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James Arthur Ray is transforming the way the world thinks.” ~ James Arthur Ray

{pic :: Mr. Ray’s darkly evil eyes and the sweat lodge from 2007 :: both from his flickr}

I wanted to go to Yale :: my Mother thought Berkeley :: but my Father wisely insisted that I just skim the book The Secret … and then go see the movie.  What else do you need?  I mean they just told you the fucking secret … now go forth … prosper!

But sometimes just hearing The Secret once isn’t enough.  Sometimes after hearing The Secret you still kinda feel like shit. It’s almost like … even though you know you know the secret … your partner is still not that attracted to you.  It’s almost like you are still just mediocre at your mediocre job.  It’s almost like you still completely suck.

Maybe you should get some private tutoring from a specialist in Secrets like ironic-friend of the blog David Schirmer. Dave might tell you to fill the hole in your soul by running some scam operations out of evangelical churches.  He might tell you that stealing is a quick way to get rich … especially if you don’t pay your employees or your debts. He might say something like :: “Give me everything you have and then hop into this pot so I can make soup from what meat is left on your broken body.”  And then you might be like :: “Holy shit, that is fucked.  I’m out.”

Many requests this week for The Droid to take a piece out of another “faculty” member over at The University of The Secret :: James Arthur Ray.  Last week two people died while attending this d-bag’s $10k per head Spiritual Warrior Seminar.  DEAD … DEAD people! $10k per head for a program that won’t do diddly shit for anyone … 60 sad folks stuffed into a sweat lodge like white-people sausages … d-bag narcissist who wears a ring on his thumb and talks about everlasting free instant unicorn wealth.  Hell yeah!  Count me in!

However :: this is a blog on mission {an active duty mission :: not some pussy ass reserve unit crap}.  Justice :: bringing it down on mo-fuckers who need to be STOPPED.  I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Ray has now been stopped.  I wish I could say that I’d mentioned his shenanigans BEFORE these terrible harms occurred like my fellow lie fighters Duff McDuffee & Cosmic Connie both did.  But once you’re in the New York Times with a body count … I’d say the jig is up … con completed … show over.

Stupid Droid! … STOP being such an idiotic fucking optimist :: will you never learn? {link}

The comments from self-help expert and author James Arthur Ray came during a seminar he held at a hotel in Marina del Rey, near Los Angeles. Ray broke down in tears as he addressed the deaths.

“This is the most difficult time I’ve ever faced,” Ray told the crowd of about 200. “I don’t know how to deal with it really.”

WTF?? He’s doing a seminar?  There are dead bodies :: and people in hospitals :: and he’s “dealing with it” by talking about how he can’t “deal with it” to people who paid $1200 per head to hear about how great he is at dealing with shit? Please tell me that didn’t really happen.

“We’re looking for answers,” he said. “I’m as frustrated and confused as other people are.”

Uhm … no you’re not fuck face.  Other people have dead relatives and would like to know exactly what happened :: you are still alive … have their money … and know exactly what happened.  Your levels of frustrated and confused won’t meet up with their levels until the Universe has burned cold.

Following Tuesday night’s seminar, attendee Darren Sakurai of Los Angeles said he left with a good impression of Ray’s message.

“The fact that he showed up says a lot about the man,” Sakurai said.

OMG! I guess Darren Sakurai is willing to forgive and forget.  The past is the past.  It’s time to move on to brighter tomorrows.  We can’t get all bogged down in minuscule details like “dead people” and “reality” if we hope to have perpetual wealth and happiness on a stick.

Disgusting D-bag PigMan James Arthur Ray actually thinks he’s going to go right back to scamming as usual.


>> sad bleep

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  1. He is a total “greed” and “fraud” not an example of abundance, it looks bad for the real spirituality, healing. It’s sickening… People need to be responsible and start listening to their hearts and intuition.
    Karma is karma anyway…
    Blessings and awakening to all

  2. his mouthpiece says his meds didn’t contribute to the arizona tradgedy-thats like saying hitlers meth use didnt contribute to the lengthening of WWII (‘tho there were other factors)

    btw about his med list – hope it includes lots of preparation-h for his jail time-harmonic sodomy indeed!

    maybe theres still some zyklon-b for his own private sweat lodge….

    1. lol you got that right. He’ll be in for a rude awakening when the ‘ boys’ introduce themselves to him. It just so happens their airing this douche on TV as I’m writing this. He charged $10,000 for the purging seminar in Arizona. Unbelievable. People today are so desperate which enables stains like this pig to take full advantage of them.

  3. I am very interested in this topic because my wife and I, pretty experienced Catholics who are hard to fool, were indeed fooled by the New Thought movement.

    I would like to start by saying this:

    Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or Aetheist…

    Run…run hard far and and fast from any one, any book, or any “siritual center” that preaches this rhetoric.

