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Salty Droid

Field Trip to Scam Town

Convicted Felon (And {probable} Rapist of Kittens) Perry Evil Jowls Belcher and his new BFF, Scam-trepreneur © Ryan Deiss, are offering YOU a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a “field trip” to their pathetic strip-mall office building {here}. Sounds pretty good right? Well let me just knock it out of the park for you :: It’ll only cost you a cool $10,000!! :: That’s right, just 10k! :: No big whoop :: Put it on your credit cards.


“But not just any field trip…I’m actually inviting you to MY OFFICE. The inner sanctum…the place where all the magic happens. If you’ve EVER wanted to see a real-live internet marketing business in action, then this will be one of the most enlightening and encouraging 2 days of your entire business life.”

Still not convinced? Maybe you’re saying, “But Droid, 10k is an assload of money! What are you fucking Crazy?? Seriously, are you fucking crazy? Because this is the worst economic moment in ALL of recorded history! I think I’d better just hang on to the money.” Okay, fair points :: BUT :: Did I mention that the entire second day of the field trip will be devoted to personal coaching by Perry Evil Jowls Belcher? That’s right.


:: He’ll be teaching things like ::

  • How to destroy your marriage

  • How to lie about your positioning in life

  • The value of ignoring morality and ethics when pursuing your own selfishness

  • Convincing yourself of the unhumanness of your victims

  • The art of making mistakes so stupid, even the government catches on

  • How to lose everything in an instant

  • Life on Parole {disclosure :: less than a year of experience so far}

  • And many, many, more!

Well, you waited too long!! According to the squeeze page {link} you’ve missed your chance, and Belcher and Deiss have already collected $120,000 in scam money from other {quicker acting} suckers. If this is true, it makes me a very sad Robot. :(

The Salty Droid Satisfaction Guarantee

If anyone is less than 100% Satisfied with the value received during the “field trip” :: The Salty Droid vows to take up your cause. Just ask, and I WILL get you the refund you deserve, AT NO CHARGE. Don’t bother trying to deal with these two psychopaths on your own :: Let The Droid help you out. I’ll eat these two-bit shits for lunch. Guaranteed!!

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