David Schirmer Dating The Droid!!

The Salty Droid is trying to make a new friend.  David Schirmer.  He steals money.  He runs investment scams.  He runs self improvement scams.  He rapes handicapped koala bears.

Now he’s gonna be a Twitter expert and scam the Tweeps.  He’s already blocked me twice:  for {this} and {this}.  I guess if I’m going to get him to Date me ::> I’ll have to take my romantic gestures to YouTube ::


The Secret: 7 Steps To Unlimited Wealth {Comment Moderation Turned On}

Wow!  You’ve really hit rock bottom eh Dave?  You can’t even think of an actual scam anymore!!  You tell people how to “think it all away?”  Seriously??  Maybe the stupidest scammer video of all time.  Congrats!  Quite a fucking honor.   I hope this wasn’t the plan you were counting on to pay back all the dark overlords you’ve borrowed money from. {actually, I hope it is}

Why Twitter And How To Get Started

Gr8 vid Davester.  Wow!  I was thinking to myself:  Should I get my ass on2 the Twitter or not??  I didn’t know .. so many other choices.  It was making me burn on the inside. So I said FUCK IT!  I’m going to go on Youtube right now … find some old fat guy .. hopefully pasty like a crack-head’s ghost .. desperate comb-over .. evil fucking look in his eye ::> And listen to him read off the basic information about Twitter that is available on EVERY FUCKING site on the web.

7 Easy Steps To Getting More Followers On Twitter Part 1

Gr8 Dave.  I especially appreciated the lack of screen capture.  That was useful!  I hate tech videos where you can see the fucking screen.  So “new-school.”  Much better to look at your horribly empty soul through your sagging and exhausted eyes.

7 Easy Steps To Getting More Followers On Twitter Part 2

I’d love to see you make a video about something you actually know something about.  Like perhaps :: I don’t know :: ..bleep  :: Oh I know! –> RIPPING PEOPLE OFF .. then making them feel like it’s their fault.

Then again, you’re not very good at that either … I wouldn’t even watch that ..  GO AWAY!

Dinner with Perry Belcher @ Stompetnet Conference

Nice vid.  Loved the nausea it induced str8 away.  Having dinner with infamous FELON Perry Belcher.  What a fucking surprise!!  Birds of a feather .. right GrandPa Scammer??  GO AWAY!

Abundant Life Seminar

Hey Dave.  Do you do a seminar about living a parasitic lifestyle :: Taking from others :: Burning ALL bridges  :: Spreading Agony :: Sucking and sucking until finally you implode or commit suicide?  Just wondering.

>> bleep bloop

GrandPa Scammer is going delete all of these comments because he relies heavily on Youtube. Do The Salty Droid { & God } a favor and cut-and-paste them back in with your own account. Dave won’t like that.  Will you Dave?

50 thoughts on “David Schirmer Dating The Droid!!”

  1. Doesn’t this guy have some sort of trading product too? I’ve seen a few youtubes on it but have also read that he hasn’t shown anyone his trading prowess so that could be a scam too. You’d think that if he was so confident in his system he’s be happy to show great trades that he’s made in the past. Thanks for alerting us.

    1. @Ms Fabulous, David Schirmers trading prowess is available for the entire world to see yet he still gets suckers into his Platinum Super Courses even this year he says on his facebook something about going to Brisabane for his Platinum stuff. His historical trading record is available on another site called schirmerexposed.co.nr I think. Go check it out, the guys a con. I’ve heard he cant really trade he just grabs some stuff out of books and repeats it at his events and any trading he’s done he probably pays someone for tips thats how good it is. Hes another James Ray convert, pathetic and motivated by self interest and money.

  2. Tks for commenting Ms. Fabulous –> Do you mind if I call you Mrs. fabulous? I’m traditional.

    He does indeed have a trading scam. That’s likely his first love, as it generates the biggest paychecks in the scamming business. I think the heat in Australia is too hot to continue that :: So he’s falling back on increasingly desperate measures.

    Check my Zombie friend Cosmic Connie for more factiness!


  3. Scamming tosser has made all comments “pending approval”. I cut and pasted the suggested bile, then I added some well written gems of my own. At least he’ll get to read them.

  4. Thanks for trying Neil! Moderation is only turned on for the first video {for now}. So shoot some of your bile in the direction of the others. If he leaves the comments up, it’ll be bad for business. And if he turns commenting off, that’ll be bad for business.

    Nothing pisses off the internet generation like turning off comments!

    Suck it GrandPa Scammer.