    They are all scam artists who like to pick and choose from accepted religious philosophies in order to string together a mosh of BS designed to mess with your mind and fish through your wallet.

    For thoses who actually believe in sincere spirituality this is a particularly dangerous menace because they will take familiar philosophies that your faith most likley invented, and twist them to suit their purposes of mind control and wealth attainment, thus forever tainting your original beliefs with their twisted version of the same.

    This James Arther Ray is nothing more than par for the course. These churches, Unity, Sciences of Mind, The Spiritual Center of yadda yadda…and so forth abound with “James Arthur Rays”.

    They all have their little books to sell, they are all self proclaimed teachers healers and ministers…the “Law of Attraction” is used as an excuse to blame any dishonest or abusive treament coming from their actions upon you…the vulnerable student.

    Please don’t fall for this crap. My wife was almost killed by one of these so called energy healers…it cost us more than a hundred thousand dollars of money we didn’t really have just to turn back to conventional medicine in order to save her life.

    By God’s grace she is now fine…but it was a matter of life and death.

    Of course the attitude from the so call leaders who had swindled us was…”well she created this for herself”

    Satan worshippers are more honest and spiritual than these idiots.

    Run far and fast.

    Feel free to email me in private about details.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. @MJC ::

      Thanks for the comment.

      I totally agree with you that JAR is just a representative of a much much bigger problem. Exploiting people’s natural desire to seek spirituality :: warping religious traditions to suit purely selfish ends :: toying with people’s deeply rooted fears. It’s all very horrible. If there was some way to measure and assess the magnitude of the destruction and harm … it would be an eye popping figure.

  4. So far there has not been much said about drugs and chemicals in relation to James Ray. Quite surprising, since he tried to emulate various shamanic traditions, which all of them include partaking of the sacred sacraments. These are considered hallucinogens and have been used by Harvard medical studies.

    Perhaps the people that died were under the influence of very powerful drugs that changed their state of mind to the point of being hyper susceptible to suggestion. These people may not even have known they were taking anything, as it is easy to infuse them into tea drinks or food.

    These drugs, or medicine as they are called by the real shaman, are much more powerful than any drugs you can get off the street or in a hospital and they can be life changing. Many of the plants that they come from are not even known to the mainstream population.

    1. @2H2+Co3=-(x*y),

      There were autopsies conducted on the victims, no drugs or other toxicities found.
      James Arthur Ray used thought reform techniques on the ‘spiritual warriors’, the same that are used by any LGAT such as Landmark, Impact etc. Tony Robbins, Byron Katie do the same. No drugs required.



      JAR of course shot himself up daily with all manner of anabolic steroids and had tried some of the entheogens. We can only be glad that he was too cheap to use ayahuasca or ibogaine to give his followers that elusive ‘spiritual’ experience they’d paid so much for–with his negligent attitude there’d have been even more deaths and long term psychoses.

    2. @2H2+Co3=-(x*y), The forensic toxicology tests ruled out the presence of drugs or toxicities in the victims’ bodies. Also,the environment was tested and no toxic chemicals were found. We have discussed Ray’s abuse of Ayahausca on this and other blogs,but there’s no evidence he dosed people. The injuries and deaths were caused by high temperatures,fire,and rapid rising of steam. Have you ever steamed crabs in a pot? They scratch around for a while,then they stop. James Ray did this same thing to healthy,viable human beings in what Cassandra Yorgey called the “human oven” months ago.Three of those people lost their lives,several are permanently injured physically,all are damaged psychologically and emotionally.

      In response to your comment about “shaman use sacred sacraments”
      1) the word “shaman” does not exist outside Eastern Mongolia. If you hear anyone use it,he/she is a fraud.Anthropologists began to use it loosely to describe “medicine men and women” throughout the world,then NewAgers/NewWagers latched on to the term and have marketed it.

      2) James Ray was not trained as a “shaman”.That’s a big bag of crap. He,like many drug addicts, simply went down to S.America on a regular basis to get high and “feel like he was going to die”. The Ayahuasca ceremonial stuff in S. America is a big fake sham. It’s well-documented that some poor folks in Peru and Brazil have discovered a way to feed and clothe themselves and their families by making teas from Ayahuasca and holding “ceremonies”. Just like the cocaine farmers, the unfortunate demand for drugs by foreigners has helped some poor people survive.

      Drug tourism was rampant in previous decades in the Middle East,India,and Asia where drug tourists sought opium and hashish. Out of those countries also came numerous faux religious and spiritual teachers who still profit from the “gullible seeker” today. S America is somewhat safer and cheaper to visit and the market has been ever-expanding. I’ll be more than happy to provide links to everything I’ve posted on this topic.

