The Haunting of Angel Valley

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Business has been slow lately at the Angel Valley Retreat in Sedona Arizona.  Oh I’m sorry … did I say business?  Because I meant spirituality has been slow.  Not real spirituality of course :: that can’t be measured :: but doublespeak spirituality. Doublespeak spirituality can be :: and is :: measured in dollars … and dollars are down … way … way down.

The New York Times reports :: After Sweat Lodge Deaths, Fewer Tourists With Spiritual Needs

“Nobody is sure exactly what is keeping people away from Sedona’s four vortexes, swirling energy sources emanating from the earth, but the effects are clear: far fewer crystals are being bought, spiritual tours taken and treatments ordered, from aura cleansings to chakra balancings.”

It’s not just Angel Valley that’s being negatively effected …

“Initially, I didn’t think it was going to affect business and, a year later, I know I was wrong,” said Deidre Madsen, who runs a New Age travel company in Sedona and a Web site devoted to inner growth. “I’m shocked at the impact. My business is down 20 percent.”

Oh I’m sorry … did I say business again? I meant spirituality.

Deidre’s spirituality is rendered via her web temple at :: where you can get you some “intuitive life coaching” for $90 per hour.  It’s a bargain when you consider Deidre’s intuitive qualifications …

“As a Psi specialist (fourth-generation), Deidre is tenured as a highly accomplished intuitive / intuitive reader, empath, clair (clear) voyant (seeing), clairsentient (touching/feeling), clairaudient (hearing), clairalient (smelling), and claircognizant (knowing). She is an oracle, retrocognitist, precog and psychometrist (touch-know).”


I wonder if Deidre is claircognizant that “tween” is Internet speak for “twelve year-old girl”? Perhaps she hasn’t been certified in clairliteracy (knowing what words mean) :: or clairalientliteracy (knowing the smell of what words mean).

So why is vortex spirituality down trending?

Many industry analysts {aka eleventh dimension statisticalists} think it’s because people were horribly tortured and killed in the red desert dirt :: after having been scammed for ruinous amounts of money. Pretty much the super lamest thing that can happen on a quest for self improvement.  On the other hand :: I know this one witch doctor who blames it all on corn pollen and crow copulation.  There are two sides to every issue :: judge for your own self {but keep in mind that crows are very black and creepy}.

“We do not want an energy that we’re sitting on a graveyard,” said Amayra Hamilton, co-founder of Angel Valley.

Not the dreaded “graveyard energy”.  So bad for spirituality :: and completely unfair {to graveyards}.  A graveyard is a place where humanoids go to try and make their peace with death … a place of quiet and reverence.  Angel Valley is not like that at all.  Angel Valley has the energy of murder :: suffering :: and betrayal.  The three horseman of the “my sham retreat business is going bankrupt” apocalypse.

“Mrs. Hamilton and her husband, Michael, also sued Mr. Ray, accusing him of damaging their struggling retreat’s business of helping people find inner peace. After the sweat lodge deaths, the suit says, many spiritualists began keeping a distance from Angel Valley, and it began losing as much as $35,000 a month.”

Litigation is the spiritual path of positivity :: unless you’re suing Angel Valley …

“Several months back, the Hamiltons made a spiritual appeal to end the lawsuits, e-mailing those who were suing them and asking them to consider the implications of what they were doing. “Let’s come together,” the e-mail said. “Let’s find a new way to do this.”

Yeah :: let’s come together {except for the dead people}. Let’s meet at a Holiday Inn Express and discuss the different ways in which Angel Valley might go about keeping its money … spiritually speaking.

The {haunted?} land that Angel Valley sits upon is zoned for residential use. It’s been allowed to operate as a retreat only because of an exception for organizations with “religious status”.  A recent attempt to have the land rezoned for permanent commercial use failed …

“In August, The Planning Commission rejected the recommendation and instead favored a conditional use permit for the retreat, which could be reviewed periodically.”

Said Supervisor Carol Springer

“… one question that continually must be asked, despite the size, is “whether the use is to be commercial or religious.”

That’s a good one question. I wonder if charging $10,000 per head was commercial or religious? I wonder if charging $267 per night on top of that was commercial or religious? I wonder if James Arthur Ray took a kick back on the lodging … and if that was commercial or religious? Continually asking.

Back to The New York Times …

“That event happened,” said Mr. Hamilton, who added that he was speaking to a reporter only after consulting the archangel Michael, his spiritual muse. “The real question is what have we learned from it.”

So that’s why the Hamiltons refuse to talk to The Droid.  Here I thought it was because shamsters and liars of all shapes and sizes find me terrifying beyond functionally illiterate description … but now I see it was that no good bastard the Archangel Michael … again.

Perhaps you didn’t know … but I have my own ArchAngel spiritual muse. Of course :: Sedona tween cougar Deidre Madsen knew … because she’s fucking magic and everything … but all you non-wizards are shocked.

Yep Yep :: the ArchAngel Karl is the lamp unto my feet :: and the light unto my path. He leadeth me to lie down in green pastures … and delivereth me from Harlan Kilstein. Plus … he has great business ideas :: like hiring a slutty fake secretary with whom I can be both verbally and physically abusive. Thanks Karl {slaps Debbie across face … bitch}!

Anywayz :: Karl tells me that all the other ArchAngels think Michael is douche bag.