  5. Have you ever seen a guy with such a big ego hold so much hate and anger? I wonder if he’s given back the 123% to his traders yet he claims he made on one of those TV videos (funny 123, such a pull it out your arse answer, and if it wasn’t wheres the bloody proof)? He should be handing over proof of that to the media and I bet any one of his clients would happily back him up if he had paid them. Or was that another bloody scam to grab as much money as he could and then claim it was everyone elses fault that he didn’t follow up on his promises? What a dickhead thinking that everyone was just going to swallow that and a bloody good lesson to all those so called teachers out there that the public will not accept this sort of bullshit.

    what about having him show how he trades instead of bullshitting everyone and crapping on about how the market is going to do this or that after the pros put out their comments. He wants to sell his stuff but he can’t even back up what hes saying with any of his own evidence. The prices he charges for this bullshit is something unbelievable. I don’t like people who charge ego prices for stuff and don’t offer any service or prove that they even use the bloody stuff that they sell. Hes playing with peoples livlihoods and hes a dickhead because he can’t even take his own bloody medicine. He gets into the financial game without any licenses and can’t even show anyone what he’s done himself.

    The wanker is a scam artist, its all about how much money he can get out of sucking people into buying his stuff and blaming everyone else but himself for the bloody consequences. Like all wankers he comes across convincing but wheres the bloody proof of anything he claims?

  6. Of course these guys all end up making comments pending approval that is because they can’t handle the fact that they piss so many people off. They only want the public to see what they want to tell them not the the things they have done to piss everyone off. When they give shit they get shit back – pretty normal, black/white, good/bad, hot/cold, night/day but to these guys they are so freakin deluded they only have time for themselves. This guy claims he believes in the Law Of Attraction so what he’s getting hes attracted but he doesn’t want to believe that does he? Exposed right there.

  7. pretty salty of you to put your own comments on “moderate”, considering… ;)

    i do love this blog, though.

  8. Joe, thanks for the smack to the face!

    You’re wrong though, I hope. If you are referring to the “All comments are screened for appropriateness” bullshit … that’s just the theme, or WordPress.com … The Droid doesn’t fucking believe in “appropriateness” … only Spam will be moderated or deleted.

    Stupid comments will be moderated with derision not censorship!

    Thanks for reading!!

  9. moderating with derision beats censorship every single time. and i must say it’s refreshing to find a droid with the good sense to realize it.

    just wish you’d write more; these posts (and ripostes) are priceless.

  10. I dont get that guy he’s dating the droid but he’s nasty as hell in his responses to people. Thats not a very nice relationship. He quotes “HOWEVER if u r constantly attracting abusive relationships then check ur thinking. U ALWAYS get what u expect not what u want.” Then he should not be surprised he must have some pretty bastard thoughts going on in that funny head of his. These guys cannot believe the crap that comes out of their mouths surely they only see the dollars they can make out of it. You can’t make crap out of pure gold but you can make more crap out of crap and that guy seems full of it. Nasty man, see why those ozies have problems with him. keep these posts coming they are priceless. Nasty man that.

  11. FACT: David Schirmer says on his twitter “If ur broke don’t blame the economy! Broke is a mindset, so is Abundance … both happen to be your own choice!”

    QUESTION: If he believes this then why the hell has he needed to do his world obal earth tour of the US of A on faith then?

    FACT: David Schirmer also says on his twitter “DJIA INDEX: Week 16 of PC, fall for at least 1 week. Support levels at 6334, 617 & 5324.”

    QUESTION: The bloody DOW went up the most in months that week of 9 March. The guy stuffed up big time publicly or he is about to scam us Americans because he is threatening to do a world wide launch of his crap in a couple of weeks with stuff that he has had printed at corporate disk. If he gets it this freakin right then we have a lot to be concerned about. I think he’s a bloody scam artist. Thanks for alerting us.


    The modus operandi of the con artist because they have to, to throw people off their scent when they get too close to the truth. If there was not a shred of truth in what they were being accused of then they would say nothing but the very fact that they cannot help but make patheticly scripted public statements proves that someone hit a nerve, a very raw nerve. Keep it coming, people who screw others for their own gain deserve what they get and hey, they are the ones who boast about believing in the Law of Attraction not their accusers.

    I’m also beginning to think that this guy knows bugger all about the stockmarket. My philosphy has always been if these people charge high prices its because they make their money from the selling the product not using it and I have never seen that theory proved wrong yet.

  13. Hey this guy has just won the SCAMMY award for 2009 for Hypocrite of the Year or something. Its here if you want to read it:


    How funny is that and if you go and look on his youtube he’s got this amateur video happening all about where he stayed in paradise lost and some offensive intrusive church video. Only this guy would take a video camera into a church service. What a wanker.

