Black Friday

Perry Belcher is not black … or gay {allegedly}.

But he is a felon … and he does do offensive impressions to impress his evil fat friends.

Perry and his partner in slime Ryan Deiss do a Black Friday hard sell every year … because the holidays are a great time to get scammed.

Happy Holidays to you and your family on this day of

I wanted to take this chance to tell you how thankful I
am for you

Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Thanks for your loyalty and your trust over the years.

Best wishes for a VERY successful rest of the year!

– Ryan Deiss

P.S. You better be on my Black Friday Bootcamp or your
gonna hurt my feelings :-)

Such a fucking sentimentalist.

Happy Holidays to you Ryan and Perry :: from The Salty Droid … I hope you both go to jail soon.


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84 thoughts on “Black Friday”

  1. Just “WOW.”

    Perry Belcher is not only a scammer, he’s a total fucking racist bastard. And beyond crass, too: “There ain’t nothin’ better that a big ole $%@&@! cock.”

    To think that anyone would even sit through a webinar where that asshole was dishing out such blatant, inexcusable racism.

      1. @It could happen to anyone,

        “My Paypal keeps a-growin’, as I bleed those su-ckers dry”

        (last one, I promise)

    1. @Vern, Why, the nerve of some people, ridiculing good hearted career criminals who just need a little sympathy, and second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth or more chances.

      Maybe you can set Perry Belcher’s past, present, and future victims straight and point out how it was their own fault for believing his lies and deceit.

      Be sure to give Perry a big hug and tell him that “Justice” was thinking of him.

      1. @Chuck, I guess we’ll have to let Vern ‘splain what he meant in his comment, but is it possible that he meant he didn’t see how Perry’s disgusting racist performance was funny? If that’s the case, it would seem Vern is on the side of good.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, Comments maybe should get divided into 2 columns: SNARK, NON-SNARK, and OTHER. I know that’s really 3 columns but that extra column is a FREE FAST ACTION BONUS so it isn’t included in the two column price.

        2. @Cosmic Connie, In hindsight I think that was almost surely what Vern meant. I think my reaction was a combination of being a little sleepy and being a lot disgusted with Perry Belcher. Sorry about that Vern.

      2. @Chuck, I wasn’t meaning to be obtuse. What I was trying to say was, I don’t see the humor in PB’s attempt to be funny.

        Also, I was trying to allude to the fact that PB is destroying himself with his attempt to be hip/cool/bright/sharp or whatever the fuck else syndicate gurus think makes them think they are so superior.

        I think its extraordinary PB doesn’t have the self awareness to see that a “joke” like this just confirms everybody’s worst suspicions about him.

        He’s cooked. It’s only a matter of time.

  2. P.S. You better be on my Black Friday Bootcamp or your
    gonna hurt my feelings :-)

    sigh…I can’t make the bootcamp….my doctor [[Doctor Daigle]] says it could cause irreparable brain damage [[yeah..just like Deiss]]…that, and we will be out this evening…I hope someone shares the highlights after it’s over…

  3. Once I turned off the very not-funny audio and watched the video again, it seems like this is a tutorial on what not to do on twitter.

    Anyone looking at the screenshots can see this is just a spam account. And most of his ‘followers’ (which are far less in number than his ‘followees’) will either be ignoring his tweets or using very simple means to keep them from even showing up in their timeline.

    (Because nobody likes spam accounts. Just like nobody cares if your twitter profile page is pretty or not and nobody thinks Perry Belcher looks like a movie star.)

    Anyone looking at them can also see that it ‘totally slipped his mind’ that he owes someone money.

  4. For posterity, and government agencies:


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    1. @Archivist,

      Here’s the line that gets me seriously pissed:

      “…and do something good for you and your family”

      Ryan Deiss is the biggest phony of them all. Here’s hoping Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss do serious jail time for their conning ways.

      That email promises is all about painting a fantasy and laying guilt if you don’t buy.

      EVERY decision we make is emotional…they know this and play that angle heavily

      This email is just heartless conning…

    2. [Just to clarify for the record that this was not an email, but the full, exact text (minus only the signup form) posted on the Deiss/Belcher website URL noted at the top, as of 25 November 2011.]

      @Shit Storm, It’s heartless alright – as cold and calculated as Belcher and Deiss themselves.

    3. @Archivist,

      “Why you don’t need to know anything about traffic generation to build a 5-figure business, seriously. ”

      Nah, just slap up a WordPress site with a dozen PLR articles you bought from some guy in India and wait for the cash to roll in.

      See, all you need to do is a little keyword reseach on some embarrassing medical ailment where people look online for solutions.

      Something like, ADVANCED RECTAL SCABIES.

      Then sit back and watch those desperate buyers with their itchy, itchy buttholes to flock to your site and HAND YOU THEIR MONEEEEEEYS!!!

      It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!

    4. @Archivist,

      Seems ole Rye Rye changed his sales page to a short form. Ya think maybe this blog had something to do with it? Oh, I doubt it. And in case he wants to change it back but can’t because he lost the original copy, we should help him out. We wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings.

      Here is a screen capture of a side by side comparison of the two versions. The left side is from Google’s cache (with time stamp included) and the other is the current iteration. Quick, get your copy fast before they sell out!! ;)


      1. @MazeMan,

        He’s been split-testing, one of the few tried and tested marketing wheezes he does employ in his own schtick.