James Arthur Ray is a danger! He damn near kills people every year. Don’t let the Hamiltons bring him back to the swirling vortex of positivity. People could get hurt … vortexes could get hurt. It would be negligent angeling …”

… said Karl and the other ArchAngels at the ArchAngel Bar & Grill. But Michael wouldn’t listen :: “What about the mother fucking mortgage?” :: he said repeatedly in a rage {he’s a drunk!}.

Michael should have listened to Karl … like I always do.  Now Angel Valley has a what the angels call “aura taint” :: which can last up to three millennia depending on weather conditions in the Zaulaun sector.  Would–be spirituality travelers are warned that all those who seek the Sedona vortex will henceforth be consumed by the demons of greed and avarice. Any further attempts to cleanse the vortex by local oracles and/or retrocognitists will only serve to intensify the taint.

I wish that this were just a joke :: but it’s a science FACT :: told to me by an ArchAngel {one of the good ones … not that drunk fuck Michael}.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. Well at least Deidre Madsen doesn’t charge parents for her “Missing Children – location & support” service, insisting on “(no charge/ donation only)”.

    But you don’t have to be a desperate parent grasping at straws, anyone can donate: “please send love donations to the following address below or enter an amount $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100+ (every dollar helps) click to donate now”

  2. I hate these people.

    Do they really believe in what they do?

    If so, They are not just loser criminals, but really, seriously, fucked up.
    Put them in a mental hospital.

    Oh that’s right… You don’t do that to people who make money and, i mean it’s a cult ups i mean industry so everthings allright…

    1. @Mathias, most of them do believe it, and yes, it is sad.

      But locking people up for magical thinking would put most of the world’s population into institutions. The top few religions alone include eating the imaginary flesh of prophets, magic rocks, and talking bushes.

      1. @Unicorn Army, Amen (if you’ll pardon the expression). Ron and I got a big kick out of the 2008 Bill Maher flick “Religulous.”

        Jeez, I am feeling rather intolerant today. You’ll have to pardon me… Mood swings, I guess.

        BTW, @Mathias, speaking of mental hospitals: SHAMblog’s Steve Salerno recently wrote, “The genius of the New Age movement is that it has succeeded in mainstreaming concepts and ideas that used to be identified with actual mental pathology.”

      2. @Unicorn Army,

        I agree with you.

        Although cults and religions do tend to create mindslaves, I think the methods some of these people use such as hypnosis, can actually be used for good.

        I am curentely studying hypnosis, and I do have some succes, like I have found ways to alter my state to make exercise feel more natural and stuff.

        The thing that bothers me, is that Self Help Gurus use persuasion tactics to seed a lot of dangerous ideas into people’s minds.

        Like when Tony Robbins, tells people to “raise their standards.”

        I think you gotta be careful before you say things like that.

        One mind might observe somebody on the street who¨s struggling and go ” it’s his own fault, he just have to raise his standars.” And some people lose the ability to feel compassion because of these ideas that are being implanted by the gurus.

        It’s as if these “gurus” are totally oblivious to the fact that they are dealing with complex human minds.

        Or maybe they just don’t care because they make a lot of money.

        Powerful Tools should be used for good. And getting a customer doesnt make bad into good.

        Unless good is meaured only by the size of your bank account.

  3. She seems to include Yoda as one of the prophets we should all be studying to expand ourselves and seek the “Mysteries”

    I wonder what reality she is living in.

    1. @Alley-Cat,

      So we should study a 3 feet tall Jedi Master from a George Lucas Hollywood production? (The word bullshit comes to mind)

      I wouldn’t mind Yoda teaching me a few tricks though, but he hasn’t showed up yet.

      I guess he’s still stuck in hollywood make-believe.

      And It’s a bit weird don’t you think? like, why study Yoda? Why him? How do you make that decision?

      Why not study superman? Hey, what about Santa Claus? Or Willy Wonka and his chocolate paradise?

      Apparently Yoda seems to be the shizzle within the New age circles. Because Unlike unicorns, dragons, and fat trolls, Yoda is a prophet, a “Mystery Teacher”

      So what about the overnight-Prophet? Is he man enough for the job?
      You bet, Yoda has skills beyond anything you’ve ever seen(imagined)

      And He’s already laying the foundation for his new religiois movement by carefully choosing a group of 11 disciples:

      SpungeBob Squarepants is expected to be one of them, and Jolly Jumper too is predicted as a safe bet.

      This is serious folks!

      A new wage movement is about to unfold. Close coorporation between delusional human narcicstists and cartoon heroes will elevate us into higher consciousness. It’s your duty to buy into all this.

      The universal Bullshit manifestation is dependent on false hope + TOTAL abandonment of critical thinking.

      Do you have the guts to believe in so much crap, or is your limited beliefs(critical mind) preventing you from opening the door to a new way of fake-living?

      A fake live where you no longer have to think. A live of total(totalitarian)freedom and zero Braincells.

      It’s your choise.

    1. @Hal (the original Hal), Everyone is fighting their own battles and you never know who’s reading. Please be mindful of your words.

  4. What’s JAR’s living conditions like nowadays anyway?

    Have they deteriorated at all? Is he still driving new Range Rovers, BMW’s, Mercedes and living in a multimillion dollar house?

    Or has his living conditions significantly gone down?

    That’s the real question, because we know that is what is most important to this guy. Not family, not people, but his sense of living like a rich glutton thanks to his massive bullshitting efforts.