  14. David Schirmer is blaming some woman who used to be his PA for his life but he has been caught making out with other women in public so hes a complete dickhead for even makign up that excuse. I know one woman put his trading company into liquidation because he owed so many people money back then. He makes people think he is a honest person and husband but he is nothing more than a slimy wanker who cheats on everyone. He is a bastard to everyone and claims he pays eveything he is supposed to but I know there are some people who have not been paid yet from years ago but what he does is he starts up new companies all the time and claims that the debts are for the old company so he uses that as an excuse so that he doesn’t have to pay it. He comes across as a charming person when every thing he does he is trying to get something out of someone. He says that a woman said she was going to destroy his business but that can only happen if Schirmer reacts to it which is against everything that he teaches, but that is exactly what he does. The guy is a loser and wants life on his terms that is why he blames the women. I would say if she told him pay up or I’ll do something then good for her, smart woman. Stand up to the bastard don’t let him cheat for the love of money. Anyway for her to be in that situation he must have been party to it so the lying wanker is just diverting attention to meet his own needs. What is he up to that he has used that excuse as a diversion? Obviously his trading is up shit creek even though he claims he’s the best there is.

  15. I have just realised something. I think David Schirmer owes that lady the most of everybody and this is how he is reacting. I don’t know but I have analysed his responses and he always comes back to that which means he is stuck on it. He has a conscience about something he did to that person. Whoever she is I would say she was very hurt by what he did and I don’t think he did that to only one person I just think that one had the most impact. I discovered that David Schirmer also got very nasty when another woman took action against him for a similar thing but I don’t know if she is also still owed something, I’ll find out somehow and continue my analysis. I think this guy has a real problem with many areas of his life but mostly about money. I think he needs help because every time he is accused of something he throws up comments on how he is spending money on himself. No-one does that unless they have a real issue around it. What he doesnt’ realise is that he is perpetuating the hate and anger against himself and to himself and people are picking holes in everything that he is saying and doing because he gives them the reason and evidence by doing what he is doing. If this man does not want to continue being labelled a con he needs to take responsibiilty for what HE has done, just like he tries to teacher. Is there hope? Maybe, but only if HE changes.

  16. I am absolutely appalled that someone has not done anything these personal development frauds who are stalking the public.  The James Ray incident that has just hit the world screens where two people have died is a disgrace along with everyone included in that pathetic production called the secret.  FINALLY the world may wake up and realise what a fraud the whole thing was and why anyone manipulating the public like all these people are doing should be held accountable for their deceit and greed.  In my opinion the entire Secret Movie was created, designed and sold on greed.  It pandered to peoples hopes and dreams and promised a lot but delivered absolutely zip.  The only thing that happened is that a few of the people in it probably made a few dollars on the back of it.  I am absolutely disgusted and I think Salty you should be investigating more than the jerk in Australia who has made ridiculous claims for years and showed no proof to anyone of his abilities.  The time has come for justice for these fools.  Bring it on!

  17. They all need investigating and exposing.  If  they were as rich as they claim they would shut up and LIVE but it seems that just surviving is the best they can achieve.  Where is the one hit wonder who headed that secret crap anyway?  Shows you how ethical, moral and well intended the whole charade was especially when all they are sprouting is wanna get rich follow my lead (i.e. buy everything I put out about getting rich and you’ll make me rich hahahaha).  What a freakin disgrace that Aussie guy is and now he appears to be attempting to run workshop in the freakin Church.  How low can a person get when they have to stoop to doing that?  No, how desperate.

  18. Read your comment and I did some research it looks like that David Schirmer from this pathetic production is in control of the Rhema Church website http://www.rhemamelbourne.com.au/ it has his stamp all over it.  Does that mean he is “controlling” what is said about him there too?  He is paranoid, must have a really really guilty conscience.

  19. Salty, he steals money and runs investment scams but HE says  …….
    “As a believer I am an Ambassador 4 God. He has put me in charge of His Kingdom until He returns-that includes His wealth.”

    Have you ever heard such CRAP!

  20. Dear God, What sort of shit will Schirmer come out with next.   Frankly I find what the guy comes out with quite disturbing.

  21. i have an alarm set on my phone that everytime schirmer says something on twitter it goes wank wank.  today hes boasting about having breakfast with a footy guy not realising that all it does is makes him look like a wanker wannabe.  Who gives a shit who schirmer has breakfast with, himself thats who because that makes him feel good.  For a guy who has such a big head hes got a pea of a brain.

