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Mike Dillard's Elevation

Mike Dillard is always the shortest “man” in the room :: which is why he’s going miss his hair more than other early aging narcissistic wind bags {quite an accomplishment}  … you can’t hide your bald spots when everyone is looking down on you.

My inbox was introduced to Mike Dillard in 2009 :: his being one of the first scammy mailing lists I signed up for after deciding to become a fake robotic vigilante for justice …

My little company will do over $10,000,000 in revenue in 2009. That’s 8-figures and we still don’t have an office.

Now I don’t mention all of this to brag… I know you don’t give a damn.

But, I want you to understand who I am, and why you should give me your attention, because what I’m going to teach you is EXACTLY what I did to achieve these results.

Well maybe not EXACTLY exactly :: but there was this one great tip …

I spend over $30,000/Yr on books and courses like Magnetic Sponsoring because school is never out for a pro. This is the biggest secret to my success.

1. Spend $30k on e-frauducts.

2. ??

3. Profit!

Mike Dillard has always been all about MLM :: other Internet Marketers like to talk shit about MLM … because “those guys are the ones who are the real scammers” … but tiny little Mike Dillard has always embraced it. Yeah :: it’s a pyramid … you got a problem with that?

Mikey D-bag was upline of one of this blogs original dirtbag targets … Jimmy Davis. I tried to pressure Jimmy out of the game by pressuring Dillard about Jimmy’s shenanigans. It worked :: too easily … and Jimmy Davis evaporated from the IM scene.  But that trick only works if you’re trying to get rid of a B-team nobody like Jimmy Davis. Trying the same thing with an A-teamer like Perry Belcher didn’t work at all. A-teamers are usually obligated to stick together no matter how much they hate each other.

Here’s Mike defending convicted felon Perry Belcher in 2008 …

I’ve known Perry for 3 years, I know the entire legal story behind that article, and there’s another side to it. (I even toured Selmedica’s factory). Perry is 100% legit, has never scammed anyone, and is one of the most caring and honest people you’ll meet.

Nope :: Perry was 0% legit.

The variation in reactions to my attacks on Davis versus my attacks on Belcher :: helped learnify me about the cartels … and about how the only thing that really matters is one’s position inside of those cartels.

Mike Dillard’s actions :: and bullshits … got him permanently positioned on my shit list during those early days. But there’s lots of peeps on that ever growing list :: and I never really got around to him … maybe because he’s too short to see.

Here’s a way old school pic of Yanik Silver’s “mastermind” :: featuring A-teamers Perry Belcher and Michael N. Dillard … best boyfriends forever.

During 2009 and 2010 Dillard primarily promoted his wicked horrible MLM scam flopportunity … Wealth Masters International. WMI was an opportunity to attend the secret-code-word seminars M1 :: M2 :: and M3 … for five figure sums. At the M1:2:3 you learn about how rich you could be if you devoted more time to selling others on the M1:2:3.

I’ve heard many sad personal stories about Wealth Masters International destroying people’s lives. Five figure losses are hard to swallow … especially if you’re already struggling. In 2011 the SEC opened an investigation into the dubious activities of WMI … founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey … and whose top producer was Mikey D-bag. Here’s a bit from a crazytown exchange between Karl Bessey and a top staffer who was leaving WMI …

Kip is giving it to you UP THE ASS Karl.

He steals from you Karl! But its your fault, because you let him!

Quit being such a damn pansy, you own 40%! Act like it.


Hearing Kip tell the WMI community that “…we are a debt free company..” Holy hell, we haven’t been debt free for almost 2 years now.

Because it’s okay to lie as long as you really need the money for blow … or whatevers. So maybe the Wealth Masters haven’t quite mastered the wealths yet.

In 2011 Mike Dillard switched his focus to a new venture he’d founded :: The Elevation Group … a fear porn investment “diary” promising to reveal the investing tricks of the ultra rich for the regular internet joe.

Lesson 1 :: give it to Karl … UP THE ASS!

Here’s boiler room beefcake Russell Brunson telling me about it …

My friend Mike Dillard (who’s made around $20,000,000 by the age of 33), is holding a webinar just for us that you NEED to attend if you’re into preserving, or growing your wealth. He’s going to teach you how he’s been able to predict the financial future, making a 400% ROI since 2008…

Eben Pagan

As you know, we are in a… well… very WEIRD financial period of history right now.

Most of us (me included) are worried about what is going to happen to the value of literally everything… even the value of our money.

Jonathan Budd …

“When the world seemingly began to “Fall Apart” back in 2008… and our confidence & belief in our financial system was shattered to it’s CORE as millions of people lost 40% of their life savings in a few months…

… Mike Dillard was showing me how to make a TON of money while it was all happening & truly PROTECT myself against the onslaught that pulverized everyone else.”

Everyone promotes this crap :: because that’s what everyone does … and a fake financial expert is born. The world economy is crumbling :: the banks are sticking it to us … only Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group can save us. Mike starts pretending to be an Atlas Shrugged character … ads for The Elevation Group are run during Glenn Beck’s radio show.

When you sign up for The Elevation Group email list :: Mike tells you …

“We’re living through the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind. It will cause unprecedented destruction for most, and unprecedented opportunity for a few.”

The only factor that will determine which group you’re in, is knowledge… Do you know what’s happening, and do you know how to turn it into opportunity?

The Elevation Group was created in order to provide you with the education, contacts, and resources you need to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It was the worst of times … it was the best of times.

Mike Dillard isn’t qualified :: in any fucking way :: to give you financial advice … but he’s gonna anyway … and he’s gonna charge you for it … natch. It’s totally okay though because he calls it a “diary” … so how could that be anything other than innocent?

In the beginning :: the main super secret secret of the ultra rich revealed was … wait for it … buying silver. The world is going to collapse :: so buy silver … easy breezy. But then silver started to tank :: some EVG group members started to freak … and after reminding them that they should only blame themselves …

If you join “investment newsletters”, follow their stock picks, and then cross your fingers… You’re ***. Seriously.

And you deserve it because that kind of decision is no different than going to Vegas and throwing your chips down on the roulette table. Without the proper financial education to back up your decision, you’re literally just placing a “bet”.

… Mike went on to drop these financial wizdumb turds …

I’ve studied the currency market, global debt, and precious metals for three years. I know exactly why I have 90% of my assets in silver…

And I know exactly what to look for before I even THINK about selling…

The bottom line is that until the US has two options… They can default and declare bankruptcy, or they can print their way out of debt, which will lead to hyperinflation.

Until one of those two things happen, I’m going to continue to buy more gold and silver.

Here’s a chart comparing the US Dollar to silver since these elevating words were spoken in May 2011 :: the dollar is up 8% … silver is down 41%.

… and you can too!!

90% crack makes more sense to me than 90% silver {people always need crack during a crisis} … but maybe I just don’t know because my financial advisor is a financial advisor instead of an Internet Marketer.

In February 2012 :: Mike Dillard and The Elevation Group began Lesson 19 … giving it to Karl up the ass and 90% silver weren’t good enough anymore. It was time to start placing Vegas style “bets” :: it was time for the expert forex trading of the ultra-rich under the advisement of world class financial expert Senen Pousa.

Financial expert Senen Pousa is exactly as qualified to give financial advice as PF Chang’s waiter Mike Dillard :: which is to say … not. His {since removed} Investment Intelligence Corporation website offered charts and words to “prove” his Madoff beating performance over the past several years :: all totally laughable fucking bullshit …

“Investment Intelligence Corporation holds the world’s highest ranking for investment recommendations performance over the last 5 years. When compared with 15,137 MorningStar Funds and 195 investment newsletter recommendation services monitored by MarketWatch, Investment Intelligence Corporation’s Passive ProphetMax service ranks #1.”

In spite of the obvious ridiculousness :: Mike Dillard promoted Senen Pousa to his credulous customers … and hard. The promotion was open to Elevation Group members and outsiders alike. Here’s an example of how the opportunity was promoted inside the membership area …

2501% :: impressive … I guess that’s why he’s #1 in the fake rankings.

The Verge’s Joe Flatley was at Yanik Silver’s Underground 8 seminar that same February :: where Robert Hirsch gave a keynote pitch for The Elevation Group … cause masterminders gots to stick together. A few stupid bits made it into the Scamworld movie :: including Hirsch reading Dillard’s “greatest wealth transfer” sales copy … and a shot of Lesson 19 on the big screen.


PhaseOne of Lesson 19 was purchasing Senen Pousa’s e-frauduct membership site :: ProphetMax … for $2000. Once you’d paid to play :: PhaseTwo was depositing money with a broker of Senen’s choosing … an incredibly dubious looking broker called IB Capital FX whose recent appearance out of sulfuric thin air seems likely to be tied to Pousa. Victims were compelled to sign non-disclosure agreements :: their access to necessary information was severely limited … and they were told that if they contacted the broker directly they may forfeit their funds.

OMG so dubious!

But when Elevation Group members raised their concerns about the situation :: they were deleted by Mike Dillard … and rebuked in classic cult dissent repression style …

If you do not feel comfortable investing with his team, don’t. Period. We’ve done an incredible amount of research on our end, and I trust the man with my life. That’s all I have to say on the matter, and will not address this thread further.

