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Auctioning Perry Belcher’s Million

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Perry {Evil Jowls} Belcher trolls around the internet claiming that he’s made $100 million dollars in the online marketing business. Of course, he’ll also claim that he’s not a scammer ::> that he’s BFF’s with MC Hammer ::> and that he doesn’t fuck goats.

Last year, after Evil Jowls pleaded guilty to 12 counts of Fraud and Computer Crime, the government seized all of his tawdry assets. Perry was stealing from sick people by the THOUSANDS so that he could accumulate the useless trappings of upper-middle-class white-trash!

You Get => Fake Medicine –> Perry Gets => 4 ATV’S and a McMansion.

The End of Evil Jowl’s “$100 million” Empire

  • The government takes him down at the peak of his most successful scam.

  • They seize ALL of his cash .. and auction off ALL of his crappy assets

  • In total: The Evil Jowl Empire is worth LESS THAN $1 million!

So either Perry is chronically lying about his past successes ::> Or he’s hiding the other $99 million underneath a pile of hideously ugly cowboy shirts.

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