      3) In real Native American sweat lodges there is NO consumption of mind-altering drugs. That is a hippie/New Age perpetuated myth. The Native American Church is allowed to use peyote,but sweat lodges are not NA Church meetings. Mind altering substances are unknown to Native American traditions. Currently, Native American groups and lawmakers are trying to stop this misinformation and seek out “plastic shaman” scammers.Lawmakers are already looking at legislation aimed at prohibiting and sanctioning those who imitate and profit from Native American cultures.

      1. @Jean D, you stated “The Ayahuasca ceremonial stuff in S. America is a big fake sham” surely you have first hand experience with Ayahuasca and the ceremonial “stuff” that goes along with it to make such a bold statement, no?

          1. @Yakaru, Hi Yakaru, thanks for chiming in, but James Ray is definitely not the originator of any of the ayahuasca ceremonies, just like he’s not the originator of sweat lodges. To just dismiss these spiritual tools because someone abused them for their own sick gratification would not be the most efficient.

            While there are always fools who for one reason or another abuse these sacred tools and rituals, it’s just not fair to label it all as “bad” or useless.

            Traditional ayahuasca ceremonies do not involve money or desperation and instead require a sound state of mind, taking responsibility for your own happiness, willingness to go within and find your own answers, and a good dose of everyday common sense.

            James Ray has brought shame on many traditions and he is a disgrace.

            1. @Anon,

              Sorry- I didn’t mean to imply that you were defending Ray. I sincerely apologise for any distress caused.

              I thought JeanD’s statements were not so much casting doubt on traditional ceremonies as on the marketed version of them.

              I’d be interested to see the links you offered to post – interesting comments!

            2. @, I never said all Ayahuasca ceremonies are fake.What is happening there,and this is documented by people from there and by researchers, is that poor Peruvian or Brazilian people are pretending to “know the ceremony” but they don’t.They are marketing drug tourism. Just because someone is Native doesn’t make him/her knowledgeable about traditions. The rituals and ceremonies are taught to carefully selected very few individuals who have to (a) be in line to learn it (b) lead a life of purity and sacrifice (c) study for years before they can lead a ceremony on their own. The medicine is very sacred and is kept away from the eyes/ears of most people,even from Native Americans who are not deserving. In other words, very few people on the planet are ever allowed to learn Native medicine rituals and very few are allowed to experience them.

              There are full blood Natives all over the Americas who market themselves to those who will pay for want “enlightenment” via drugs or ancient ceremonies. That’s the argument with the sweat trap Ray ran at Angel Valley.It was a makeshift,imitation lodge,not traditional at all. It was a James Arthur Ray sweat trap unrelated to anything tribal.

  5. @Jean D

    Would you please provide links to everything you’ve posted on this topic, as you mentioned. Not all you say seems to ring true for me. Some of it, yes, definately, but not all of it.. so would be interested in your source info. Gracias brother/sister :)

    1. @yupyupyup, As I was not using the internet when this was posted, didn’t see it. Here are those links about shaman and Ayahuasca scams. @Anonymous And no, I certainly do not have first-hand experience with Ayahuasca. I do not do any drugs, completely against them. I must say that your asking that is one of the most ridiculous questions I’ve ever heard,and I believe in question-asking. It is,after all,nearly 2011. We have access to much information via the web and before that, guess what? We could actually read about people,places,things, and ideas without witnessing them first-hand! Amazing,huh?

      Back to the point: In this article read the posts by bad_hiker. He/she describes the S.American scams.


      These are pics from a JAR excursion. Notice the label “Shaman’s Market”


      This is where I, and others, listened to Ray describing his abuse of DMT and his Ayahuasca experiences in the Brazilian jungle. http://www.newsforthesoul.com/jamesray.htm

      It’s no secret James Ray has been using various types of drugs for decades. People who grew up with him in the Tulsa area say he started injecting steroids as young man who wanted to be bigger and better than all the other guys. He has proudly described in interviews how he was a competitive bodybuilder. He dated and married bodybuilder women. Ray abuses substances and human beings (rumors say animals,too). He’s a drug addicted narcissistic sociopath who deserves to be locked away for the rest of his life.

  6. Do any of you find it odd (if you read the white papers posted on JRI’s site) that Angel Valley Ranch who made the sweat lodge burned the entire contents of it right after it happened. Hmmmm…. burning evidence which can assist in understanding what happened? And don’t assume you know the facts. Until you’ve seen a toxicology report (which wasn’t even done) then you’re all guessing at best. PS. Nobody died of hyperthermia. Autopsy proved. it.

    1. @knowing,
      Another of Ray’s reality-challenged fans. A word of advice, “knowing”: only refer to the white papers if you’re looking for cheap laughs.

      1. @Yakaru, Statements like those make me wonder exactly how denial works in the brain that causes certain people to challenge reality.

        1. @Jean D,
          You got that right..Alls anybody has to do is read the witness statements to see what really happened..James Ray made them stay in an inferno until their bodies could take no more.