  5. This is a no-brainer.

    Andy Jenkin’s heavy breathing has summoned demonic forces that are effectively blocking the vortex energy, worldwide.

    And his masturbating over Jeff Walker’s corn-hole has twisted 11th dimensional forces and created negativity throughout scam businesses and trinket shops in Arizona.

    “Nuff said.

    1. @Ross Jeffries,

      not to sound insensitive, but what an extremely constructive and contributive comment there, with a link back to your site of course.

      Do you still do this at Thundy’s Lair? I haven’t been at that cesspool forever.

      Now, unlike all-publicity-is-good-publicity drama-magnent Thundy, this here is a solid publication aimed exactly to corral the likes of you.

      I humbly suggest that if you are going to participate, don’t just spread pointless venom and if you’re going to be high and mighty, don’t link back to your funnel.

      ..just an idea.

        1. @Hippo Critter, isn’t always the irony of the very people preaching, but then doing the total opposite behind closed doors? It’s like these self-help gurus charging 10k for a seminar, but then they end up murdering people and addicted to speed.

          Or what about those internet marketer gurus who swear they’ve made a ton of money and can show you too for 2k, 5k, 10k, but then they end up being exposed for the liars they are, many of who leech off their wives for financial support.

          What’s the old adage… those who don’t know teach, and those who do know…do.

    1. @Rafael Marquez, has they ever covered anything and ended up deciding it’s NOT bullshit? That would be a REAL surprise. On the bullshit-scale, I think both Penn and Teller would agree, their shows are mostly bullshit anyways.

        1. @Rafael Marquez,

          Interesting to see footage of the arrow stunt and board busting etc. Unbelievable that people can make so much money doing by adding a bit of spiritual hoobley goobley to a bunch of high school stunts.

          Here’s a magickal levitation technique: stand in a doorway with your hands by your sides, then push them outwards so the backs of your hands are pressing against the frame and hold it for a minute or more. Then drop your arms and move out of the doorway. Your arms will begin to float up by themselves! You won’t believe it, but it’s True Magick, and its proven by quantum physics! Now nothing can hold you back.

          Next, we’ll burn away our limiting beliefs by lighting our farts.

      1. @NotSoHumble ::

        Things ruled not-bullshit on Bullshit …

        – fast food
        – vaccinations
        – old people
        – video games
        – NASA
        – Walmart

        … etc.

      2. @NotSoHumble,

        Sex and reproduction: The one thing that isn’t bullshit, but we do a lot of bullshit to facilitate.

    2. @Rafael Marquez,

      I saw that episode when it first aired, and I LOVED it. I wish they had gone farther with it; I guess their lawyers have to hold them back.

      By the way, I am not the same poster as “Hippo Critter,” although I would love to find out if we’re related.

  6. Fine work as usual, Salty.

    Despite my long career as a cynic, I’ve tried very much to err on the side of compassion for James Arthur Ray’s former followers, even those who still cling to New-Wage/McSpirituality beliefs and rituals that do not exactly resonate with me, to put it politely. I do indeed feel compassion for some of them, as I’ve written about at length in recent blog posts.

    But I am finding it extraordinarily difficult to work up much — or any, at this point — compassion for the Angel Valley Retreat owners. And I have zero sympathy for the euphemism-spouting McSpirituality vendors who are whining about the decline in their business.

    Years and years before Sweatgate, back in the days when I first began my own waking-up process re the absurdities of New-Wage culture — in fact, even when I was still struggling to remain a believer — the first thing that really began to irk me was the way New-Wagers habitually mangled the English language. Many seemed incapable of saying what they meant, or meaning what they said. (Much like politicians, but without the rudimentary accountability of an electoral system.) They seemed more interested in constantly fabricating new words to disguise the fact that they were ignorant, or con artists, or a combination thereof, than in actually using language to communicate.

    I began to find this intensely annoying. (This is me rambling about it. )

    Decimating the English language is not a good thing. It still annoys me. But when human beings die, and the New-Wage euphemisms continue unabated, it goes way, way beyond annoying. The double-speak is an increasingly flimsy veneer on a foundation of moral relativity or amorality that I find disgusting.

    About a year ago there were reports that it was still pretty much business as usual in Sedona. The fact that it’s a very different story now gives me hope for the human race.

    But I have to say that the Archangel stuff is beyond eye-rolling.

    1. @Cosmic Connie, You said: Decimating the English language is not a good thing.
      I offer: clairalientliteracy (knowing the smell of what words mean).
      and I think of Raymond Carver’sA Small, Good Thing.
      I know I take you out of context here – but wanted to slip in a Raymond carver reference, and bring back clairalientliteracy for another stroll.

  7. Octo Paul died because they asked him who was the biggest BSer of USA… he was so confused that he poisoned himself to dead =(

  8. I just was informed that a YWCA in Southwest Washington State is telling domestic abuse victims to read The Secret!They even play the DVD for them in a private room!! I will be contacting this agency and informing them about what The Secret really is and will tell them the people on the DVD are all considered con artists and lunatics, and one of them is awaiting trial for manslaughter.

    I just can’t believe this. But then,it’s in a state with a higher number of NewWagism. Interesting fact: 80% of that County’s domestic violence arrests are women,usually those who have made the 911 calls.

    1. @Jean D, The last thing those ladies need to hear is that it’s their own fault they have been abused. Good job.

