meals. Bring on some accountability and yeah I would like to see a stoush between a few of these guys. Its all about competition and winning. Just imagine that Belcher and Schirmer going neck for neck, eeewwwk what a mess.

  10. He is a sick bastard and it has become very obvious that their entire life is so contrived. If that is freedom then I must live in heaven already.

  11. Thankyou for warning us about these people. Ignorance of this type is not bliss. I checked this guy out and he says that his website will be down for 48hours from 6 April or did he mean 6 May???? Lies no doubt.

    His excuse he says is that “This upgrade was required because of the massive increase of traffic to our sites … and to prepare for the HUGE online launch we are preparing for over the next few weeks.” More lies no doubt. What amuses me is the words “massive” and “HUGE” which shows you where his head space is. This is all manipulation of course and there doesn’t seem to be any worthwhile laws against it but when the guy is crowing about being such faith filled christian you just have to question where his head really is. MONEY MONEY MONEY. Pity these guys don’t concentrate on making a massive difference to the hurt they have caused. I find it all quite sickening really. Keep up the good work, I will continue to look and spread the word.

  12. This guy is claiming something:

    “Benjamin Bressington’s Summary
    Internet Marketing Strategies that increase sales and conversion of your products online. Education Sales professionals how to use social media aka Web 2.0 technologies on how to boost their profile and increase sales.

    Recreated David Schirmer’s profile and brand online to minimize the negative publicity so David could launch his business into the USA. I was responsible for co-coordinating the marketing, sales, joint venture and marketing strategies for complete business operation in the USA.”

    He might be hiding soon.

  13. All bullshitters get together at some point then soon realise that they are each others worst enemy. By the way there is only one person who can minimise the negativity on that guy and that is him and only if he does the right thing. Otherwise I suspect his life is shit for a long time to come. What bloody business in the USA, the guy trying to run from his problems in Australia is he? That should make good publicity in the US.

  14. You don’t want to reveal your real identity. That would only leave you open to having dirt dug up on YOU! Which I have no doubt you wouldn’t like, as the fall from that horse of yours would surely be a dangerous one.

    Best you remain Salty Droid, the anonymous, niched down, much less funny Maddox wannabe/impersonator.

    > BLIP

  15. Shergar?????????? That sounds like Schirmer guard to me that is if anyone would dare be that bloody stupid. Maybe its that Blessington guy as it sounds like he’d be stupid enough to fall for Schirmers shit. By the way all you get from that Schirmer guy are bloody lies. His blog has some shit on it that it would be down for 48 hours and that was on 6 April we are now almost 6 May and it probably won’t be up then either. Whats a bet the guy owes more people money and they won’t do anything for him until he’s paid. Be funny if it was that Blessington guy and frankly not surprising either because surely Schirmer would consider his use by date over by by now. All the bloody promises in the world won’t make me think anything different about that Schirmer guy. He is a user a wanker an embarassment to anyone who is serious about doing business. Everything coming back at him is for all the shit he has given out and it will come back at him for the same amount of time. Must be a joyous occasion when he suddenly realises that the laws he claims to understand are really at work on him even though he considers himself above them all.

  16. I reckon the divorce is already happening and that Bressington guy is already getting the hell out of there to work for himself. He must be slightly smart.

  17. Are you serious, the guy is going to work with BELCHER! Thats what he is saying on his latest youtube video. Those guys are all the same, full of bullshit and hype. He might have realised that Schirmer will only use him to his last penny and Belcher knows what he needs to know about the internet. The guy probably has enough ethics not to screw people over like the dickhead he was associated with.

  18. The Droid should have a field day with David Schirmer, Perry Belcher, and Ryan Deiss all teamed up together. Wonder what that trio has up their long, dark sleeves?

