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Remember when I first got banned from Twitter and I was all like :: {link}

“And I’m confident that I’ll be right back.  I love Twitter :: And it’s fucking FREE.  Spam is a complicated problem :: And so is rapid growth :: They’ll get it figured out.”

Well I was obviously wrong :: And I apologize to you.  Accuracy is important to me :: So I’d like to issue this correction. I, in fact, do not love Twitter.  They blow!  I’m banned for good. Any new account I set up gets banned.  Someone else {shout out!} was trying to get my message out to the tweepeople :: And they got banned.  “And all the scammers?” you wisely ask :: Yep! 100% of the crooks still tweeting away about their transparent little schemes {mostly involving ways to destroy Twitter :: ironically enough}.

A few days later I said some kind words about YouTube’s copyright system even though 6-ish of my videos have come down :: {link}

“Also getting off free from blame, YouTube.”

Correction :: It seems my declaration of blamelessness has been a tad premature in re YouTube as well.  And again :: I apologize to you.  YouTube is less than blameless :: And in fact :: May well also blow. My entire account –> GONE!  Poof! Vaporized … {sad robot}.

Oh DMCA :: You’re so good for America.

So who filed the claim that broke YouTube/Google’s back?

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Wealth By Choice Pty Ltd claiming that this material is infringing:

What?  Who the hell is Wealth By Choice? –> {link}

David Schirmer :: WTF Guy?  I was getting bored of you. What R U Crazy? :: Desperate for attention? Buy a fucking parrot! ::  I haven’t written any posts about you since MAY :: I can think of a couple flopping fish who would love to be in your shoes {except for the whole having to live in Australia bit}.

Note 2 Self :: {stop saying nice things about tech companies}

No more compliments :: I obviously suck at compliments.  Whenever I’m a dick :: I get it right. I was right that Harlan Kilstein was a DumpyBeast and a sexually harassing pervert. I was right about Perry Belcher’s conviction for horrible disgusting crimes. I was right about Aaron Parkinson’s exploitation of his daughter. I was right about the restrictiveness of Perry Belcher’s parole.

And now I present this {more than convincing} evidence from Perry Belcher’s still existing YouTube account :: That he is indeed in possession of a highly offensive pair of ManBoobs ::


:: Right again!!

I’ve just got to stop being so nice.

>> bleep bleep

34 thoughts on “YouTube DMCA Eviction”

  1. Glad to see you won the squirmer….When one has to resort to suppressing feedback, it is only because it is the truth, that it needs to be silenced. He can file false and misleading DMCA reports, he is an Australian trading scammer ruining people's lives (I believe it was to the tune of $5K), and for those who haven't seen the news story, it is freely available.

    I remember David Squirmer from beginning '07. I was "visiting" (yeah we will use that term) a website with individuals who paid $2K for Proctor's course. I was discussing squirmer (before the news story hit) how he was "less then honest", based on my trading experience (I knew what he was saying was totally full of shit). Nobody listened (not that it mattered since nobody was buying from the guy..just using his "success" as proof to "the secret"). I made some comments about his "checks" in the mail, was the money he was stealing from people selling them false hopes (ie. great riches through trading stocks..without any prior knowledge…yeah right), people went on to "comment" on how I was "negative"

    ….fast forward a few months, and he is being "chased" by the Australian media and people who lost their money (because his promises…in case it isn't clear, part of that 10K of the course cost..was to be put into a trading account in which he would trade and split the proceeds…the guy lost it, and states he is a guru of trading). He then went on to state that was his money, and it was part of the course cost, he was being nice in trading for them and sharing any gains made. You would think I would be vindicated right?….wrong….people actually believed (I kid you not) It was my negativity that had something to do with it…yeah okay…whatever

    My "saving" grace came months later…This time someone came in selling "infomercials" (first thing I did..investigate…since it sounded fishy). I informed people it was a scam, showed them the email from the "real" owner of the company in question saying it was "defunct" company (I showed them hundreds of websites used to sell the same scam back in 2004-5. The person selling the "infomercial" spots, was involved in the women empowering women gifting scams (sounds almost like Andros approach…why does Andros choose women…because they wouldn't think a woman would lie to them and they are easier marks, but I digress)…showed them the article where she was charged with fraud…most didn't say a thing (I did get some emails thanking me this time)…the ironic part..some fought me, and wanted to believe so bad they spent the $5K (to spite me….umm how does their losing money spite me?), to this day they didn't get their infomercials aired.

    After that point they didn't say boo to me, it was a $5K lesson stupidly learned. Most left and the ones that were left, were now "worse" then me on being negative :)

    I told them, time and time again, you want to believe in the law of attraction, fine, but your interpretation of it is messed up. Look at me as the guy the universe sent your way to tell you a piano is about to fall on your head, and I am here to tell you to look up and move. Rather then hoping the piano won't hit you (and hoping that there is no piano..or positive thinking is going to save you), just heed my warning and move out of the damn way, and save yourself.