Someone started a thread about Senen Pousa on the Trade2Win forums :: and within a couple of hours forum member @shewolf had the whole thing called …


He also says in his second video that you MUST sign a confidentiality agreement and agree to NEVER contact the bank where your funds are being sent to. If you do, then you forfeit ALL your funds.


Complete and total B#LLSh1T.

Anyone who send ANY money to these guys DESERVES TO LOSE EVERY CENT.

Yup! … except for that last bit of course. The T2W thread {which mushroomed into hundreds of pages} :: much like our happy home … had just the right combination of snarky skeptics and coagulating victims. The agressive truth seeking and discussion had an obvious impact on events as they unfolded … so a shout out from our regulars to theirs. There was lots of :: “I can’t believe people are this idiotic” type shit … and I’m hoping I can sort that out with one word …


These people aren’t idiots {mostly} … and they don’t deserve to lose any cents. They’ve just been intentionally lied to and manipulated for so long that they are no longer capable of recognizing the truth. It’s fucking sad :: and very disturbing … and it’s not hard to accomplish.

Mike Dillard :: on the other hand … has no such excuses. In a recent conversation Mr. Dillard told me …

In January, I flew out to Brisbane to look him in the eye and feel him out. Everything went fine and he appeared to be someone we could trust, so we decided to do a promo for ProphetMax in February which was approved by our legal team before hand.

Mike Dillard’s “legal team” must consist mostly of root vegetables with fake mustaches :: because only a lawyer on 90% crack would fail to recognize Senen Pousa as completely illegitimate … in spite of his #1 world ranking. But Mike Dillard promoted the shit out him :: says victim @sofree on the T2W thread …

Mike said on the live webinar that he was recieving a small commssion of $20 – $30k from Senen, just enough ot cover the cost of running the show. I have that documented. When I posted it on EVG FB page (as same question arose) it was deleted.

Well that’s strange :: because Mike Dillard told the fake robot this week that he collected $750,000 in commissions … and that his take was 30% per ProphetMax sale. That’s significantly more than he previously reported … but I still don’t believe it. Maybe that’s what Senen ended up actually forking over :: but I see NO REASON for an A-teamer like Dillard to accept the standard affiliate rate offered by a B-teamer like Senen Pousa … in fact I’ve never seen that happen. But assuming that the paper trail shows 70 – 30 … then that means approx. 1250 victims paid for the opportunity to participate in the trading portion of the scam.

Oh and about that trading portion :: on May 16th … everyone Mike Dillard sold to Senen Pousa lost 65% of their funds. Accounts had a five figure minimum :: and all of the victims I’ve talked to lost scary big sums that most could in no way afford. How does Mike Dillard respond to his whole flock being sheared bare on the back of his unicornian advice? Like a total psychopathic asshole :: natch …

And yet here I am sitting at dinner last night talking to Tom, and hear that a few of you have decided to, “go all in, and put it all on black.”

If you’re one of these people, I’ll make these very plain and simple for you to understand… You’re a ****ing idiot.

You’ve make me second guess the viability of what we’re trying to do to change the world.

NOW I finally understand why the rich don’t tell the poor or middle class what they’re doing with their money.

Now I understand why most people hand their money over to an advisor, only to get willingly screwed in the ass by most of them… It’s because you’d do even worse if you were left to your own devices.

You’re reckless.

You’re emotional.

You’re desperate.

You don’t take responsibility for your actions.

And you’re jeopardizing an incredible thing for those who ARE ready for this kind of information.

Well that’s touchingly sympathetic :: I guess it’s much easier to blow off a 65% loss when it comes on the back of a $750,000 gain … that’s something the rich never tell the idiots in the middle class. Because if everyone knew about it … everyone would form a cartel of liars and start doing it for themselves.

Here’s what one of those emotional :: reckless … desperate ****ing idiots said to me …

“This is the biggest financial mistake of my life.  Only people who suffer through an event such as this can understand.  A victim of this scam told me his little daughter keeps asking him why “Mommy cries all the time”.  The pain is almost more than one can bear.”


Senen Pousa :: totally James Arthur Ray style … actually blamed the victims’ negative attitudes for the losses. When that only fueled the rage :: he had the fucking balls to bring the supposed trader on his weekly webinar to explain that he’d accidentally entered 200 instead of 20 … as if.

As the shit refused to stop hitting the fan {thanks mostly to T2W hosting an actual dialog} :: and while continuing to censor dissent … weasel fuck Mike Dillard was forced to soften his “you dirty poor people are ruining my world changing with your crying” position. He started bad mouthing Pousa … and attempting to frame himself as the victim. He said he was hiring lawyers to get to the bottom of the mess :: and even forced them to write a bizarre “yeah he actually hired lawyers” type letter. Mike Dillard :: he’s your friend … he’ll help you out. Except no :: because it turned out to be Utah lawyer Brent Baker … who is a white collar criminal attorney specializing in people who have problems with federal regulators … which Mike Dillard is most def about to have.

On June 22 :: swift as an elderly turtle … Mike Dillard claimed he’d filed a class action lawsuit. Tooting of own horn commenced immediately …

As previously stated, I am bearing 100% of the legal costs, (which have already exceeded over $100,000 in the first 30 days), and 100% of any money recovered will be distributed to the EVG members who were victimized by Senen Pousa, Investment Intelligence Corporation, IB Capital, Global Forex Management, etc…

Why am I doing this?

Very simple…

It’s the right thing to do. Period.

All similarly situated victims are encouraged to participate :: “similarly situated” meaning you received $750,000 in commissions for promoting the scam … and were privy to all the pertinent details before hand … just like Mike Dillard.

B-teamers are always the fall guys … but the only thing that really matters is stopping the A-teamers. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be sued. Mike Dillard is the one who can pay up if sued. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to take responsibility for his actions. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be stopped. Mike Dillard is the one who needs to be arrested.


>> bleep bloop

157 thoughts on “Elevation Prophets”

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by what allows pieces of shit like him to rest peacefully at night knowing the damage they’ve caused to peoples’ lives.

    A noble thumbs for you, salty, as always.

    May they pay for their sins, the heartless, inhumane, evil little fucks.

    1. @Andrew M, the only way to make them stay up at night is to hit where it counts.

      Here is how to do it. Everyone in Elevation Group needs to ask for a FULL REFUND for the whole time of their membership. Yes from the beginning.

      At this moment, with the heat on, they can not afford NOT to give you a full refund. It does not matter what their policy says, based on all the evidence that has come out about Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch not doing any real due diligence on Senen Pousa is evidence enough that they have not done any real diligence on ANY advice they have give you through Elevation Group.

      There is a lot more to this, look at Mike’s relationship to Kip and the whole silver B.S.

      Therefore, you signed up under false pretenses. And you would win on this argument, especially now. So if enough members DEMAND a full refund, this will keep them up at night.

      As far as the people who lost money with Senen, the only way to get any of your money back is going to be through the Elevation Group. The class action is just a defensive measure, they probably know that Senen has no way of coming up with the money even if he loses. So the best idea is to not go down that moneyless hole. Go to where the money actually is.

      Besides this site, you can get all the evidence you need in order to prove they did NOT do any diligence on the Trade2Win forum that SD mentions above.

      Start Here:


      There are only over 100 more pages to read.

      1. @Elevation Group Refund,

        Did any one read the terms of agreement? I.e. The small print? Interesting to note the say to consult a professional if you have any concerns…. Only when you read saltys article they were coerced into not conacting the broker or they would forfiet their money? Sounds like a whole lot of contract law issues here boys and girls… Erin brokavich. Where are you!,,,oh thats right the australian govt and the US government are on it… I have to say mr. Rodgers would not want mike dillard or his lot for neighbors… I hope they (the EVG) all end up being neighborgly behind bars.

  2. What about Mike Maloney?

    “The greatest wealth transfer in history” and various other bullshit.

    He sells the stuff on his website http://www.goldsilver.com – Funny that, isn’t it?

    Published by Robert Kiyosaki, the Epitome of Frauducts and Scaminars

    Pump and Dump


      1. @SD, You’ve got to go after Kiyosaki and his merry band of unicorn-creating story tellers.

        He sells on leads from his book sales to a company that scams the living daylights out of the people who go to these scaminars, high-pressure upsells included sadly.

        I also think his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is misleading and is bad advice, leading many people to loose money.

        He talks all about how you should be on the business side or the investor side but fails to mention how the economy has changed and these kinds of risks are no longer viable.

        Its best to keep your job or stay self-employed instead of trying to expand your business in these times when less money is being spent.

        The whole Gold and Silver thing is debatable but its a risk just like anything. To say its a sure mathematical thing that everything will collapse is just plain wrong, and it can’t be predicted what will happen as there has been so many great new things came around – maybe there isn’t enough money going around for all the expansion in the economy; thats my theory anyway.

        The way I see it, Gold is going up when stocks etc. is going up and vice versa. Money only moves into Gold when it exists and investors are willing to put their money there.

        1. @Dave, I think some/several people already put mr. Kiyosaki on their list of demands that Salty Droid has to write about.

        2. @Dave,

          I would love it if @SD did an article on Kiyosaki. I listened to that whole book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Damn, that thing is sleazy and poorly written. But Kiyosaki’s already had one or more negative TV aired investigations on him, so I’m not sure SD would be telling us something new, per se.