  19. Not Schirmer, Bressington. He mentions on his youtube that he is heading over to work with or for or on or at Perry Belcher and his likes just listen to his youtubes. I can’t remember what youtube it was and I’m not about to go listening to all that crap again but the poor guy is selling up his possession and heading over here to the US of A to, what can only be considered, suck up to the likes of Belcher. Lets just hope he doesn’t end up like him otherwise he could be one lonely sucker over here and that land down under will be a very long way away.

  20. LOL, true true. I am amused at how philosophical these people become when they know they have done the wrong thing and want to win people over. They would be better of to shut up and find a hole for a while so they don’t sound and looks so stupid. They clearly have no better knowledge of any of the material they try to teach than the people who have actually applied it yet they try to make everyone believe that they have some how mystically mastered it all and have a license to quote stuff all the time. No wonder so many people walk away, its just too much.

  21. The way these people talk anyone would think they were bloody angels, I doubt it, I really really doubt it. Enjoying the fruits of the screws, just a complete cover up in my view.

  22. This post is very funny because I know of the person you are commenting on and agree with your sentiments. The latest is that he is now promising his gold report that was actually promised months ago but now that everyone else has had their say he can extract what he wants and whats working and post that and who the hell would know….that is except for those who question him or attempt to. Apparently he has not paid the money promised to his traders yet and he has not shown any of the 123% profit (out your arse type response) that he mentioned on national TV either so I guess he can expect even more shit than what he is getting now if he starts on about trading again. I would pack my bags and go and hide if I were him because the course he is intending to sell into the US does not work in a down trending market, that is unless he has stolen someone elses material and trying to market it into the US. There you have it, he is making the most of the next few months to sucker to as many Americans as possible and then he will disappear with the money. The money will mysteriously disappear because that is what he usually does so why would he be doing anything different now? Be warned, like many others, I do not trust the guy. He will do ANYTHING for money.

  23. Whoa!!!!! Schirmers famous comment “the only people who lose money in the market are people who don’t know what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Thank God someone put something out there. You can’t live in denial forever and this guy takes the cake for lies and deceit. Some christian arsehole.

  25. “Never argue with fools, they don’t know when you win.” -Anonymous

    I read that the other day and couldn’t help but think that it relates so much to the guys that the droid annoys. David Schirmer f’instance it the biggest bloody idiot on the planet. He was sued by Proctor last year some time but dickhead dave can’t help himself, he loves fighting like a girl and doesn’t know when to quit. He is either so bloody thick hes not safe from himself or he can’t read. He did mention that he almost failed english, well well who would ever have known. His stuff is full of mistakes and is really childish. He is not giving away Proctor product which in any form or any way you look at it is like …. asking for lots and lots more shit and just imagine how many contacts Proctor has to spread the shit around. To learn that his trading is shit too just gives us even more fun. He must have forgot that people would actually expect him to be able to trade when his head gets so big and he says he can. I can’t wait to see more shit come out on the guy because he and his wife have the most manipulative attitude spreading the gospel of greed and deception. That church they belong to must be short on attendees to not see straight thru these people but then again they might not be able to get rid of them either. Its these sorts of people that give us lots to be thankful for. Poor things, they have to add all these people to their twitter and facebook and the like to make themselves believe that they actually do have friends. Well it would seen that none of those people are friends, they are just in a list of people who are about to be bombarded with marketing shit from these people. Get ready people.

  26. David Schirmer is constantly quoting this on his twitter.

    “Being angry or hateful toward someone is like taking deadly poison and hoping that the other person dies.”

    He quotes it so its coming right back at him and he doesn’t even have enough brains to understand it.

  27. I can’t get Schirmers webpage to work but what I found very interesting is that highlighted and in bold he has the words ‘I DONT NEED YOUR MONEY” which is find so amuzing. What he is really saying is


    Anyone who writes like that is using mind control crap to manipulate the reader and this guy uses it all the time in everything he does because he believes it works. Doh! People are awake to that shit these days they want TRUTH and they will judge you on what they believe is TRUTH.