    Oh well, some people will never learn, and they will be taken (again and again) by the likes of Andros and ____ (insert your favorite scammer here). Just how low does one's vibration have to be, to be fold by a scam artist as herself.

    In case you are wondering why I harp on the Canadian, it's because I am Canadian, and I don't want Canadians to be judged by the likes of her. She is using both her "equity" as a Canadian (being honest), and "equity" as a woman, to deceive anyone and everyone she can.

  2. Yeah, Winnipeg, saw your twitter profile a few days back :) …nice to see another Canadian attempting to disseminate the truth.

  3. Thanks for that comment Cartman.

    The world saves most of its vitriol for the antiherd truth teller. In the not too distant past we would have been taken out behind the camp and killed … so take heart in small improvements!

  4. So little Jason, when are you filing your lawsuit against big bad Perry and Ryan? Since you are a Chicago lawyer with a wife and dog, I’m sure you can do it yourself little Jason. Maybe your BFF Karin can be your assistant and Froylein can correct everyones grammar. (Apostrophe intentionally left out so she can orgasm.)

    1. Patient cats get kills :: Hasty cats starve on the grassland surrounded by food.

      Very brave of you to attack commenters with the courage to leave their names and stand behind their words ::

      Proxy servers and lame sexual innuendo … I hope you're impressing yourself … cause it's doing Nothin' 4 Me

  5. You little shit complaining about hiding. Fuck off dipshit. That’s all you do is hide and go pee on Perry and Ryan’s legs and tell everyone a flood is about to begin.

    Nearly every one of your posters is hiding led by you. King Chicken Shit.

    Waiting on your lawsuits. Tick Tick Tick.

    1. Hi "Belcher Rules". My name is Neil Chrystal. I don't like you. You sound like an inbred fuck-pig with a small brain and low self esteem.

      See that "Little Jason" phrase – it creeps me right out. It makes you sound like a paedophile (which I'm sure you are not).

      BTW Belcher Rules what?

      P.S. I love you (well you've not heard it in a while, have you?)


  6. Sorry to to hear about the latest with YouTube. Bad news. Salty, I have great respect for the issues you bring to light with this blog. It's a public service announcement that needs to be optimized at the top of the serps especially when these "marketers" launch their latest and greatest info get rich product of the day and for the product titles. However, going back to yesterday's post of Jason vs Salty, I believe there's room in the market for a more "G" rated blog somewhere between Mike Young's law blog and this.

    Just knock yourself off and create another blog but clean it up with no salty language and I believe people will take it much more seriously. Change the tone of it to be less aggressive on a personal level and focus on their outlandish product claims and the group of people behind them.

    Keep this blog going all at the same time, but launch another one under a different pen name and let people guess who it is. Make it funny, informative and really dig into these scammer but keep it so "G" rated that people wouldn't believe it's you behind it.

  7. Who is hiding? You hiding Nate? Didn't think so…

    either ONE of US are hiding??? Who is he talking about?

    { WHAT is he talking about??? }

    how you doin' my friend?
    : )

  8. Thanks for the suggestions Harvey :: I agree that people would take me more seriously if I banished the robot and his salty talk :: But I'm not so sure that would be a good thing.

    1. The irreverence of the robot gives badguys panic attacks in a way that a "serious" blog never could.

    2. The salty talk is a part of the object lesson –> Judge things and ideas based on the objective value of the actual content :: Not based on the packaging, the marketing, or the posturing.

    Sometimes Satan comes dressed as a church goer who gives hugs and backrubs :: And sometimes compassionate altruists come dressed as robots screaming FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.

  9. Schirmers exsidekick makes a comment that is most interesting

    "I keep some people's phone numbers in my phone just so I know not to answer when they call."

    Wonder whose call he doesnt answer now?

  10. That guy is a freak. He is a first class liar and complete idiot. The new religious attempt makes him even more disgusting.

  11. If all life is about is who you can suck up to and then use then of course you can only expect terrible results. Some peoples results show their complete ignorance and disregard for the blatantly obvious. More amusing is the fact that these people almost always think that they should suddenly be absolved of any wrong doing and everyone should just flick a switch and forgive them. Well news flash, that 'aint reality, its call freedom to think and how deep is the wound. Forgiveness is earned not demanded and anyone caught by one of these fools knows the truth in the saying that leopards don't change their spots. Its blatantly obvious that their results and constant relationship breakdowns (or perhaps attempted coverups) is more than enough evidence for anyone who once was caught in their web of deceit and manipulation to know that nothing has changed. People develop the memory of elephants when they have been systematically and deliberately screwed over.