          1. @wondering why, It will be interesting to watch the zombies surface as the trial begins. I just read some tweets that indicate Ray is telling FB fans to “let go” of negative people. That’s a true cult tactic,so he’s escalating toward corraling a new bunch of followers.

  7. Hey, Arthur Ray, here’s a thought have you tried to use “The Secret” to get yourself out of this mess. HA HA , burn on you, you fool! ,you are an idiot and a moron GOD has definately humbled you, you thought you were so powerful,GOD has showed you, you have no real power instead start reading the bible and realize what the bible says ” SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU” as long as you leave GOD out of the equation you will always fall flat.

  8. James Ray is a narCissist I have actually seen my wife sucked into his bullshit and almost cost me my marriage.she was very stupid at the time she was attending his seminars and she admits it.hello who the fuck charges so much for seminars oh yeah scam artist like James Ray but really if you can find stupid fucks to pay it more power to James Ray.as much as I can’t stand that fake fuck more power to him if he Can get idiots to pay that kind of money.these people might be good people but where the fuck is there common sense.bottom line there are desperate people out there that are always searching for answers and they think that people like James have the answers.so if your willing to get into a sweat lodge with.Jim Jones I mean James Ray you deserve what you get.let me see your in a sweat lodge and your feeling sick and faint GET THE FUCK OUT.I would love to see him do prison time but come on he didn’t force those idiots to stay in they chose to stay.WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE why does history keep repeating itself?

    1. @Steve ::

      Were the seminars costing you your marriage … or was it the fact that you’re an asshole?

      I’ll bet they both contributed.

      1. @SD, Regarless of what you think he made millions off of desperate gullible stupid people that there is something else to live then meets the eye heehaw to all those idiots that made him wealthy

    2. @Steve,

      You really need to follow the arguments that the prosecution will make in the trial if you want an answer to the question
      “Where the fuck is their common sense?”

      It leaves by the same door that fear and desperation enters. James Ray is in the business of whipping up that fear and desperation over a long and careful timespan to ensure that these people eventually give him everything–their time, attention, money, adoration and eventually their lives.

      Rather than slagging off the victims, you might find it more illuminating to discover WHY they became victims—the techniques James Ray and his LGAT fellows use are powerful and none of us is immune.
      Blaming the victim does nothing to prevent you from becoming a victim at some point when you are feeling vulnerable through normal life events.

      Education in this is free, apart from the personal attention investment–and it works better in the long run than your obviously desperate and fear-driven bravado.

      1. @Stoic, you said : “Rather than slagging off the victims, you might find it more illuminating to discover WHY they became victims—the techniques James Ray and his LGAT fellows use are powerful and none of us is immune.”

        So, so, so, so true. Glad you posted that. Quite a few people coming here bashing the people who died, calling them stupid. These people are DEAD, how could you be so damn callous, cruel and ignorant?

        Have some respect and compassion, especially for the parents and children of those who died.

  9. SD. Your probably one of those liberal fucks that can’t think for themselves.you probably have sympathy for Ray and his stupid followers am I right you piece of shit.

    1. @Steve – Reading between the lines of the many, many James Arthur Ray posts…I don’t think Salty has much sympathy for him.

      Salty – in the interests of accessibility, you really ought to provide cave paintings alongside the narrative. All these words are clearly stressing Steve out..

  10. @422, Because if your that damn stupid than you get what you deserve.why do you think Obama is president because there are a lot of stupid gullible people in this country.Especially liberals good riddens

    1. @Steve, how can you call anyone stupid when you can’t even spell a 5th-grade reading level word like “riddance” correctly?

  11. Wow spell a fifth grade reading level u really made a lot of sense there partner.suck a huge dick.lol

  12. @ Salty Droid

    While I totally appreciate all your hard work and diligence, its a pet peeve when people spell Berkeley wrong. There is an extra E in there mate :)

  13. I’d been following the trial until Casey Anthony’s case took over and happened to run across this. I question the comments here just as much as I question the way this trial has been conducted. My main question is this: Has anyone here actually experienced a sweat lodge? I have. The ritual that I participated in was a small one that was comparable to Ray’s in that it was full of people sitting in close quarters. It was led by a Native American and we were also discouraged from leaving simply because we were uncomfortable but of course, if anyone was in real danger we would be expected to leave. I have congestive heart failure and fibromyalgia – both cause profuse sweating. I am more susceptible to dehydration and hyperthermia than an individual in good health. I was sitting less than three feet from the rocks and spent a good part of the ritual with my face to the ground. If at any time I had felt that I was “dying” you can bet that I would have crawled out the door, but at no point did I ever feel that my health or my life was in danger. Surviving the ritual was absolutely invigorating and gave me renewed hope for life. Something else had to be at work here. I have also questioned just how thoroughly the health histories of the victims were investigated, because it took doctors ten years to correctly diagnose my heart condition. My heart attack symptoms were in my stomach and I was initially diagnosed with acid reflux.

