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James Arthur Ray’s Pre-crime Crimes

under pressure

100% Iron Clad :: it sounds good … but is it really? I have no fucking clue what cladding is :: but I’m sure you can do better than Iron. Wild guess :: Titanium. It’s stronger :: lighter :: and way more expensive {thus helping to support the vast military industrial complex that is bringing us all so much pleasure}.

If you go to James Arthur Ray’s Harmonic Wealth Weekend {now only $1200} and you’re not totally “thrilled with your decision” :: say because you watched some lady bleed out after James tried to demonstrate the power the Law of Attraction holds over chainsaws :: then you can just get a full refund … no big whoop.

Of course :: you’ll have to sit through every stupid fucking session … unlike people who are not planing to ask for a refund who are free to scamper off and commit adultery while you’re stuck listening to Ray’s assistant talk about the healing power of triangles. And make sure you “participate” :: turn that frown upside down Mister :: if you aren’t willing to participate in the 14th “Hugging Session” of the afternoon :: then how can you expect to have happiness in every single aspect of your life 100% of the time? No hassle though.

There is so much to learn ::

bogus is bogus

Balance is so bogus! I totally know what you mean. You had me at hello. I hate the way people are always getting all up in my face about Balance … as if! It’s all about harmony now :: suck on that Buddha!

Oh … and one additional tiny-little-small non-hassle from the fine print ::

“If while attending the Harmonic Wealth Weekend, you are not completely satisfied with your experience, please contact an onsite JRI Team Member during the Friday evening dinner break. In order to qualify for a refund, you must have attended the event in its entirety through the Friday night dinner break and you must turn in your workbook and name badge to a JRI Team Member at the time of your request.”

“Oh, I’m sorry Ms. Workin’ Gal but our policy explicitly says “during the dinner break.” I’ve already started eating my cake, so from a legal standpoint this is dessert. Our lawyers are real sticklers about the onset of cake eating being a clean line rule. Maybe next time you should read some of Mr. Ray’s inspiring books before you arrive so that you’ll be better prepared to benefit from the programs. I know most of the other attendees are allowing the Balance is Bogus mantra to bring perpetual wealth and happiness into their lives. I wish there weren’t so many things wrong with you. Well anyway, I enjoyed my cake.”

This famously boilerplate “dinner break” clause is buried on a page of refund terms for a wide array of James Arthur Ray’s frauducts. The terms are not accessible from the sales page.

On the same refund page are the terms for the World Wealth Society.

“A non-refundable minimum deposit of $20,000 for individual membership or $15,000 per partner for a partner membership must be made at the time of enrollment. At least 50% of the remaining balance is due 30 days post enrollment, and the full balance is due 60 days post enrollment.”

Holy shit balls! $20k is just the minimum deposit? What sort of grand scale bull shit con is this dude running?

Is James Arthur Ray guilty of criminal negligence :: negligent homicide :: manslaughter? Those are all tough questions :: and depend on a jury {likely made up of chuckleheads} seeing through a professional Con.

There is an easier route :: a better path :: one that hits closer to the genuine nature of the harm and the epidemic that it represents.

James Arthur Ray’s activities were probably criminal :: and absolutely unethical :: BEFORE he pressured people into his sweaty little death trap. He could be called to account for those crimes :: Starting with a tax audit :: RIGHT NOW!

Come back to Twitter James :: You putrid fucking loser :: I’m waiting for you.

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