    5. @Archivist,

      “Let me explain …”

      In copywriting vernacular, these three little words that signal you’re:

      a) trying to explain to your wife why you’re naked in bed with a Filipino hooker and her boyfriend sniffing crushed Adderall off their buttocks

      b) about to con someone

    6. @Archivist, I have read so many pages that were almost word-for-word like this, it’s ridiculous. I’ve even seen a few as they were being typed up.

      I used to wonder how anyone could fall for this sort of sleazy copywriting. It still boggles my mind, but now it mainly just turns my stomach. Reading this and knowing people who have fallen for it, having people get in touch with me because the man I love sold it to them – word for word – it’s just one horror story after another around here.

      I get this sort of stomach churning disgust reading this and I wonder how many others get that feeling, and then ignore it and pass it along (or buy) anywway.

      1. @Alison,

        I hope you and your kids had a nice Thanksgiving, Alison. I found this particularly stomach-churning because it reminded me of your story.

        First, Diess tells readers what’s “good for you and your family” is to spend the day after the secular holiday alone, in front of their computers, watching his “free” webinar pitch for his program. Forget about spending the day off with their families.

        Then, as we move into December, when basically every religion and ethnicity has a major holiday, readers should remain alone, in front of their computers, completing his program so “you could have your own online business up and running before the clock strikes MIDNIGHT on December 31, 2011.”

        Right from the start, he’s using cult tactics to drive a wedge between his readers and their families. He’s telling them, “Your family just wants your money,” and then separating them from their families during the holidays. Later he’ll leverage the distance this creates to tell his readers, “Your family won’t hate you so much if you earn more money with my new program.”

        I think @PerrySlinks is a good name for this team of lowlifes.

        1. @Lanna, You hit the nail on the head right there.

          Deiss (and his felon sidekick, Belcher) are telling people to spend less time with their families so HE can (literally) “SPEND” more time with HIS. It’s beyond disgusting.

  5. I’m amazed and admire the perseverance of some people posting here. I tried to listen to Ryan’s Black Friday Bootcamp and fell asleep from overdosing on B.S. after the thirteenth minute of Ryan telling stories of how he sold his blood and semen to buy an engagement ring for his soon to be wife.

    1. @Stew,

      Is he so down on his uppers that he has to flog his own body fluids, now?

      What happened to all the mega-riches he made from his multiple two-week start-ups?

      Or are we in Sci-Fi land again where he is split-testing one of Belcher’s new wheezes to become a McMansion owner by turning your own body into your very own oil well?

      From my reading of Americana, only Bowery bums and folks very down on their luck see that as a workable plan.

      He probably has a dastardly plan for the back-end to sell Other Peoples vital bodily fluids to boost his paypal.

      1. @stoic,

        “He probably has a dastardly plan for the back-end to sell Other Peoples vital bodily fluids to boost his paypal.”

        Perhaps Belcher’s incessant bragging about getting away with ripping off very sick people for years and only “nearly going to jail” had some effect on Deiss.

        It could be that Deiss is jealous that he himself hasn’t “nearly gone to jail,” and he wants to have that “bragging right” also.

        The government needs to stop giving con artists merit badgets that only embolden them even more.

        1. @Carl,

          We could assist him, maybe, in aquiring that bragging right, like the good neighbours that we are.
          Its the ‘nearly’ word that makes me hesitate though, ‘nearly’ ain’t nearly good enough.

      2. @stoic, You know it’s hard to tell. First you’d have to give him credit for coming up with the idea. I was thinking maybe he saw the movie ‘Dodgeball’ and the guys talking about saving Average Joe’s Gym and used it as a swipe file?

  6. This email that Deiss sent out for Black Friday is nothing special. The Dbag sends out emails JUST like this nearly everyday. Each one is selling some blueprint, or business plan or whatever. They are all the same, and they are all the newest and hottest thing that he has discovered and he’s willing to share it.
    Everyone I see makes me think he is desperate and his list just doesn’t produce much anymore so he has to keep blasting it just to make some money.

    1. @Al, That stuff is so over the top its incredible. If there EVER was unquestionable reason for the feds to take action, it would be against Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher, and they have now had cause for years. Unbelievable.

    2. @Al, Believe me — none of the “big guys” getting the slam here are doing at all well any more. The only ones still pulling in much were pulling in 10 times more 10 times easier than before.

      Everyone in the IM sphere is down. All sales are down. This economy has a lot of people desperate and usually that drives sales of empty biz-opp crap sales up. But this has been so deep and protracted the most desperate (usually their best prospects) simply can’t buy much any more.

      Everyone is having to dig three times harder to make half the sales they used to if they *haven’t* been slammed by @SD. Those who have been slammed are dealing with a 50% drop in addition, if not more.

      That means virtually all the stories you hear, all the bragging about cars and boats and unstoppable wealth are just a load of crap for all but the upper echelon who already had that stuff before ’08. Most of the new ones are simply lying about it, telling you they have what they don’t in the hopes you’ll invest in their smokescreen and help them finally get it.

      They will always find hapless victims. They will always pull cash out of thin air (or…should I say…thin hot air). But the pickings are a lot thinner now.

