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Salty Droid

Dead Again :: Alive Again


Ladies :: I’m back! {applause and swooning}

The Salty Droid :: Banned from Twitter {like a hero!}:: And now banned from Bluehost after two short :: take-down infested :: months {like a hero :: again!}. Two mighty bastions of “we don’t really give a shit about your right to speak” have fallen. The false DMCA claims of tawdry, worthless, transparent, nobody scammers were just too much for their fragile little corporate hearts to bear.

GoodBye dehumanized corporate pigs :: Hello hippie nerds!

The Salty Droid’s humorous restatements of the obvious {and occasional KickAss scoops} are now being hosted at :: A free speech focused not-for-profit web server :: With some kind of free sex collectivist organizational structure {maybe not so much on the free sex right now … but it must be a future possibility}. The people at DoD :: unlike the corporate pigs :: actually plan to read the DMCA claims before they go setting innocent robots on fire.

DoD doesn’t have any money :: which ironically :: makes them better positioned to defend my right to speak. However :: it also means that I have to use the CommandLine to manipulate my files. I’m a nerd and all :: But I mean SweetJesus! :: The CommandLine? Retro >> bleep!

If you read this blog and laugh at my jokes without paying :: Then you are stealing. Simple as that :: Think about it. Redeem yourself now by throwing a bone to my new hippie commune {hint: don’t throw any actual bones … it’s just a euphemism for money}. What the hell else are you doing for free speech?

It would be swell if some money landed on DoD before the deluge of fraudulent claims and psycho stupid threats. The latter is a fucking guarantee :: Surprise me about the former.

>> bleep bloop