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The No Money System

the not money system

Are you going to make any money from Evil Jowls Perry Belcher’s newest Frauduct :: Social Media Money System? Spoiler Alert :: NO! You aren’t. Read my review {obvious link} and find out exactly why it blows so much chunk.

That said :: Here it is for FREE :: what what what???

Yep! Along with not understanding Social Media or Marketing :: Evil Jowls is also a suck ass nerd {as in … most definitely NOT a nerd}. ALL of the files for the Social Media Money System are available for FREE download below. They’re hosted on the Amazon Cloud … and they have not been properly secured because there are some D-Bag fucking n00bs at the helm of this horror show of a vessel.

I’ve known about these files for 8 days {thanks friend-o-mine} :: But I suspect they’ve been available for much longer. Many of The Night Dwellers {you know who you are} have already consumed this product and seeded it on torrent sites. Consider that fact if you are thinking about being a sold-out-bitch {affiliate} and selling this shit for Perry Belcher. This girl has already been {well and truly} passed around.

Initiate –> Sequence of Apparentlys ::

Apparently :: Perry and Ryan don’t GET how AWS works {they also don’t GET that joke}.

Apparently :: Perry and Ryan, Internet Marketing “Gurus” :: Don’t read the Internet Marketing forums {where news of this FREE program abounds}.

Apparently :: Perry and Ryan don’t know how to monitor downloads or bandwidth {hello fucktards?? try paying attention to things}.

Apparently :: Perry and Ryan have yet to learn that whenever ** **shows up to one of their ScamHoles … Something terrible is about to happen {they should set up a track log … if only they knew how}.

Hey Perry :: As I think I may have mentioned to you on a couple of other choice occasions ::

You’re Welcome!

>> bleep bloop {pwned!}

Just click on any link below to begin downloading the file :: But with this one word of caution :: Even for free … it’s a total fucking rip-off.

UPDATE :: The links were only hot for 4 hours :: As predicted :: Now they are GONE forever. Believe me :: You missed NOTHING but lies and disinformation sold to you by a FELON breathing his last free breaths :: >> bleep

Hurry now :: This offer won’t last long! {the first time that’s ever been true in relation to a Internet Scam product} The ChuckleHeads might not be savvy enough to read the IM forums :: But they are sure-as-shit reading The Salty Droid!

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