      This is one reason why that note of desperation fills the air in most of the promotions you see. @SD’s focus helps to hasten it along. That’s why I love seeing him not let up.

      I got even more respect for @SD and his lofty goals when I read the past threads on Mr. Jowls here. He pointed out that if Perry were selling his crap for $50 he’d drop the focus. And he’s absolutely right (though I think $50 is probably still a bit high for what I’ve seen from Perry so far). Still, that falls into the category of a book. Still high-priced, but at least not $1,000 or $2,000 for what you should be able to find in a book at B&N for $39.

      That’s the point that made me a total fan. Books are books. 90% of all books are pretty much shit. But at least they aren’t $1,000 or more. And you get some paper you can shred and burn to keep warm later if it doesn’t work out the way the author said.

      Ask yourself — how many book readers do you know who mortgaged their homes and racked up their credit cards buying books, good or bad? I can’t think of one.

      1. @Head Honcho,

        I did go overboard on my Amazon credit card some time ago, but then, who wants their new bookshelf to be empty?

        While we’re talking about the 1k-2k products: What I find particularly distasteful is that they’re now all targeted at newbs. The reputable venues for business training don’t sell to newbs, especially not with “hero claims” (i.e. “I was shitty but then I got awesome which proves repeatability…somehow”) most IMers (ab)use.

        I got started with a $50 course on Adwords and even that’s lofty for a digital book. Spending 20 times that amount just to get the basic info to create the concept of your business in fairly harsh times…yeah but no. Does not compute.

        And they know it. Jenkins didn’t want to sell Video Boss as a biz-op at first (but money!), Deiss didn’t want to go all-in on SEO at first, but for some reason experts didn’t wanna buy stuff you get in books on SEO (which are usually 6-12 months behind); so they all shifted their market, because newbs are the only people who haven’t moved on yet.

        There’s a lot of crack dealers of business training around, down to the terminology (listen to Brunson talk). I really hope for some legal action so the market gets cleared up a little. Deiss even had a couple decent products around comfortable price levels ($30-$40), but all the lying is making it impossible to take the guy serious. Just take the webinars – they’re all prerecorded, which would be okay in itself, I’ve been on recorded calls before, but they don’t pretend to field questions or wait for people to join. They just do the damn thing and that’s it, no fucking psycho games.

        1. @Clark, I’m addicted to books and music and videos and have often (in the past…not so much now) racked up a credit card bill with them as well. But it was one item at a time, not a single purchase made in the heat of a high-pressure sales presentation proclaiming “get it now or you’ll forever be the worthless bum you feel you are after talking to me.” And most of them at least delivered what I paid to get — entertainment, enlightenment or both.

          I have to say most book store clerks I’ve run into are the exact opposite of the shysters we’re reading about here.

          1. @Head Honcho,

            Personal story about that: I’m a big fan of value investing and have bought all the different versions and editions of Graham’s classic Securities Analysis I’ve encountered, even the overpriced new ones.

            Some while ago I got into a (large) bookstore and found three I didn’t own yet; with the proud smile of a successful hunter I told the guy behind the counter to keep an eye on them for me, while I was looking through the politics section.

            When I came back, he explained with a confused look that I’d given him three versions of the same book and he didn’t know which one I wanted, because clearly I wouldn’t buy the “same” book three times. Had to spend five minutes explaining to him that the minor alterations between the different editions where reason enough for me to hand over fifty bucks more and he – still puzzled – took my money.

            Fast forward to past week and I discover that a guy I know facebooked his liking of some new forex trading system (which for some reason mentions Soros as proof in the copy – maybe I should use Gates as proof for my affiliate annihilation robot, after all we both use computers), followed by “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” in allcaps and with three exclamation marks.

            I grinned at first, but seeing how someone has to force himself to believe in a new make-money-scheme just made me feel bad, so I sent the guy the intelligent investor with my honest opinion on his business plans. I didn’t expect to get something back, but apparently he read the book and appreciated my thoughts.

            Keeping someone away from bizop grifters* is probably the most Christmas-ey I’ll get to feel this year, so I just thought sharing the story might inspire others to keep an eye on the media their friends and loved ones consume.

            Often there’s somebody in the family who knows enough about science, health or business to keep one away from diet pills, alt-med scams or overcrowded biz-ops, if they only decide to speak up in an honest and non-paternalistic manner.

            *Just to be clear: I’m not saying everything in the forex area is snake-oil, but showing someone how to use Fibonacci for 700 bucks is.

            1. @Clark, That’s confusing as all hell to someone like me who doesn’t follow the investing niche — but I now know I would turn to you first before I ever bought anything in that arena, and I definitely get the point of the story.

              You’re right, of course and that’s a great suggestion for a way that all of us, each in our own small way, can help others.

              It’s also interesting to note that the clerk in your tale was actually trying to figure out why you would want to spend more when, in the IM world, it’s usually them trying to talk you into spending more.


            2. @Clark,

              The Intelligent Investor is pretty heady stuff for a newb.

              Maybe start ’em on something from John Bogle from Vanguard?

            3. @Mad Max,

              Is it? I found the first couple chapters quite accessible and I’ve never worked anywhere near Wall Street or *cough* made extensive investments beyond buying companies I had worked with before.

              I probably should follow up with him, drowning people in material that seems overly complex to the common guy is kind of a bad habit of mine.

