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Mike Dillard is always the shortest “man” in the room :: which is why he’s going miss his hair more than other early aging narcissistic wind bags {quite an accomplishment} … you can’t hide your bald spots when everyone is looking down on you.

My inbox was introduced to Mike Dillard in 2009 :: his being one of the first scammy mailing lists I signed up for after deciding to become a fake robotic vigilante for justice …

My little company will do over $10,000,000 in revenue in 2009. That’s 8-figures and we still don’t have an office.

Now I don’t mention all of this to brag… I know you don’t give a damn.

But, I want you to understand who I am, and why you should give me your attention, because what I’m going to teach you is EXACTLY what I did to achieve these results.

Well maybe not EXACTLY exactly :: but there was this one great tip …

I spend over $30,000/Yr on books and courses like Magnetic Sponsoring because school is never out for a pro. This is the biggest secret to my success.

  1. Spend $30k on e-frauducts.

  2. ??

  3. Profit!

Mike Dillard has always been all about MLM :: other Internet Marketers like to talk shit about MLM … because “those guys are the ones who are the real scammers” … but tiny little Mike Dillard has always embraced it. Yeah :: it’s a pyramid … you got a problem with that?

Mikey D-bag was upline of one of this blogs original dirtbag targets … Jimmy Davis. I tried to pressure Jimmy out of the game by pressuring Dillard about Jimmy’s shenanigans. It worked :: too easily … and Jimmy Davis evaporated from the IM scene. But that trick only works if you’re trying to get rid of a B-team nobody like Jimmy Davis. Trying the same thing with an A-teamer like Perry Belcher didn’t work at all. A-teamers are usually obligated to stick together no matter how much they hate each other.

Here’s Mike defending convicted felon Perry Belcher in 2008 …

I’ve known Perry for 3 years, I know the entire legal story behind that article, and there’s another side to it. (I even toured Selmedica’s factory). Perry is 100% legit, has never scammed anyone, and is one of the most caring and honest people you’ll meet.

Nope :: Perry was 0% legit.

The variation in reactions to my attacks on Davis versus my attacks on Belcher :: helped learnify me about the cartels … and about how the only thing that really matters is one’s position inside of those cartels.

Mike Dillard’s actions :: and bullshits … got him permanently positioned on my shit list during those early days. But there’s lots of peeps on that ever growing list :: and I never really got around to him … maybe because he’s too short to see.

Here’s a way old school pic of Yanik Silver’s “mastermind” :: featuring A-teamers Perry Belcher and Michael N. Dillard … best boyfriends forever.

During 2009 and 2010 Dillard primarily promoted his wicked horrible MLM scam flopportunity … Wealth Masters International. WMI was an opportunity to attend the secret-code-word seminars M1 :: M2 :: and M3 … for five figure sums. At the M1:2:3 you learn about how rich you could be if you devoted more time to selling others on the M1:2:3.

I’ve heard many sad personal stories about Wealth Masters International destroying people’s lives. Five figure losses are hard to swallow … especially if you’re already struggling. In 2011 the SEC opened an investigation into the dubious activities of WMI … founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey … and whose top producer was Mikey D-bag. Here’s a bit from a crazytown exchange between Karl Bessey and a top staffer who was leaving WMI …

Kip is giving it to you UP THE ASS Karl.

He steals from you Karl! But its your fault, because you let him!

Quit being such a damn pansy, you own 40%! Act like it.


Hearing Kip tell the WMI community that “…we are a debt free company..” Holy hell, we haven’t been debt free for almost 2 years now.

Because it’s okay to lie as long as you really need the money for blow … or whatevers. So maybe the Wealth Masters haven’t quite mastered the wealths yet.

In 2011 Mike Dillard switched his focus to a new venture he’d founded :: The Elevation Group … a fear porn investment “diary” promising to reveal the investing tricks of the ultra rich for the regular internet joe.

Lesson 1 :: give it to Karl … UP THE ASS!

Here’s boiler room beefcake Russell Brunson telling me about it …

My friend Mike Dillard (who’s made around $20,000,000 by the age of 33), is holding a webinar just for us that you NEED to attend if you’re into preserving, or growing your wealth. He’s going to teach you how he’s been able to predict the financial future, making a 400% ROI since 2008…

Eben Pagan

As you know, we are in a… well… very WEIRD financial period of history right now.

Most of us (me included) are worried about what is going to happen to the value of literally everything… even the value of our money.

Jonathan Budd …

“When the world seemingly began to “Fall Apart” back in 2008… and our confidence & belief in our financial system was shattered to it’s CORE as millions of people lost 40% of their life savings in a few months…

… Mike Dillard was showing me how to make a TON of money while it was all happening & truly PROTECT myself against the onslaught that pulverized everyone else.”

Everyone promotes this crap :: because that’s what everyone does … and a fake financial expert is born. The world economy is crumbling :: the banks are sticking it to us … only Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group can save us. Mike starts pretending to be an Atlas Shrugged character … ads for The Elevation Group are run during Glenn Beck’s radio show.