      Good job, Salty. Excellent work as usual. There was some talk about James Ray having prior felony convictions on the twitterverse. I have no idea if this is true or not, but if so, I’d be keenly interested in knowing more about that. Does anyone have any info?

      1. @ anon,

        As far as I know there’s nothing especially serious, and in terms of the trial, it is largely irrelevant. The prosecutors have recently given notice they will not be submitting any evidence relating to “non-sweat lodge” events.

        That means nothing about the injuries from fire walks or board breaking etc, which they were intending to include as evidence of recklessness. That’s probably a smart move, as it may have served to lessen the impact of the compelling and detailed evidence they from the earlier sweat lodges.

        Sadly, it also seems to imply they will not be raising the issue of Colleen Conaway’s death. No doubt they would have found themselves trying to establish facts which should have been confirmed by San Diego police.

        So trial by media and bloggery seems to be the only way to hold the perps responsible for what they did.

    2. @Jean D,

      Well, that’s a good response when people tell you that there’s nothing wrong with positive thinking.

      I’m hoping that the authorities don’t realize what a mistake they’re making; it’s better than if they actually read it and think it makes sense.

      Years ago, in my obstetrician’s office, I was reading a copy of a free newspaper put out by a diaper company. The diaper company dropped off stacks of these at many OB/GYN offices as well as the hospitals.

      It looked innocuous at first, but I quickly discovered that it had a very biased agenda when it came to breast-feeding, diapers, and circumcision.

      I showed my doctor one article about circumcision which boasted: “Good news! The butchering of baby boys is down 12%!”

      I said to him, “Have you ever READ this?” He was horrified, and had the hospital get rid of the papers immediately. He prided himself on being tolerant of all points of view, and had no idea what was actually in that newspaper.

  9. I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you people.

    Last night my 7th sign aura lined up with the full mercury moon rising. The exhaulted light of the great shaman Montutu says – and I’m paraphrasing here – “Those that rise from below can only sink above the higher plane of one’s inner exuberance.”

    Sure – doubt, mock, ridicule, postulate, prostitute, speculate, educate and ejaculate. The rays of hope, wisdom and the ever-eternal light of being – sent forth to this planet by he who is mightier than we shows those who wish to listen the path of eternal existence.

    And in closing – to quote Fred “Rerun” Stubbs, “Ralph represents all that which is good, and pure.

    – Ralph is a head… of lettuce.”

    May God shine upon you in eternal happiness.

    1. @Postman,

      “Wow you are weird”

      Wow! Me too can use a single sentence to call people things. And i’m not even a postman.

      Who knew about this, Did you? Did you know about language before you wrote that comment? Anyway, What an amazing discovery.

      Let me try something else because this is just so fun:

      “Zebra shit smells odd.”

      WOW, I mean WOW! Language is just way cool man.

      Iit’s possibilities are unlimited. All one has to do is write more than just non-relevant single-sentence comments and the sky’s the limit.

  10. Angel Valley is a very interesting place. Different places offer different experiences. Not all cities are the same, each has it’s particular mood and feel. Same with natural areas or pilgrimage areas. Even in the area of Sedona where I just visited for the first time, there is something unique about Angel Valley, there is something about the place and I would describe it in spiritual terms.

    I was there about two weeks ago for a couple of days. There are few people there, but I found them to be awake to life, progressive and sincere. They have been through a lot. They are not criminals. They are people who have been deeply dealing with a heavy issue as have others who are affected by the sweat lodge deaths. I don’t find they are about money as the main concern, quite the opposite. If they once were that’s not the case now. I don’t know about archangels, but there is something about the valley and the surrounding peaks. Without any foreknowledge I had different experiences, that surprised me, that were clearly and profoundly felt on the physical, emotional and more spiritual planes, and later I learned these locations had been identified and associated already. There is something or somebeing clearly present about the place.

    Accidents happen. Death is a part of Life. I think there are persons who need to be held financially responsible to an accurate degree, and I think they should be compelled if unwilling. Any thought though that maybe this place should be protected instead of subjected to adversarial lawyers and lost to developers? Your really think our legal and financial system is some place of goodness and fairness?

    The article and the majority of comments I find have little to no understanding of this place, the people, but are rather judgemental and negatively speculating, not very helpful or thoughtful, but I guess you get something out of thinking you know even if you don’t.

    1. @Gary W, you said “Accidents happen. Death is a part of Life.”

      I do wonder how easy it would be for you to feel that way if your child, your father or mother, your spouse or someone you deeply loved and cared about who meant everything to you in life were to be one of those victims. You obviously are cold and callous to the pain the families of the victims are going through. The deathlodge ordeal was NO ACCIDENT. For someone who wants to take it upon themselves to reprimand others about not knowing what they are talking about, you certainly are a living irony. Shame on you.

      1. @,

        “There are few people there, but I found them to be awake to life, progressive and sincere.”

        So are many
        Don’t need to visit sweatlodges to be.

        And how can you not be awake to life?
        Unless you sleep 24/7 That phrase has very little meaning.

    2. @Gary W ::

      Accidents do happen … so do murders … rapes … genocides … and Tuesdays. Thanks for the useless newsflash.

      I don’t have any “understanding” at all about “this place”. I’m just relaying the information that Karl passed on to me. Are you calling me or Karl a liar? Either way … you are disparaging my religion and I think it’s a hate crime.