              As for the confusion:

              Why do I like investing? In very short, because it teaches people to actually make an effort, try to understand their markets, validate their assumptions and avoid overconfident/premature decisions, as most of their investments will be aimed at long-term gains.

              Why do I laugh at traders? Because most of the people in the get-rich-quick-trading schemes do the complete opposite, they don’t know a thing about what they buy, they only look for short-term profit and – although this is usually recognized as “bad” – they easily become overconfident once they get lucky.

              This is not to say that all traders are gamblers – people like George Soros spend a lot of time trying to understand a market and the reasoning behind it, so they can make bets that are more likely to pay off than not. But this takes effort – in the case of the recent mortgage crisis, the “winners” didn’t use a magic new software, but actually read the hundreds of pages detailing that top-rated policies actually didn’t deserve their rating (and were going to fail).

              Still, it’s kind of amusing to read about Soros in the copy for a new scheme that promises to turn you into a professional within a week and with little day-to-day effort after that.

      2. @Head Honcho, ahhh books! Recently I decided I wanted to learn more about using social media for my business. When I started looking around for a tutorial of some sort it was only expensive crap (Ryan Deiss has one – surprise surprise)written by fake gurus. At some point the light came on and I wisely logged into Amazon where I found an outstanding book for < $20 including shipping. Made me feel smart……
        Another interesting collaboration exists now between Mary Ellen Tribby – self professed millionaire-maker, self promoter and author of the blog Working Moms Only – she now seems to be some sort of MD or CEO or head "B" for guess who??? Ryan Deiss! So let's go for the working mom who no doubt has lots of disposable income to throw away on "take your business to the next level" regurgitated frauducts. Somehow it is not so surprising when men form cartels and sell snake oil but when women do it it cuts to the bone.

        1. @Elizabeth, Ted Nicholas once told me he couldn’t imagine why anyone would pay $5,000 to go to a seminar to hear him speak when all of what he has to offer onstage is also available in his books.

          True — he self-publishes and charges more like $97 for his books…but it was a revelation to me. $97 or $5,000?

          Even if a book is too expensive (like the above), they are yours and many people re-sell them after they’ve read them for a lot less. Or, you can pay full price then re-sell them to get back some of your money. Same goes for seminars. Avoid the live event and watch for the near-giveaway price on the recordings.

          You get the same value (even if there is little) but spend a LOT less getting it (thus, getting more value for your dollar either way.

          1. @Head Honcho,

            That’s why I love books. I used to follow the big launches just for the fun of it and when they came to the point where you’re pressured to buy I yelled “no” at the screen and went to buy loads of books instead.

            Sure, some of the launches teach you things that are not covered in books and may be useful. Still, just imagine what kind of personal library $5,000 can buy. Somebody I once advised paid $25,000 for a Tony Robbins seminar – you could surpass most experts* with this kind of budget and some dedication.

            Sure, some folks want a step-by-step guide to everything, they won’t be interested in this kind of approach. But I never cease to be amazed by how affordable professional knowledge has become, the only thing one needs is time and a comfortable chair.

            *I use the word in the demanding sense – someone who’s in the vanguard of their particular field, not some random dude who published an ebook on how to lose weight and brands himself as an “weight-loss expert”. He’s not even a professional.

        2. @Elizabeth, And when it comes to female scammers, I’m never surprised. There are less of them but there are less female murderers, too. All it does it make it less-expected when it happens and some are savvy to that and use it to their fullest advantage…unless of course they also have beauty to throw into it.

          I’ve always been amazed there aren’t MORE female scammers, to be honest.

          Deis, on the other hand, is truly savvy hooking up with Mary Ellen Tribby. Now he can disarm you THEN come in for the sneak attack…kind of like the hitch hiker that has his girlfriend stick out her thumb while he hides in the bushes.

          1. @Head Honcho,

            I wondered why Mary-Ellen, previously of Early to Rise and Agora publishing, owned by Michael Masterson (pen name) is associating with such low-on-the-totem-pole scum as Deiss, in what looks very much like the makings of a boiler-room set-up in the vid.

            Early to Rise has also taken on Yanik Silver and Alex Mandossian from the Immer’s crowd.

            Not that Tribby, Masterson et al are any higher totem-pole wise–but they have been considerably more subtle to date and doubtless socked away a few bob.

            My guess is that Deiss is on his uppers–selling his blood?– and Tribby chucked him a life-belt, for entirely her own purposes, sharks not being known for altruism.

            Should be interesting to watch developments there, as I can’t see it the other way round.(Deiss chucking Tribby the life-belt)
            She has actual form, such as it is, while Deiss only ever pulls it out of his arse.

            1. @,

              Maryellen Tribby actually has form? When did this happen?

              She is an Agora conman just like the rest of Mastersons crew

              Mary Ellen Tribby worked for Michael Masterson knowing full well he is using a phony name to hide his criminal past

              Please do not credit her grasp of direct response as anything more than her being better at conning her victims

              Deiss, Tribby and Belcher are 3 very conniving thieves

            2. @,

              Here’s a sample of Scam artist Maryellen Tribby shoveling her line of shit Pre- scammer Ryan Deiss while working for fellow scammer Michael Masterson AKA Mark Ford:

              Tuesday, June 24, 2008

              Dear Kevin Kaatz,

              I’m going to tell you something, but you must promise to keep it quiet…

              You have to understand that the ‘elite’ would not be at all happy with me if they knew what I was about to tell you. That’s why we have to tread carefully.

