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2500 Twitter Followers in 2 Weeks :: FREE!!

Twitter keeps score :: Had you noticed? Something tells me that you had {something = constant fucking chirping about it}.

It’s fun keeping score :: Especially when no one loses. When your sorry ass shows up to Twitter three years into the game :: You need not feel like a chump because a bunch of other stupid hippies already have thousands of followers. Fuck that! You can just immediately start fixating on yourself {Your FAVORITE Thing}. Two followers is better than One. Boom! You declare your whole day a victory. 100 Followers :: Oh Snap! Three figures biaches :: The whole week is a WIN! You can celebrate by not feeling guilty when you break your self-imposed 8 Drink Maximum.

But this Game can be gamed :: And with splendid ease. See, other people {that’s the people that AREN’T you} are also keeping score. If you follow them, a great majority will follow you back. Once you’ve added a point to their score by following :: They aren’t going to let you take it back. If protecting their score means following an idiot, or a whole fucking bus full of idiots, then SO BE IT.


My alter-ego @VapidDroid @GhostSaltyDroid {King of Fools} has amassed 2400 followers in under two weeks. The Ghost is set to autofollow {which is like a pheromone for follow scripts} :: He sends out an auto-DM when followed, “How can i help you make yur realites into dreams?” :: He Tweets nothing but donkey shit and pig vomit :: Pointless ReTweets, Quotes, cut-n-paste from other people’s Festival of Stupid auto-DMs, and some handcrafted original stupid. Here’s a taste ::

  • SEO SEO SEO TiPs Tips TIPS .. follow me for many best SEO tips their are. Beat google at it’s own game for big $$$ why wait?

  • Have you ever thought about having even more money? well now you can if you know what i say, and you piut it into Action!

  • #followfriday for @ghostsaltydroid :: if you wanna learn about having more succes than people you already know your bettr than

If you want 1000’s of followers on Twitter, you DON’T need to buy some Pudgy Predator’s e-book :: You DON’T need an all day seminar with some D-Bag self proclaimed Guru. Just follow tweeps by the thousand :: Unfollow those who don’t follow back :: Then follow more tweeps :: etc etc etc. This is the technique that 100% of the “gurus” are using to amass such huge numbers {even though it’s the one they talk about LEAST frequently}. Or lazier still, pay a hundred bucks for a program or script that will do it all for you. It’s no problem to go from 0 to 20k followers in 1 month while still being a completely worthless idiot.

But if you play the game like this, then your score is in no way reflective of you, or your value to the community. It’s just becomes a measure of group insecurity, and group loneliness. Spoiler Alert :: The group is {at all times} very insecure and lonely.

People who sell “consulting” services at extreme prices by touting their Gamed Twitter Score are just THIEVES, HACKS, and BASTARDS!!

>> bleep bloop

Check out @eunmac’s article on how to spot a follow spammer {here}. The Ghost Droid’s shenanigans nicely fit into the pattern he describes.