          Maybe if there’s a slow scam news day… or if Kiyosaki starts getting traction with a new scam…

          Regarding gold and silver: no one should listen to my opinion because, apart from contributions that automatically go into my way-underfunded retirement account, I’ve never actually done anything with the stock market.

          But in my totally unqualified opinion, I’d say go with the advice of yet another huckster Dave Ramsey: go all mutual funds. He gets more specific, but I forget the details. With the stock market, you have to take risk to have a chance at profit. The sane way to do it is to go all diversified. In that way, you’re not even trying to outperform the market, you’re just trying to not accidentally lose everything when a single supposedly sure thing company suddenly crashes and burns.

          Mutual funds are the way to go. Except of course, I seem to recall somewhere in the last five years where rampant corruption was revealed within the ranks of mutual fund managers.

          I try not to believe in conspiracy theories, but the notion that the banking system is a rigged game where the super rich (almost) always win seems more plausible than most.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd,

            P.S. Re banking system, stock market: It’s the A-team, B-team again. Or at least it sure looks like it over here where I’m sitting in Z-Z-Z not-even-in-the-game team.

            When the Great Depression happened, limits and brakes and safe-guards were put in place. But then over time, either those safe guards get relaxed or else the very upper echelon find new ways around them (like that recently new idea Credit Default Swaps).

            Yet regulating the f*** out of everything isn’t always a win either. I’m given to understand the Sarbanes–Oxley law has caused those businesses effected by it to hire a new person just for ensuring compliance with that law. And I know HIPAA required much the same sort of thing from health care orgs.

            I guess that’s one way government can cause job creation. *hollow half-chuckle*

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

  3. Good article but hardly anyone will read it. This needs to get the mainstream media attention. Only then we can hope for a proper crackdown on these scamming fucks by the law enforcement agencies.

    1. @Lost my shirt ::

      What the hell is “mainstream media attention” in this fragmented era? I’ll bet you a $50 IB Capital FX account that you can’t quantify that phrase in any meaningful way.

      If this went full media hype fest :: like every lame TV channel for a couple days … then yeah government action would surely follow. But that ain’t gonna happen :: because $10 million {guessing} is not much in the grand scheme of things … and this shit is complicated.

      I’m not sure “hardly anyone” will read this … but that really doesn’t matter. Cause you know who will for sure read this? Lawyers :: government peeps :: cops :: victims :: journalists :: wannabe conmen :: and total fucking conmen.

      This is the official newspaper of Scamworld :: where unfortunately … you currently find yourself. So relax :: I’m on this thing like gravy on potatoes with fake mustaches … and we’re at the beginning of this story … not the end.

        1. @Lost my shirt,

          It’s good to see this news is being picked up.

          Btw–this particular piece of news about the ASIC’s recent actions I learned of here first on saltydroid via comments form @Conned Gulible

          Like I said it’s good the news is being picked up. But at a cursory glance it looks like all those sites are Australian and all they’re doing is commenting on the ASIC’s recent action. (Go ASIC!)

          @SD had more specifically said that he would consider mainstream media coverage to be “like every lame TV channel for a couple days”. (Imagine if CNN and/or BBC or Fox News did 24/7 coverage of Sena Pousa and Mike Dillard for two straight days.)

          What you’ve posted links to is more the reverse–it appears (at a cursory glance, so I could be wrong) to be smallish articles following on the heals of just that portion of government action that’s been taken so far.

          Also two of those articles are actually the same article on two different sites, and two (but not the same two) sites share a logo even though they have different URLs.

          I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but I think you’re making @SD’s point for him, at least in regards to it being hard to define what mainstream coverage is in a fragmented internet age where even the legit(-ish) news sites “borrow”/”share” authors and content from each other.

          OTOH, I notice some of them have > 0 Tweets, so maybe that’s something.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @SD, Thanks for the head’s up. I had a hard time finding a real ‘EVG is a scam” site because the MLMers are smart enough to target those keywords. You know I would be willing to pay for some good information on financial data, but to have it connected to an MLM tells me all I need to know; after I saw that I really didn’t need to find your site, but I was determined to find a naysayer. As to mainstream media, though, since most media outlets are owned by 1 of about 5 media conglomerates, I would say most media is mainstream … but in any case, thanks for your efforts. *Someone* is reading this.

        1. “Someone is reading this” – me too

          I also experienced difficulty in finding real/truthful information & customer feedback on Mike Dillard & his EVG site. He’s currently running a campaign for new customers. Out of interest I watched 2 of his presentations (1st = historic recap of the 7 stages of wealth distribution; a theme copied from a book he’d read. 2nd = Q&A session) As a result, I was allowed limited access to the EVG website where I read 2 ‘investment strategies’ on gold/silver & oil (not very informative & very simplistic) The Q&A session revealed to me (& hopefully many others), that there was no real substance to Mike’s claims or to the sites content. I googled the name ‘Mike Dillard’, expecting to find a lot of negative feedback. However, the 1st few searches revealed very little negative info. Now knowing anyhing (initially) about MLMing, it took me a bit of time to track down the real story about his activities.

          Well done for all the good work you are doing to document & expose all these appalling activities. I agree with much of your thinking re: A/B players.

          MJ Taylor
          I’m a very ordinary person who started investing in 1997 when I had to retire from work owing to a serious renal condition. It’s taken me a while to grow my investment pot but I now make a good living from investing. I attribute most of my success to a tiny bit of knowledge, a little bit of experience & a big dollop of LUCK. If you email me off board, I’d be happy to give you a few pointers – for free!


    1. I filed with everybody and sent my story to the press two days ago. Enough with the complaining already: SUE MIKE DILLARD now. IIC, IBCap and GFM will dissolve and our money disappear. Now I’m stuck on motivating all the “lost my shirt” folks to get going on this. Any advice on how to find a lawyer willing to go the extra mile with us?

      1. @HRH, Where are all the “lost my shirt” people. You would think they would be coming out of the woodwork to recover there money. I think most of these people just want to make light of us and play detective. Any positive
        help for the losers would be appreciated.

        1. Check out ProphetMax Review on Facebook. You’ll find a few hundred people who would probably be happy to sue Mike Dillard, plus a whole lot more info.

    2. @ontro ::

      Of course!

      This is a great case … and there’s lots of culpable parties to try and collect from.

      @HRH ::

      Lawyers :: from my experience … don’t go extra miles. But there’s money in this case … and it’s something much easier for a judge and jury to understand than is the usual Internet Marketing shenanigans.

      And we don’t know where the lost money is yet right? Maybe it’s still in the hands of the dirty badguys and a government asset freeze will save the day. It’s a bad situation for sure … but it’s too early to give up hope.

      1. @SD,

        The problem is that lawyers want money up front. They will only do a contingency deal if: 1. The case is 100% slam dunk (ie. Personal injury from a car accident, other driver at fault) AND 2. Their are deep pockets (Big Insurance company) that they can collect from. Deep pockets are a lot deeper than this Mike Dillard.

        I would guess it’s kinda hard hard for you to ask your wife, who is crying because you blew your life savings to be ok with sending more money to attorneys.

        The real solution would be for the FTC and other law enforcement to do their job. I have submitted slam dunk violations by a snake oil salesman secret teacher with solid evidence to the FTC and guess what they did? Yup. Nothing.

        Hey! But if you need help with Pet Meds, the FTC is there for you! http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2012/06/petmedswksp.shtm

        If they threw one or two of these assholes in jail, it would change things, because they all know each other and I doubt many of them could handle the thought of soap on a rope.

        Great article SD

        1. @realestateguru,

          The problem is that lawyers want money up front. They will only do a contingency deal if: 1. The case is 100% slam dunk (ie. Personal injury from a car accident, other driver at fault) AND 2. Their are deep pockets (Big Insurance company) that they can collect from. Deep pockets are a lot deeper than this Mike Dillard.

          That’s a problem with the legal system as a whole. It always reminds of a line I heard on Babylon 5: “How much justice can you afford?”

          I (vaguely) know someone that works for (I think) the Legal Aid Society: http://www.legal-aid.org. It’s a good organization, but a band-aid can’t fix a broken system.

          OTOH, as I have no decent alternative to propose , perhaps I shouldn’t call the lawyer-ing profession “broken”. *shrug*

          The real solution would be for the FTC and other law enforcement to do their job.

          I’m pragmatic. For me the solution is whatever works. So what does work here? FTC? That’d be neat, but it doesn’t seem to actually work, and @SD’s not highly hopeful, and investigating scamtown/scamworld has, AFAIK, been his primary project for three years now.

          Public ridicule of scammers? Perhaps. But that still won’t get peoples’ money back.

          It could be that this case is close enough to 100% and that Mike’s pockets are deep enough to get some lawyer action. I dunno.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

          1. @Wyrd,

            “It could be that this case is close enough to 100% and that Mike’s pockets are deep enough to get some lawyer action. I dunno.”

            I would be shocked if they were deep enough.. Although, it would be very cool to see it happen..

            Maybe SD can comment here on what is “Deep enough” from his attorney experience..

  4. Dern. I saw “Elevation” and I was hoping this was roping in a personality-driven church in North Carolina that goes by the name of “Elevation.” (Whatever happened to names like St. Anne’s Catholic Church or Blessed Hope Baptist Church?) However, this story is great. Thank you so much, fake robot.