              You see, while most people are paying attention to the stock market, the banks, brokerages and big institutions have their money somewhere else…. what I call the hidden money mountain.

              It’s a pile of cash that’s 30 times bigger than the stock market!

              And if you get into this market, you’ll have a shot taking money away from them!

              All you have to know is the insider’s code (which I’ll tell you) and you could make an extra $6,000 every single month.

              Just read our special report below to find out more.


              MaryEllen Tribby
              Publisher, Early To Rise

              MaryEllen Tribby is a well versed con artist trained by scammer Michael Masterson AKA Mark Ford

              Who else has learned at the feet of con artist Michael Masterson AKA Mark Ford…Rich Schefren

              Schefren has trained Garden Gnome Mike Filsaime on the ins and outs of scamming

              Now Tribby teams up with Deiss and Belcher to scam some more using all she learned from Mark Ford

            3. @,

              She has form in that she was running the EtR publishing newsletter for Agora, EtR being an early, quiet version of the ‘french for trade union’ scam.
              Lot of off-line stuff too.

            4. @, oh man…never have liked this woman (Mary Ellen Tribby). Signed up for her newsletter as a “working mom”. At first I thought she seemed to have the goods then after a few newsletters realized it was just a platform for affiliate offers and her shameless self promotion. She no doubt has a big audience and one who works very hard. It pisses me off that this very vulnerable group of people, looking for answers from “one of their own” will no doubt get scammed by this person purporting to be one of them. What goes around comes around and when they crash and burn so shall she. Sorry for her kids whom she shamelessly chatters about as well….Suspect she is trying to break into the boys club syndicate….

            5. @ Elizabeth,

              Having learnt at the feet of the Masterson, Mary Ellen will be well-versed in the ‘french for trade union’ tactics.
              I have no idea how good a grifter she is in her own right but if I were in a boys only ‘french for trade union’ I would be watching my back already.

              Mary Ellen can look after herself in trade union disputes, and if she can’t, who gives a shit?

              She might just be snaky enough to slither out into the legitimate sphere of ‘french for trade unions’–it does happen, more than most would like to acknowledge– so who knows?

  7. Check out this bullshit on the Deiss/Belcher website, “” (they also probably have at least several dozen feeder sites for this operation)

    Our Company

    Caring for the world, one person at a time… inspires and unites the people of Planet Amazing. We embrace research and science – bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the lives and well-being of people. Employees of the Planet Amazing Family of Companies work with it’s partners in order to touch the lives of people every day, throughout the world.

    Our Values

    The values that guide our decision making are spelled out in Values. Put simply, Our Values challenge us to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first..

    Our Values are more than just a moral compass. We believe it’s a recipe for business success. The fact that Planet Amazing is one of only a handful of companies that have flourished through the recent economic downturn is proof of that.

    1. @Bullshit 101,

      Given enough time, a hypothetical monkey typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce all of Shakespeare’s plays.

      Given 20 minutes, a hypothetical monkey typing at random would, as part of its output, more likely come up with the text you quoted above.

  8. Let’s investigate just one of their NUMEROUS similarly exploitative sites:

    “Finally, Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in 13 Seconds FLAT! &
    Keep Them From Coming Back GUARANTEED!”

    “Groundbreaking New “Triple-Kill”
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    The U.S. Bed Bug Epidemic Hits!
    Do you have bedbugs?

    Your not alone, Just watch ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN and you’ll quickly realize bed bugs are a Nationwide Epidemic.

    More importantly, If you did answer yes to the earlier question, you have to act fast before you become the victim of a full blown infestation.

    “While You Wait To Treat Bed Bugs They Will Continue To Lay Eggs & Multiply, Growing On Your Blood”

    Within just a few weeks, female bedbugs are laying up to 5 new eggs a day and drinking 3X their body weight in your blood in a single night

    “Emergency Action Plan – An Professional Strength Bedbug Killing System Has Been Developed”

    Bed Bugs have become immune to most “chemical based” pesticides. In response to this, research and development on an effective bed bug killing system that kills bed bugs (while being safe for you and your family) has been completed. The result –

    BedBugShredder? Triple Kill System

    BedBugShredder? Works because:

    It’s a complete 3 part system that kills every last bedbug in your house.

    Because it’s a mechanical killer* bedbugs cannot become immune to it’s killing strength like ordinary pesticides.

    It’s ingredients are recognized by the United States EPA as GRAS or “Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective”.

    It’s main ingredients are non-toxic to humans and pets so you can apply it yourself without hiring an expensive service.

    How Does The BedBugShredder? “Triple-Kill System” Work?

    (Phase 1) BedBugShredder? Bed Bug Killing Deep Carpet Barrier Dust

    Bedbugs have to travel across floors and carpets to get to your bed. We make sure they never make the trip.

    BedBugShredder? carpet dust kills bed bugs by simply shredding their intestines. The rough microcrystal spears (see below – BedBugShredder Carpet Barrier Dust under a high powered microscope) are specially refined to destroy bed bugs “mechanically” not “chemically”. Here’s how it works:

    These micro crystals attach to the legs and bodies of bed bugs as they crawl across it.

