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Wanting a Belcher Meme



PERRY BELCHER aka {Evil Jowls}

What are you doing to help stop Perry Belcher from stealing millions of dollars in flagrant violation of universal justice {and his parole}? Probably nothing :: Because you are bland like dry white toast. Don’t you feel bad about that? You should do something adventurous {other than golf on TV} :: Spice your life up a bit :: Fuck toast … be a dill pickle.

You know what would be exciting and useful? Hanging this sign up on your home on the Internet. “Oh Hellz Yeah!” I can hear you saying. Exactly. Put it up on your crappy MySpace :: Stick it on Flickr :: LiveJournal about it :: Put it on your wordpress blog :: or your blogger blog :: Post it to your foot fetish forum :: Or your MeetUp page for single moms :: Send it to Barack via Blackberry :: Sneak it in to one of your YouTube videos about organic gardening :: Post it to Facebook so your Mom and Grandma can see it :: Skype it :: Send it to your World of Warcraft guild email list :: Say it’s one of a kind and auction it off on E-bay :: Or post it to Twitter … maybe you’ll get banned just for associating with me … and then you’ll finally have some fucking street cred. Doesn’t that sound good to you WhiteToast?

SuperDuper Epic Bonus Points {and an extra life} to anyone who prints it out and puts it somewhere that Evil Jowls will see it in MeatSpace. Put it on the door to his hotel room :: or under the windshield wiper of his car :: or in the hotel bar on the seat nearest to the pretzels :: or on the toilet seat of his master bathroom {if you and he are tight like that}. Then take a picture of it and I’ll post it here :: and lots of people will laugh. It won’t make up for all the suffering and misery that Perry has caused :: But it’ll fucking help.

{ Here it is as a pdf :: Just because I can }

wanted pdf thumb

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UPDATE :: It was totally lame of me not to include a link to this awesome PhotoShop tutorial on Six Revisions {link} :: It was perfectly helpful :: Error corrected.