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Salty Droid

The Felon and the Hammer - Part 3


Couch Surfing Hobo Ori Bengal tweeted this to The Salty Droid regarding the MC Hammer/Evil Jowls situation ::

“I was one of the people that messaged MC Hammer that day, so he’s not lying about that. I’m looking- went through many many pages. do you know the date it was around?”

To which I prickishly replied ::

“It was on Imaginary 3rd, TwoThousand and Fake >> My Guess!”

@CouchSurfingOri would have none of my BullCrap and went scanning 100’s of past timeline pages :: This in spite of his long and brutal battle with ADHD. Well guess what you stupid, arrogant, belligerent, over-confident Droid?? {oh christ … don’t tell me}  >> YEP!!

Evil Jowls Makes a Pass at MC Hammer {evidence}

Evil Jowls Begs Tweeps for Help {evidence}

Ori the Hyper Hobo follows instructions {evidence}

Enuff tweeps comply to force Evil Jowls to turn off the taps {evidence}

Droid vs. Droid – Volume 1

  • DevilDroid :: So why is this whole saga missing from Twitter Search?

  • AngelDroid :: Interesting question … but fucking irrelevant!

  • DevilDroid :: Well why didn’t the chicken-shit come and defend himself if he knew it was true? It’s been FIVE days?

  • AngelDroid :: Maybe because you’re terrifyingly psychotic? Maybe because he doesn’t fucking answer to you? Maybe because he sucks at Twitter and couldn’t find it?

  • DevilDroid :: But he probably WAS lying about the scope! 900? Give me a Break!!

  • AngelDroid :: BIG FUCKING DEAL ASSHOLE! Who cares about catching someone in an exaggeration? It’s like catching someone in a yawn!!

  • DevilDroid :: But …

  • AngelDroid :: SHUT IT FUCK-NUTS!

  • DevilDroid :: Fine! God I hate you! Stupid Pig-Fuck AngelDroid …

  • AngelDroid :: I forgive you!

>> bleep bloop

Is Evil Jowls Perry Belcher a liar, felon, computer fraudster, sick people hating, shit eating monkey? Yep. 4 Sure!! Is The Salty Droid going to make him wish he were never born? Let’s Hope!!

Did Perry Belcher completely fabricate the MC Hammer story at StomperNet this weekend as I have so blisteringly {and repeatedly} suggested? HE MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT.

{Big Ups! to Ori for reading the original post ::> taking the time to find the old Tweets ::> and leaving a rather insightful comment on the orignal post. Even though he basically just stuck it to me … it still represents Twitter at its MOST fun!}