  5. This is great! SD lands squarely on the IM/trading education scam nexus.

    Wretched hive of scum and villainy would be grossly undereporting this niche.

    The garden variety educator charges $2-$5k for weekend events (e.g. Van Tharp – once pushed by R. Kiyosaki) or woefully inadequate courses (e.g. John Carter and Jason Fielder, friends of Ryan Deiss) taught by people with few or useless but relevant sounding credentials and dubious (blown out accounts of their own and others) trading experience.

    My experience is that anyone that can truly help a person become successful in this niche or any other charges reasonable fees or none at all.

  6. The article is somewhat off-focus, it has no specific call for action. All victims who can’t afford their own attorney (regardless of their country/place of residence) should file free online complaints with the State of Texas Attorney General at https://www.oag.state.tx.us/forms/cpd/form.php to have Dillard prosecuted at the state expense.

    1. @Conned gullible ::

      So what should the focus be then? I thought it should be about how this wasn’t a one off event … and how it’s just another example of the way that cartel tactics are doing horrible things to our society.

      But I guess you’re the expert … so you tell me what the focus should be. Try to do it without using brainwash double speak like “call for action.”

      I commend all the repeated calls to filling out forms :: some readers here certainly agree with that approach … I’ve never seen it work though so I’m less convinced.

        1. @Conned gullible ::

          Everyone should report everything to the authorities always …


          … it’s my official position.

          It just doesn’t matter very much. It takes a certain kind of thing … something super easy and obvious and over the fucking top … to get the world’s governments to do anything. This Pousa/Dillard shit is that sort of thing. I’ll be shocked if there’s not big trouble on both our continents.

          Your link is broke … I wanna see it though.

          1. @SD,

            The link straight to FileDetails doesn’t work for whatever reason.

            But this link to the search result should:

            And then you can click on “ViewFileDetails” and it runs some javascript and then you’re there.

            There doesn’t seem to be a lot there though.

            Their website is temperamental (like most governmental websites are)

            You can run your own searches with this link:

            When I tried searching for “Last/Company name” = “POUSA” I only got that one result the original poster linked to though.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd ::

              Yeah I figured it. They won’t let us see the documents of course … because why would anyone ever what to read anything?

            1. @Conned gullible ::

              Excellent news!

              Hopefully there weren’t really 3000 victims though … that sounds a little high. If there were that means approximately $20 million has gone missing … and Pousa only has $3.3 million in the accounts that were just frozen.

            2. @SD,

              (mostly kidding but)
              The Australian Securities and Exchange Commission should put a `Like’ button on their page for stuff like this.

              Furry cows moo and decompress.

            3. @Wyrd,

              My bad–I tried to expand ASIC and brain farted it to the U.S. SEC. I should’ve wrote Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

    2. @Conned gullible, Good Fucking luck with filling out that form… I’ve tried it at federal and state level and never got a response.

      Why don’t you try it and see how it works, in the mean time, STFU

  7. Also, the State of Texas Attorney General can issue a cease and desist order against Dillard and his company thus putting a permanent end to this con. Just make sure you ask for it in your complaints.

    1. @Conned gullible ::

      Cease and desist what?

      The Tennessee government arrested Perry Blecher :: convicted him of computer crimes … and specifically barred him from having anything to do with Internet Marketing for 10 years under threat of imprisonment.

      Before the ink was dry on the probation paperwork … he was back in Internet Marketing.

      The government doesn’t ride around on a unicorn solving problems … it’s more like a Donkey with lupus.

      1. @SD, I guess thats why the schirmers from oostralia dont give up on Belcher because he doesnt give a shit either. I see Mrs S has suddenly become very big friends with Perry Belcher on the facebible. Gotta love these guys they just never give up and basically dont give a shit about the law or anyone. But apparently god forgives all manner of sins.

  8. Well… I was hoping more from this article, but I guess it will help create awareness about the Elevation Group and Senen Pousa / Investment Intelligence Corporation. For anybody who is reading this, who is thinking of signing up for a managed forex service – DO NOT DO SO!

    Whenever somebody makes a trade with a broker, somebody else needs to be on the other side of the trade. You, the naive / novice “investor”, are going to be on the other side of that trade.

    I have been in touch with over a hundred victims of the ProphetMax scam run by Senen Pousa and have heard stories that will make you shed a tear. I only list a 4-figure sum, but regularly speak to people who lost 6-digit figures. Sadly, many of them are so taken by a certain charismatic person involved in the scam that they can’t admit the reason why they were so complacent was because of the very same charismatic person claiming he had done due dilligence and trusted Senen POusa with his life.

    People lost their reiterement. People lost college tuition for their children. People lost 63% of their live savings. One guy took even took our a second mortgage so he could go in big. heart-breaking stuff.

    These might have been foolish mistakes, but the victims are mostly good people. Middle class people who have been shafted by the elite and just wanted a better future for their families.

    If anybody wants to read a timeline of events it can be found here http://senenpousascam.com/Blog/Entries/2012/7/1_prophetmax_timeline.html

    Just for correctness – On May 16th, the trader Kevin Glarke of Global Forex management placed 200 trades which resulted in a 0.01% loss. However, this erratic trading sent the alarm bells ringing and many investors emailed ProphetMax Managed FX (Joel Frian in particular) to stop trading or put their accounts on hold and received no replies. The next day on May 17th, Kevin Clark placed 17 consecutive losing trades which resulted in a 63% loss.

    The trader’s excuse was that he usually trades from a master account and that he noticed the master account was not distributing trades correctly to the sub accounts, so he went in to the sub accounts and traded directly form there, but forgot to adjust the lot sizes.

    This is complete BS, because the lo sizes are the same as previous days of trading. Immediately after the losses, we logged in to the ProphetMAx site and were presented with yet another legal non-liability document to sign
    absolving his enlightened master, Senen Pousa. I new we’d been royally shafted.

      1. @SD,

        I hope ProphetMax Review is not the T2W ProphetMax member.

        It was painful reading the inane responses page after page of the that irrepressible, deflective-of-all-counter-examples advocate for the Pousa-Dillard scam.

        I’m not convinced he was really hurt by the “goings on”…. and I noticed some of the late coming avatars/aliases had the same frenetic disavowal and bombast as PM member, especially the “lawyer” who threatened posters later in the thread.

        The ornateness of his(?) language made me think perhaps Pousa and Dillard outsourced their forum reputation management?

      2. @SD,

        Hi. No, i go by a different nick on the t2w forum. I do run the ProphetMax Review page on Facebook though.

  9. Ugh.

    It’s horrible how people talk nervous investors into risky decisions. It especially irks me when they do it with gold and silver. Precious metals are an asset class that SHOULD be in your portfolio as an inflation hedge, but they shouldn’t make up the bulk of your investments.

    1. @Mad Max ::

      Unless you’re planning to bury most of your money in the desert like Jeremy Johnson … then silver is prolly a pretty good choice.

  10. Two comments above COMPLAINING that the article is either “off-topic” or “they expected more” … you have a thankless job salty.

    I am glad you do what you do, not that you are in this for a pat on the back, but even robots need a vote of gratitude every now and again.

  11. I’ve been thinking about scams, one that comes to mind is from pre-internet times.

    The con is, you mail predictions about a stock or commodity (like silver) to random addresses, po boxes, etc. around the country. You tell 1/2 of them the stock or commodity will soon rise in price. The other 1/2 you say it will soon fall. Keeping records of which addresses got the ‘up’ or ‘down’ predictions, you then send to those who got the “correct” prediction either a request for money and/or another prediction. You keep whittling down your list, but eventually enough folks will be hooked enough to believe you have inside info and send you $$$. I heard there was an old Alfred Hitchcock TV episode with a storyline like this. Wonder how the con-artists would play this these days…

      1. @MKR,
        Oh, I see, lol! I ignore spam mostly….not surprising though.

        I heard people do try to pump up penny stocks they own by spreading rumors in chat/message boards. Don’t know how effective the FTC has been in finding the perps though, other than stock ownership records.

        1. @,

          That’s a classic. Even the well respected experts on television play a similar game. They’ll make a ton of predictions, only a few of which will ever materialize, then tout only the calls they made correctly in their newsletters/sales materials.

          A few years ago someone created a website called Cramer vs Monkey where they had a monkey make random stock market picks and they tracked the returns vs the ones Cramer made on Mad Money. Last time I checked the monkey was winning.

  12. I was expecting more from this article too, Salty.
    I was hoping for more clarification on the Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes divorce….

    Droid puts his nuts on the line (does a fake robot have nuts?)….and brings it each and every post.
    Be thankful SD has written the above article and it is now indexed in the SERP’s. It’s a good starting point.

    Damn Droid, you need a good PR person.
    I’m available for $97…$297 upsell if you want my ‘inner circle’ package ;)

    1. @Mr. Ed, Hellyeah droids have nuts…AND bolts! Salty’s are still oversized by any measure.

    2. @Mr. Ed ::

      Okay :: well … Tom’s a Scientologist who lives in a closet with a masseuse and Michael Jackson’s skeleton. Katie was on Dawson’s Creek but now she wants to live next to a river instead. They argued a lot about who was or wasn’t KSW … it was ugly.

      Now :: sadly … their hundreds of millions of dollars are stuck in a broken home.

      Why God?