When you sign up for The Elevation Group email list :: Mike tells you …

“We’re living through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It will cause unprecedented destruction for most, and unprecedented opportunity for a few.”

The only factor that will determine which group you’re in, is knowledge… Do you know what’s happening, and do you know how to turn it into opportunity?

The Elevation Group was created in order to provide you with the education, contacts, and resources you need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It was the worst of times … it was the best of times.

Mike Dillard isn’t qualified :: in any fucking way :: to give you financial advice … but he’s gonna anyway … and he’s gonna charge you for it … natch. It’s totally okay though because he calls it a “diary” … so how could that be anything other than innocent?

In the beginning :: the main super secret secret of the ultra rich revealed was … wait for it … buying silver. The world is going to collapse :: so buy silver … easy breezy. But then silver started to tank :: some EVG group members started to freak … and after reminding them that they should only blame themselves …

If you join “investment newsletters”, follow their stock picks, and then cross your fingers… You’re ***. Seriously.

And you deserve it because that kind of decision is no different than going to Vegas and throwing your chips down on the roulette table. Without the proper financial education to back up your decision, you’re literally just placing a “bet”.

… Mike went on to drop these financial wizdumb turds …

I’ve studied the currency market, global debt, and precious metals for three years. I know exactly why I have 90% of my assets in silver…

And I know exactly what to look for before I even THINK about selling…

The bottom line is that until the US has two options… They can default and declare bankruptcy, or they can print their way out of debt, which will lead to hyperinflation.

Until one of those two things happen, I’m going to continue to buy more gold and silver.

Here’s a chart comparing the US Dollar to silver since these elevating words were spoken in May 2011 :: the dollar is up 8% … silver is down 41%.

… and you can too!!

90% crack makes more sense to me than 90% silver {people always need crack during a crisis} … but maybe I just don’t know because my financial advisor is a financial advisor instead of an Internet Marketer.

In February 2012 :: Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group began Lesson 19 … giving it to Karl up the ass and 90% silver weren’t good enough anymore. It was time to start placing Vegas style “bets” :: it was time for the expert forex trading of the ultra-rich under the advisement of world class financial expert Senen Pousa.

Financial expert Senen Pousa is exactly as qualified to give financial advice as PF Chang’s waiter Mike Dillard :: which is to say … not. His {since removed} Investment Intelligence Corporation website offered charts and words to “prove” his Madoff beating performance over the past several years :: all totally laughable fucking bullshit …

“Investment Intelligence Corporation holds the world’s highest ranking for investment recommendations performance over the last 5 years. When compared with 15,137 MorningStar Funds and 195 investment newsletter recommendation services monitored by MarketWatch, Investment Intelligence Corporation’s Passive ProphetMax service ranks #1.”

In spite of the obvious ridiculousness :: Mike Dillard promoted Senen Pousa to his credulous customers … and hard. The promotion was open to Elevation Group members and outsiders alike. Here’s an example of how the opportunity was promoted inside the membership area …

2501% :: impressive … I guess that’s why he’s #1 in the fake rankings.

The Verge’s Joe Flatley was at Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 seminar that same February :: where Robert Hirsch gave a keynote pitch for The Elevation Group … cause masterminders gots to stick together. A few stupid bits made it into the Scamworld movie :: including Hirsch reading Dillard’s “greatest wealth transfer” sales copy … and a shot of Lesson 19 on the big screen.

PhaseOne of Lesson 19 was purchasing Senen Pousa’s e-frauduct membership site :: ProphetMax … for $2000. Once you’d paid to play :: PhaseTwo was depositing money with a broker of Senen’s choosing … an incredibly dubious looking broker called IB Capital FX whose recent appearance out of sulfuric thin air seems likely to be tied to Pousa. Victims were compelled to sign non-disclosure agreements :: their access to necessary information was severely limited … and they were told that if they contacted the broker directly they may forfeit their funds.

OMG so dubious!

But when Elevation Group members raised their concerns about the situation :: they were deleted by Mike Dillard … and rebuked in classic cult dissent repression style …

If you do not feel comfortable investing with his team, don’t. Period. We’ve done an incredible amount of research on our end, and I trust the man with my life. That’s all I have to say on the matter, and will not address this thread further.

Someone started a thread about Senen Pousa on the Trade2Win forums :: and within a couple of hours forum member @shewolf had the whole thing called …


He also says in his second video that you MUST sign a confidentiality agreement and agree to NEVER contact the bank where your funds are being sent to. If you do, then you forfeit ALL your funds.


Complete and total B#LLSh1T.

Anyone who send ANY money to these guys DESERVES TO LOSE EVERY CENT.

Yup! … except for that last bit of course. The T2W thread {which mushroomed into hundreds of pages} :: much like our happy home … had just the right combination of snarky skeptics and coagulating victims. The agressive truth seeking and discussion had an obvious impact on events as they unfolded … so a shout out from our regulars to theirs. There was lots of :: “I can’t believe people are this idiotic” type shit … and I’m hoping I can sort that out with one word …


These people aren’t idiots {mostly} … and they don’t deserve to lose any cents. They’ve just been intentionally lied to and manipulated for so long that they are no longer capable of recognizing the truth. It’s fucking sad :: and very disturbing … and it’s not hard to accomplish.