    3. @Gary W, Really, you just visited Sedona for the first time for A COUPLE OF DAYS? Of course you thought it was special. As you would fine ANY valley or canyon around Sedona if you had the chance to spend 48 hours in any of them to watch the light change throughout the day at this time (or any time of year).

      New wage B.S. aside, Sedona is a beautiful place to hike and relax and it has some pretty nice dining and shopping too. Golf, even.

      You don’t need the silliness of the vortex maps, crystal skulls and any of the rest of that crap.

    4. @Gary W,

      Yes, accidents happen.

      Some accidents are preventable.

      Assuming that these deaths were actually “accidents,” they most certainly could have been prevented with some simple safe-guards.

      1. Hippo,

        Thank you for your reply to my comment. I think you make a good point saying that some accidents are preventable. I agree and that’s partly why I said there are persons who need to be held responsible.

        I used the word “accident” in direct opposition to others calling it “murder”. The law is not charging anyone with murder and I don’t know where anyone involved had an intention or motive to deliberately kill.

        I’m interested to know what “simple safe-guards” you were thinking of that would have prevented this tragedy?

        1. @Gary W ::

          Wrong chuckles!

          He’s being tried for manslaughter :: aka reckless homicide :: aka second degree murder.

          The law is :: quite specifically :: charging him with murder … three times {plus aggravating circumstances as a free bonus}.

          The “simple safe-guards” he could have taken include not ignoring the clear and obvious signs that he was killing people.

          Have a nice weekend. Maybe spend it reading books with no pictures.

          1. @SD, I think you may have missed my higher purpose as neither James Ray nor murder was the concern of my posts, but ok, I did say the law has not charged anyone with murder. Even though only the charge of manslaughter has been widely reported by news organizations for anyone who can read, I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you might know something I could learn from.

            Here’s what I found:

            Indictment: Manslaughter (reckless) 13-1103. Hmmm, the indictment doesn’t mention murder.

            Arizona; 13-1103 Hmmm, this is just titled manslaughter and there’s a separate classification for second degree murder, 13-1104, but that’s not what was charged.

            In your mind, my dear SD, manslaughter is somehow formulated to be also known as second degree murder. But how do you get that? Referring to ARS 13-1103, I hope you’re not such an ignoramus as to claim this was a heat of passion crime because it was hot in the sweat lodge or that Ray’s pleading coercion because the archangel made him do it.

            I admit I may have been wrong to think you might know something so I’d best maintain the charge is not murder until shown otherwise.

            I’m also curious about your other statement. If, as you say, there were clear and obvious signs people were being killed, why didn’t everyone take action to save themselves from death or illness? If the signs were there, how did they not see them? If they didn’t isn’t it possible neither did Ray? Or if they were aware of the signs what was there excuse for ignoring them? I’m not defending Ray, just interested in truth.

            By the way, it happens to be Tuesday. Apparently Tuesday’s might not be accidents like you thought. I looked into it. You might be interested to know that Tuesday’s come after Monday’s; they’re a planned day of the week; here on purpose. Anyway, have a great Tuesday and say hi to Karl for me.

            1. I’m also curious about your other statement. If, as you say, there were clear and obvious signs people were being killed, why didn’t everyone take action to save themselves from death or illness? If the signs were there, how did they not see them? If they didn’t isn’t it possible neither did Ray? Or if they were aware of the signs what was there excuse for ignoring them? I’m not defending Ray, just interested in truth.


              Those closest to the door where okay…

              Ray was on notice [[of the inherent dangers]] from last issues with his sweat lodge…it was reasonable to assume he could have warned people of the dangers….instead he informed people that what they were experiencing was “normal”….

              Hyperthermia impedes ones ability to think clearly [a form of “intoxication”]…differing “hydration” levels, would differ from individual to individual, allowing their bodies to cope better with the heat.

              From an “intoxicated” like state, the ability to reason logically is diminished.

            2. @Gary W,

              The case that the prosecutors have set out answers your questions. It remains to be seen how it will play out in the the courtroom, but looked at from a point of view of basic common sense, the only possible conclusion than that Ray recklessly caused the deaths of three people in that sweat lodge.

              Prior warnings-
              The prosecution will include reports of people convulsing, becoming delirious, believing they were about to die of their injuries, and suffering brain damage in previous sweat lodges. Photos taken from the 2008 sweat lodge will be exhibited, showing people curled up in the mud unconscious and in the fetal position. Ray’s team provided tarps in 2009 so people could collapse convulsing and unconscious on the tarps instead of writhing in the mud, frothing at the mouth. That was exactly the outcome that Ray’s staff expected and planned for. Of course they didn’t plan for people to die, but that was because they were ignorant of the danger and, as shown by their behaviour when faced with participant deaths, complete, cold indifference.

              Dangerous and idiotic behaviour of Ray leading up to the sweat lodge-
              Ray had participants deprived of sleep for days, and engaged in exercises designed to induce extreme psychological states. Ray played God in a cult-like role play that lasted six hours. He sprung a vision quest on them leaving them in isolation for 36 hours in the desert without water. He then sprung the sweat lodge on them telling them “You will feel like your skin is burning off. You will believe you are going to die. You will not die. You will be cared for if you become unconscious.”

              Dangerous, idiotic and culpable behaviour during the sweat lodge-
              Ray sat by the door, controlling the exit and the air supply. But it was too hot even for him, so he was lying down and got Staffer Megan Fredrickson to sprinkle water on him.

