Make Money Online Hotdogs


Perry Belcher made millions of dollars online by lying to sick people :: selling them fake medicines … and making criminal coconspirators of his affiliates {before ripping them off}.

It’s called fraud :: it’s super easy … and you don’t even need a high school diploma {just ask Perry}.

Evil Jowls was convicted of felony computer crimes :: lost all his super lame possessions …

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Black Friday

Perry Belcher is not black … or gay {allegedly}.

But he is a felon … and he does do offensive impressions to impress his evil fat friends.

Perry and his partner in slime Ryan Deiss do a Black Friday hard sell every year … because the holidays are a great time to get scammed.

Happy Holidays to you and your family on this day of

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Perry Belcher Reunion Show

Perry Belcher could store three fat ladies :: or one Newt Gingrich :: in his neck sacks. But that was a skill of little virtue in his battle with the fake robot :: which began with this March 2009 post. By September 2009 :: Evil Jowls had begun his capitulation in the comments of a post about this fraudulent Facebook ad …

That $56 million number is totally made up :: and it anyway includes mostly money made from Belcher’s decade long health fraud scam … 

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Millionaire Marketing … The Party

Psychopaths fucking love pity parties :: but they also love real parties … because of the free drinks … and jumbo shrimps … and opportunities to steal jewelry and/or spouses.

Stephen Pierce had a party in 2007 :: it was for millionaires only bitches :: or at least for people comfortable saying the word millionaire … very exclusive stuff. Malaysian Internet Marketing expert Patric Chan was at this exclusivity party :: and he told me all about it on his sales page

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From Utah to Texas With Love

The Red Menace is back out on the mean streets of Salt Lake City :: watch out for him if you happen to be on …

North Temple

or …

South Temple

or …

West Temple

or …

East Temple

… or any of the other streets named for what one guesses is a temple.

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