    When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out, resulting in internal bleeding, mass dehydration and ultimately death.

    Because of the microscopic size of the crystals in BedBugShredder?, carpet dust is harmless to your family and pets as their intestinal tracts are hundreds TIMES the size of that of the bed bugs.

    Its fine white powder lightly covers the immediate area of infestation (typically around the bed, furniture, etc.) for just a few days, that’s all it takes for those areas to be bed bug free.

    It’s simple to apply and you never have to worry about it harming your family or pets..

    Try Bed Bug Shredder “Triple Kill System” RISK FREE Now

    (Phase 2) BedBugShredder? Direct Contact Bed Bug Killing Spray

    This intermediate treatment of BedBugShredder? is the “direct contact killer” for treating mattresses, bed rails, couches and other furniture where the bed bug infestation is located. The specialized formula effectively eliminates the bed bugs and their offspring by causing immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application. The formula effectively targets the bed bug’s nervous system and destabilizes their chemical pathways, thus creating a bed bug treatment that they can not develop an immunity to Bed Bug Shredder.

    In addition to being 100% effective on bugs directly treated with BedBugShredder?, it also has been proven to be effective against eggs and larva. This results in total destruction of the infestation. Bed Bugs do not have a chance to survive through reproduction.

    Note: This phase also contains a shielding ingredient that dramatically helps to protect from future bed bug infestations.

    Try Bed Bug Shredder “Triple Kill System” RISK FREE Now

    (Phase 3) BedBugShredder? Laundry Additive Bed Bug Killer

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    BedBugShredder? Laundry Additive is the third part of the Triple-Kill System.

    Add this in the wash of contaminated sheets and clothing.

    It is specially formulated to chemically activate in water to kill the bed bugs and eggs on fabric.

    You simply add the additive to your clothes washer and run on a regular cycle.

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    Bed Bug Shredder Laundry Detergent Additive
    “Where the Bed Bugs are Hiding” user guide
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    1 Bedroom Triple Kill System: Includes everything listed above and contains enough ingredients to treat one average room effectively. Only $47 Plus $8.77 Shipping & Handling

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    Press Release From Deiss and Belcher

    Bed Bugs Becoming Medicaid and Waldorf Astoria Killers Says Planet Amazing LLC

    Planet Amazing LLC – The bed bug epidemic is getting worse, with luxury hotels feeling the pressure as potential guests become more aware of excessive bed bug bites and states taking actions to protect the elderly. Bed bugs are spreading across the country and it is integral that everyone protects themselves from this growing problem. Planet Amazing LLC provides organic home chemical products for treating issues like bed bugs, rust and grout sealer.

    Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 10, 2011

    [Note: They provided a photograph of a HUMAN TORSO with numerous hideous bed bug bites]

    Photo caption: “Left unchecked, costs for bed bug extermination could grow to significantly impact Medicaid waiver budgets.”

    Planet Amazing LLC – There has been an infestation of bed bugs all over the country, particularly along the east coast and now spreading into the southern states. Bed bugs have been found in hotels, schools, apartments and more. As the number of buildings, landmarks and areas that are inundated with bed bugs grow what will people’s reactions be?

    NBC New York reported the most recent case of bed bug infestation negatively impacting a well known business. Some tourists are complaining loudly. The New York Times Daily reported on 1.7.2011 that Dr. Svetlana Tendler has pushed the Waldorf Astoria into the media spotlight. The Waldorf Astoria is a New York City, Park Avenue luxury hotel that has had a history of bed bug attacks. Dr. Tendler explains in great detail what happened to her while she was sleeping.

    Dr. Svetlana Tendler is purporting that when she stayed at the Waldorf Astoria she woke up completely covered in bed bugs. Dr. Tendler even took photos of her bed bug bites and various websites have posted them.

    With so many places being hit by bed bugs, notably New York City – will tourism in the city decline due to these tiny critters? Will the hotels wise up and begin the process of getting rid of bed bugs?

    Medicaid is even getting into the fight against bed bugs. In Ohio many are unable to afford the bed bug fight and so the state has started using their Medicaid money for eradication. The Columbus Dispatch was the first to report this connection. There is concern that this will dramatically affect the budget. In the Ohio Bed Bug Workgroup Report that came out this week it was stated that: “Left unchecked, costs for bed bug extermination could grow to significantly impact Medicaid waiver budgets.”

    The Columbus Dispatch reported that about 350 of Ohio Medicaid’s 31,000 clients have been affected by bed bugs in the past year. Is this enough to warrant state funds going to protect them? Some believe this is not fair to the vast majority that do not have bed bugs and need the Medicaid funds.

    As a maker of home chemical products that are safe for humans and the environment, Planet Amazing LLC has worked hard to help eradicate these bed bug outbreaks. The products provided all come with a 100% money back guarantee and offer a safe alternative to the harsh chemicals commonly found elsewhere. Dr. Svetlana is an example of the damaging health affects bed bug bites can cause and why everyone must be careful when they find themselves diagnosed with any type of related ailment.

    With the stakes so high it makes it important that everyone know what precautions to take and how to safely eradicate bed bugs.