              He had told people the aim was to attain an altered state of consciousness, and overcome the “limitations of their body”.. People had paid $10 000 for the experience of pushing themselves beyond their previous limits and Ray demanded total trust and claimed to know what he was doing, and told them they were safe. A key point in the trial will be the claim, corroborated by numerous witnesses, that he said something like “Leave her, she will be dealt with later” when it was reported one of the victims was in trouble.

              The majority of participants had never been in a sweat lodge and had no idea what to expect and were told to simply push past the pain. They thought that feeling like their life was endangered was a normal part of a traditional sweat lodge – Ray claimed to have been trained by the Lakota (a lie). In fact, Ray and his team deliberately endangered the life of every participant and did not have the skills to deal with that. Further, people who pay 10 grand are highly motivated to “play full on” and get the full value for their money.

              Deadly and indifferent behaviour while people were literally dying before his eyes-
              Several people were struggling for their lives in the back of the dark tent, and dozens were writhing in convulsions on the ground (with 20 soon to be hospitalised), but Ray emerged “like Rocky with his arms raised”, got hosed down and sat under a tree. Staffer Josh Fredrickson who should have been pulling people out was sitting with his wife Megan, sipping water and eating water melon. He claims (bullshit, I say) that he hit his head on one of the sticks holding up the lodge and had a head ache, so he couldn’t save any lives. Staffer Greg Hartle had earlier tried to escape the lodge but Ray called him back in, whereupon he puked inside the lodge. He also didn’t save any lives. With several people receiving CPR and the first victims being airlifted to hospital, Ray said (according to several witnesses) that he was going to have a shower. The police found him in his cabin in his undies. He told them to talk to Josh about it all.

              In other words….

              The sweat lodge went exactly as planned. He fully expected people to be physically and emotionally wrecked and he diplayed no concern about the amount of danger he had put them in, or about the horrific consequences of his actions. Prosecutors will also note financial motivations for his crimes.

              That’s a minimal account of a fraction of the evidence againt this deranged fuckhead. He and his crew seemed to think they could get away with it, just like they did with Colleen Conaway’s death. They even sent out an email to the mailing list declaring the event a “success” despite “several participants having taken ill”.

              That is the longer version of the answers you have already received, Gary. And it doesn’t touch at all on more personal aspects of Ray’s depraved behaviour, or on the heartbreaking truth of devastated families, lived physically, emotionally and finacially ruined, victims and their families insulted by Ray’s continued inane tweets and videos.

              I suggest you go off and read the witness statements, Gary. They read like a horror movie, but it’s reality.

            3. @Gary W,

              When people were puking from the heat, Ray told them that it was good for them to get the toxins out of their systems.

              In reality, they were dehydrated and losing even more fluids.

              Whether he didn’t know what he was doing, or he knew and didn’t care, he’s a giant fuck-head and should spend the rest of his life in prison and making reparations.

        2. @Gary W,

          There is a long tradition of how to perform sweat lodges safely. Limit the number of people inside, keep the temperature reasonable, and don’t try to intimidate people from leaving when they need to.

          It seems that these deaths were VERY preventable.

          I don’t think that James Ray murdered these people deliberately, but I do think he was an asshole on a HUGE ego trip.

            1. @Gary W,

              You ask if the legal system is a bastion of fairness, or words to that effect.

              And no, of course it isn’t, but it’s the best weapon we have to stop unscrupulous people.

              And I suppose it’s a shame that Sedona has to be dragged through the mud along with James Ray.

              I’ve been to Sedona and I think it’s lovely, although I don’t believe any of the New Age stuff.

              Maybe Sedona needs to find itself a new way to market itself to tourists. I’ll bet plenty of the residents are cursing James Ray.

  11. Damn, Salty. You are at your peak!

    This is the funniest, most spot-on, razor-sharp assessment of the New Wage Naughtiness that I’ve ever read; your past works included. I am still laughing. Too bad the whole cancerous, voodoo-thought business isn’t as funny as this piece.

    your friend and admirer,

  12. Death is a part of Life

    so Therefore murder is fine.. Right?

    You’ve just discovered how to use logic manpiluatively and now you like to play with it. That’s fine.

    Really, if you want to setup a blog critizing the financial and legal system you should do it.

    Instead of comparing the topic of James ray to something else to make it seem insignificant, go fight your own wars in approproate forums.

    You may think this is no big deal, ok, but theres information being shared and criiminals and cheaters are being exposed, and this may just be the beginning with a lot more important stuff to come in the future.

    Anyway, peace.

  13. Well, “reply” isn’t working on my end, so I’ll have to speak my peace to Gary W in the comments section:

    Gary W:

    There I was, hitting the “Submit Comment” button, wondering where all the apologists were, and when my screen refreshed, there you were!

    I’m going to try to be kind, since I was personally led around by the nose for decades, by guru after guru, using the very language you are employing. I was actually innocent and never meant anyone harm, and assume that it is just as possible for someone else. So, even though I wonder how you came to this blog, and what you had in mind by commenting thus, I want to gently ask something of you.

    Consider these two things:
    1) Might it be you personally (rather than outside influences like a “place or thing”) that contains, or emanates, the “feelings” you are describing?
    2) Entertaining the phrase “The preaching is for the preacher”, read your own words and apply them to yourself: “…but I guess you get something out of thinking you know even if you don’t.”


