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The Floportunity of a Lifetime

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Today is the official launch of Evil Jowls Perry Belcher’s new Frauduct :: FatBoy’s Got Bills :: No wait … that’s not it … it’s the Social Media Money System :: which is even stupider.

Due to the power of Perry’s stupidity :: The Salty Droid was able to access this entire program free of charge more than a week ago {and you can too!}. Nothing less than my {fake} devotion to you :: my foolish reader :: Gave me the temerity and will power required to actually listen to a large portion of this program. It was a harrowing experience in which several times I feared I might actually fucking perish from** stupid-overload**. But I have survived to tell you the tale :: And I’m sure the flashbacks will cease within a couple of months.

Non-Legal Disclaimer :: I DO NOT need to view these programs to know that they are rubbish. And in the case of Magnificent D-Bag Extraordinaire Perry Belcher :: The quality level of the content is absolutely fucking irrelevant. Evil Jowls just completed a decade long scam in which he **STOLE **hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sick :: Even if he produced {quell laughter} quality content :: He does not deserve ANYONE’S business. Never-the-less :: I have viewed this particular turd :: So let’s have some girl talk about it.

First, the program has incredibly low production values. Most of videos are just lazy screen captures of Perry’s desktop :: or slow moving text only slides. The content will take up 8-10 hours of your precious time :: But it could easily be cut down to about 10 minutes. Here goes ::

:: Core ideas {obvious overstatement} of this program are ::

  1. You set up an account using your real name on all the main Social Networking sites {special emphasis on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube}.

  2. You start follow spamming on Twitter {following people by the thousand and unfollowing people who don’t follow you back}.

  3. Find things to Tweet that are already popular by going to sites like PopURL or Alltop. No need to actually read or give a crap about what you find there :: It’s already popular so :: Just Tweet It.

  4. ReTweet other people without regard for the value of their content in the vain hope that they will do the same the for you.

  5. Occasionally tweet links to your own blog or website. Use the blog to direct people to the shit you want them to buy.

  6. Profit.

That’s it! Poorly presented and replete with LIES, errors, and a fundamental misunderstanding about how Social Media works {all to be hilariously detailed later}. There are no secrets, no hidden jackpots, no new or interesting strategies. It’s just Perry :: Taking your goddamn money :: Again.

I was expecting almost nothing :: Yet I was disappointed. If you’ve already paid :: Get a refund. If you haven’t paid :: download it for FREE {here}. If the free download has dried up :: Save your money and gain wisdom just by NOT LISTENING to idiot FELON Perry Belcher.

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