    3. @Mr. Ed,

      Fake Robots DO have nuts.

      They’re what holds their fake bolts.

      (I thank you)

      1. @Head Honcho

        (dammmit!) should’ve scrolled down to read your comment first.


  13. Hey Salty – one of the dipsh*ts you quoted above is halfwit by the name of “Jonathan Budd”. If he hasn’t been on your radar and in your sights by now – he should be. Can’t quite tell if he’s a B-teamer or an A-teamer in this hierarchy. But either way, he’s definitely an A-holer. Please, please, please, add him to your hit-list.

    1. @PerryOVeritas ::

      He’s and A-holer for sure :: and he’s Mikey D-bags #1 bitch … you’ll notice he’s in the Underground 8 prom picture at the top.

  14. SD,

    Dilliard must be taken down.

    As usual, your research enlightens me. My view of him before this article was that he fell in with the syndicate, learned to drive traffic (Adwords), learned to convert that traffic with copywriting (lies), and found a large ticket item (large commissions) to sell (MLM fraudulent financial advice), and made his bank… then started Evolution Group as a way to educate himself on what to do with his money, and to go legit (Godfather III) with his money. Unsavory enough.

    However, you’ve schooled me again. Yes, he’s trying to educate himself on what to do with his money, and he’s trying to go legit (I’ve seen him at Whole Foods with his wife and kids). But, now he’s selling the services of all his “experts”, no doubt for a commission. And these guys are large ticket items. Internal Monologue: “I can drive traffic and convert… and these fuckers are big ticket… may as well sell these fuckers, whether or not my B-team suckers that migrated from my previous scam will actually benefit or not.”

    God damn, I hate these fuckers.

    He’s gotten in bed with Agora Publishing… so you’ll probably need to look into that outfit at some point. Michael Masterson (pen name) is the guy that all these internet marketing fucks (Silver, et al) look to when it comes to copywriting (lying). In my opinion, “internet marketing” is not the issue, as was amply argued by all the legitimate IM folks upon publication of the Verge article. They were right. The true issues are: syndicate tactics (illegal) and over aggressive copywriting (lying, illegal). “Internet” is just the technology of the day. They were pulling this shit with printed newsletters before the internet came along.

    Fuck Dilliard. I want SD’s expose of his shitty ass to be raised prominently within his local Entrepreneurs Organization. Let him answer to legitimate business people for his illegitimate financial gains. Social proofing little weasel fuck.


    1. @, I was wondering if and when Agora was going to come up. I got interested and concerned after reading an article that said they were hand-in-glove with some big political scam artists. I already knew they were pushing penny stocks, overseas real estate (at least during the bubble) and gold. I believe they’re also behind the International Living people, who hold expensive seminars in exotic locations giving ‘insider information’ on how just about anyone can make a great living as a photographer, or a copywriter, or a travel writer, or in import-export, or in real estate investment, or…. you get the picture. I was on their list for a long time -and quite a few people I know and like have been involved with them in some way- either going to a seminar or giving a presentation. I’ve tried to do a little investigating, but my research chops are, unfortunately, mostly limited to Google. I did find this: http://www.city-data.com/forum/baltimore/671626-agora-publishing-baltimore.html
      Oh, and doing the Porter Stansberry Fraud search turns up this more recent gem: http://my.firedoglake.com/somethingthedogsaid/2011/02/24/end-of-america-2011-porter-stansberrys-newest-scam/

      But it seems they’ve gotten at least one conviction, so possibly Salty wants to concentrate more on the fraudsters where the Feds have more obviously dropped, or refused to pick up the ball…

      1. @Wanderlost, It’s the problem too big for the Feds with multi-layer sick-machineness. Think who was RUNNING the NEWAmerica-Porter-Stansberry commercials night-after-night-after-day-after-night?

        1. @Jack, I don’t understand your comment, but I would like to. Would you mind elaborating a bit?

          In your first sentence, are you saying that fraud is so pervasive that law enforcement is unable to address it all?

          Regarding your second sentence, I don’t know who was running Stansberry’s ads. Who was doing that? And how does that tie back to your first sentence?

          1. I dunno about the first sentence.

            According to the Daily Kos, Porter Stansberry’s fear porn investment mania was on the “prime time MSNBC line up.” It was probably on, as @Jack says, “night-after-night-after-day-after-night.”

            So how can the mainstream MSNBC report on Stansberry being a scam and then cut to the ad for Stansberry?

          2. @Anonymous, For my mind I break the SD site into 2 main parts:

            1. Post showing how fake trust is created – e.g.
            Oprah-{likes}->Anthony Robbins-{likes}->Syndicate


            CNN/Fox News/Jen Weigl Chicago Tribune/-{likes}->Anthony Morrison


            http://saltydroid.info/abundance-of-bullshit/ has some of the great examples

            2. Posts poking holes in trust-chains – exposing scammers

            I like lloking thru the picture on page 26 in this:

            while thinking through about the ways different reputation can/are exploited/corrupted by scammers/greed.

            1. @Jack, Okay, thanks for clarifying. Still don’t really understand your point, but I think I at least understand it better. Thanks.

  15. Great article! I agree with Perry OVeritas – Johnathan Budd deserves a look.

    Another awesome break down of what is really going on. The A List pattern is find something scammy to promote, when it is called out as scammy by a few, blame the victims – then when the scam complaints grow larger and larger blame the scammy promotion person and pretend you were a victim too.

      1. @SD,

        I would say that budd is an A-lister by now. Guess what his college degree was in? Psychology – how appropriate for the IM scam-istry

  16. Well, well it’s fun to watch empires crumble.
    I was in WMI (lost 20k). I wasn’t brought in by Mike but learned very quickly who he was. The Carbon Copy Pro community put Mike on quite a pedestal. “if you want to go anywhere in this business buy Mike Dillard’s stuff (after you buy all our stuff first)”
    Mike and his bum-chum Jay Kubbasuck were long time friends prior to WMI(Liberty League, I believe)
    Once I figured out Mike’s stuff was a big steamy pile of regurgitated MLM dung I asked for a refund.
    It seems that a lot of others felt the same way as shortly after his super-duper-mega launch he posted something to the effect that he offers refunds but doesn’t respect the losers who ask for refunds. He gives you either the “you’re not working hard enough” line or if you do everything he says, then its “hey, this is a business. There’s always risk in business”
    Even after his “I’m so smart, sucksessful and awesome, listen to me and I’ll make you rich”
    100% AAA certified douche.

    So then he launched the Elevation group. I laughed when I realized that he was going to “change the world” using all his intense research (stuff he learned from Kip and Karl)
    He tells you to ” join The Elevation Group to secure your financial freedom.” (or not)

    I feel for those who have been screwed over. All these fake gurus are quick to make it seem like it’s the customer’s fault for not trying hard enough, not doing it right or not doing their own due diligence.

    Mike and the group of shit-eaters who promote his stuff are truly despicable people. I hope he gets his.

    …and silver keeps going down…

    Great work Salty!

    1. @Taken,

      I was in WMI (lost 20k). I wasn’t brought in by Mike but learned very quickly who he was. The Carbon Copy Pro community put Mike on quite a pedestal. “if you want to go anywhere in this business buy Mike Dillard’s stuff (after you buy all our stuff first)”

      Carbon Copy Pro was an early target of the Salty Droid. I guess maybe Carbon Copy Pro are/were B-team false social proof for Mike Dillard? That looks to be the most likely.

      I hope you were able to get the refund. I’m guessing yes because you don’t sound bitterly enraged and/or totally broken (which is how I’d feel if I was out 20k).

      In an odd coincidence, someone over on ripoff report is mad at Stephen Pierce International for a $20k loss:

      It appears that person has not gotten a refund however.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd ::

        The scam names {and shells} always change … but the people stay the same.

        Carbon Copy was one of the names back then. Although I’ll bet it still exists … and that Josh Boxer is still a member. Because some people don’t recognize a beaten dead horse that’s be run over by a truck when they see it.

        Right @JB? Carbon Copy? WMI? All in?

        To our success,

      2. @Wyrd, No unfortunately I didn’t get a refund. It was over two years ago so the bitterness is subsiding. I can only hope that karma catches up to these criminals eventually.

  17. Sez Salty:
    “The scam names {and shells} always change … but the people stay the same.”


    The big sick machine is even bigger and sicker than most of us can imagine. Thank you again for giving more of these harmful hucksters the attention they deserve.

  18. “As previously stated, I am bearing 100% of the legal costs, (which have already exceeded over $100,000 in the first 30 days), and 100% of any money recovered will be distributed to the EVG members who were victimized by Senen Pousa, Investment Intelligence Corporation, IB Capital, Global Forex Management, etc…

    Why am I doing this?

    Very simple…

    It’s the right thing to do. Period.”

    Maybe also his legal-people want to find out for him if he can get-got for misprision of a felony.

    Is there an ex-lawyer about here who can tell about it?

  19. They all look so sweet and wholesome in that group photo. So cute and thoughtful. And helpful. I mean, not helpful.

    What an amazing group of business leaders. I mean, bottom feeders.

    Even with all of them spending so much of their personal time publishing blogs, and videos, and special reports, and giving seminars, and offering payment plans, and giving away free extra bonuses, and sending out email after email, after email, and, and… scamming the living shit out of people who don’t know any better.