Mike Dillard :: on the other hand … has no such excuses. In a recent conversation Mr. Dillard told me …

In January, I flew out to Brisbane to look him in the eye and feel him out. Everything went fine and he appeared to be someone we could trust, so we decided to do a promo for ProphetMax in February which was approved by our legal team before hand.

Mike Dillard’s “legal team” must consist mostly of root vegetables with fake mustaches :: because only a lawyer on 90% crack would fail to recognize Senen Pousa as completely illegitimate … in spite of his #1 world ranking. But Mike Dillard promoted the shit out him :: says victim @sofree on the T2W thread …

Mike said on the live webinar that he was recieving a small commssion of $20 - $30k from Senen, just enough ot cover the cost of running the show. I have that documented. When I posted it on EVG FB page (as same question arose) it was deleted.

Well that’s strange :: because Mike Dillard told the fake robot this week that he collected $750,000 in commissions … and that his take was 30% per ProphetMax sale. That’s significantly more than he previously reported … but I still don’t believe it. Maybe that’s what Senen ended up actually forking over :: but I see NO REASON for an A-teamer like Dillard to accept the standard affiliate rate offered by a B-teamer like Senen Pousa … in fact I’ve never seen that happen. But assuming that the paper trail shows 70 - 30 … then that means approx. 1250 victims paid for the opportunity to participate in the trading portion of the scam.

Oh and about that trading portion :: on May 16th … everyone Mike Dillard sold to Senen Pousa lost 65% of their funds. Accounts had a five figure minimum :: and all of the victims I’ve talked to lost scary big sums that most could in no way afford. How does Mike Dillard respond to his whole flock being sheared bare on the back of his unicornian advice? Like a total psychopathic asshole :: natch …

And yet here I am sitting at dinner last night talking to Tom, and hear that a few of you have decided to, “go all in, and put it all on black.”

If you’re one of these people, I’ll make these very plain and simple for you to understand… You’re a **ing idiot.

You’ve make me second guess the viability of what we’re trying to do to change the world.

NOW I finally understand why the rich don’t tell the poor or middle class what they’re doing with their money.

Now I understand why most people hand their money over to an advisor, only to get willingly screwed in the ass by most of them… It’s because you’d do even worse if you were left to your own devices.

You’re reckless.

You’re emotional.

You’re desperate.

You don’t take responsibility for your actions.

And you’re jeopardizing an incredible thing for those who ARE ready for this kind of information.

Well that’s touchingly sympathetic :: I guess it’s much easier to blow off a 65% loss when it comes on the back of a $750,000 gain … that’s something the rich never tell the idiots in the middle class. Because if everyone knew about it … everyone would form a cartel of liars and start doing it for themselves.

Here’s what one of those emotional :: reckless … desperate **ing idiots said to me …

“This is the biggest financial mistake of my life. Only people who suffer through an event such as this can understand. A victim of this scam told me his little daughter keeps asking him why “Mommy cries all the time”. The pain is almost more than one can bear.”


Senen Pousa :: totally James Arthur Ray style … actually blamed the victims’ negative attitudes for the losses. When that only fueled the rage :: he had the fucking balls to bring the supposed trader on his weekly webinar to explain that he’d accidentally entered 200 instead of 20 … as if.

As the shit refused to stop hitting the fan {thanks mostly to T2W hosting an actual dialog} :: and while continuing to censor dissent … weasel fuck Mike Dillard was forced to soften his “you dirty poor people are ruining my world changing with your crying” position. He started bad mouthing Pousa … and attempting to frame himself as the victim. He said he was hiring lawyers to get to the bottom of the mess :: and even forced them to write a bizarre “yeah he actually hired lawyers” type letter. Mike Dillard :: he’s your friend … he’ll help you out. Except no :: because it turned out to be Utah lawyer Brent Baker … who is a white collar criminal attorney specializing in people who have problems with federal regulators … which Mike Dillard is most def about to have.

On June 22 :: swift as an elderly turtle … Mike Dillard claimed he’d filed a class action lawsuit. Tooting of own horn commenced immediately …

As previously stated, I am bearing 100% of the legal costs, (which have already exceeded over $100,000 in the first 30 days), and 100% of any money recovered will be distributed to the EVG members who were victimized by Senen Pousa, Investment Intelligence Corporation, IB Capital, Global Forex Management, etc…

Why am I doing this?

Very simple…

It’s the right thing to do. Period.

All similarly situated victims are encouraged to participate :: “similarly situated” meaning you received $750,000 in commissions for promoting the scam … and were privy to all the pertinent details before hand … just like Mike Dillard.

B-teamers are always the fall guys … but the only thing that really matters is stopping the A-teamers. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be sued. Mike Dillard is the one who can pay up if sued. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to take responsibility for his actions. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be stopped. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be arrested.


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