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YouTube DMCA Eviction


Remember when I first got banned from Twitter and I was all like :: {link}

“And I’m confident that I’ll be right back. I love Twitter :: And it’s fucking FREE. Spam is a complicated problem :: And so is rapid growth :: They’ll get it figured out.”

Well I was obviously wrong :: And I apologize to you. Accuracy is important to me :: So I’d like to issue this correction. I, in fact, do not love Twitter. They blow! I’m banned for good. Any new account I set up gets banned. Someone else {shout out!} was trying to get my message out to the tweepeople :: And they got banned. “And all the scammers?” you wisely ask :: Yep! 100% of the crooks still tweeting away about their transparent little schemes {mostly involving ways to destroy Twitter :: ironically enough}.

A few days later I said some kind words about YouTube’s copyright system even though 6-ish of my videos have come down :: {link}

“Also getting off free from blame, YouTube.”

Correction :: It seems my declaration of blamelessness has been a tad premature in re YouTube as well. And again :: I apologize to you. YouTube is less than blameless :: And in fact :: May well also blow. My entire account –> GONE! Poof! Vaporized … {sad robot}.

Oh DMCA :: You’re so good for America.

So who filed the claim that broke YouTube/Google’s back?

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Wealth By Choice Pty Ltd claiming that this material is infringing:

What? Who the hell is Wealth By Choice? –> {link}

David Schirmer :: WTF Guy? I was getting bored of you. What R U Crazy? :: Desperate for attention? Buy a fucking parrot! :: I haven’t written any posts about you since MAY :: I can think of a couple flopping fish who would love to be in your shoes {except for the whole having to live in Australia bit}.

Note 2 Self :: {stop saying nice things about tech companies}

No more compliments :: I obviously suck at compliments. Whenever I’m a dick :: I get it right. I was right that Harlan Kilstein was a DumpyBeast and a sexually harassing pervert. I was right about Perry Belcher’s conviction for horrible disgusting crimes. I was right about Aaron Parkinson’s exploitation of his daughter. I was right about the restrictiveness of Perry Belcher’s parole.

And now I present this {more than convincing} evidence from Perry Belcher’s still existing YouTube account :: That he is indeed in possession of a highly offensive pair of ManBoobs ::


:: Right again!!

I’ve just got to stop being so nice.

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