    They are living the American dream. I mean, they are stealing from others. If only there where some evidence of their wrong doings. If only.

      1. @Mark,

        Apologies for calling alfred m and ass if it was by accident, but if he did it on purpose my comment stands…

    1. @alfred m, @all

      I see that this video is on Vimeo — a violation with Vimeo terms (they don’t allow marketing videos)

      Click on the link, and flag the video


  20. Yes I was one one of those lists and it was sent to me. Surely no one here would sign up! Sorry :)

    I hate all the focus on the car and lifestyle.

    Even the main page is like that. If the guy is teaching marketing then maybe talk about what he is going to teach?

    It def. sets off my radar.

      1. @Lanna,

        Yeah I think the child based commission sales force is far more legit than salty’s current target here. And that’s pretty messed up.

        But although the Captain O thing might’ve been “legit”, certainly the general structure, tone, and even content are nearly identical to standard IM crude.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

      2. @Lanna,

        Heh. The Olympic Sales Club (now called the Olympia Sales Club, since the Olympic Games trademarked “Olympic”) specialized in packs of cheap and shoddy personalized greeting cards and offered the kids who sold them cheap and shoddy prizes, but otherwise they were (and I’m guessing still are) a reasonably legitimate enterprise. I worked there one summer on their assembly line when I was home from college, since they’re based in my hometown. Big warehouse full of cards and production lines, another warehouse room full of the prizes. (We warehouse rats were not generally allowed in the prize area, for fear of ripping them off, I suppose.)

        I remember seeing their ads in the back of my brother’s “Boy’s Life” magazine (along with the ads for x-ray specs and the mini spy cameras), and they were always super-hypey in a hard-sell sort of way. And of course the cheap prizes you strive to acquire are horrifically overpriced–you have to sell a gazillion packs of cards to get a box of pretzels, for example. Exploiting children? Yep, without a doubt–right up there with all the door to door selling candy and magazines and Girl Scout cookies and other overpriced fundraising junk. But Olympic had (has, I assume) real, tangible products and real, tangible prizes. And if children happen to like selling–I never did; I always HATED it when an organization made us sell crap–I could see them perhaps enjoying the process, as inconceivable as it would be to me.

        1. @mojo,

          Check out the comments on the Flickr page for the second picture in Lanna’s comment.

          You are not alone. Others also remember the company semi-fondly.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

  21. @SD The person all the way to the left in this photo is Michael Dunlop, son of Barry Dunlop and owner of IncomeDiary.com (a blogging about blogging site on 1st page of google for “make money online”).
    He just released a product called “Web Domination 20”. (http://webdomination20.com/). Apparently it’s a series of interviews with 20 different “experts” on how they make money online telling people how to make money online.
    Just giving you and everyone the heads up on this situation as it seems he has flown under the radar here at the sd.

  22. Dilliard advertises (Google) profusely on anti-scam sites (ironic, for sure). From this day forward, every time I see one of his ads on a website, I’m going to email the below message to its owner.



    I appreciate your mission, the fact that you must generate revenue to support your mission, and that accepting Google advertisers on your site is one way of generating revenue. However, this also opens your site’s traffic to being targeted on Google’s ad network by scammers looking to rip off your readership. In the short term, these ad revenues strengthen your mission financially, but in the long term, having your readership ripped off by scammers greatly weakens your readership and thereby your mission.

    I respectfully request that you perform some minimal due diligence on those who pay for advertising on your site, Mike Dilliard, specifically. Learn more about him here: http://saltydroid.info/elevation-prophets/

    Thank you for your consideration,

  23. Comments by Dillard, such as…

    “Until the US defaults, raises interest rates by record levels, or destroys the currency though inflation, there’s nothing to discuss.”

    …resonate with the type of person who reads the ZeroHedge blog, or follows the economic philosophy of someone like Congressman Ron Paul. Educated, smart, and otherwise reasonable people can easily be persuaded to believe that the macroeconomic health of the United States is in poor shape — because it actually kinda is!

    I’m sympathetic to the victims in a major way.

    A lot of truisms mixed with a vile of poison can truly be toxic.

    1. @Alejandro,

      People always talk about how a “lie shrouded in truth” works best, but they seldom say why. It’s because the baldfaced lie is so very easy to spot. If we’re sitting in a room and I say “it’s raining outside,” then you turn to a window and see blue sky, I am discovered.

      Baldfaced lies are very easy to spot. And if you tell very many of them at all, you will be exposed almost immediately and lose all your positive reputation points.

      Lies mixed with truth are harder to spot. Now, combine that with the surefire plan of tell them what they want to hear/what they’re afraid of, and now you’ve got the key to successful lies all sewn up.

      Whenever you run across scams that seem silly, all that really means is that you are not the intended target of that pack of scammy lies.

      Whether it’s investment scam BS or New Age heal-y crystal fun-time, the principle is the same: lies mixed with truth. The New Age stuff seems sillier to me but only because I don’t happen to believe in the special properties of crystals. Except of course that quartz crystals make good timing elements for digital computers. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_oscillator

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  24. I still see Mike Dillard’s ads and crap all over the Internet. I can’t tell you how many “Mike’s such a nice guy” comments I’ve seen, too.
    Unless you type in “Mike Dillard Scam,” this guy seems to be having John Gotti-luck.

    Years ago, Ken Roberts went down the tubes for basically doing the same thing. Investment Gurus (the ones who are actually Internet Marketers disguised and reputable financial advisers) have a long history of going down the tubes and taking people with them.

    Mike Dillard always has this pasty-faced, circles under the eyes, completely hung over look about him. He looks like he just woke up out of a deep sleep and has a massive hangover. Does anyone else see that when they look at his ads???

    His photos speak so loudly I can’t even get through the first paragraph of his ad copy.

    1. @Jim, He’s an ugly cuss who radiates a vibe of social proofing weasel fuck… but he writes strong copy (lies).

  25. Just a short time ago, somewhere in one of Connie’s GIN posts, I recall a GIN defender saying that one of the many “benefits” of going to a GIN conference was, they were given an AWESOME stock tip that was going to make them GAZILLIONS of dollars, and they were running home right that second to throw money at that Unknown Mystery Stock, while the rest of us continued to pine in our supposed poverty.

    At the time (I think it was about a month ago) I thought to myself, Dazzle Jesus! In addition to all the other bloodletting they’re enduring, these people are now being subjected to every pump ‘n’ dump shyster out there!

    Mojo’s Public Service Announcement du Jour: The stock market is so totally not, NOT, *NOT* for people who do not do MASSIVE, OBJECTIVE, DUE DILIGENCE RESEARCH before buying a stock. ANY stock. No matter how MAGICAL AND WONDERFUL someone says that stock is.

    You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

  26. The attorney’s [Bijan Kasarie] firm annouced he was the US Ambassador to Moldovia which i can say is more than a mistatement, but in fact a lie. Don’t know why he would do that. Many people have question Moldovian embassy about this and they have never heard of Attny Bijan Kasarie who is supposedly now representing a very likely scam poster who bilked over two thousand investors in one day of trading which he isn’t liscensed in Australia to do. [Senen Pousa] All the other parties associated with Pousa have dissapeard.

  27. Sorry – almost everyone is aware of what I posted. I thought I was submitting comments to someone in authority to further investigate the scameisters.

  28. Greetings,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. As stupid as I can sometimes be, I can at least pat myself on the back about this SCAM. I
    almost fell for it…..but didn’t.

    I will give Dillard some credit, his presentation/pitch is very smooth and perhaps even useful. It did drive me to go and finally invest. However, the whole thing seemed a crock just by the pressure sales techniques and the fact that you would have a better chance than an ice cube in hell finding an honest review about Dillard on the internet. MY GOD! I have never seen such a SPAM of disguised sites.

    We can only hope Dillard will see the error of his ways and decide to give his life to Jesus…..probably not. Well then, we can only hope he will be condemned to giving Larry Flynt a blow job in hell for eternity….very likely!

    I love that picture of the whole scammer team you posted too.

  29. This mike dillard is A SCUMBAG. DO NOT BUY SHIT FROM THIS piece of #@@#.

    I bought evg early in july 2012 and he REFUSED to honor my refund request. He DOES NOT respond to tickets and will NOT give you any refunds.

    He will make up excuses probably as to why you can’t get a refund or why it is being delayed.

    Everything inside is 100% pure bulls@#t. It’s just a giant website full of affiliate links with ZERO information on how to actually do anything, then tricks people into thinking that people who want the actual “how to” are either “entitlement socialists” or “idiots”. This is despite the fact that spending 99 bucks a month doesn’t get you much value.

    All his videos are just presales for lawyers or other professionals to spend 1,000$’s of dollars on them, which I’m sure Mike earns a hefty commission on, even if he states he doesn’t.

    He is also a big fan of robert kiyosaki (enormous red flag) and does the exact same shit he does.

    DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING from mike dillard or any of the other robert kiyosaki @#$t. Remember, if someone never tells you how to do something, gives you vague/general information when you were promised how to do something, then it is by nature a SCAM.