  28. I heard that the Rhema Church in Melbourne Australia (at least the one that the Schirmers occasionally attend to convert followers into clients) save are souls. Tis very true. This is quite an achievement

  29. If David Schirmer thinks he can predict the market then WHY THE HELL DID HE LOSE 85% OF PEOPLES MONEY DURING ONE OF THE BEST BULL MARKETS IN HISTORY? He has just given everyone a massive reason to expose him as a fraud.

  30. Lorna Schirmer has this quote on her twitter page:

    “People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”

    I wonder if this woman has ever considered how she has made other people feel? Her and her husband talk about how they think other people feel but they are clueless to how they make other people feel. This woman is an enabler in my view and should be ashamed of herself. I bet there are a lot of people who remember exactly how these people made them feel.

    Keep up the great work and comments on these people. They deserve to be hounded and exposed.

  31. LOL and one of their sons has this “Failure is not doing something and achieving nothing, Failure is doing something, achieving nothing and giving up. Success never gives up!

    What a freaking bunch of weirdos. How can success never give up. LMAO.

  32. That Bressington guy has got to be blind. Has is untied his apron strings yet? I’m thinking that he probably has.

  33. Be a smart arse in business and your name becomes dirt and that is what has happened to Mr Schirmer. He made his bed, he has to lie in it and if can’t stand the spikes then he should have made better choices a long time ago. The guy cannot be trusted and I feel sorry for anyone who has had to deal with the arsehole.

  34. I bet these guys you annoy salty just can’t wait to get into dialogue with you and sulk to mommy cause they are being picked on. Wankers.

  35. LOL this is priceless stuff. Imagine what they’ll tell their grandkids. He is a dickhead and I can’t believe he just doesn’t get it. Does the guy really think that we believe he is innocent and doesn’t owe anyone anything. God help him, he is a total freak. How can you appear in the news and be innocent. Does he think a guy who blames mostly women for his problems will ever be taken seriously. We all know what he’s been up to and his bloody partner must be thick to not see whats going on behing closed doors. He is such a good christian man and all….. get real.

  36. That guy cost a LOT of people a LOT of money because he screwed up by being a greedy bastard. Now he is trying to settle the score in his own head by pretending to be a christian and trying to preach to everyone about being a christian. As you say the guy just doesn’t get it. He seems so bloody up himself there is no room for commonsense.

  37. This guy is a FAKE. Look at his relationships (or lack of), his business associates (or lack of), his trading results (or lack of), his wealth (or lack of) and his christianity(or lack of). He talks about having all of those things and has none. You only have to look at the guys weight (he now looks like a beached whale), his comments blaming women (dickhead YOU are apparently married or at least you pretend to be so look what a wanker you look) and his trading results (you must have been the greedy bastard attempting to use other people to get yurself rich dickhead) during the best times in our living memory to know that the guy is a complete fake. Now he is even faking being a christian. He wants it all his own way and he cannot see what he looks like to other people. He is a liar and a thief and can’t help cheating on everyone including his family behind their backs. He will talk his way out of anything and stupidly some people who get caught in his web believe him but only until they get hurt too and can’t take his fake crap any more. This is a guy who has a lot of serious questions to answer to himself and he also has a lot to pay for.

  38. You only have to read this guys comments to other women to know that he is a bloody fake husband too. He is a sleazy bastard who hides behind pretend beliefs to cover up what they are really doing. Only the stupid believe him.

  39. My sentiments precisely. I can’t stand this guy. He is the epitome of evil and sin (maybe they are the same thing) in my view. People who call themselves christians have nothing to hide and don’t do things behind peoples backs. This guy does nothing but that.