    *** THE REALITY ***

    From Amazon Storefront:

    Bed Bug Killer – Bed Bug Shredder “Triple Kill System” Kills Bed Bugs Dead Three (3) Bedroom Kit

    Customer Review:

    RATING: 1 Star (Ratings are 1-5 stars with 1 star being lowest possible)


    “After receiving this product and starting to spray around my room. I notice that more adults ones started to come out, I use the direct kill spray on several times to see not result of the bug dying in 1 minute as the description says, as a matter of fact I had to smash the insect. I also, put a bed bug in top of the dust that is supposed to kill them, just to see it move around with no problem. the picture in the description is misleading. there is not a guide they sent. I got the 3-room solution and what they sent is a 64oz container with the dust killer(supposedly) and 3 spray bottles and 2 tiny washer addictives. Somehow I saw a 60 day money back guarantee on this product when I bought it. Now, I dont find that claim anywhere to get my money back.”

    1. Just a note to everyone reading this:

      Does all this b.s. not sound like a COOKIE CUTTER version of the same FAKE MEDICAL CURE web sites that Perry Belcher received his felony conviction for? It’s the same exact modus operandi…outrageous claims and vulnerable, suffering victims.

      Kind of incredible, isn’t it:

      “Planet Amazing, the makers of BedBugShredder? is an EPA registered manufacturer and packager of environmentally safe pesticides.”

      “Get Rid Of Bed Bugs in 13 Seconds FLAT! &
      Keep Them From Coming Back GUARANTEED!”


      “ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN…”

      “you have to act fast before you become the victim”

      “ingredients are recognized by the United States EPA as GRAS or “Generally Regarded as Safe and Effective”

      “While You Wait To Treat Bed Bugs They Will Continue To Lay Eggs & Multiply, Growing On Your Blood”

      “The specialized formula effectively eliminates the bed bugs and their offspring by causing immediate immobilization of the bed bug nymphs, followed by 100% mortality within 1 minute of the topical application.’

      [The headline says 13 seconds, this says 1 minute…where did the extra 47 seconds come from?]


      “Proven 100% Effective…”

      “LIMITED SUPPLY NOTICE: As usual BedBugShredder will soon be in short supply for the beginning of the season”

      “complete with all the supplies and information necessary to kill bedbugs for good.”

      [Those bold claims sure sound like ABSOLUTES, don’t they?]



      1. CAGES

      2. FOR



    2. @Bullshit 101,

      It’s funny how the little embellishments creep into the copy:

      “…GRAS or “Generally Recognised as Safe and Effective)”

      …er, no, that would be GRASE. GRAS without the E stands for ‘Generally Recognised As Safe’ – no mention of ‘effective’. I’m willing to bet that this wasn’t a typo (surely even Belcher can tell when an initial is missing).

      ‘Little’ lies like this are peppered throughout many sales letters – their cumulative effect being to convince the naive that the government ‘approves’ of the product in some way. Another shady tactic – not quite a lie but certainly not honest – is ‘BBB-registered!’ Of course, the scammer often fails to own up to the F-grade they’ve been assigned…

      1. @208-577-6210, Amazing, anyone would think they really understood the term – never never give up – but then that would be an insult to the intelligent who really do and dont fall for this crap any more.

    3. Perry Belcher is on PROBATION, for pete’s sake. Where is the department of probation? How could they drop the ball so badly? He resumed his fraudulent scamming almost IMMEDIATELY after his conviction! This crook absolutely should be in prison.

      It’s an outrageous miscarriage of justice that his probation overseer has fallen down on the job and is NOT keeping up with his exploits. A simple google search would bring anyone doing their homework RIGHT HERE to this blog. They need only contact the owner of this blog for the full scoop if they aren’t clear on his probation violating activities. Unbelievable!

  9. Dear Santa Claus,

    All I want for Christmas is for Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss and all their evil helpers to go to jail.

    Please Santa Claus, just give them that one present.

    You can let someone else have the toy train set. Perry and Ryan deserve their present even more.


    Little Billy


      LOL bomb shelter… I think inside the top-secret “how to build a bomb shelter” ebook published and sold by these self-proclaimed experts – perry bitch and ryan dick, is a very simple yet highly classified solution for stopping the nuke bomb.

      Step 1: buy my freaking book. or join my list so I can sell you crap.
      Step 2: start with a 30 page long winded filler introduction.
      Step 3: start reading on chapter 1 where he’s bragging about his bed bug product. must have been drunk when he was writing this chapter.
      step 4: get into the meat of the program. show you how to get it made. buy a chair from your supermarket for five bucks, or better, buy a chair made by notamazingplaynet for five thousand bucks. the latter option is better because it comes bundled with all the best internet marketing training.
      step 5: put the chair anywhere you want. crawl under it when the nuke alert gets set off.

      the best most simple and elegant bomb shelter ever sheeples!

      $$$ paid to ryan deiss. sorry no refund possible given the policiez of paypalz. dun blame me, blame my wife, gardener, goldfish, bed bugs and kidz, and of coz paypalz for making me not being able to issue refunds.

      BTW: Nice photoshopped pic there ryan dick. i have a course that teaches the self-proclaimed interwebz millionaires how to photoshop photos with Paint for best results. Seems to me Glenn Beck just lost his neck.

      1. @I was formerly confused too…, Deiss has on many occasions used other peoples’ trademarks, photos, and intellectual property without authorization.