    I feel sorry for man of the idiots that bought this p.o.s’s garbage. If you want to know about infinite banking like idiot mike dillard teaches (which he doesn’t ) then just go on amazon, buy infinite banking by nelson r. nash and save yourself 99$ a month. That book alone is way better and much less scammy and a lot cheaper (like 20$). You still need to find a good whole life dividend paying insurance policy though, so go with big legitimate insurance companies. Don’t go through weird assholes that have sites deindexed in google, which is what the agent that mike dillard “recommends”. Yeah, freaking scammers.

    1. @Ex-EVG Buyer,

      So what happened? Did you get your refund? Surely you could work with your credit card company (or the credit card processor that EVG uses) and get it?

      While I believe it’s largely hype and I never would’ve tried that managed curreny trading program (2,500% in 4 years is a ridiculous claim), I am interested in some of their non-conventional investing ideas. For example, they talk about using infinite banking in unusual ways (beyond the Nelson Nash stuff), investing directly in oil leases and real estate (not just stocks or ETFs which get manipulated by Wall St.), tax savings, multi-generational wealth strategies and offshore investing. The truly wealthy do a lot of these things but “how-to” information is very hard to come by.

      Now if EVG doesn’t give any specifics, I see your point. But based on what some others have said (and no, I’m not talking about their testimonials), it appears they do. Am I wrong?

      1. @NotSure,

        I don’t think I would want investment advice from those guys in any case.

        I certainly wouldn’t trust any of theirs deemed “non-traditional investment” advice.

        Any traditional investment scam will call itself a non-traditional investment.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

      2. @NotSure,

        The credit card companies require you to file a complaint within a certain period of time. A lot of these scammers will keep you on the hook, telling you they’re processing the refund, until the time runs out. Also, the credit card companies and processing companies (payment gateways) will often side with the scammer. Technically, they delivered the service. It’s just that the service is shit.

        IMHO, the best how-to for getting into non-traditional investments is to contact your local Bank and Trust and establish a relationship with a professional financial advisor. They can help you set up trusts and 529 plans and use annual gifting to transfer wealth between generations death-tax-free. They can set up traditional and Roth IRAs so you can save for retirement and reduce your tax liabilities. They can set up REITs for your real estate ventures. They can help you invest in offshore – European, Asian and/or developing world – stocks, bonds and derivative investment instruments. If you really have the money to risk on these investments, you won’t think twice about paying a financial professional’s management fee – though you may shop around for the best advisor at the best fee.

        The other aspect of what the “truly wealthy” do versus what the rest of us do is that many of the unlisted/OTC/pink sheet securities are legally open only to “qualified investors.” Unless you are “truly wealthy,” you can’t invest like the “truly wealthy.” Your only chance to taste some of that action is to invest in funds that are invested in those securities.

        1. @Lanna,

          Have to disagree–there are some off-Wall St. investments that smaller investors can get into, but the information is hard to come by. Brokers, financial planners, insurance salesmen, etc., focus on mainstream ideas that are simple to employ and pay the highest commissions, fees, etc. And I’m definitely not talking about things like pink sheets (which I wouldn’t touch–nor would I listen to EVG on stocks, forex, options, etc).

          I’m simply asking if they give specifics on real estate or oil/gas parternships, IB with arbitrage opportunities, taxes specific forms for estate planning, etc. They talk about all these in their free emails, and have actually given one or two usable tidbits. I know people who work with high net worth individuals and these things (along with private equity) are what they focus on. Most won’t touch Wall St. products with a 10-foot pole.

          Now if EVG doesn’t give any actionalbe information on these things, that’s a different story. I wouldn’t use their advisors and always do my own due diligence. I’m just wondering if they give some good starting points (amidst all the internet marketing and other junk).

          1. @NotSure,

            Honestly, I don’t know if they give specifics. I’m content to pay my management fee, so I don’t look around at this stuff. If I was contemplating taking Mike Dillard’s financial advice, I would ask myself these questions, though:

            1. Is Mike Dillard qualified, in any fucking way, to give me financial advice?

            The Droid says, “Mike Dillard isn’t qualified :: in any fucking way :: to give you financial advice.” More specifically, looking at his LinkedIn, which is a nice place to put your CFA, CFP, CPA, and Series x and y license info, all I see is a bachelor’s in marketing from Texas A&M. No licensing. No master’s in finance. If you’re trying to teach yourself investing from what Mike Dillard is saying, that’s the blind leading the blind.

            2. Has Mike Dillard had trouble with financial regulators?

            “In 2011 the SEC opened an investigation into the dubious activities of WMI … founded by Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey … and whose top producer was Mikey D-bag.”

            3. If a cult like Scientology was giving out actionable tidbits among their indoctrinating, brainwashing messages, would I read them for the usable info?

            For me, no. I’ll skip it and hope I’ll get the info somewhere else. It’s not worth losing my grip on reality, my friends, my family and my financial stability.

      3. @NotSure, Hi, I got my money back by doing a chargeback.

        I sent 6 support ticket requests and none were responded to. I even threatened to file a chargeback in the last ticket to see if I could get any response, didn’t at all.

        So I filed the chargeback and got my money back, had to shut down my cards to prevent any future rebills.

        Guess what, 2 days ago EVG TRIED TO REBILL ME despite the chargeback going through but couldn’t steal my money because my debit card had already been shut down. I NEVER got any response from EVG TOO. WHAT THE @#$K. SCAMMING POS MIKE DILLARD F.U.

        The company that Mike dillard recommends is paul harmann or something like that at rencompanies.com (don’t buy from here it’s the scam website mike so *loves*). It’s the site de-indexed in google. If Mike were legitimate he would show you what exact life insurance policy to buy, which big life insurance companies to purchase from, etc.

        He doesn’t because he wants you to buy from paul instead for 1000-2000+ per month. Fu@k off scammers.

        There was a sales page that says “how to make 100% return in the stock market” using software. Guess what, all that shit chapter does is show you HOW to setup the software and that if you want to learn how to make 100% returns you have to buy it through his link for 99/month. WHAT THE FUCK bait and switch anyone? I checked forexbastards.com and all the negative reviews say it doesn’t work and is a scam.

        DO NOT BUY EVG SHIT. If you do, you are so so lost and I hate to see you get cheated.

        Good luck everyone. Money is out there, but there’s even more scammers than money sadly.

        1. @EX-EVG Buyer,
          My parents bought into the EVG in early 2011 I think – it was pretty new anyway. After 2 months decided it wasn’t relevant for them so they went to cancel.
          Long story short, it took several attempts to get it cancelled and I think it went into the 3rd month (charged) before it was cancelled.
          No attempts at re-billing later. I can’t remember if they got the 3rd month refunded or not.

  30. Mike Dillard and Mike Koenigs. There’s so many people expressing (well deserved I’m sure) hatred and animosity towards both of them right now that it’s hard for me to keep them separate in my head.

    It seems like Koenigs mostly sells sh*tty software that claims to do things that it can’t and, even if it did, it’s just a damn spam generator.

    I guess Dillard is a higher ranking scammer than Koenigs? Dillard, it seems to me based on my very, very limited ability to remember mega-wodges of info thrown at me quickly, is more sort of the general smarmy-face, lying-smile, Frank Kerns-ian scammer. And also of course Dillard is key in the Senen Pousa scam flopportunity from hell.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  31. Well Droids and Droidets,

    I cannot help but notice you folks here are just a tiny bit “Cynical”. Maybe I’m wrong…..:-) You guys just don’t want to give that little fart Mike Dillard a break…..how rude and robotic of you! ;-/

    Now that I have formally “pissed” you all off…..go and watch Dillards latest scam on Indiegogo.com. Holy FUCK! Alright, maybe his mom is gone (my deepest sympathies). Never the less, using your dead mom to make money is a bit over the top for anybody! As sick as it is, you gotta give the little fart credit….even the devil could not create this spin….

    Hope the link works….if not, basically he is trying to warn the world on behalf of his dead mom about the worldwide Ponzi scheme from our governments with his EVG tradmark video. He is asking for 150k donation. 50% to the Cancer Society and 50% to himself to cover expenses…..right!


    This gives new meaning to the old phrase…if he could sell his mom for a buck….

    1. It is pretty funny …

      “50% will go to myself for personal economic debt relief so I can pay all of my debts off.”

      … subtle.

      But it’s a pathetic affiliate rather than Dillard.

  32. Mike Dilliard is a weak-ass pussy, and I’d be happy to say that to his face. He latched onto the direct marketing miracle that is Google, and learned to lie in print from Yanik “fuck you” Silver. He then tries to social proof that through Google’s ad network, and has the chutzpa to claim that he is a legitimate business person. Please. Dilliard, you’re not cool. The well heeled people who are my friends would never hang with you. You’re not cool. You’re a social leach. You’re not someone to look up to. Despite whatever may be your net worth, you’re a loser. You would not be accepted in my high social circles. Period.

  33. Whelp… Looksee like Mr. Mike’s got himself a campaygn out… Usin one of them fancy awe-toe-mated webynars that make try to fools peoples inta thinkin they’re on a webinar, but it’s just a video without the opp to fasty forward. You know, like Mike Filsaime tried sellin everyone, but he couldn’t cuz he’s a scammy gnome with toe’s so stank they’d throw a buzzard off a gut pile.

    Anyways, I particularlee like how he lies about how many ‘seats’ ar available… An after to register… He tries to make you feel baad fer maybe not showin up to the ‘webinar’ – cause then ur takin the seat of other sheeples who caint wait to get on… But couldnt’ve cause ‘it got filled up to the brim’ heck, proly crashed their servers they hav so many clamorin to get their hand on them investment tricks of the ultra rich.