  22. You know someone is psychologically paranoid when in every conversation they MUST have the LAST SAY!  In every conversation I have ever seen or heard from that guy he always has the last say and he always insists that he is right and everyone else is plain stupid and on their way to hell.
    His conversation is egotistical, insensitive, arrogant, self-righteous, intolerant of other peoples opinions, hypocritical, sanctimonious, pharisaical and downright embarassingly foolish to anyone who has a shred of common sense and wisdom about them.  He even goes so far that he quotes from the holy book and claims that his interpretation is absolutely the only one thats right and how dare anyone challenge him (sound familiar….).  He obviously does not handle direct criticism in any form especially when it points out the blatantly obvious i.e. noticably negative characteristics that he inadvertently either emphasises about himself or lacks completely.
    People like this role around in their own dung over and over and over again, saying the same things, quoting the same stuff, doing the same actions and getting absolutely nowhere.   They delude themselves into believing they are really getting somewhere in life and they cannot understand why most dont even listen to what they are saying.  Religion is the perfect cover for a person who needs absolute control and this guy clearly needs it to feel anybody at all in this life.

  23. Yes and at least Tiger Woods is a Golfer not pretending to be Gods Mouthpiece!   This guy is a parasite and a hypocrite.

  24. Schirmer has been having breakfast with a guy by the name of kevin seedy for about 4 days. He is either still having breakfast and still trying to suck up to the guy or he is obsessed with a person which is the level of intelligence I’ve come to expect from the guy. either way i reckon seedy is doing much more interesting and worthwhile things by now.

  25. Droid needs a date with dickhead dave because he’s heading to the US of A in March 2010. Aren’t we fucking lucky.

  26. What happened to Schirmers Succeed Magazine? The guy who created it and was a director resigned when Schirmer got involved. Could that possibly have been because Schirmer didn’t pay his debts? Or could it have been that he screwed the guy over trying to take over the whole thing on the pretext of offering him the world? I guess we’ll never know because the Succeed Magazine didn’t Succeed.

  27. Succeed Magazine – non existent, like all of schirmers past ventures. First sign of stupid is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result. Lame ass play boy, God will have fun with you.

  28. “Come and be challenged, entertained, enlightened and inspired by one of the 21st Century’s most amazing stories … David Schirmer.”

    BWAH HA HA HA, ROTFLMAO ….. Have you ever heard such deluded shit? And he’s off to the good ole US of A to sell this shit to all the fools who are stupid enough to buy into it. Good luck deadshit and lumpashit, you are going to need it now.

    1. @PeterS, Just thinkin like does Dead Shit and Lumpa Shit mean David Schirmer and Lorna Schirmer by any chance? Just thinkin, good one I like it.

  29. yep, the latest is on asic website. I remember his comment, ‘whenever a person has money, there will always be someone else trying to take that money.” Potent irony. At the time, i wondered if it was a piece of subconscious self-disclosure.No sympathy for the devil.

    1. @platinumsuperpillager, You know the guy used NLP dont you? He gloated and boasted about it in his infamous seminars. He also boasted about how super wealthy he was and when you dig deepish you find out that is absolute turd faced lies. The guy has had one business after another go belly up owing people money and he tries to get around that by operating trust accounts and unit trusts which he thinks are his safety net that if people try to sue him they have to sue the company and they get nothing. Little does he know that no matter how much you try to hide stuff it will come up before your dead and hopefully in Schirmers case just before he’s dead when he can do nothing about it and peoples memories of him will be of a shit faced lying turd who steals, lies and cheats pretty much everyone he has anything to do with including his wife and kids.

  30. barefootinvestor.com/scam-that-is-secret/

    I think Schirmer has been dating many people over the last 10 years and they havent all worn skirts but one thing they do have in common is that they pretty much all hate the guy now.

  31. Hypocrite Award
    Given to the self-help guru with the biggest gap between their professed values and how they actually behave.
    Winner: David Schirmer
    Runner-up: Bob Proctor

  32. Dogbert on stock rip-offs, from today’s comic:


    (Dogbert speaking to Dlibert at the table)
    Panel 1
    DOGBERT: I’m starting a pump-and-dump newsletter for thinly traded stocks.
    Panel 2
    DOGBERT: It’s legal as long as I disclose my holdings and my bad stock picks can be attributed to honest mistakes.
    Panel 3
    DOGBERT: Meet my stock picker.
    (Enter Guy with messed up tie holding a glass with wine and a bottle)
    DRUNK GUY: All shhtocks go up!

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

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