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Salty Droid

Perry Belcher: Hater of Asteroids

Perry Evil Jowls Belcher speaking at the Austin Internet Marketing {AIMEN} meeting on March 10th. It seems that neither Perry, nor his man-boobs, are happy with The Droid. I wonder if that is because I’m ruining his life? I think that’s probably why ::> but you never know.

Before / During / After :: The Droid started conversations on Twitter with anyone who mentioned being at the AIMEN event. Perry is standing up there sweating in his fat suit {or maybe that’s just his body} :: knowing that I’m talking to everyone in the audience.

When he mentions The Droid {“some asteroid asshole”} he gets noticeably frustrated. Probably not an appropriate moment to drop 3 F-Bombs you idiot!

Evil Jowls wants to believe what he’s saying :: The Droid is just some stupid asshole with a grudge, sitting in his mother’s basement, plotting a haters sad revenge. I’m just a nut trying to bask in the glory of his follow-spamming coattails.

Sorry to disappoint you FatCakes :: But I’m very much worse than that.

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