    You can chek it out here’s… Just put in some bunkish emayl addy an name… That ways you get to see his brilliant performance where he lies all over da place AYND he gits another bunk email in his crappy list, which his email marketin company reeeeally hates… Cuz it makes ’em look bayd.

    Sweet sassy mollasy… This feller’s got it all goin fer him don’t he!


    1. @Lost my shirt ::

      So I just read all that stuff :: great start … but it counts for jackshit if it’s not followed by Justice Department {or Walker Texas Ranger} action.

      Fraud is a crime … doesn’t seem like that should be so hard to remember for people surrounded by leather bound law books all the time.

      Lastly :: and againly … you people need to organize a class action against Mike Dillard before it’s too late. Fuck sake $53,000,000 :: for $200,000 we could retain one of the cowboy state’s best plaintiff attorneys … by the weekend.

      1. @SD, $53,000,000 – unf*cking believeable. I always thought that the frauds perpetrated by those featured on this site were big. But $53,000,000!!! My hope is that you start to be a lawyer again – o.k. you would make some money at the end of the day – but you would do it better, and make more for the plaintiffs, than even Texas’s best plaintiff attourneys. The legal profession needs salty droids. Just my three cents.

        Getting a class action going, and giving back some of that $53,000,000 will be just brilliant, either way.

      2. @SD,

        This is pretty effed up right here

        Mike Dillard, not just sort of trying to sweep it all under the rug, but instead, talking all big and loud about the Senen Pousa case in such a way as to make Mike appear to be not at all culpable.

        And it still sounds like a damn commercial for All Things Mike Dillard!

        ATTN: Elevation Group members

        Mike Dillard writes

        It’s times like these when you find out who your true friends and supporters really are, and I would like to thank all of our EVG Advisors and experts for their support during this situation.

        You guys could have walked away and tried to distance yourselves from us during this horrible event, but every single one of you has stood tall by our side as a testament to your belief in us…

        But earlier on, Mike Dillard was so sure about “Lesson 19: Are 100% returns per year actually possible? They are if you know this man…”

        Even if Mike Dillard were somehow not the scammer that he is, even if he were somehow only just naive–after such a massive failure as this, doncha think that just maybe he should be held accountable with some sort of legal action?

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

      3. @SD, Gosh, $53,000,000.00 gets taken and nobody goes to jail. Wouldn’t it be something if the government’s minimum go-to-jail amount turned out to be $53,000,001.00, and Mike Dillard got lucky by one dollar? Now if we could just find someone he cheated out of a dollar.

    2. @Lost my shirt,

      Thank you for posting these links here. And the story links below. It helps spread the word around.

  34. You are correct Salty – the $750,000 does not represent 30% as Mike D mentioned somewhere that Senen had not paid him in full.

  35. It seems like scammers target highly regulated fields – investing, real estate, health care, even marketing.

    Once you make the decision to not abide by any laws, it’s easy to outgun your law-abiding competitors.

    Compare 2,501% returns to the standard “It’s possible to lose money” disclosure. Compare “Even if you’re making $20 or $30 grand on the first couple flips …” to what a genuine real estate investor might say about location and timing.

    Compare a 92.3% cancer cure rate to doctors who say it depends on the type of cancer and the stage at which it’s diagnosed, to foods that claim only antioxidant content, or to supplements that list the ingredients and the FDA disclaimer.

    Compare $10,000 a week to the 2% to 5% response rates of truthful direct marketing.

    Regulations and legislation are in place to stop scammers. I want to see more of them going to prison.

    1. @Lanna,

      You make a good point. Except I don’t think scammers target highly regulated fields. Rather I think scammers target those fields that have forever been the quickest way to the biggest monies (path of least resistence). Over time those fields have become more and more regulated in response.

      But it’s never enough. Partly because the scammers keep finding new loopholes. But also because over time enforcement becomes lax and/or compromised.

      So it goes.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        You’re probably right.

        I’m trying to make sense of why 960+ people put an average of $55,208 each into ProphetMax instead of investing in, well, any financial product that follows the rules. All I can imagine is that Mike Dillard claiming 2,501% two-year returns sounds better than “past performance is no guarantee of future results” and “may lose value.”

        That plus, not being a psychopath, I frequently consider the consequences of my actions, and starting a scam in a highly regulated industry seems dumb to me. Why risk the Australian ASIC and the U.S. SEC and CFTC on my ass when I could pick something else?


    Thanks to your comments and revelations I have today cancelled my membership with EVG and saved myself from investing a further $997.00 to join their course which commences in January 2013.

    I am so grateful to you for your courage and conviction to speak out against these individuals who I sincerely hope continue to have their dealings exposed and challenged.

    Keep up the great work.

  37. Did anyone contact Sir Richard Branson about all this and ask his honest opinion, I wonder how he likes being linked with these guys, I think he would not be so happy, Richard Branson £billionaire and loved by the british public, would be a good place to start questioning things…!

    1. @bob,

      I thought Branson was above all these lame-asses. But he’s just human and either gets fooled or isn’t everything you’ve read and heard him to be. probably a little of both.

      You can’t blame the scammers for wanting to name drop people like him to give themselves some pseudo street cred. Well, you CAN blame them but they’ll just ignore you.

      People like him are so well known they hardly have the ability to pay attention to (or give a shit) all the people who attach him to their crap. Part of the sucky side of fame and power.

      Then again, maybe he’s using some of these people himself. Who knows? All I know is I recently saw a video of a katie Froofroo or something where she and bunch of other young nubile girls hung out with Sir B on his nekked island for some sort of leadership summit and party like morons thru the night and sacrifice virgins (in spirit only) at the nightly luau.
      The crap that came out of some people’s mouths that they thought was gems of wisdom was laughable – I could see him scribbling in a notebook – either he was doodling out of boredom or planning his escapades for the evening.

      Either way, I can thank the rusty bucket of bolts for creating this site of expose on all these douchebags who encourage each other to drink the electric blue koolaid and convince themselves that the best way to ‘make it’ is to transfer the wealth from everyone else by claiming to know how to make money without actually providing anything of true value to the world. Kinda like politicians in a way.

  38. Mike Dillard is a complete scammer and it should have stopped on the Magnetic Sponsoring level, which was a copy of Dan Kennedy’s book from the beginning. I met him in Austin during a PUA convention. It’s all lies, the money claims, testimonials, all fabricated. He pays bloggers in third world countries, thanks Perry for setting up, to continuously post about him so when you search him on web you get “social proof”. He can’t even pay his own taxes! Research that!

    1. @Just Visiting,

      The BBB article points out that Elevation Group makes claims but offers little proof. Bully for the BBB.

      I don’t understand though.

      Why didn’t the BBB article mention about the legal entanglements and the Consent Decree and all that?

      Oh sure on paper that makes it out like it’s all Senen Pousa’s fault/problem. And that might (sadly) be enough to keep Mike Dillard out of more severe legal trouble for the nonce. But does that mean BBB shouldn’t/can’t talk about it?

      What am I missing here? ’cause it looks like BBB didn’t really investigate heavily.

      Or maybe that wasn’t their point. Maybe they’re just using Mike Dillard as an example segue so they can talk about that kind of scam model in general. Ok fine–but even then, IMHO BBB does a disservice by not showing the full measure of Dillard’s d-baggery. Because M. Dillard is totally representative of that for the group at large as well.

      Tell me if I’m wrong.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd,

        Considering how rare it is that the BBB is actually doing what it is supposed to do all the time, I’m just grateful that they did something … even if they didn’t go all the way with their research (as they should have done).

        However, I think that this report SHOULD receive more visibility … with all the necessary additions. ;)

  39. Greetings Droid,

    Just thought I’d send you a sad email to let you know – MIKE DILLARD is still alive! Yes, that mother of all MLM fubars is still pushing the Elevation Group. I was just checking through the search engines and you tube to see if his infinitely thick layer of loyal FLUFFERS is still creating meaningless websites asking the age old question; “Is The Elevation Group a SCAM? Sadly, yes they are….

    I count at least 596 pro EVG and DIllard mini informercials on You Tube alone. As for the search engines – FUCK!!!!! I’m surprised internet has not ran out of subnets thanks to these pyramid a-holes?!

    I gotta give the short little fucker his due – he is very possibly the finest BS artist in internet history. God can’t there be some form of minor justice in this world and someone somewhere catch this little dirty fart?

    Probably not…..

    Have a nice one droid!

    Where is the FEDS when you need them?

  40. Dillard is still at it. For real? From a pickup artist to a mlm pyramid scammer to an investment guru. I understand from his ex girlfriend- who he paid 100k to not write a book and expose him- that he went to ONE investment seminar kyosoki I think, then started the elevation group. No credentials whatsoever. Gave himself the title, wrote the website, paid bloggers to write about him night and day, wriote his own testimonials, then stole 53 million. Got away with it too. Matter of fact…STILL getting away with it….. Lie after lie after lie. Yup- gotta give him credit. He stole all that money then invested it in gold for himself and has tangible wealth hidden away. Smart little fucker. He gets my vote for scammer of year- and shame on you austin monthly for putting him on cover… Shame on you….

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