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Schirmer’s Seppuku

Two weeks ago I wrote an adorable post about GrandPa Scammer David Schirmer {here}. I left a series of unpleasant comments on his dripping-with-evil YouTube videos. Now they are all deleted {took his pathetic ass a full week to notice}, and I can no longer comment on any of his videos. Standard protocol when dealing with the likes of me ::

But he left one up {the BEST one} ::

SaltyDroid: Hey Dave. Do you do a seminar about living a parasitic lifestyle :: Taking from others :: Burning ALL bridges :: Spreading Agony :: Sucking and sucking until finally you implode or commit suicide? Just wondering.

and responded ::

David Schirmer: Thought I’d leave this comment on here by “saltydroid” - just to show how sick and twisted he is. He doesn’t know me at all, yet has a big opinion. It takes a really big person to swear and cuss at others. I removed most of “saltydriod” comments because he can’t post a decent message without anger and swearing constantly. Shame, such passion would be so creative if directed properly.

Dearest David,

Please note that in the only comment you left up … I’M NOT SWEARING. You just feel like it’s the worst one :: Cause it made you feel icky on the inside :: But most people will have no fucking idea what I’m talking about. That one was aimed exclusively at your empty eyes. Delighted x 10²³ that it landed and made you stutter.

Your scam is exploding all around you :: You owe MASSIVE money :: You are almost completely out of options. What will you do? I give you my personal fucking guarantee that “Twitter Guru” is OFF the table. You have no friends :: You have no skills :: You’ve back-stabbed your family :: You are a completely humiliated shell of a man. A disgusting representative of what humans are capable of becoming.

If it is to be Seppuku :: Please put it on YouTube as a final gesture of distaste :: Then I can remix it with some crappy 80’s music as a final gesture of retribution.

>> bleep bloop