        He puts on the “integrity” show, but just look at his actions, and who he hooks up with.

        He and Belcher both are just fat, bullshit-spewing parasites feeding off the blood of society.

        How they’ve managed to churn through so many wallets and purses for this long is a mystery of science.

  10. P.S. You better be on my Black Friday Bootcamp or your
    gonna hurt my feelings :-)

    Note the appeal to sympathy/pity tucked away right at the end there.

    It’s based on a false premise anyway. (i.e. that he has feelings the same way the rest of us do and that those feelings can be hurt.) If I understand correctly, sociopaths live in a state of near perpetual boredom and discontentedness.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  11. Here, you can see the devil’s lair without having to step over all the bullshit.

    Joe Polish walks you through Ryan Deiss’ bullshit factory. You also get to meet sellout Mary Ellen Tribby, who is now working for Deiss and helping him notch it up at Satan Central(tm) in Austin.

    And…and…there’s a SPECIAL SURPRISE VISITOR waiting to meet you in the conference room. Hint: it’s the “Yoko Ono” of the copywriting world.

    1. @Ryan Deiss’ Devils Lair Video,

      Joe asks everybody, “Why do you love marketing?” Mostly everybody gives typical responses you’d hear from legitimate marketers – stuff about helping consumers find useful products and selling more efficiently.

      Then they corner psychopath Ryan Deiss at 3:30, and ol’ dead-eyes stares into the camera and says:

      Marketing is the only way that, y’know, we, as human beings, can create money out of thin air, so that’s why I love it.

      That attitude of creating/getting/taking what you want sounds a lot like the psychopath who sees “life as a giant supermarket” in the video @Yakaru linked.

      1. @Lanna,

        Is it just me or does the “I like to help people” seem kind of forced? I’ve been skimming through some of the Ilovemarketing podcasts; it’s coming up all the time and always uttered with the implicit honesty of “No honey, I love your mom” or “I just read that magazine for the interviews”.

        At least Deiss answers the question honestly.

    2. @Ryan Deiss’ Devils Lair Video, What I keep having to wonder about is about why Mariel Hemingway’s photo is right up above mr. Deiss’ photo at workingmomsonly-meet-the-experts, but then I found out about a 2006 movie called Between Truth and Lies and saw she played a psychiatrist who tries to protect her daughter from an obsessive psychopath.

      So maybe it’s that she’s just keeping a watchful eye upon mr. Deiss on that page.

    3. @Ryan Deiss’ Devils Lair Video,

      Why is it that these so-called hyper successful “businessmen” call themselves “sharp”, “smart”, or “high” all the time??

  12. Ryan Deiss is the biggest reason that these phony bastards need to be put away. They play on the sentiments of normal hard working people to steal their money. I don’t know what else you can call it. The guy sells “air” he has no product, but he has disclaimers on all his products and is able to protect himself and his crew and keep everybody out of jail that way. This guy is the type of guy that once he gets your credit card number, color your money gone forever. Oh, and one other thing, if you ever see him on the street and need a quarter for a pone call, their is not a chance in hell that he’d give you a fuckin’ quarter!

  13. Wow. I’m glad I came here before I was compelled to do a Google search on this guy Deiss since I had somehow got subscribed to his newsletters. His Black Friday campaign is quite convincing to the average-hardworking Joe in their effort to make extra money. Before discounting his almost $5,000 value program to Subscription Empire to the low price of $997 (or 3 payments of $397)he made it seems your money making goals are believable. But like the old adage goes: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    1. @joe, It looks like he was arrested for being out of state. Wonder if maybe he went to dig up some buried loot or was headed for the border.

    2. @joe ::

      Ha! Thanks for telling us …

      What an idiot {I’d presume}.

      That just happened yesterday so it’s not in the papers yet … do you know what went down?

      Strange too that it happened in St. George where JJ is “hero” … I guess the “hero” is running out of “friends” … sometimes “friends” are expensive.

      1. @Yakaru, I noticed that, too. The other criminals on that page were like “shit…I hate this…I’m in deep crap.” Jeremy looks like “Hey — and you can, too!”

  14. Utah man arrested for writing bad check to casino – Monday, Nov. 28 ……/ut-utah-businessman-arreste...
    1 hour ago – The Deseret News reports ( 35-year-old Jeremy Johnson was … allegations that Johnson’s company iWorks charged consumers for products …

    1. @Utah man arrested for writing bad check to casino – Monday, Nov. 28 .,

      “The Deseret News reports ( 35-year-old Jeremy Johnson was arrested Sunday in Hurricane, Utah, on a warrant issued in October. He has since been released on bail of $112,150.”

      It all is starting too much to remind me of some old law enforcement friends of my youth…

  15. The first person to introduce me to
    the Perry B was some guy named Mike D.
    Is Mike D in the same class as a Perry?

  16. “The growth of understanding follows an ascending spiral,
    rather than a straight line.” –Joanna Field–

  17. Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher are true RABID DOGS. They are mad and bite others (take their money and peace of mind away).

    Both of them are a disease and they have a disease spreading CULT of yes-men. Their yes-men agree with any crap that they say. They always surround themselves with such yes men

    I hope that both of them BURN IN HELL for CHEATING gullible people.

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