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Salty Droid

David Schirmer Dating The Droid!!

The Salty Droid is trying to make a new friend. David Schirmer. He steals money. He runs investment scams. He runs self improvement scams. He rapes handicapped koala bears.

Now he’s gonna be a Twitter expert and scam the Tweeps. He’s already blocked me twice: for {this} and {this}. I guess if I’m going to get him to Date me ::> I’ll have to take my romantic gestures to YouTube ::

The Secret: 7 Steps To Unlimited Wealth {Comment Moderation Turned On}

Wow! You’ve really hit rock bottom eh Dave? You can’t even think of an actual scam anymore!! You tell people how to “think it all away?” Seriously?? Maybe the stupidest scammer video of all time. Congrats! Quite a fucking honor. I hope this wasn’t the plan you were counting on to pay back all the dark overlords you’ve borrowed money from. {actually, I hope it is}

Why Twitter And How To Get Started

Gr8 vid Davester. Wow! I was thinking to myself: Should I get my ass on2 the Twitter or not?? I didn’t know .. so many other choices. It was making me burn on the inside. So I said FUCK IT! I’m going to go on Youtube right now … find some old fat guy .. hopefully pasty like a crack-head’s ghost .. desperate comb-over .. evil fucking look in his eye ::> And listen to him read off the basic information about Twitter that is available on EVERY FUCKING site on the web.

7 Easy Steps To Getting More Followers On Twitter Part 1

Gr8 Dave. I especially appreciated the lack of screen capture. That was useful! I hate tech videos where you can see the fucking screen. So “new-school.” Much better to look at your horribly empty soul through your sagging and exhausted eyes.

7 Easy Steps To Getting More Followers On Twitter Part 2

I’d love to see you make a video about something you actually know something about. Like perhaps :: I don’t know :: ..bleep :: Oh I know! –> RIPPING PEOPLE OFF .. then making them feel like it’s their fault.

Then again, you’re not very good at that either … I wouldn’t even watch that .. GO AWAY!

Dinner with Perry Belcher @ Stompetnet Conference

Nice vid. Loved the nausea it induced str8 away. Having dinner with infamous FELON Perry Belcher. What a fucking surprise!! Birds of a feather .. right GrandPa Scammer?? GO AWAY!

Abundant Life Seminar

Hey Dave. Do you do a seminar about living a parasitic lifestyle :: Taking from others :: Burning ALL bridges :: Spreading Agony :: Sucking and sucking until finally you implode or commit suicide? Just wondering.

>> bleep bloop

GrandPa Scammer is going delete all of these comments because he relies heavily on Youtube. Do The Salty Droid { & God } a favor and cut-and-paste them back in with your own account. Dave won’t like that. Will you Dave?