  14. Ahhh, the new-wage, McSpirituality hucksters at their best. By the way, there was a dust storm today and my aura needs cleaning. Anybody out there have a good chakra vacuum they can loan me?

    SD, say hi to Frank for me, that lop-eared, crusty old bag of wind. Can’t believe you are still listening to him, but I guess he delivers every once in a while, eh?

    1. @Dave, perhaps I can help. I have spoken with my own Guides and they have told me that your diet is more to blame than the dust storms in your area. Change your diet and start practicing affirmations, and you should be okay. Here is a link to some more insight.

      Hang on to your wallet chakra.

  15. Yakaru-Very well said! There was just a pretrial hearing on just this very thing,the past “Sweat Lodges” of James Ray…

    t including the testimony of witnesses to

    1. There’s a video on CNN where a lawyer is pulling the usual “They were grown adults, they were free to leave” line. The lawyer is called David M Cantor, and he’s inviting comments. (None as yet.)

      I’m at work at the moment, but will post a comment when I get home.

      Cantor needs to be informed on a long list of facts. He didn’t mention witness Ted Mercer’s answer to the defense that, yes they were free to leave if they were conscious.

      And of course he hasn’t understood any of the subtle but essential points – the prior warnings; the manipulative exercises designed to break down boundaries and supplant “God” Ray as a symbol of authority; that the participants were highly motivated to stay in because of the high price they paid and the results they were promised; that the participants were lied to about Ray’s abitlites and the amount of danger they were in….etc etc.

        1. @Yakaru,

          Hi, thank you for pointing this out.

          I just registered on CNN. My name, Hippo, is already taken by some imposter, so I had to use my alter-ego of Dr. Gerbil.

          Obviously I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box, but I did the best I could. I hope somebody else will post.

          1. @Hippo,
            Excellent comment, Hippo. That’s exactly what was missing from from that idiot’s video blog – facts. He fudged the whole issue, and then declared Ray innocent.

            Quote :”Numerous people got sick and some people died.”

            Strangely similar to Ray’s description of people having “taken ill”. I can’t help but wonder if he might be connected to Brad Bryan, who of course is also well connected with CNN.

            Whatever the case, for a lawyer that a hopelessly inept, and given the circumstances, completely irresponsible piece of journalism.

            1. @Yakaru,

              At first I mentally wrote this guy off as just another lazy spineless weenie lawyer, but if you google him he is a criminal defense lawyer from Tempe. Watching him brag about how he gets people off from DUI cases makes you wonder…did he use that same defense when his clients kill people? They were adults and could drive off the road to avoid a drunk.

              Perhaps Jimbo has gotten himself some new blood. And I doubt if he would mind if we nicknamed this guy Slick. He’s probably just testing the waters to have us lay the case out so he can find a new defense rock to look under.

              So this guy is not hopelessly inept, he is morally inept. As they say…like attracts like. Pay him enough and he will get you off.

              No matter how it eventually plays out, three people will still be dead and many others will be dealing with injuries for the rest of this life.

              So perhaps the best thing to do would be to totally ignore him and not give him any ideas for his case.

            2. To White Rabbit:

              OMG, your post made me laugh. “Another lazy spineless weenie lawyer,” — for some reason, I find that hilarious.

              I struggled a bit with my response to him, but perhaps I needn’t have bothered.

              I don’t know. What’s done is done. I try to write all my posts on message boards in a way that I can be proud to stand behind them, even if others disagree.

        2. @Yakaru,

          I’ll bet Mr. Salty would have a few choice words for Mr. Cantor. I hope he sees this and has the time to do so.

      1. @Yakaru,

        I have nothing to add, except I wanted to mention that I admire your use of the term “deranged fuckhead.”

        I am going to try to remember that and insert it into a sentence sometime. Awesome choice of words.

          1. @Yakaru,

            So what’s the deal with that lawyer, Mr. Cantor? Does he ever respond to his comments?

            I wish more people would have posted–I would not have known about it without you pointing it out.

    2. I just watched it.

      1. I don’t like leaving comments on crap sites like that.

      2. It’s not really CNN … it’s CNN iReport … which I think is like CNN Youtube or something.

      3. He’s just making the same mistake everyone else makes. Not thinking about :: or knowing :: how rampant and widespread covert persuasion tactics are :: how aggressively they are used :: or how totally and completely effective they can be against regular folk.

      It’s something we should be talking more about as a society … but aren’t. I’ll bet lots of the investigators in this case started out thinking basically the same way as Mr. Cantor. The standard of proof is high … and this type of case can be very difficult to prove.

      Once you’ve spent 50 hours pouring over the facts and data … then it’s easy to see. But most people haven’t … and won’t.

        1. @Unicorn Army ::

          Yep … but they’ll get a hell of a lot more than 50 hours worth of data … and then they’ll be special like us.

        2. @Unicorn Army,

          I think that they’re going to have expert witnesses testifying about brainwashing and mind control.

          If the witnesses are effective, hopefully that will convince the jury that these participants were emotionally coerced and intimidated into staying in that toaster-oven.

        1. @Hippo,
          The good news is that he’s only been viewed 30 times, and most of them are us. And comments like yours have plenty of effect. It’s already damaging enough when non-lawyers tentatively and politely tear a lawyer’s argument to shreds.

          But he’s placed his cards on the table quite early, and should that scumbag ever open his mouth again on this issue, he be reminded of that stupid statement and asked how well he knows Ray’s lawyers.