    And even more amusing is that the only people who give a toss what people say about them are these fools. Why because they need to, the continuation of the charade to support the lifestyle demands it. They edit comments, threaten people, blame everyone but themselves, justify their wrong doing by attempting to twist the obvious, using quotes that somehow in their twisted psyche they believe justifies what they do and they even stoop to using religious text thinking that their creator surely must see reason with them. In the end the charade becomes like a glass house. No place to hide and every twitch they make is as obvious as dogs balls. They cant hide what they are doing and have done from their closest partners and they cant even hide it from themselves any longer. The normal, the honest, the legitimate, the good, the decent, the loving, the greatest, the humblest don't give a toss what anyone says about them because their happiness, their future, their relationships, their living, their incomes, their health, their everything does not depend on anything that these fools do or say.

    For the fool, that is all they have, it is all they know and that is what makes their lives a living hell. I believe the driving force in the entire charade is greed and ego. Remove that and people become selfless not selfish. I know what side of the fence I prefer. These people need everyone to provide their future. The people who have really got it are those that need no-one. I like looking into the glass house. God it must stink in there.

  12. Perrfectly scripted and I reckon I know who you might have in mind too. He would be short, fat, ugly, used to hiding all his after dinner mints from his wife and probably the money tin also, be being chased all around the country where he appears to have left a trail of destruction and a wickedly bitter after taste. That would be the same person who once aligned himself with a few people he thought might make him famous and rich but instead it looks like he couldn't help screwing them all over because his greed seemed to do his head in in the end. What a turn out the guy is and what a sad sad case of bad sportsmanship. He seems to be chasing his own tail these days and still crapping on to whoever might be stupid enough to listen that he is the best thing that ever happened in their lives. Vomit, what a loser.

  13. ROTFLMAO (for anyone who hasn’t a clue what that means …. rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!)  i just searched David Schirmer and he is running a business meeting called
    Learn How To Market Your Business Better Than Anybody Else
    Take the frustration out of finding new clients … and NEVER compete on price again!
    That is hilarious.  The guy is scratching the bottom of the cash pile, can’t pay his debts, taken to court by his mate Proctor for misleading and deceptive conduct, in court for other stuff several times apparently this year, is being investigated by the authorities in Australia and he craps on about teaching people how to make their business better than anyone else’s.  That is just the best comedy i’ve heard in ages.  Yeh take the frustration out of finding new clients, suck up to a church, promise them the world and watch them all flock to you and be led by the nose.  Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.  Why did all this guys previous business colleagues all walk away????????  More investigating needed.

  14. No need to investigate, its pretty obvious, errrr,  he’s a jerk as well as a fraud.  He suspects his next business trip will be “god inspired” ?  Doh!   Noone would ever think for a minute that he would be using anyone would they? Whenever he speaks its always fabulous fodder and I see him as just a whiny little fat man from downunder but you watch he’ll be trying to charm his way to the US of A real soon you bet.

  15. From what I have discovered this guy seems pretty much a fraud around the trading and personal development circles in Australia.  Nobody seems to want anything to do with him and especially after Proctor flicked him off his coat tails.  Proctor doesn’t do that for no reason and I have more respect for Proctor than anyone else included in that self help dvd the secret. Also his weakness is so obvious because he  always seems to have a new jerk beside him and now there is yet another sucker puckering up for love and riches.  He seems to need someone there to support him because its obvious as bat poop that he doesn’t even believe his own shit.  If he did, there would not be warning lights everywhere about him and he really would be living the dream.  His shit just seems to be repackaged stuff that he puts his own name on and as for the latest idea he’s got about creating a flock (yes you heard it right it all on usertube), that is downright scary stuff.   The guy gets weirder every day and if there was ever someone who creeps me out with his progression from self titled guruship to i’mGod follow me, its this guy.  I believe he is on a very dangerous trip to self destruction and he desperately needs to go and visit a reality specialist.

  16. Ha ha… Banned frm Twitter! You DESERVE IT for all the SHIT you spew.

    Can’t you find something better to do with your time?

  17. I went looking for Schirmers videos on youtube and he’s pulled them again, time to put them back up somewhere someone. The guy is a doofus of the highest order, he is now calling his latest video after the tv one which is oh so unbelievably stupid and suicidal but yes Schirmer does stupid very well apparently. Another loser who cant believe so many people just dont trust him.

  18. Known the guy for years and I cant think of a more deluded individual. Oh hes good at charming people with his fast talking but challenge him on anything serious and the cracks appear. Its fun to watch him stutter and play school boy games. I doubt the guy will ever grow up really so enjoy the show while it lasts.

  19. One good ban deserves another. I just found out that The Secret’s Blunder from Down Under, David Schirmer, has been banned for life from providing financial services. The agency imposing the ban is the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC), Oz’s equivalent of the SEC. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! Now I’m wondering if he’ll blame Satan.

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