    As for comparing Ray’s following to a cult – bull. He is a great motivational speaker and has given thousands of people hope and motivation. I have followed similar teachings by many of his colleagues for at least the past fifteen years and have spent a minimum amount of money – I’ve purchased maybe five or six books. The churches here in the Bible belt preach the same message from a different book and want at least ten percent of my income so that the pastor can live in a nicer home and drive a better car than most of the members of the congregation do. “New age” and metaphysical teachings have done more for my quality of life than the numerous toxic anti-depressant drugs that medical doctors are constantly prescribing so that they can get their kickback. None of them have cared about my quality of life.

    If any of the participants were rich enough or stupid enough to pay thousands of dollars for the retreat, that’s their right.

    The only part of “The Secret” that I agreed with was that the teachings were put into a visual form. I completely disagreed with the presentation of the idea that this was “new” and any kind of “secret.” Yes, Ray got greedy and was irresponsible and should face consequences, but this was a tragic accident, not murder.

  14. @Eulah Bell,

    I have been conducting as well as just sitting in countless lodges for over 20 years. James Ray was completely irresponsible in the way he conducted his lodge. I don’t know if you have heard testimony from the witnesses who participated in his lodge or not but allow me to review the facts of the case with a little bit of my own experience to give perspective albeit my one side but maybe you can see it from your experiential position as well.

    First of all JAR spent the entire week drumming into these people about “playing full on” implying that if one were to quit any of the exercises given then it means one will never get ahead in life. He expounded the notion that one was “not their body” again implying that in order to gain spiritual insight one should ignore physical signs of weakness and move past that to gain a *knowing* beyond conventional means. SO having that all in place he poured a lodge that can only be described as hellacious.

    There were 50+ people inside which is not greatly unusual as I’ve been in lodges with greater numbers, but he poured 8 rounds which is highly unusual. He had on average 10 glowing red rocks or so brought in each round for a total of approximately 55 and would then take a full 5 gallon bucket of water and dump the entire thing all at once on the rocks and close the door. NO facilitator that I’ve ever seen has ever done that. The water was always poured gently and never dumped on the stones. James Ray did each round with fresh rocks and 5 gallons of water. I maybe go through 5 gallons total for an entire ceremony of only 4 rounds. The door was only open for the time it took to load fresh rocks and to let anyone out or back in which may have been only a few minutes.

    In the large lodges that I’ve been in that have been screaming hot the back door is opened between rounds in order for the lodge to cool down and the air to pass through and freshen. James Ray did not ever do that. In fact when he was told that there were people in distress and even had the unconscious dragged out in front of him, he carried on with the lodge and did not stop the proceedings.

    When one woman tried to leave as the door was coming down James Ray told her to take a seat and wait for the next time the door was opened. He did not allow her to leave when she tried. Another woman tried to leave and James Ray told her that she wasn’t playing full on and he expected more from her, so she was coerced into staying.

    It has been testified to that when a person reaches a certain threshold in hyperthermia then the mind is incapable of making rational decisions. When the mantras of “playing full on” and “you are not your body” is what was deeply imprinted for the days before this event then people were were at a disadvantage for making a rational choice before the lodge even began. He also did a poor job in properly preparing them for the lodge.

    Most of the participants had never experienced a sweat lodge before and looked to James Ray for guidance as to what to expect and trusted that he knew what he was doing. He obviously lied about his training because of what happened and the way these people were prepared for it. He told everyone that they might “feel like they were going to die” but he assured them that they would not. He told them to push past that physical attention. He told them that they would “feel sick and that your skin will feel like it’s burning up” but that was normal.

    In the lodges that I do, the women are told to wear long loose skirts and tops or dresses. From the pics I’ve seen at the trial the woman were in bathing suits. It may seem ironic but the clothes serve to protect one from the heat. Everyone brings in towels and those too can serve to protect from the heat. I’ve thrown many a towel over my head and shoulders to save me from the heat. I saw no one take towels into Ray’s lodge.

    Now compare that to what your experience was and perhaps you can see that James Ray was in complete charge of the event and could have stopped things when it was going wrong. He did not do that. If he had and there was still death and injury then it might have been called a tragic accident but because he carried on even though he knew there were people in trouble then he is entirely culpable for his actions which in this case amount to reckless manslaughter.

    1. @Rubies, And even all that conduct in the sweat lodge itself were acceptable, which it’s not, the fact that he was told that there were people who were not breathing and that they needed a cellphone to call 911 and his response was to shrug his shoulders gives the lie. People. Not. Breathing. Then minutes later he’s seen talking on a cellphone and not to 911?!! Man takes thousands of dollars from people then does nothing when he learns some of them aren’t breathing. That’s manslaughter.

