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Perry Belcher: On Bullshit

According to Perry {Evil Jowls} Belcher, Perry {Evil Jowls} Belcher is a changed man! And he’s been “very open” about his past. After all, he occasionally links to a “tell-all” video about his past {My Past Exposed}. The video is on YouTube, and it’s ridiculously titled “How Social Media Saved My Life.”

The video is full of classic con-man posturing and artifice :: Translation :: {It’s Total Fucking BS!}

Evil Jowls doesn’t admit to a SINGLE thing! He casts aspersions and blame. He castigates others. He implies that only the wicked would dare speak out against him. And of course :: HE PUFFS HIMSELF UP :: Extraordinarily! :: Remember {here} that in sum, his cash and assets were worth less than $1.5 million.

The Droid’s Hipster Remix is only 55 sec. The idiotic stuttering and stammering are gone. As are all the Bullshit “I’m a fragile and vulnerable human” moments. What’s left is just the guts, with the clips in sequence.

It’s not an apology or an admission. It’s just the fucking LIES, and POSTURING, of a low-life CON MAN!

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