          1. @Yakaru,

            Yes, “tentative and polite,” that’s me.

            You can see why I’m so angry about this. I never heard of James Ray and didn’t know what a sweatlodge was, but I have been on the receiving end of plenty of coercive persuasion.

            I TOTALLY get how people were duped into this and why they couldn’t leave.

            1. @Hippo,

              I have no trouble at all understanding why they stayed in there. At that stage of the event they were totally focused on their own process because they had been promised that they were safe, and they’d put down 10 grand to say they fully expected to receive that support.

              Ray lied to them and his staff were a bunch of pussies who should also be standing trial for their culpable wimpiness.

  16. Angel Valley is a very interesting place. A month ago when I visited I didn’t know anything about it. I had a vague recollection of some sweat lodge deaths from last year’s news and was surprised to learn that it was the place. I visited there with no knowledge or bias against the place or the few people living there. One is a tragedy survivor, disassociated from Ray and not so sure about archangels either, but finding peace, health and happiness in being there. Once home I searched to know more about the tragedy and stumbled upon another place I knew nothing about, namely The Salty Droid, and I had a keyboard reaction.

    My personal experience of the valley and what’s happening at Angel Valley in the present was the basis of my original comment (10/27), not James Ray or what happened a year prior. I think you know Ray has no ownership at Angel Valley and is not there.

    If I knew what I know now about Ray and the tragedy, I might not have posted my comment but not because I think it’s inaccurate, rather a misplaced if not impossible communication. However because of it, I do feel many benefits for having engaged in understanding the Salty Droid view. I considered and researched what you’ve all had to say. I also feel disgust, anger and horror about the deaths at Angel Valley and am opposed to cheaters and exploiters. In concluding, I also considered what Ray’s side had to say in defense. I’m not into hating anyone but I strongly believe what Ray did was very wrong. He seems self-deluded, so far away from learning his lessons and he has not shown remorse or taken responsibility for his mortally bad leadership; he’s a dangerous man deserving of the serious criminal charges against him.

    @Hippo and _cartman_ thanks :)

    @Yakaru, thank you for taking the time to masterfully lay it all out.

    @Dave Q. 1) Both 100% me and simultaneously I’m influenced. 2) Some practice what they preach. I was aware of the nature of my statement and untypically took license; the something it gave me was satisfaction.

    @ All who replied, thanks for the feedback. In learning how they died I’ve grown a little bit wiser in my own life.

    I’m always suspicious when anyone, much less an egomaniac, tries to sell spirituality as a means to wealth and power. For me spirituality is more about being loving and I don’t think anything is more important.

    Gary W.

  17. I am sorry to see that there is still unforgiveness surrounding this issue. All the energy placed on this negativity is incredibly a waste of time and harmful to the partakers. I really urge you to forgive and move on. Life has more to it than re-stoning someone to death over and over again.
    Oh yes, and forgiveness is not suggesting what happened is OK, it does however, release you from the horror of it all.

    1. @Love and Forgiveness,
      THAT is a negative and judgmental comment. You judge everything happening here as “negativity” which is just plain stupid as well as judgmental. The universe doesn’t divide up into neat little positive and negative parts, and trying to do that is an act of pure infantile narcissism.

      “Stoning and re-stoning” James Ray? That counts as a psychotic inversion of the actual situation. Not only judgmental but completely unfair. You’re full of poison.

    2. @Love and Forgiveness, true love and forgiveness include the honor and gift of responsibility, lest we forget the law of attraction? In resonance with Yakaru, I ask you as well;

      Who are you to decide what is unnecessary in setting things right with what happened? Be careful that your rush to judge doesn’t attract (law of attraction) the same horror into your life that the families and loved ones of the murder victims have to cope with. Shame on you.

    3. @Love and Forgiveness, please forgive me for noting that your bullshit New Agey metaphysics are bullshit.

      Also, the point is not to harbor a grudge against JAR, it’s to prevent his brand of spiritual abuse from ever happening again. The “partakers” do so not out of negativity, but altruism.

    4. @Love and Forgiveness,
      You do admit that is was horrible at least. We post on here about James Ray because we do not want to see a repeat of this ever happening again. FOUR people died at James Ray events..We don’t want to see anymore!! We will keep posting until the one responsible is held accountable!

  18. According to James Ray’s tweets from yesterday and today, he is actually teaching a course even now. Yesterday, he instructed his students to download the workbook. I am truly in shock. Even if these people, despite all of the facts, do not believe that he is guilty in the deaths of four people…..what could they possibly think they can learn from him??

    Apparently, it’s called “The Science of Success”. Seriously? People are still paying HIM to teach them how to have a successful life? What does he have going on in his life that anyone else would want?

    I find this incredibly sad and scary.

  19. A Caren Wendt testfied at the hearing in Arizona the other day and she said that every thing was okay at the 2008 sweat lodge, she saw nothing wrong, I wonder how she could miss all the people throwing up and passing out..Hmmm wonder what her deal is..

      1. @Yakaru, Very good point. If “nothing” happened at previous “sweat lodges’ why would they be worried about having that evidence brought in to trial..

  20. The apologists are ignoring a very important point which has been made here by others – the fact that people can’t be expected to make sensible decisions when their brains are malfunctioning due to severe stress, heat shock, dehydration, etc. The “it’s their own fault for not getting out or for going back in” line has always been full of fail, but when you consider this point, it becomes utterly stupid.

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