      And Eulah Belle, it is a reckless manslaughter charge; not a murder charge.

      1. @LaVaughn,

        Oh yeah there is all of that as you said as well. Although it has never been proven that the cell phone was James Ray’s, but given from what I understand of the man I cannot imagine that his cell phone is never more than a few inches away from him at any one time. It may have even gone into the lodge with him, perhaps a special *sweat* edition.

        The fact that Debbie Mercer approached JAR and told him that 911 needed to be called because of the condition of two people and JAR NEVER asked what was going on or even inquired to know who these people were makes him culpable of depraved indifference at the very least, which is also a manslaughter charge.

        1. @Rubies, Whether or not it was his phone, he didn’t use it to call 911. At that point he wouldn’t have known for sure that 911 had been called. The man shrugged his shoulders. People who paid him thousands of dollars were tending to other people who paid him thousands of dollars while sat in the shade and shrugged. He needs to go to jail.

    2. @Rubies & @Eulah Bell, I agree with Rubies – JR’s sweatlodge was nothing like I’ve ever attended, and I never saw anyone sick afterwards. As Debbie Mercer says: “Because when people are unconscious, they don’t have free will. When people can’t get their body to move, even if they wanted to, they don’t have free will.”


  15. Not to change the subject, but the pic of the Droid at the desk of JAR totally cracks me up…

  16. ….he shrugged his shoulders when told people were in trouble….ah yes, so classically narcissistic..

    1. @Joe mama,

      Including you, it seems, as you’ve just commented. How drearily predictable.

  17. Well, I’m very LATE finding this and wish I had before. I went to see James at one of his free seminars near us; in fact, it wasn’t really free because I missed a night of work, and I didn’t get paid sick days.

    I started following him on the web for a bit, got on the e-mail list and thought he was sorta ‘there.’…so I’d written an article about him coming in, on one of the news agencies I write for. My ID is just my ID, so I’d rather not share it.

    I contacted one of his girls in NY and let her know the article was up, and sent her the link. She was really, very nice as well as appreciative.

    So, to make a long story shorter, ;)…I get to the Hilton Hotel, and the lines were pretty long. Who wouldn’t for free. Turns out at the end it was all a big pitch for this Sweat Lodge date.

    The couple I sat next to didn’t get thrilled about it, and when I looked around, while he was taking questions and handshakes, I noticed a LOT of people weren’t buying it. He spewed the same dribble for free on line, so there wasn’t anything new.

    What really got me is when he looked at the line for people giving up deposits to go, and it was ‘very short.’ So out loud he states, “Com’on people! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t know when I would have the opportunity to do this again!” (A foreboding OPEN DOOR for the Universe?)

    To me, it sounded as though he was pleading; and believe me, I head that from several people there. Then I figured I’d get in line and introduce myself. I never wrote articles for ‘coming attractions’ as it were; but he seemed a bit different and I thought I’d give it a shot.

    So then my turn came. I did my intro…told him who I was. He says to me, “Well which of my staff did you speak with in NY?” I told him, and he said…”Well, that’s not possible. It had to be someone else.” I said, “No, it was so and so.” Then when I went to ask him a question, he cocked his head to the right, and his li’l black haired ‘chicky’ standing on his left literally ‘grabs my sleeve’ and pulls me from the line, raises her voice high enough for everyone to hear…”I said THANK YOU!!” And I mean this witch ‘yanked me out.’

    I’m standing there thinking, what the hell is up with this? Freakin’ JERKS! Needless to say, I suppose it was better that she did. I walked back to my row, and the young girl in line behind me got 5 minutes. THAT’s what he was looking for…those that didn’t have a brain…and looked better.

    I spoke with the people in the seat next to me, and they asked me what the heck that was all about? I told them maybe they’re pissed that I wrote that he was coming, and HE didn’t approve it. She asked me my name and I told her, and they both said, “I read your article and that’s how I knew to come.” Shit…he was public, and I write for an on line paper. Why wouldn’t I try to say something.

    Well the folks around me got wise to him and knew he was looking for suckers that wanted to pay the price. We all walked out together, and there was quite a group; and the line he expected never did evolve from that performance.

    To finish I’ll say this much; EVERYTHING they are teaching you can get for FREE. Go online to Forgotten Books.org. You can read all their esoteric stuff for free, and if you want the primo copies, you can pay $49 a year and get ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL that info for that. OR, you can purchase them on Amazon. There’s also one about how to make the real Philosophizer’s Stone, because it does exist. It’s at the very top of their pages; it’s free and a clear copy. The guy will even send you updates if you give your e-mail address; without spam with it. Just updates. THEN, go out and get yourselves a copy of “The Celestine Prophecy” along with “The Tenth Insight,” AND the “Eleventh Insight.” I found out that maybe the journey to Peru this guy took was not real…but the Insights sure are.