  40. Looks like that Bressington dude got smart and now Schirmer has sucked up (oops I should be more respectful) partnered with that little loud aussie dude John Armitage Smart. If you look on Schirmers web page that dude and he are joined up with LLC companies and the like. By the look of it the John dude cant have looked too closely at Schirmers license suff because if he had he would get the hell out of there real quick. Either that or he doesn’t care being taken for a bloody good ride. Maybe his ride has been a lost a lot ride and he thinks might as well lose it all and see what it feels like kinda ride. In NZ we call it screwin while you’re brewin.

  41. Bressington (if I have the right one and I think I do from the chatter on his sites) his claim to fame is this:

    "Recreated David Schirmer's profile and brand online to minimize the negative publicity so David could launch his business into the USA. I was responsible for co-coordinating the marketing, sales, joint venture and marketing strategies for complete business operation in the USA. "

    WOW he recreated a conman, what an achievement and what a shining example of work for your resume. What a fool. How many peoples pockets has Schirmer been in before he got to this guy? Seems like he has pretty much used up everyone who knew him and the only ones left are idiots who haven't a clue what the guy is capable of and are smitten by his beady eyes. If I was this guy I would remove that statement immediately because any association with a con like that has got to be a negative. He reckons he removed the negatives but where to, just another spot and wouldn't that be like trying to remove elephant skid marks off the dung heap. Sloppy, smelly and only pays you shit.

  42. Benjamin Bressington who idiotically claims to have helped dickhead dave get some money says "There is nothing I love more than to conceive an inspired idea, bathed in God's great laws, and shower its manifestation".

    What is it with all this religious crap? Are people trying to appeal to the suckers or to people who might feel sorry for them or something. I find it very unprofessional and immature with regards marketing themselves. His apparent associate dickhead dave is a guy who now nobody trusts and he has been labelled mini madoff. I see many similarities particularly the psychopathic side. Suck up by appearing charming and trustworthy, take peoples money, shuffle it off to a dubious location through several companies but ultimately to feed you fucking lifestyle and claim you did nothing and hey man theres nothing left what are you gonna do? That guy has serious problems with ponzi mania and he screwed up before he even got it off the fucking ground. Who will trust him now except the blind, deaf and dumb? Its suck so bloody sick its sad.

  43. Schirmer’s trying a new domain name! Maybe THIS ONE will work!

    It’s He hasn’t put anything up yet except one of his lameass videos. Maybe he hasn’t set the comments yet to “moderate”. That would be pretty stupid of him, since he knows no one on the internet can stand him.

    It’s good to see him try something new. Oh, wait–IT’S THE SAME OLD SHIT!

    Schirmer Financial Management Pty Ltd

    PO Box 4458
    Ringwood, Victoria 3134

    Registered through:, Inc. (
    Created on: 06-Jul-09
    Expires on: 06-Jul-11
    Last Updated on: 06-Jul-09

    Administrative Contact:
    Schirmer, David
    Schirmer Financial Management Pty Ltd
    PO Box 4458
    Ringwood, Victoria 3134
    61398798155 Fax — 613 9879 5811

    Technical Contact:
    Schirmer, David
    Schirmer Financial Management Pty Ltd
    PO Box 4458
    Ringwood, Victoria 3134
    61398798155 Fax — 613 9879 5811

  44. according to schirmer financial management (or is that schirmers financial mismanagement companies) has about 61 websites registered – that IS how paranoid the guy is. His ego must be costing him a bloody fortune. I am in a business where I need one computer, employ noone, have minimal internet connection costs, a website just for fun, freedom to do what I like when I like and the opportunity to make millions that this guy could only dream of doing. He's got it all wrong and hes being led by the nose by the likes of belcher along with all the people like him and all he can come up with all the time are excuses, promises and blame. Everything the opposite to what hes trying to teach. God its good.

  45. I find those Schirmer people sickening. Mrs is now taking over quoting made up stories to tug at peoples heart strings and wind them into their web of deceit and manipulation. Shes obviously has had a shit life and no doubt had to suffer her husbands selfish bastardry most of her life but quoting pathetic stories is the last straw.

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