    Another thing I found out is that ALL these butt heads, from Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne did NOT find what “The Secret” was from “The Science of Getting Rich.” Most of it came directly from “The Celestine Prophecy.” Even Joe Vitale’s “GETTING CLEAR”. (This book was published in 1993. They’re ‘rewriting’ out of print material, in which the copywrite has run out, and they’re taking applause for it; and making SUCKERS out of everyone. I’ve stopped their e-mails after I read TCP. And there are plenty of others they steal from and call it their discovery.

    Everything is being sold to folks in bits and pieces…like chapters out of the bible, to those who are silly enough to continue to follow them; it’s a SCAM…a REHASH of stuff going all the way back to 1825. Vitale is telling people that he paid hundreds for these books, when you can download them for free, if you want. You can get on their list for clear copy, free downloads daily, in fact. You wanna GET CLEAR?? As Vitale says…then don’t buy his stuff bit by crumby bit…grab TCP, and the 10th and 11th insight. I found “The Tenth Insight” at Salvation Army Store a few blocks from me. I stopped there, not even sure what I was looking for; I just went. I didn’t see anything I wanted, so I looked at all the books and there it was, sticking out for me…and cost me $1.50 and it’s in perfect condition.

    You want the help of the universe…all you gotta do is just ‘give in’ and ask…and you ‘shall receive.’

    I’m glad I never actually bought the scammer’s books, and read them at the library; and had I not read them…I never would have been the wiser about how they called the info a secret…when people only need to ask.

    I’m only very sorry I never saw these posts before this. In my ‘legal opinion’ (degree) James Ray should have gotten 3 consecutive sentences for Negligent Homicide, of at least 9 years. As a judge, whether he did community service or not…doesn’t matter. He’s still an asshole as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care about my issue…it just kept me from being stupid and going. I care about those who died, and he stood there like a pansy-ass kid, all confused. He stood there because he didn’t expect the blow-back from being a conceded idiot. The rest of the so called ‘gurus’ haven’t felt it yet…but they will…they left ALL KINDS of ‘back door’ blow-back options open. They just haven’t had their turn yet. :D

    1. @enochseyes3, Sheeple are eager to give anything to the master that promises to hold-them-by-the-hand in life!

      By the way, as a result of the MF Global fraud, the Appellate court ruled this year that the US FDIC no longer must cover any financial losses due to bank fraud!

      So who is your personal savior now?

  18. People should star beleiving in God and Gods promises and stop beleiving in an ambicious idiot that promises bullshit!!

    Start looking for the thruth in God!

    1. @Jamice, how is your ‘god’ better than James Earl Ray?

      You are simply another sheeple eager to follow some self proclaimed Messiah!

  19. How is James Ray’s bullshit different from religious bullshit?

    May I suggest that looking for the truth in god (probably fantasy) is behind what gets people in trouble looking for get rich quick schemes (definitely fantasy).

    An slightly-increased application of our god-given reason might be just the antidote to the all other James Rays out there.

    1. @lapsed idiot,

      I guess it isn’t really that different than religious “bullshit”.

      As long as by “religious bullshit” you’re referring to ten thousand dollar kill fests of sweat, preceded by promises of real wealth here on Earth in exchange for real cash.

      Most religions don’t promise to teach you how to get rich in exchange for your monies. Most religions don’t incorporate upsells and boiler rooms.

      Not trying to instigate a “God is dead.” “No he’s not.” “Yes he is. All religion is evil”. debate.

      Just stating that James Arthur Ray happily pretends to be something he isn’t, sells people on the something he isn’t, and then kills them while still pretending to be the something they’re paying him to be {which he isn’t}.

      The stories about Zarathustra/Jesus/Buddha etc. holding Certified Speaking Certificates and charging hundreds of dollars an hour for phone calls seem to have been omitted from the history books…

      …maybe they just had better PR guys than James Arthur Ray…

      1. @Peter, Most religions promise enlightenment and happiness – and the ability to get your soul into heaven.

        Most religions, coincidentally, preach self victimization which is the central theme of James Earl Ray’s scam. The only difference is that in the very end, religion promises a mansion in the sky; while James Earl Ray promises a mansion in Hollywood Hills!

        Ironically, CEO’s and Politicians victimize the sheeple with the same self-sacrifice followed by promises of avarice!

        For over 10K years, the sheeple have never wavered in their vulnerability to these promises – Because deep down inside, sheeple want others to hold-their-hand in life!

        1. @Cesare Bonventre,

          For what it’s worth, I am 98% certain that, in a discussion thread on this site someone (@Lanna maybe?) linked to a stat that showed many people who get sucked into a JAR type group of doom are often people with a higher education. On the Freakonomics site they link to a study/paper by an economist who found that increases in education correlate to a decreased likelihood in participation and/or identifying with any religion.


          However, none of these address how being raised religious and then turning away from it or lapsing from it might affect how one views the McSpirituality industry.

          In addition, nearly every study that I have come across about happiness report that participating in religion is correlated to a higher level of life satisfaction and happiness.

          I don’t think there is any evidence (that we have seen here) one way or the other to allow us to definitively say that belief in God or religious participation causes or correlates to following someone like JAR. (I would really love to see whether anyone has studied this and what they found).

          What I will say, is that it feels good to be able to point to a certain group or action (especially if we don’t identify with that group) and say “That there is what leads you to JAR (or someone like him)”. Because that lets us feel like we might be safe from it. What I think we can say for sure is that it’s our humanness, our ability to want to be better for ourselves and for each other (on the one hand) or our ability to feel lost and alone (on the other hand) that can get us caught up with someone like JAR.

  20. The selfish help industry is the biggest playground for frauds around because it is not regulated. Everyone of those selfish help frauducts especially from the secret movie claim they can “solve” peoples problems. What with? Their own interpretation and version of someone elses material packaged is the shiniest eye catching marketing guff available to their tiny minds. They dont need any professional qualifications, no freakin way, they just add their own words and wonder why the hell the world has had enough. If a person has emotional issues they seek out a psychologist who is professionally trained to understand how we tick, if they have medical issues they seek out a doctor of medicine who is professionally trained to understand the intricacies of the human body, if they have a hole in their tooth they seek out a dentist who is professionally trained to administer numbing drugs and extract teeth, if their porche has an engine problem they seek out the specialist porche motor mechanic and so on.

    These fauducts have all proven that they want to short circuit this professional proving ground because they want the dollars more and that is why they call themselves “imtrappenyous”. They probably all believed that there was a window of opportunity to suck as much money out of the public as possible as the personal development cycle hit the nine o clock symbol. Now that its reached 12 o’clock we will watch a mass exodus into the next fast money fad because thats about as professional as their tiny minds allow them to get.

    1. @Down Plunder, A fail to see any difference at all between the frauds promoted by the self help industry and religion, politics, etc.

  21. I would like to ask the author:

    Do you see any difference between believing James Earl Ray’s promises and a nation believing that Obama (or Romney) is going to create a million manufacturing jobs?

    Face it – Humans are little more than talking chimps in a poorly designed zoo throwing feces at each other – and in America, prone to deadly shopping mall stampedes!

    For instance, Americans say nothing at all when corporate guru’s make on average 475 times more than the average employee – Or that National Banks and the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank is allowed to create all the money it wishes out of thin air!

    From Dr Phil to Jim Jones, sheeple are eager to look for the instruction of the head guru!

    Cognitive Linguists (like Peter Lakoff) have proven that man is NOT a rational creature. Neurophysiologist have proven that man’s unconscious mind makes his strategic decisions – And NOT his conscious mind!

    1. @Cesare Bonventre ::

      It’s James Arthur Ray chuckles … see how it’s right there in the title of the article?

      James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King :: which let it be known … I was also against.

      You’re obviously quite proud of yourself for noticing that the world has problems :: maybe go and try doing something about it like I’m doing here in this little niche of darkness … or just go anyway. I’m working on something and you are bothering me pleb.

    2. @Cesare Bonventre,

      Humans are little more than talking chimps in a poorly designed zoo throwing feces at each other

      How very Hobbes-ian{link} of you. I’m inclined to partially agree.

      But you realize you don’t get to be excluded, right? You’re like the Brain gremlin in Gremlins 2. You’re smart. But you’re still one of the rest of us. Recognizing that people are sheeple doesn’t make you a not-sheeple.

      . . .
      From Dr Phil to Jim Jones, sheeple are eager to look for the instruction of the head guru! . . .
      . . .
      Cognitive Linguists (like Peter Lakoff) have proven that man is NOT a rational creature.

      I’ve never heard of Peter Lakoff, but I’ve worked that one out already.

      Is Peter Lakoff one of your gurus?


      We could talk about the people-sheep, and how irrational they are, and how stupid they can be, and how they never learn. But I don’t want to. It isn’t really very productive, it doesn’t really help the problem, and it’s inherently depressing because, at the end of the day, any horrible new thing you discover about the gullibility of the people-sheep in general must necessarily apply back to yourself as well.

      So, since I must also be a member of the people-sheep tribe, then if all I’m doing is throwing my poo around, then I’d rather throw it at scammers that con people out of their money and, through reckless indifference to human life, get people killed.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  22. SD ~ you are still a piece of _ _ _ _ after all these months = a couple of years.Take a bow……if you know how.

    1. @2tired2 :: you’re a real _______ ______ yourself! why don’t you ____ ___ ____ __ _ _____ you _________ _____ __ ____!


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